Urine Therapy: Your Own Natural Remedy!

| Modified on Jan 29, 2023
Bug Bite
Posted by Natural in NY (Upstate New york) on 08/13/2022
5 out of 5 stars

I had been reading a lot about urine therapy recently.. I was still struggling with the ick factor, but was so intrigued by all the things that it could supposedly help.

When I woke up this morning I felt the need to scratch my back. When I did, I realized their was a raised lump in the area that was itchy. I was immediately discouraged, as I had experienced this numerous times.

Upon inspection, there was a welt about the size of a dime and red skin surrounding the welt for about an inch in every direction. It was another mystery bite. I've never been certain of the source of these bites. This one seemed like it could have been from a mosquito.

In the past when I have found similar bites on me, it would mean several days of fairly annoying itching, before it would fully resolve. I had tried essential oils and clay packs on the bites in the past. Sometimes I would get temporary relief. Sometimes it seemed that the itching would come back and be as bad or worse than before the treatment.

This morning I decided to try urine therapy to see if it would actually work. I caught my first morning urine and put 10 drops under my tongue. The itching seemed to stop within seconds. I used some additional urine to massage over the area of the bite. I probably could have stopped there, but I really wanted to be sure this would continue to work. I repeated the process several times and then just continued the massage with urine until the red area around the welt faded away.

The welt is still visible, but I have had zero itching and it has now been eight hours since I discovered the bite and applied the therapy. I have never had such immediate and long-lasting relief from one of these mystery bites.

People may think this is too icky to try, but it worked so well for me. I would definitely do it again without hesitation.

I hope this helps someone else.

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Kenneth (Boston ) on 01/15/2022

Hello! I'm now reading this post and wondering if you got any anxiety relief from UT?

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Betty (CA) on 11/29/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Once as a little kid I had an ear infection. My grandmother said she would cure it in the morning. In the meantime she put hydorgen peroxide in my ear.

Next morning she had my younger brother pee in a cup when he first woke up and poured it in my ear. Then drained/sucked it out with a syringe. My brother thought that was the funniest thing and a way to get back at me for picking at him, lol. It worked. I was better in no time.

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by King Kong (New York ) on 11/29/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Yes, it helped a wart on my hand

Thicker Hair
Posted by Andrea C (Wales Uk) on 02/24/2021

Hi she said,

''' I just soak it where I want it, let it dry and off I go for the day'''

Andrea C xxx

Tapering Off Meds
Posted by Andrea C (Wales Uk) on 02/19/2021

Sorry regarding the PDF above this post I forgot to say or simply click on the link so you don't need to worry about copy and pasting it on your address bar :😊

Love Andrea C xxx

Urine Therapy and Medications
Posted by Andrea C (Wales Uk) on 02/19/2021

You don't have to be a veggie at all that's completely wrong !! Read from the bottom of page 112 onwards on this link copy and paste it into your search engine address bar

Water of Life Treatise on Urine Therapy by John W.Armstrong


Tapering Off Meds
Posted by Andrea C (Wales Uk) on 02/19/2021

Water of-Life Treatise on Urine-Therapy by-John W. Armstrong

(Copy and paste the link below into your search engine address bar its free and the full book)


Love Andrea C xxx

Tapering Off Meds
Posted by Andrea C (Wales Uk) on 02/17/2021

OK, Its definitely a 'Healing crisis'' I will post details when I'm not feeling so rough.

Love Andrea C xxx

Tapering Off Meds
Posted by Andrea C (Wales Uk) on 02/15/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Hi has anyone tried UT while taking, tapering, or withdrawing from Benzodiazepines?

( In my personal case its Diazepam which I am tapering, and its hell :( )

Also did anyone find even a single drop under the tongue would cause a healing crisis when first starting off?

Thanks for any feed back or advice its all appreciated

Andrea C xxx

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Dirk (CA) on 01/22/2021

What if... and just hear me out... not every symptom is a signal that your body is "detoxifying?"

"I feel horrible! "

"That's not because of what you're doing. What you're doing is curing it! Keep it up! "

"No, I really feel horrible..."

"Don't stop! "

Thicker Hair
Posted by Leeks (Pennsylvania) on 01/16/2021

How long have you been using it? Are you just as using it as a mask ... are you drinking it? Did you cut out certain foods?

Thicker Hair
Posted by Linda (British Columbia) on 01/04/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Yes, applying urine topical is great results. I'm getting thicker hair on the top where I was losing it. I just soak it where I want it, let it dry and off i go for the day

General Feedback
Posted by Linda (British Columbia) on 01/04/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I've started urine pulling...since starting to use my own urine, at first it was only a short time, now I use first pee for rinsing eyes, at the same time rinsing in mouth as long as possible, then spit. Best thing i have ever done for myself.

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 10/03/2020 403 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Viruses aren't "evil". Aside from good viruses, the "bad" viruses, along with "bad" bacteria, provide all of the incentive and half the material for the synthesis of antibodies and the building and UPGRADING of your immune system!

And since it's a "plasma" thing, it could explain why urine therapy is possibly the best overall "remedy" of all - urine being nothing more than ultrafiltered, supercharged plasma, meaning it's almost entirely made up of the latest, greatest, cutting-edge antibody BUILDERS - without the bugs!

So...hug a virus today! ROFL!

