Urine Therapy: Your Own Natural Remedy!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Someone (From Somewhere, In This Planet) on 04/04/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Please try urine therapy. It works! It's free! I'm using and give my urine to my mom for her Alzheimer's, depression, high blood pressure, insomnia. To my daughter for her menstrual problems, constipation, allergies and MS, and to my five cats to improve their food. In just a week I noticed a difference. Don't waste your time and money in medicines. Google UT. There is a lot of information in the net.

Food Allergies
Posted by Scott (Nz) on 08/24/2020

Did the Big nail go through your foot???

And urine healed you so quick you could do yoga the next day?

pls tell me more, I'm intereseted.

EC: Sorry to tell you this, but dear Om passed on a few years ago.

Taking Medication
Posted by Mimi (Boulder, Co) on 10/15/2010

I would like to start urine therapy but I am taking medicine for high blood pressure. What do you suggest I do about the medicine?

Nail Fungus
Posted by Larsen (Denmark) on 11/30/2013
5 out of 5 stars


I have a solution for your smell problem:

You don't need to leave the urine on the nail permanently for it to work. Simply submerse the affected area (use a small cup or other container) for ten minutes or as long as you want, then rinse the foot (or hand). Do so several times per day and make sure to dry the area properly afterwards. Another thing is you need to clean or replace all footwear, otherwise it can cause renewed fungal attack.

To cure skin fungus on the feet it's enough to pee on the feet a few times while having a shower, the effect of the urea is that potent.

Hope this helps someone

Posted by Mark (Newton Abbot, Devon Uk) on 01/21/2012

Hi Franscisca, Not too sure what these brown spots are but years ago I did experiment and remove what the doc called an aging spot on my leg (it was brown and mole like) it never returned.

I also dab it on my face frequently and have no moles or brown spots to speak of, If possible, soak a small piece of cotton wool or similar and tape it over the spot and keep re-soaking as often as poss,

Continuous saturation is the key.

Posted by Wingedlady1111 (South, Fl) on 06/24/2017

In response to inquiry about side effects from using UT while on thyroid medications, the books all say not to use ANY allopathic medications while doing UT. The unneeded medication will be filtered through your kidneys and into your urine, and when you recycle your urine, you will be double dosing on your medication.

I see your question was from 2010, and it is now 7 years later. I hope you got it figured out. Thought that this response may help others who are reading. Blessings!

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Maria (Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada) on 06/28/2009

This is in reply to Gayle from San Jose whose seems to develop hives after ingesting urine. the only thing, that I can think of is a healing crisis, what if you stay with UT regardless of hives appearing or not and see what happens on the other side. Your body might be cleaning something out this way. And it might only last a short time.

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Pamela (Groveland, FL) on 02/28/2009

I'm curious why my urine smells like coffee after i drink enough of it? I guess where i'm getting at is; if urine is not your body waste,than why does it smell of the things we intake? Really curious! Also i've been hooked on this site the minute i laid eyes on it last week! Just as grateful to God and the rest of the world that has published on this site! Thanks a quadrillion! Millions means nothing in this day and age =)

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Susan (London, UK) on 04/01/2015

To D. Rob ... that was one of the most accurate and well-written explanations of UT I have read. Thanks.

Posted by Mary Frances (Mineral Wells, Texas) on 05/21/2009

This is for Annette C. from Medina,Oh, who wanted a name of a Dr.that used urine therapy for cancer.You might try looking up Dr.Stanislaw Burzynski, Houston, Tx.Good Luck & God Bless

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Dr Rakshak Mal Lodha (Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India) on 03/15/2012

Regarding Prurigo Nodularis disease- you are to apply urine dipped cloth for few minutes at a time and follow it 3 to 4 times daily but in any case do not your skin at any time with any thing even please do not rub or massage with towel, and not to rub or massage with hand/fingers and do not wash immediately that part and do not use soap or shampoo on that part and if possible do not wash for at least for few hours after application of urine so you can get well.

