Healthy Water, Healthy Body: Home Cures from Water!

Yogic Water Treatment
Posted by Ruma (Calcutta, India) on 01/15/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Try my yogic water treatment. It will have you feeling better and looking rejuvenated in a matter of days.

When you wake up, try and drink at least a glass of water on an empty stomach. In a hot climate, you may try and work your way to two glasses of water. This is not as easy as it sounds. Don't worry if it takes a few days to get to your target amount of water.

Having finished drinking your water, stand up gently and stretch your hands above your head as far as they will go. Stand on your tiptoes to elongate the stretch. If you are feeling slightly sluggish (very possible since this is first thing in the morning), walk around the room on your tiptoes with your hands stretched in the air. Otherwise, you can just stretch up and then down again. Do this for a couple of minutes and then gently lower yourself to the floor, lowering your hands as well.

Then stand with your feet apart and stretch gently from side to side. Do this a couple of times but do so gently.

Last of all, with your feet slightly apart, stretch your hands to the side. Pretend you have a piece of cloth held tight in your hands and stretched behind you. Twist around to face backwards and try and keep this imaginary cloth as taut as possible. If you find this stretch too easy, then let go off the "cloth" at the end moment and grab one hand on one of your shoulders and the other on the side of the rib cage. Do this a couple of times each side.

This entire routine should take no longer than four or five minutes. The idea behind this is that the water that you drink hydrates and cleans out your internal organs, rejuvenating your body and bringing light and life to your face.