Food Allergies
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 08/25/2020

All together, everybody: "Ommmmmmm! "

Food Allergies
Posted by Scott (Nz) on 08/24/2020

Did the Big nail go through your foot???

And urine healed you so quick you could do yoga the next day?

pls tell me more, I'm intereseted.

EC: Sorry to tell you this, but dear Om passed on a few years ago.

General Feedback
Posted by Millie (Uganda, Kampala) on 05/29/2018

thank u so much doctors and other researchers and so so happy to find such comments on your websites, me I have just started taking my morning urine for a month now but am seeing some changes, thank u so much may God bless u we shall kip on taking research

General Feedback
Posted by Darline (Ok) on 04/22/2018

I am new at the UT but I still eat meat though I do it all the grass fed and organic when possible I do not mind the salty taste at all....and some days drinking a lot of water it has a very little salty taste. I will say one thing I was skeptical and I have not swallowed it....I have only held it in my mouth and swished 4x a day for my gums and a loose tooth and believe it or not my tooth is not as loose and my receding gum in front it expanding with new gum..........that is my testimony and I have used it in my hair...I wash it with a little soap then put on the U and then just rinse my hair is fuller and much shinier........God Bless all

Posted by Jessie (California) on 04/12/2018

Hi. Did you fast during your UT healing or just drank your urine without fasting?

I'm trying to get rid of candida and a urine infection...did you get worse before you got better?
Thank you

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Emma (California) on 03/16/2018

How often do you drink the urine? I am on a 5 day fast with just drinking my urine and water. I'm trying to heal my gut..I average about 4-5 glasses a day. Not sure if that is enough.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Sun Bun (Ogun State, Nigeria) on 03/15/2018
4 out of 5 stars

Urine therapy is a magic, I am 50 years of age, I have symposium of prostate I change all my intake to raw fruit and with natural water and coconut water, I drink all my urine all days and night, I keep some for aged urine. Before three months the prostate is cure. I Bath with my aged urine my skin look like snake skin, I used to to cure cough, and it make my eyes seeing more better, it cure heart disease, urine is magic.

Acid Reflux
Posted by Prasaddudhalkar (Maharastra) on 01/28/2018

How many month require to cure it?

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Ckn (Chicago) on 01/18/2018

Comments on RA. This runs in my family. About 4 months ago, I began to get symptoms (swelling / painful fingers and feet). 3 months ago, I decided to do something about it. So far, this is what helped - tremendously. I have no pain and nearly all swelling is gone.

1. Take Curcumin, Bromelain, and Host Defense Turkey Tail Mushroom supplements.

2. Eliminate dairy and eggs (I know this is tough, but those are triggers),

3. Drink 10-12 ounces of distilled water / day,

4. Don't eat any processed or packaged foods, have food that comes out of the ground and clean, unpackaged meat / poultry - all organic if possible. Substitute milk with unsweentened coconut milk.

5. Make and have bone broth every day. Try to use garlic and onion in it.

6. For urine, if you cannot drink it (I can't), put some drops under your tongue several times a day. Soak painful, swollen areas in it (get a cotton pad, saturate it with urine, and wrap it on the area). Also, do foot baths with urine, you can use old urine for that - you will be shocked at how good this feels.

7. Finally, try hypnosis. After my first session, my pain decreased by 50%. Good luck.

Taking Medication
Posted by Simone (Rsa ) on 01/18/2018
0 out of 5 stars

Hi, I've started urine therapy for general health .

It has brought on the runs, fatigue and aches in my neck and shoulder.

I read that these are expected side effects but they didn't go on to say if the side effects meant I should stop!!


I take no medication whatsoever! Eat healthily . No coffee, alcohol or cigarettes .

I do eat free range meat.

Urine Therapy Side Effects
Posted by Dee (London, Uk) on 01/14/2018

Thank you!

Precisely because of heavy metal poisoning concerns I discontinued Amaroli after 2 years of use. Although I have to confirm improvement of skin appearance, sleep quality, mental clarity and not the least... :) it's a powerful aphrodisiac.

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Therapy (Ny) on 01/07/2018

I was curious if you are detoxing metals and mercury if Urine Therapy would be something you should avoid?

Balances Hormones
Posted by Anon (Usa) on 10/24/2017
4 out of 5 stars

Caution about urine therapy:

Remember that the body removes toxic metals like mercury and fluoride, as well as salt through the urine. That said there are days where I just feel off, and drinking my urin does make me feel more relaxed. I'm guessing it's from hormones in the urine. It is usually the week before my menses that I find it helpful.

Urine Therapy and Medications
Posted by Sam (Georgia ) on 07/07/2017

I have the same health issues I did a 21 day water fast and I'm healed. Come off your medication keep all monitoring to a daily habit and if you see and increase stop immediately but water fasting cure them all I've heard of people doing both water fasting (distilled water) and UT with success. GOOD LUCK!

Urine Therapy and Medications
Posted by Louise (London, England) on 07/04/2017

I am so thankful for discovering UT via book by Jagdish Bhurani. The UT was a life saver, there was no hope for me so trying UT was the last resort, and it saved my life. No, I am not vegetarian and I did not stop taking my prescribed meds, mainly antibiotics. The only thing I did was to drink plenty of water when taking meds. I went into a full regime of UT, consuming every drop daily. The only thing I noticed when I took meat and spicy food was the smell, and that is the reason why it is recommended to be vegetarian. You don't have to be if you can stand the smell. It is a life saver so really worth putting up with the stunk.