Please use cotton cloths and not to use any synthetic cloth neither for wearing and not for any other use.

regards, Dr Lodha

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by William (San Diego, CA) on 04/11/2007
5 out of 5 stars

urine therapy cured my acid reflux in 6 weeks. After i had taken maybe 8 different heartburn acid reflux meds, prevacid, nexium ,that helped, but did not cure me. urine cured me.

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Betty (CA) on 11/29/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Once as a little kid I had an ear infection. My grandmother said she would cure it in the morning. In the meantime she put hydorgen peroxide in my ear.

Next morning she had my younger brother pee in a cup when he first woke up and poured it in my ear. Then drained/sucked it out with a syringe. My brother thought that was the funniest thing and a way to get back at me for picking at him, lol. It worked. I was better in no time.

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Carlos (Barcelona, Spain) on 01/19/2011
5 out of 5 stars

IN reply to miniam from Delhi. After sleeping for a few months on a very soft bed, and sitting for hours on the computer, I had developed a permanent lower back pain that woud not let me do sports, it was very painful when sitting or standing up. I tried to put coconut oil and it did alleviate. BUT urine therapy has been an overnight cure. I tried it in the summer and it worked great for my skin. I just stopped doing it cause my family was noticing something weird. But the thing is IM back to urine therapy mornings and after only 2 days pain is gone.

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Dirk (CA) on 01/22/2021

What if... and just hear me out... not every symptom is a signal that your body is "detoxifying?"

"I feel horrible! "

"That's not because of what you're doing. What you're doing is curing it! Keep it up! "

"No, I really feel horrible..."

"Don't stop! "

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Ali (Wales, Uk) on 08/04/2011

Yes - well, maybe drinking HUGE glassfuls was not the brightest thing to do. As with anything like this there is a limit to how much should be taken. It is high in Urea so it is not wise to take too much - and when you start any kind of natural treatment it is best to start with a little and gradually increase - but to a moderate amount.

Just because it didn't work because you drank too much doesn't mean it doesn't work - and wouldn't work if you took a more moderate amount - say an ounce or two.

Like many things - more is not necessarily better.

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by John (Perth, Australia) on 01/24/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have become fascinated by urine therapy and micronised zeolite powder. I have tried combining both with alkalized/ionized water. Amazingly, my urine ORP and pH dramatically improved in just one day. My ORP went from -ve 20 mV to -ve 120 mV and my pH went from about 6.6 to 7.5 (1st morning urine is about 6.8).

I have been focusing on alkalizing for about 6 months now. The changes I have noticed are:

1. A large 15 year-old wart on my thigh has disappeared.

2. Fungus in my toenails have grown out.

3. The bad arthritis in my right knee (from a cartilage removal) is now substantially better - I may be able to avoid a knee replacement.

4. My chronic insomnia problem (and depression) has virtually disappeared.

5. Candida symptoms have disappeared.

And after my partner started to take the zeolite, her liver tests and blood pressure improved substantially in two weeks. Research shows it has been successfully used for cancer and liver diseases.

An associate used the zeolite powder as a skin treatment (as a clay mask) for psoriasis and it was mostly cured within 6 weeks. It makes a great clay mask for skin treatment.

Bug Bite
Posted by Natural in NY (Upstate New york) on 08/13/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I had been reading a lot about urine therapy recently.. I was still struggling with the ick factor, but was so intrigued by all the things that it could supposedly help.

When I woke up this morning I felt the need to scratch my back. When I did, I realized their was a raised lump in the area that was itchy. I was immediately discouraged, as I had experienced this numerous times.

Upon inspection, there was a welt about the size of a dime and red skin surrounding the welt for about an inch in every direction. It was another mystery bite. I've never been certain of the source of these bites. This one seemed like it could have been from a mosquito.

In the past when I have found similar bites on me, it would mean several days of fairly annoying itching, before it would fully resolve. I had tried essential oils and clay packs on the bites in the past. Sometimes I would get temporary relief. Sometimes it seemed that the itching would come back and be as bad or worse than before the treatment.

This morning I decided to try urine therapy to see if it would actually work. I caught my first morning urine and put 10 drops under my tongue. The itching seemed to stop within seconds. I used some additional urine to massage over the area of the bite. I probably could have stopped there, but I really wanted to be sure this would continue to work. I repeated the process several times and then just continued the massage with urine until the red area around the welt faded away.

The welt is still visible, but I have had zero itching and it has now been eight hours since I discovered the bite and applied the therapy. I have never had such immediate and long-lasting relief from one of these mystery bites.

People may think this is too icky to try, but it worked so well for me. I would definitely do it again without hesitation.

I hope this helps someone else.

Thicker Hair
Posted by Linda (British Columbia) on 01/04/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Yes, applying urine topical is great results. I'm getting thicker hair on the top where I was losing it. I just soak it where I want it, let it dry and off i go for the day

Food Cravings
Posted by Kennywally (Midwest) on 06/07/2016 48 posts

Anon: I'm thinking it's not the vitamins in the urine, I think it's some kind of auto correction mechanism, that triggers your desire for other foods from what is missing in the urine. I wish I knew the true origin of this original urine therapy, it most certainly has to be way older than modern science. But since it works, who cares, right? Perhaps I may try that to "fix" my candida issue and toss all the concoctions away......I wish...

General Feedback
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc, Canada) on 10/19/2014

Krishna of Tamil Nadu --- I use UT and OP. Have for many years. OP with a tbsp. sesame oil once in the morning and due to tooth problems again during the day more than once with herbs like Essiac, and urine which works very well.

OP is different from UT obviously, so why compare the two?

Without being too scientific and too much discussion, allow the body to do its work and have patience. This can take years given the conditions of the now toxic planet. As you probably know, people have different doshas. So listen to your body without putting too much thoughts on this. Or you would miss much importance to you being on this planet at this time.

Namaste, Om

General Feedback
Posted by Sivarama Krishna (Tamilnadu) on 10/20/2014 25 posts

OP is different from UT obviously, but why to compare the two is because, in some respects UT and OP both are same. But UT is more powerful than OP. Furthermore, from the composition of ingredients, UT and OP are 100% different from each other. as U (Urine) has the original and exact components that our body really requires whereas the O (Oil) is not so.

So far, not only the good olden natural therapists of various religions of this world did kept the importance of U secret, but even the scientific world too done so. Science has already done adequate research on U but just for its own existence it had kept secret many results of its research and did not make the people aware of the the unparalleled and unique curing ability of urine, the urea and other components of which it used for making many types of medicine. Therefore, it is the time for all of us to be scientific and to discuss about it universally so that all and sundry will come to know the fact that the Urine is a "panacea", and a single, priceless and universal remedy for every health problem pertaining to our mind and body.

I am just a beginner and not too experienced to discuss too much on UT. I just put a budding thought on UT and raised few questions, thats all.

But, Mr. Om ... you have not given any answer to my question just thinking that its all a rambling discussion, but the same is not so. Try to answer my question please or else keep just watching. Thank you for your reply.

General Feedback
Posted by Sivarama Krishna (Tamilnadu, India) on 10/21/2014 25 posts

Really Mr.Prioris sir. You have reminded me of what I missed to add in my last discussion. Generally I like all types of Non-veg. Before performing UT, I read various information about dietary conditions to be followed so as to get maximum and quick benefits out of UT. Despite that, I used to eat non-veg weekly twice or thrice during lunch. I found difference of the UT effect between veg and non-veg food intake. On the day I eat non-veg, the UT's effect is not so good as its on eating veg. Even if I take more than the balanced and un-salty veg food, the effect is somewhat better than that of non-veg food. Now for the past 1 week, I altogether stopped non-veg. The effect is more better.

I am still expecting right and straight answers to my earlier questions including to my present question as this: " when to use U, before dinner or afterdinner ?" ( I have been taking U 1 time early morning after 3.30 am or 4.00 am. and 2nd time at 10 pm I.e. 1 or 2 hours after my dinner. With a result, the time-gap between these two times of in-taking happens to be only 6 hours. That is I am allowing morning U in-taking adequate span of time I.e. nearly 16 hours to do its work in my body, but allowing evening U in-taking only 6 to 7 hours. I think this time is too little, I am bewildered and want a clarification please. )

General Feedback
Posted by Linda (British Columbia) on 01/04/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I've started urine pulling...since starting to use my own urine, at first it was only a short time, now I use first pee for rinsing eyes, at the same time rinsing in mouth as long as possible, then spit. Best thing i have ever done for myself.