Posted by Louise (Ca) on 07/04/2017

I had the same experience when taking UT. I was told that I should not take it if on prescribed medicine. I took UT along with my meds and did not encounter any adverse effects. In fact, I learnt that the UT actually helps to alleviate the side effects of the meds. This is how it worked for me.

Posted by Margaret (Tennessee) on 06/28/2017

I read several conflicting opinions on taking meds with UT and finally decided to try it anyway. I did not find any adverse effects from doing so. From what I read, the amount of meds coming through is so minuscule that the benefits outweigh the draw backs. Just my experience.

Posted by Wingedlady1111 (South, Fl) on 06/24/2017

In response to inquiry about side effects from using UT while on thyroid medications, the books all say not to use ANY allopathic medications while doing UT. The unneeded medication will be filtered through your kidneys and into your urine, and when you recycle your urine, you will be double dosing on your medication.

I see your question was from 2010, and it is now 7 years later. I hope you got it figured out. Thought that this response may help others who are reading. Blessings!

Urine Therapy and Medications
Posted by Toto Rossy (Uk) on 05/27/2017

Yes, as another poster has said- this DOGMA about being a vegatarian/vegan while doing Urine Therapy is simply nonsense. One of the major proponents and Urine Therapists of the last century- J W Armstrong, who had AMAZING cures using Urine on his patients- felt very strongly that vegetarian diets and even more so vegan diets were/are defficient and whilst idealogically/ethically are admirable, in reality are not the best idea long term for health. It is interesting to note that the healhiest peoples of the world are NOT and never have been vegetarians. Please dont be put off using UT by these fallacious remarks by no doubt well meaning people who say that you can only use UT if you are a vegetarian/vegan. It is simply not true- as so many people have proven :)

Plantar Warts
Posted by Vibegirl (Buffalo Ny) on 04/05/2017 14 posts

Hi Vp

So glad you had positive results! Well done!

I have used UT off and on for years for various things..but topical application has pretty much always worked regardless of the issue! I used UT for my daughter when she was younger and had a small cluster of warts on her hand...she was used to 'moms' interesting remedies and just wanted the warts gone! I would have her pee into a cup and then put the Urine into small container that she could put her hand in flat..and she'd soak it for at least 30 min while watching cartoons, daily! Within a week or so they all disappeared! :)

I may have to start using it again, just because. (I use it internally as well as topically)


Plantar Warts
Posted by Vp (Baltimore, Maryland) on 04/03/2017
5 out of 5 stars


I am a primary care physician in US. I had flat warts on my foot (also called plantar warts) for over a year. I tried topical salicylic acid (17%) and shaving regularly for several months without much success. Eventually, I went to see a podiatrist, who started me on topical Cantharone (Generic name: Cantharidin. It is a blistering agent, derived from the beetle insect.). It clearly caused painful blisters and briefly helped to shrink them. However, that lasted only for a few weeks. What I experienced after was a "donut effect" from Cantharone, where the several hundred tiny wart specks developed around where the initial wart used to be and was subjected to the blistering agent.

That's when I decided to try topical urine therapy. I would soak a gauze in urine, (squeeze and get excess out, just needs to be mildly wet) and put it on the area, leave it on for 8- 10 hours. The next day, I would do some scraping and put a fresh urine soaked gauze. I did this for 2 weeks and as you could see from the pictures, the warts have completely resolved. Absolutely stunning experience! I would highly recommend this to anyone over using the more caustic painful remedies.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Rlene (Silver City New Mexico ) on 02/09/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Nothing has helped my terrible case of mrsa more than urin therapy..I treat myself inside and out with it .I use other natural cures as well like garlic probiotic vitamin c essential oils h2o2 ect..but nothing I have found has made the anxiety and depression go away but urine and also it stops mrsa pain instantly and nothing kills a mrsa boil faster than urine..I drink it, I bathe in it, I soak my infection in it nothing has helped me more..I find raw living garlic in tangent with urine works best I pee in an old glass pickle jar let it sit all day sometimes several days then crushed raw garlic added to it to soak and clean infection it works better than anything else I've tried..if you are fighting mrsa I highly recommend it.

Acid Reflux
Posted by Noumenal (France) on 01/19/2017

How bad was your acid reflux?!?

Multiple Cures
Posted by Steve (Uk) on 01/01/2017

Hi, interesting read. I too have drank my own urine in the past and felt better. I am a great believer in this type of therapy and am starting it again to help lower my blood pressure.

I found it very useful also to remove skin tags and one word of advise when drinking urine you should rub it in to your face, neck, hands and feet to stop palpitations. The book Urine Therapy is a excellent book and a must for anyone contemplating urine therapy and can be downloaded free on google.

Urine Therapy Side Effects
Posted by Steve (Uk) on 01/01/2017


Sorry I too have to disagree with this. When taking urine you should also rub urine in to your face, neck, hands and feet. This stops any side effect and the only one I know off is palpitations.

As for the side effects described and the advise given is utter nonsense.

Download or buy the book The waters of life, great read and excellent book.

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Krista (Calgary) on 12/28/2016

I am ridiculously excited to try this!!!! For anxiety, primarily, and OCD...but why not EVERYTHING that ails me! It is this open-mindedness and openness in general that I love about Earth Clinic (and all of you lovely beings). THANK YOU!!!!!

Ovarian Cancer
Posted by Sunil (Nagpur, India) on 12/13/2016
4 out of 5 stars

Dear Friends,

While surfing thru net for information on Urine Therapy, I came across your blog on UT.

My wife was operated for ca ovary (cancer) in March 2015.she received 6 cycles of chemotherapy till August 2015. Her all reports were normal till Aug.16. Now raised ca 125 detected in Aug. followed by CT scan performed on 22nd Aug. showed Small tumor of 3 cm was detected in pelvis area which is surrounding veins connecting kidney to bladder. Serum urea / creatinine were 51.0/1.8.

My wife had started taking urine from 22nd Aug. and continuing till date. She is taking around 1.0 Liter in the day first after waking up in the morning and after afternoon nap. She is also massaging body one hour before bath with stored urine.
As per recommendation of Oncologist, 4 cycles of chemo drug LIPODOX 50 & Carba were administered with a gap of 28 days till 24th Nov.

During recent test, Serum Urea found dropped from 51.7 to 25.6 and serum creatinine from 1.6 to 1.2. Hemoglobin has improved from 9.6 to 10.4, WBC from 5700 to 7500.

Urine is totally colorless and odorless as my wife is taking very light diet with very little salt, spice and oil with no bakery / dairy products.
She is also taking 3gms of wheatgrass powder in the morning, light breakfast & lunch. She is also taking seasonal and dry fruits & drinking juice of juice, pomegranate, butter milk & skimmed milk.
Avoiding dairy, bakery & processed food.

She is also performing pranayam in the morning and walking bare foot on lawn grass. PET Scan performed on 22nd Nov. 16 revealed that entire pelvic area is clear and single node though has shrunk 25% is still active.

She is otherwise maintaining good physical profile with no signs of weakness, vomiting or acidity even after 4 cycles of chemo. As per recent pathological test, she is having Hemoglobin of 9.1, WBC7400, Serum Urea of 28.9 & platelets count of 336000. She may have to undergo radiotherapy to dissolve single tumor.

As you being successful in dissolving your pelvic tumor, I seek your guidance on treatment of auto urine therapy along with other elements of diet for complete cure as we Want to avoid chemotherapy & further cancer treatment after radiation cycles are over.
Please help me and guide me till she gets completely cured.

Best Regards

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Everlean (Oh) on 11/06/2016

Does anyone know if U.T causes hives?

Auto Immune Diseases
Posted by Brenda (Tennesee) on 09/04/2016

So if you're looking to treat an auto-immune disease, introduce your own antibodies from urine and not somebody else's - this way you're treating YOUR illness.

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Hardcastle (Wisconsin) on 07/13/2016

Maybe you should get your urine tested for bacteria or cocci.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Candace (Co) on 06/25/2016

So is it working for your mom's Alzheimer's etc- Do you give her your pee? How about your cats?

General Feedback
Posted by Candace (Co) on 06/25/2016

I feel people interpret scripture differently-

For me, I sense the scripture most quoted in UT circles means don't look outside yourself to be "filled up" for healing, love, etc.but look inside and be filled up from your own inner "well"which has all source of true healing and love- in other words come back home for True healing-spirit- "water of Life"

Although I'm just starting this UT therapy and feel it's very beneficial, I don't feel that scripture is specifically talking about your own urine, but more of a spiritual source.

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Kwon (Columbia, Sc) on 06/12/2016

Hey thanks for your info and I would live to hear your personal accounts of UT as I am beginner and 5 days in on treatment,,, energy level is off the chain thus far,,, I apply topically full body daily,, and I have seen major results hence to why I'm all in,,, thank you

Food Cravings
Posted by Kennywally (Midwest) on 06/07/2016 47 posts

Anon: I'm thinking it's not the vitamins in the urine, I think it's some kind of auto correction mechanism, that triggers your desire for other foods from what is missing in the urine. I wish I knew the true origin of this original urine therapy, it most certainly has to be way older than modern science. But since it works, who cares, right? Perhaps I may try that to "fix" my candida issue and toss all the concoctions away......I wish...

Food Cravings
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 06/05/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I gathered all my bravery and tried urine therapy. It wasn't nearly as horrible as I expected it to be. I was surprised to discover that my cravings for food diminished greatly. The foods I did crave were raw vegetables. I actually felt like there was something missing from my diet that the urine supplied. Perhaps B vitamins, or something. I stopped because I was concerned that I may be ingesting toxins that my body had already had to detox, I was concerned that I was simply re-polluting my system. I felt very relaxed and optimistic while doing it though. I would do it again. I want to read more, first.

Posted by Ron (Phoenix) on 02/08/2016

How would the hypothyroidism condition/disease be monitored while on UT? This must be done correctly. Thyroid conditions are awful and frightening if left unchecked. So how are we good to go? What do we do now?

Posted by Sivaramakrishnan (Tamilnadu) on 01/09/2016 25 posts

Can you please tell me how you maintained with the food while doing urine therapy whether it is normal food or with some restrictions?