General Feedback
Posted by Darline (Ok) on 04/22/2018

I am new at the UT but I still eat meat though I do it all the grass fed and organic when possible I do not mind the salty taste at all....and some days drinking a lot of water it has a very little salty taste. I will say one thing I was skeptical and I have not swallowed it....I have only held it in my mouth and swished 4x a day for my gums and a loose tooth and believe it or not my tooth is not as loose and my receding gum in front it expanding with new gum..........that is my testimony and I have used it in my hair...I wash it with a little soap then put on the U and then just rinse my hair is fuller and much shinier........God Bless all

General Feedback
Posted by Millie (Uganda, Kampala) on 05/29/2018

thank u so much doctors and other researchers and so so happy to find such comments on your websites, me I have just started taking my morning urine for a month now but am seeing some changes, thank u so much may God bless u we shall kip on taking research

Urine Therapy and Medications
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc. Canada) on 07/30/2013

Michael from St. Louis. I have used urine therapy for many years but there is ONE rule: no chemical pharma meds and no meat. Herbs are fine.

I am supposed to have diabetes. It is a long story, but thanks to EC I have quit insulin. Metformin caused instant depression and fatigue syndrome. After watching my otherwise good health take a slide, I found diabetes. Warning on EC on Metformin type of meds and did further research on GreenMedInfo. Online which tells all which I had suspected for some time. As a result I dumped insulin and paraphernalia and feel absolutely wonderful after being miserable for some time.

From vegetarian I became vegan and have hardly any cravings and no roller coaster sugar levels. In fact, I go by how I feel and I feel good. I have at least three to four different veggies a day, green drinks from algae, and only buckwheat, barley, a little oat flour and no bread but few rye crackers. I could not live without European bread before but now have no desire for it. But I dote on coconut products and nuts. And I love chia seeds which I use as egg replacer in pancakes and hemp hearts for healthy protein.

On GreenMedInfo, experts who are not in the pockets of big pharma agree that diabetes can be controlled and reversed/cured by diet alone. But read also what the pharma meds will do to you. Same info on EC. Why have so many diabetics death by heart attacks? Is it the diabetic condition? Or is it the medication?? You can find out. Your doctor will not tell you. From a slim, healthy individual pharma med caused obesity, swollen ankles and hypertension. I am back to normal but I find people are fearful in taking matters into their own hands. I do not have that fear. Dr did not help in reversing the condition and kept talking about amputations, etc. Not uplifting if you ask me. It is up to the individual to start living well in health which can be regained by personal effort. All the best, Om

Urine Therapy and Medications
Posted by Louise (London, England) on 07/04/2017

I am so thankful for discovering UT via book by Jagdish Bhurani. The UT was a life saver, there was no hope for me so trying UT was the last resort, and it saved my life. No, I am not vegetarian and I did not stop taking my prescribed meds, mainly antibiotics. The only thing I did was to drink plenty of water when taking meds. I went into a full regime of UT, consuming every drop daily. The only thing I noticed when I took meat and spicy food was the smell, and that is the reason why it is recommended to be vegetarian. You don't have to be if you can stand the smell. It is a life saver so really worth putting up with the stunk.

Urine Therapy and Medications
Posted by Sam (Georgia ) on 07/07/2017

I have the same health issues I did a 21 day water fast and I'm healed. Come off your medication keep all monitoring to a daily habit and if you see and increase stop immediately but water fasting cure them all I've heard of people doing both water fasting (distilled water) and UT with success. GOOD LUCK!

Posted by Dmp (Anonymous, Usa ) on 01/25/2013

I need some help!! I believe that urine therapy does wonders and heals so many ailments, however my nephew has a non cancerous tumor intwined in his lower spine they tried to remove it but could not!! He suffers greatly and is also paralyzed in one leg! To make matter worse he had an adverse reaction to his first set of vaccines and has lack of immunity where he receives infusions every 6 weeks of blood cells to sustain his ability to fight off infections and colds, now on to the tumor I know there are places that inject urine to kill tumors, where?? We need help!!