Multiple Cures
Posted by Lucy (Sydney) on 12/29/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I just thought I would add, have you also tried 'Urine Therapy'. I was doing the coffee enemas for a year without doing the juicing. So, whilst I was taking from my body the toxins that were causing headaches etc., I wasn't necessarily eating right, drinking tea with sugar throughout the day was definitely not any good for me. A few weeks back I discovered urine therapy, the second day I started it I AF arrived and there was NO PAIN, obviously I continued this and the following month no pain what so ever. I know I still have some repairing to do, so I have started taking urine enemas. My skin feels amazingly soft, its like my eyes are new like a baby. I am 40 and my vision is excellent, and I want to keep it that way. The Monk's say 7 day old urine will remove cataracts, and to keep applying it for 7 days, that is you pee today, than apply that in 7 days, and tomorrow's pee you apply on day 8, etc. You would not apply day 8 pee to your eyes as it my do more harm than good, I do not know. I know I apply day 3 pee it's fine stings a bit, I am working it up a bit to day 7. The other thing I found really interesting is that it is very important for men to clean out their anus to prevent colon cancers like prostate. It is said it is caused from a bowel that does not fully empty itself, and than sits in the wrong position so it can't. So, I would think if you do a coffee enema, I found them very drying to my skin, the added urine enema just perfects the work of the coffee, compliments it and supplies all the nutrients required. I just love them. I want to start injecting it, it was said I had two fibroids on my uterus and these injections heal the body in remarkable times, that a little trickier said than done as you need needles and buying them from the chemist is quiet a challenge as they look at you as though you are a junkie, but well what do you say "I'm doing urine therapy". By the way injecting urine without being a license practitioner is illegal, and it is said to be illegal for a doctor, dentist or optometrist to advise anyone on urine therapy since 1940. I spent 16 years visiting doctors for anxiety where I could not breath 'panic attacks'...they gave me drugs which DID NOT WORK, in fact I just loved taking the xanax so much so that it was in fact adding to my adrenaline issues (the underlying cause of panic attacks) which was how I discovered Coffee Enema's... they completely helped my liver so I have not had one attack in years :) Thank you Coffee Enema! I really don't even get anxiety for that matter. NO conventional doctor cured me of my anxiety 'panic attacks' NO! They told me there is nothing they could do. All that training and they didn't even tell me it was my adrenaline that was causing the attacks due to an overloaded liver, all you have to do is detoxify it and you'll won't ever have another attack. Thus I do not trust them and I HATE the way they rule the world. Especially making Urine therapy illegal to the point that if they suggest it they can go to jail... so sick so those poor 'puppet' doctors just have to go on making people all sick. Since doing the UT the pain that I had in my right risk has gone, I wasn't able to open up glass jars etc., without it hurting, clearly it was some kind of arthritis.... = pain = rotting = death! No more pain means my body parts are no longer rotting, they are alive:)

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 10/27/2015

Lill (Maui),

Absolutely. I have been using this therapy for a long time. I oil pull with sesame oil in the morning and later in the day slowly drink about under a pint of the night urine, some of it I keep and swish in my mouth as I have three serious abscesses but no pain. I also will use DMSO with silver (CS) but the urine treatment will also cure my diabetes. I take no drugs and am vegetarian. Wiping the whole body with fresh urine frees the subtle body of unwanted vibrations and this can be felt to be very refreshing.

This is my main medicine and I never have serious concerns. My skin glows.

Namaste, Om

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Lill (Maui) on 10/26/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Urine oil pulling is not so bad. I thought the fumes would carry from my mouth to nose but it didn't. If I completely open up my nose and throat I smelled/tasted it a tiny bit but not bad at all. I've only done it for two days so I am not sure of the benefits. It seems my teeth are whiter but it could just be wishful thinking. The benefit I am looking for is for my gums to grow around a tooth nub. The nub previously had a crown on it, and I asked my dentist to remove it. so far the area seems less inflame and smoother but the gum is not growing yet. Feel free to ask questions. I have so much to say on this topic but I'm still reluctant to go public since the public freaks out when I even mention using it topically. Thanks to all of you, it will be accepted little by little and maybe soon will replace big pharma!

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 10/25/2015

Marco (Japan) ---

Keep using Manava Mutra despite all odds. I have been doing this at one time for 15 years with good results. After a pause, have been using urine therapy for three months or more, taking about under a pint a day. This time my syndromes are still unchanged but I have such a faith in this system that it does not matter. I even think this time I notice signs of detoxing. My urine is getting clearer at this point but there is a whiff of an odour. I am vegetarian.

I believe we are living in a toxic world which is increasing steadily. Just consider myself fortunate to be open to this elixier of life. Research on EC on your needs and keep up your regimen. Best of Luck Namaste, Om

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Marco (Japan) on 10/25/2015
0 out of 5 stars

I started about 2 months ago, took several cups a day, but the diarrhea continues. I have cut down now on the amount and limit myself to a small cup a day. I will increase the dosage again in a while and see. So far, I have not seen any positive results, yet. I even got a flu recently, which I haven't had in more than two years.

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Nintendo1889 (Usa) on 10/14/2015

You don't need to even drink it, just gargle it or use a dropper, as Scottish researchers have discovered.

General Feedback
Posted by George Sebastian (India) on 10/13/2015
5 out of 5 stars

It is better to be on veg diet when u are taking U T. You can see the wonders of urine therapy if u can practice it eating only raw vegetable and fruits. It becomes highly effective in treating any disease like cancer. U T strengthens your immune system.

With best wishes, George Sebastian

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Olivia (London) on 10/08/2015

Yes, that's a completely normal symptom to have. Basically your body is beginning to flush out all the toxins and waste you are carrying and this commonly happens through diarrhea. It shouldn't last more than a day or 2. I know it's incomfortable and unpleasant but it's not dangerous and you will just get better with time. Hang in there!

Posted by Lorica (Indiana) on 09/03/2015
5 out of 5 stars

If you will search Google and Youtube you will see where a Japanese doctor, and his colleagues, tested the effectiveness of urine therapy. He said that it has no curative effect, but is helpful in letting the body know how to heal itself. He recommends gargling it and drinking just a little. Why? Because in the research they found that people who got the urine through tubes in their stomach got no benefits. People who rinsed out their mouths after drinking the urine got no benefits. The idea, per him, is to let the back of the throat sense what is in the urine, and that makes the body know what needs to be corrected.

Posted by Gail (Arizona) on 08/15/2015

It does not take years to learn how to do intramuscular injections. We learned to take venous blood samples in a matter of hours ( in school). It is more difficult to do these types of injections than it is to do intramuscular injections. Of course sterile techniques should always be used ( cleansing the skin etc)... before any injection.

General Feedback
Posted by Paka (Victoria, Bc, Canada) on 08/07/2015

Do not age urine, if you want to drink it. Drink right away after peeing. Urine is sterile as and after peeing, but begins to get contaminated after 15 minutes or so after exposure to the air. The strands you see appear to be moulds.

Posted by Raj (Toronto) on 08/05/2015

Hi Manoj,

I have IBD and started taking 1 cup mid stream urine in the morning. Please let us know if I can continue using pharma medicines daily or you want me to stop.

General Feedback
Posted by Terry (Canada) on 06/13/2015


I am new to this site and it has been 10 months since I use UT. I take my UT because of health reasons such as asthma and protect my liver. For now I only see benefits: I am always in shape, good mood and positive. When I do my running, I do not get tired. I take half a glass of my UT (middle) every morning and I try to eat healthy. I have nothing to lose and I'm satisfied and I especially spend nothing.

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 06/01/2015

Dear Oby,

It sounds like your child may have some developmental delays. Do you have a trusted healthcare provider? There are likely many things you can do at home to work with her and help her physical and speech development.

If your child's delays are caused by health problems, then there may be some natural remedies you could try.

Is your child healthy otherwise?

~Mama to Many~

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by S Gut (Us) on 05/17/2015

Hi, could you please tell me how you make your purified water? Thanks!

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Bill (Scranton, Pa) on 05/13/2015

If you do leave it overnight to chill, make sure it's covered air tight. I left mine in a open cup and got diarrhea and a stomach ach the following day.

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Bill (Scranton, Pa) on 05/13/2015

Just wondering if anyone else has some diarrhea when they started this treatment. If so, how long does it last? Thank you.

Nerve Damage in Feet and Legs
Posted by Bill (Pa) on 05/13/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I'm a typ 2 diabetes with nerve damage in both feet and legs. I just started this urine therapy for 3 days now. Twice in the morning first thing then before I head out too work. Mouthwash is required. Before I started the therapy, never mind trying to walk, I had trouble getting up and down the couch and stairs. I feel like a new man, not only can I walk without pain, but I can walk up and down stairs without holding onto the rail. It takes time to get used to the taste. For beginners, have it with you favored drink half and half

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Susan (London, UK) on 04/01/2015

To D. Rob ... that was one of the most accurate and well-written explanations of UT I have read. Thanks.

Posted by Susan (London, UK) on 04/01/2015

I am a huge advocate of not just natural remedies, but also the human body's extraordinary ability to heal itself. Our bodies are continuously seeking a perfect balanced state called homeostasis (it can be argued this is true for our minds too).

I have personally found, in my humble and not-so-perfect way, that looking to the basics of health, especially nutrition, and also that rarified thing called life balance ... allows the body to recover and deal with a vaste amount of ailments.

What I'm saying is, I have found the least interference is often the best. Very often our diets and lifestyles have upset the balance in the first place. Drastic measures are sometimes not needed, as they instead tip the balance out even further.

When I read the above post, I was alarmed. Don't get me wrong here ... I think urine therapy can and does work in certain circumstances. But, injecting into muscle (as opposed to just below the skin like with insulin ) is a skill. This is something healthcare professionals have to learn.

Please be aware that intramuscular injections into the hip is NOT just about avoiding blood vessels. It is also about avoiding nerves - in particular the sciatic nerve. Damage to this, or any other nerve, could be lifelong ... and may profoundly affect mobility.

If a blood vessel is hit, then the injection is no longer intramuscular but now an intravenous injection. This carries the greatest risk of infection - and an intravenous infection has the potential to spread throughout the body - a condition known as septicemia, which is lifethreatening. In every instance.

Sterile techniques are also needed, to prevent other pathogens (such as from the skin) entering the body. Abcesses are common where injections have introduced unwanted pathogens. Abcesses can be extremely unpleasant and have the potential to reach bone.

By way of a comparison, I wouldn't wake up tomorrow thinking I was an olympian swimmer - any more than I would think I was a concert pianist. These are skills learned and practiced and honed over years. Please people, be VERY careful about experimenting with things (like intramuscular injections) which others take years of training to practice.