Posted by Anon (Anon) on 01/25/2013

Hi, please look at the budwig protocol. There are videos on utube showing you how to mix it. This really is the answer. There has been a lot of success reported.

General Feedback
Posted by Candace (Co) on 06/25/2016

I feel people interpret scripture differently-

For me, I sense the scripture most quoted in UT circles means don't look outside yourself to be "filled up" for healing, love, etc.but look inside and be filled up from your own inner "well"which has all source of true healing and love- in other words come back home for True healing-spirit- "water of Life"

Although I'm just starting this UT therapy and feel it's very beneficial, I don't feel that scripture is specifically talking about your own urine, but more of a spiritual source.

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Steve (Gold Coast, Australia) on 10/20/2011


I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 3 years which is reasonably well under control by the use of a weekly dose of methotrexate although I still get the occasional bout of pain, paticularly in my toes. I was wondering if anyone has any experience of urine therapy whilst taking methotrexate. I can't imagine that it would cause any harm as urine is a natural product, but I am concerned that if I start to drink my urine I may be double dosing on the methotrexate, or is my logic incorrect?

Any feedback welcome.

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Marco (Japan) on 10/25/2015
0 out of 5 stars

I started about 2 months ago, took several cups a day, but the diarrhea continues. I have cut down now on the amount and limit myself to a small cup a day. I will increase the dosage again in a while and see. So far, I have not seen any positive results, yet. I even got a flu recently, which I haven't had in more than two years.

Auto Immune Diseases
Posted by Bachcole (Colorado Springs) on 12/20/2013

What Agnieszka from Dublin said. Only, I believe that it is "homeopathic" or energetic, and the other guy's energy is different from yours.

Food Allergies
Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 02/18/2011

I have to believe you if you say you got better but I am always left with one question no one has ever answered so far! There are quite a few health problems that show by doing a urine test, like a bladder infection. The bacteria is found in the urine. Won't you be drinking the exact same thing that is making you sick? I would really like to have an answer to that question....

Food Allergies
Posted by Silvia (Toronto, Canada) on 03/22/2011

Francisca, urine also acts as homeopathics, the bacteria, toxins, parasites etc. Which are in minimal amount in urine, once re-ingested trigger a powerful immune response. UT is safe, try to get Armstron's book even though there are many out there with a lot of scientific explanation.

Food Allergies
Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 03/23/2011

Thanks Sylvia, you are the very first person who gave me an explanation! If you know of any good books please post a review on the book section with your thoughts. I would like to learn more about UT.

Posted by Laura (Edmonton, Alberta Canada) on 11/22/2010

Does anyone who has researched and studied the benefits of Urine Therapy know whether a person could inject their urine via a syringe? I would like to have my daughter try this, she is a juvenile diabetic but will not drink it. I've read here and there bits and pieces of this way mentioned but no instructions, or clues as to whether it was done by a professional who filtered it or anything. Could I try it on myself first and inject some urine into my muscle? I read that an injection is better for curing anything because it by passes the immune system. This would be a way to get it into her. She won't drink it even if I mix it in something else. Anyone know about this? Laura

Posted by Catherine (Wellington, New Zealand) on 07/04/2011

Try making up a homeopathic mixture for her. Trick a urine sample out of her and make it up on the quiet. Maybe she could be persuaded that a homeopathic remedy will work if she doesn't know how it was made. Instructions for making are in the UT books and also on the web. Good luck

Posted by Catherine (Wellington, New Zealand) on 07/04/2011

I forgot to say, injections of urine are supposed to be quite painful with a burning sensation.

Posted by Aravin (Banglore, Karnataka, India) on 07/17/2012

It is always best to take it with plain. If so hard, please mix it with some juice and drink it. Probably cranberry juice should help.