I speak from a sincere wish that people don't harm themselves, let alone others. May God bless you all.

General Feedback
Posted by Sivaramakrishna (Tamilnadu) on 02/22/2015 25 posts

Thank you Lorica Indiana for your reply to my updating.

Posted by Naniam (Usa) on 02/16/2015

You must drink ONE GALLON DISTILLED WATER DAILY~or as close as you can manage--try to eat mostly fruits n veggies etc---BATH in urine you have collected for a few days~~you can mix it with ORANGE JUICE (organic or fresh squeezed) if you can~~or drops under the tongue every morning n every night~you can eye wash--neti pot with it also~~

General Feedback
Posted by Lorica (Indiana, US) on 02/16/2015

Japanese doctor/research indicates the urine therapy is best if GARGLED. He looked great at 90 in a Youtube vid, though he did die not long ago. Here is what he learned and shared at the worldwide conference on urine therapy:


First of all, in order to examine this mechanism, we have to consider that the efficacy of urine therapy does not show it to be a medicine. Urine is an information source about the disease in the body or, in other words, it is a copy of the changes occurring in the body.

Due to the following reasons, I believe that when this information in the urine passes through the throat it is analysed by sensors in the throat, and that the human immune system can then be activated to cure the disease. That is to say, signals are given by the brain which may activate the necessary functions for curing the ailment.

(1). Experiments were conducted and it was found that when the urine was induced into the stomach using a catheter, bypassing the throat for a period of one month, no efficacy was observed.

(2). The fact that cancer occurs in the bladder, urinary tract and kidneys proves that the presence of urine inside the body does not have any direct effect on carcinogenic cells. But when the same urine is taken orally and passes through the throat, a decrease in carcinogenic cell growth or the disappearance of cancer has been observed in cancer patients.

(3). Even if urine is not ingested but only gargled, the effects were found to be the same as when it was ingested.

(4). If gargling with water was done just after ingestion of urine no efficacy was observed.

(5). Interferon, one of many bio-active substances found in urine presents a situation analogous to that of auto-urine therapy in that only minute quantities taken orally are necessary to provide the brain with the information it needs to heal the body. In clinical trials, only 100 IU or 1/100,000 of the million international units of interferon given orally had the same effects as 10 million units administered by injections.
(Hayashibara Biochemical Labs., Inc Okayama, Japan and Dr Cummins of Amarillo Cell Culture, Amarillo Texas).

Because of the above findings, it can be assumed that sensor cells which can perceive extremely minute changes in the body, could control them if stimulated by the right information from urine. Such cells are found in the oral cavity and throat said Dr Ryoichi Nakao.

Dr Nakao's theory for the stimulation of cytokine production explains further that urine is the source of information for a given disease. When it is placed in the throat, the sensor cells detect this information, passing it to the brain. In its turn, the brain triggers the cytokine production gland which provides regulation for the immune system. From the brain, interleukin X, together with other enzymes, cause cytokines to be produced and thus effect a recovery from illness. Propolis, a substance extracted from honeycombs has been known since ancient times to have anti-bacterial and anti-tumorial effects. Urine mixed with propolis, enhances its efficacy against cancer, hepatitis and other diseases according to research in Japan. (Dr Ryoichi Nakao).

Immune system regulating factors were originally known as interleukin (IL). Later, interleukins, colony stimulating factors, interferon and other similar substances were generally called cytokines since they are secreted by cells, and affect other cells in one way or the other. (Dr Ryoichi Nakao).

General Feedback
Posted by Lorica (Indiana) on 02/15/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I see people saying not to use urine therapy if they are meat eaters. They say the taste of the urine is unpalatable. I eat meat every day, though I try to eat very healthily, and organic as much as possible. I personally do not find the taste of the urine to be hard to take at all. If it helps me be healthy. Anyway, sickness is what can be really hard to take.

General Feedback
Posted by Sharon (Scottsdale, Arizona) on 02/02/2015

Hello, I have a book for you that may help you with your Dad. It is called, "The Water of Life, " by John W. Armstrong. It will talk about case after case that improved after using this therapy. It worked for my husband & I and I am confident that it can help you. I ordered it from B Dalton Book Store.

Most traditional Doctors would not use this therapy, but a friend of mine who is a heart surgeon, uses it every day for strength and vitality. I wish you great success with your Dad.

Sincerely, Sharon

General Feedback
Posted by Sivarama (Tamilnadu, India) on 12/30/2014 25 posts

It is 6 months since I have been practicing Urine therapy (taking urine internally). And, it is 1 year and 3 months since I have been practicing Oil Pulling (with sesame oil) 2 times (morning and night).

I don't know whether oil pulling can be stopped while doing Urine drinking? can anyone explain?

With oil pulling I found lot of benefits for the problem of my swollen lymph nodes. But on coming across UT, I found it to be better than Oil pulling, since it is just product of our own body.

Now, I stopped doing oil pulling in the nights and doing only in the morning. Before this 2 times OP is needed for me to keep me well balanced in a day in all respects. But, after practicing UT for 4 months, I reduced my 2 times OP to 1 time (only in the morning). Now, this 1 time OP kept me well in a day while I am doing UT on the other side 2 times per day (before going bed and early morning after 3 or 4 am. But, I fear that if I stop this 1 time OP too, I may not be balanced and my swollen nodes may get swelled from being subsiding slowly.