Posted by Mark (Newton Abbot, Devon, Uk) on 01/17/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Yes, urine therapy does indeed reduce and eliminate moles, keeping the mole exposed is the key, the trick is to soak a small cotton bud in urine and tape it over the mole for greater urine penetration, it can be left in place for as long as required or permitted (changed when smelly or daily) and even re-soaked every few hours while in place if needed, this method is ideal to leave on during the night, it can take a few days to notice a reduction and a week or 2 for the mole to disappear.


Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Antonio (Sydney, Nsw) on 02/09/2010

I have been in the water purification industry for over 20 years ... I have been drinking reverse osmosis Alkaline magnesium bicarbonate water that I make for 6 years.

It has truly changed my life ... at 42 I hit a health crisis suffering severe Gout in my shoulder and chronic constipation as well as putting on 30 kgs of weight.

It became a precursor to going totally healthy and becoming a vegetarian. I haven't been sick with even a cold in 6 years and look trim and younger than I did 6 years ago.

I monitor my urine TDS,ORP and pH regularly. This morning for the first time I tried Urine Therapy (UT) and drank a modest amount ... I found it tasted some what like coconut milk ... I drink a lot of water and my acid levels are low, so it didn't taste so bad.

Anyhow I was shocked when I tested my urine pH that this afternoon. Having not drunk any water today I expected my urine pH to be around low pH 5 - 6 and to my surprise it was an amazing pH 7.45, ORP -0.55 and a hight TDS of 12,000ms.

Could it be that because I am drinking alkaline water with high levels of anti-oxidant minerals bi-carbonates and magnesium that for me it had a far greater alkalizing effect on my body?


Urine Therapy Side Effects
Posted by Livia (Near Houston, Texas) on 01/18/2013

Urine therapy has a long and positive history, so I am really interested when I hear about negative experiences that seem to go beyond garden-variety detoxification symptoms.

I know that then people are given IV EDTA for heavy metal poisoning, the urine is tested afterward for the presence of heavy metals and other poisonous substances. The results of the test confirm whether or not there is a problem with heavy metal in the body. If urine therapy has the ability to help the body eliminate various toxins, is it possible that heavy metals - at least some of them - will end up back in the urine and act in a negative way on the patient? Just as doing urine therapy while on medication can cause problems? This seems plausible to me, and suggests that it may be wise for some people to precede urine therapy with a heavy metal removal protocol, and to continue with it during urine therapy.

While undergoing allergy elimination therapy and subsequent training in that technique, I learned that it is possible to be allergic to one's own body fluids, and that the energetic treatment for this can result in elimination of whatever symptoms were associated with that allergy. This made me wonder whether some people who have negative results with urine therapy could benefit from allergy testing and treatment for this sensitivity, and subsequently be able to fully benefit from it.

I also have noted a lot of concern here about using urine when there is a kidney or bladder infection causing bacterial contamination of the urine. In John Armstrong's book, there was not mention of concern with this despite using bacteria-infested urine to treat people with kidney and bladder disorders. But just as other posters have mentioned using essential oils like Bergamot and Lavender to deal with the odor issues of urine therapy, perhaps using essential oils that are suitable for ingestion along with urine might alleviate concerns on this point.

Urine Therapy Side Effects
Posted by Steve (Uk) on 01/01/2017


Sorry I too have to disagree with this. When taking urine you should also rub urine in to your face, neck, hands and feet. This stops any side effect and the only one I know off is palpitations.

As for the side effects described and the advise given is utter nonsense.

Download or buy the book The waters of life, great read and excellent book.

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Kenneth (Boston ) on 01/15/2022

Hello! I'm now reading this post and wondering if you got any anxiety relief from UT?

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Elizabeth (New London, North Carolina) on 06/07/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I've been trying u.t., now for three months. Reason why I tried it was because I had "bumps" on my genital area for quiet some time and used different types of creams to rid of them, but no avail. About one week and half after taking in a fourth of cup of my own urine, the "bumps" disappeared and never came back.

I have another challenging scenerio that's bothering me. I've been taking Synthroid since nineteen eighty seven for my thyroids and since I've been doing u.t., I've not taken it for I've replaced it u.t. for my medicine and still feels wonderful since. I would like to know is it feasible for me to do both?

Posted by Vidya (Pune, India) on 02/24/2013

Hi dear Su and Kavita. I suffer from serious vaginal infections that look somewhat like the athlete's foot. The entire vulva looks whitish and have watery discharge often. Doctors diagnosed it to be a yeast infection. But I am not getting relief from the allopathic or homeopathic meds.

After reading your replies I want to start the urine therapy. Would you please please let me know how you guys did it, did you fast the first day? how much of it did you take? Do you need to dilute it with water (I read it in a few articles)?

Please reply guys. Thanks.

Posted by Saliu (Lagos, Nigeria) on 12/21/2013

Please can someone with a yeast infection drink her urine. While urinate some particle like milk colour will be coming out

Posted by Naniam (Usa) on 02/16/2015

You must drink ONE GALLON DISTILLED WATER DAILY~or as close as you can manage--try to eat mostly fruits n veggies etc---BATH in urine you have collected for a few days~~you can mix it with ORANGE JUICE (organic or fresh squeezed) if you can~~or drops under the tongue every morning n every night~you can eye wash--neti pot with it also~~

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Mark (Silver Spring, Md, Usa) on 10/19/2010

Avril, I know your post is about a year old but if you're still on, how are you doing on UT? I'm going to try it because for four years I've been getting upper respiratory infections every few weeks and only one doctor thought it might be mycoplasma but my health care provider wouldn't authorize the necessary tests, which are quite expensive. I've just been limping along with marginal health. Also have candida, inflamed thyroid and treatment resistant bipolar illness which my psychiatrist has just about given up on. I've had it with the medical merry-go-round and spending money every month for nutritional supplements. Time to see if I can get my body to heal itself with its own all purpose remedy.

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by David (Long Island, NY) on 09/20/2008

"The Water of Life" by J W Armstrong has many examples about urine therapy.

Cold Sores
Posted by Dr Rakshak (Jodhpur, Rajasthan / India) on 11/10/2012

We have to drink fresh urine through nostrils more and more at a time and do it 3 times daily and after that we have to blow out our nose properly and in addition we have to blow our nose an and when we keep water in out mouth while taking shower & Bath then there are less chances of cold. we have to massage our head with olive oil but use less oil and do more massage.

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Maria (Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada) on 07/05/2009

Hi Hariom. I really appreciate what you wrote here. This is and was a very easy and effective way to try the urine therapy for myself. Thank you so much for this information and thank you earth clinic. I have learned a tremendous amount from this site and keep referring back to it time and again. Most wonderful and enlightening!!!!

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Pip (San Diego, California, United States) on 08/29/2011


This is my first time posting. I recently started Urine Therapy for my case of Prurigo Nodularis. I wanted to know about Urine Injections. No doctor really wants to help me with this. I want to do these injections at home. I am nervous to do this as I've never done it before. Has anyone done Urine Injections? How did you do it exactly? I live in California and I don't really know where to buy injections for home use. I have a lot of research to do and thought I should reach out to you guys who have experience.


Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by L J (Los Angeles, California USA) on 10/07/2012

Dear Pip from San Diego, ca. There is a doctor in Tijuana Mexico by the name of William Hitt. He specializes in Urine Therapy Injections. It's called The William Hitt Center.com... I met his nurse on lline and he has cured a lot of people with every type of disease.

xoxo L J

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Rhonda (Tallahassee, USA) on 07/31/2007
5 out of 5 stars

... Has anyone heard of this cure all remedy...the urine cure. Has anyone tried it? Its tried overseas, one ounce daily i think? It sounds disgusting, but apparently has cured people from many illnesses, including terrible cases of tuberculosis, which of course is caused by a mycobacterium. Just Google mycobacterium, urine, and cure...

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Joyce (Joelton, TN) on 03/13/2008 509 posts

To Rhonda from Tallahassee 7/30/07 re urine therapy. Hi Rhonda, Browsing Earth Clinic and came across your query re urine therapy. I haven't gotten past the "yuk" thinking myself but can help out by passing on second hand information which I found very informative.

In the absence of a urinary tract infection, urine is a sterile solution. Prior to WWI, and maybe after, it was uncouth for a soldier/ warrior to pass up a wounded comrade without stopping to urinate in/on his wound to cleanse it. I have also been told that when plasma was unavailable at the battlefront, urine was given IV, to replace lost blood volume in emergency situations, thereby saving many lives. Come to think of it, maybe that is what the USA anethesiologist was thinking about when some nurses reported that they observed him urinating into a container while in the operating room and adding it to the patient's IV fluids. Apparently it caused the patients no harm but it did create some problems for the anethesiologist. Somehow IV urine seems more appealing than oral urine.

There is a book titled "Your Own Perfect Medicine" which will tell you all about urine therapy and the chemical contents of urine, and many positive testamonials from users who should know- one I recall was a fellow with full blown AIDS and looked, and said he felt fine, 14 years after his initial diagnosis - but this didn't occur until after he started the urine therapy & found it worked. Another I remember was a female with severe rheumatoid arthritis who also sang its praises. I did suggest that a friend with Parkinson's disease try it as a last resort, because orthodox medicine had accelerated the downhill slide instead of halting it. If he ever got up the courage to try it, he didn't tell me about it. He went to the big family reunion over a year ago. From reading about it, the worst side effect would be getting past that "YUK".

The only other information I can pass on came from listening to the radio on the way home one morning (PBS I think) when that melodious voiced Paul Harvey came on. He went into detail about some Asian fellow who was stopped by customs officials at the airport and intensively interogated for several hours before letting him proceed on to his destination. PH said the customs officials told him that the reason they stopped him was they couldn't believe that he was as old as stated on his passport when he looked so much younger, but since he gave them all the correct answers they had to accept that the passport was actually his and asked him what he did to look so young. The man's answer to that was the only thing he did different from others he knew, was that he drank a glass of his own urine every day.

PH said he got to wondering and called a friend in medical research and asked him if there was anything in urine that would keep you looking young if you drank it. His answer was that he couldn't answer that question because as far as he knew, no study had been done on that. PH said he then asked his friend if he had ever tasted urine himself. The answer was "yes, indeed I have and it tastes remarkably like beer".

Beer, in my opinion, should be put back in the horse, but maybe this little bit of second hand information can help you "beer lovers" get past the "YUK" bit, if you ever need "Your Own Perfect Medicine".

One further bit of information, a patient told me that drinking your own urine as medicine came from the Bible. Where it speaks of "drinking from your own fountain" was interpreted as drinking your own urine. During the past year I read that one survivor was rescued past the point of expecting to find anyone buried in the rubble (earthquake) to be alive. This was somewhere in India. Sadly he said his wife and son also survived the quake but died because they refused to drink their urine as he did. Of course this would be due to dehydration.

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Araichura (Vancouver, Canada) on 08/13/2010

Hi William, I am also suffering from acid reflux since last 7-8 months, tried lot many antacid. Can you please give me more details about the treatment and if you can put all your symptoms also? Thanks in Advance.

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Gary (Philadelphia, PA) on 03/07/2007
5 out of 5 stars

My mother swore by use of the first urine in the morning would remove warts. Have you ever heard of this and if so is it effective?

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by King Kong (New York ) on 11/29/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Yes, it helped a wart on my hand

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Anonymous (USA) on 01/27/2007
1 out of 5 stars

I tried urine therapy about 4 years ago after hearing about it from a friend of mine, a kundalini yoga instructor. I decided what the heck, sounds disgusting, but the health benefits sound great! So there I was, drinking my urine first thing in the morning. After 48 hours I got a rash on my stomach that lasted about 2 months. I did this for about 3 weeks. I then asked my doctor to give me a blood test to make sure everything looked okay. He called me immediately upon receiving the results to tell me my uric acid levels were very high and I could develop kidney stones. I was too embarrassed to tell him it was probably caused by drinking my own piss. NO WAY! At any rate, I stopped the therapy right away (I never experienced any health benefits from it) and my uric acid levels went back to normal. I still NEVER admit that I have tried this therapy!

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