Since the oil for oilpulling is not the product of our own body, I think that urine therapy only can suffice to do. Can any one explain please?

Taking Medication
Posted by Aashish (Dubai, AE) on 12/21/2014

Hi, urine therapy can cure just about anything. Soaking yr toe for example. But the urine should be about 5 days old stored in a glass bottle. U may write to me for more information at ash(at)koyla(dot)ae.

General Feedback
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 12/04/2014 403 posts

It's time for the next dose! Here's what happened over the past two weeks:

I can't say that anything in particular was related to the UT, but I have, over the past two weeks - UNTIL last night - had less cravings for both cigarettes AND coffee - and I would often, when I'm thinking, just automatically go to the kitchen for a bite of something or a snack, without much thought, and I haven't been doing that.

No more stomach "feelings" - everything in that department is just better. Normal, but somewhat better. It's possible I had some internal hemorrhoids, prior, but I just can't be sure. There's been no blood since that with the first dose.

Just from this morning, I've had some discomfort across my shoulders and a bit of a stiff neck. Not pain, just tight uncomfortableness.

And, I totally forgot that I was going to track my weight. I don't ordinarily keep track so I don't know what I weighed when I started.

I've always been "heavy" but never really looked "fat", which I've never understood, but I'm at 210, right now. To give you an idea of the weirdness, a couple of years ago I weighed 180 and I'm still wearing the same clothes. In fact, I tried on an old pair of size 12, low-waisted cords a couple of weeks ago, and while they were more tight than I would be comfortable wearing in public, I had no trouble getting them on.

I don't know if I gave my particulars, so I will, here. I'm 56, female, 5' 7" and well grounded - I.e. big-boned, broad-shouldered and large busted. Also strong boned, as I broke my foot a couple of months ago and healed far faster than they expected. Even at 110 lbs, I wore size 10 jeans. I still have them, though I doubt if I could get them on.

Speaking of feet, I neglected to mention that I've been massaging my feet, periodically, since I first read of UT and have not refrained from doing so during this little experiment. My feet were bad, for over 30 years, with several plantar warts, corns and callouses and deformed toes, due to compensating for the pain of walking. I am actually having to re-learn how to walk, because it's totally different without the pain, so I've been practicing and paying attention and my toes have straightened out, on their own. I still have two plantar warts, though they are nearly gone, and one corn. None of which are painful, at this point, and all of which are on my left foot, which is interesting, because the only difference, I think, is that when I broke my right foot (a couple of months ago) I "washed" it everyday with coconut oil, since I couldn't properly bathe with the cast.

The warts were still there, but the bones healed super fast. Then I started the UT massage and the warts instantly stopped hurting altogether, with the very first massage. And were gone, soon after. On that foot, anyway.

So, that's the Dec 5 report. If there is nothing dramatic enough to notice, after this dose, I'm going to change it up and see what happens. Not sure how. Maybe a greater amount or a shorter interval or maybe daily massages with no ingestion. I haven't decided.

As I don't really have much in the way of "complaints", if it continues along this boring line, I might switch to a series of 24 hour fasts, with no massage, and check out the heart palpitation phenomenon.

Posted by Casmir (Dar Es Salaam) on 10/24/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Applying a well kept urine at a wounded spot quickens the healing process. Besides the instant pain due to wound's contact with the urine, a wonderful experience follows there after which soothes and calms down all the pain experience! For a number of years, this has been my experience! What a wonderful medication!

General Feedback
Posted by Sivarama Krishna (Tamilnadu, India) on 10/21/2014 25 posts

Really Mr.Prioris sir. You have reminded me of what I missed to add in my last discussion. Generally I like all types of Non-veg. Before performing UT, I read various information about dietary conditions to be followed so as to get maximum and quick benefits out of UT. Despite that, I used to eat non-veg weekly twice or thrice during lunch. I found difference of the UT effect between veg and non-veg food intake. On the day I eat non-veg, the UT's effect is not so good as its on eating veg. Even if I take more than the balanced and un-salty veg food, the effect is somewhat better than that of non-veg food. Now for the past 1 week, I altogether stopped non-veg. The effect is more better.

I am still expecting right and straight answers to my earlier questions including to my present question as this: " when to use U, before dinner or afterdinner ?" ( I have been taking U 1 time early morning after 3.30 am or 4.00 am. and 2nd time at 10 pm I.e. 1 or 2 hours after my dinner. With a result, the time-gap between these two times of in-taking happens to be only 6 hours. That is I am allowing morning U in-taking adequate span of time I.e. nearly 16 hours to do its work in my body, but allowing evening U in-taking only 6 to 7 hours. I think this time is too little, I am bewildered and want a clarification please. )

General Feedback
Posted by Prioris (Florida, US) on 10/20/2014

Drinking urine usually requires a vegetarian diet. Meat eaters will get an extremely salty solution so very unpalatable.

General Feedback
Posted by Sivarama Krishna (Tamilnadu) on 10/20/2014 25 posts

OP is different from UT obviously, but why to compare the two is because, in some respects UT and OP both are same. But UT is more powerful than OP. Furthermore, from the composition of ingredients, UT and OP are 100% different from each other. as U (Urine) has the original and exact components that our body really requires whereas the O (Oil) is not so.

So far, not only the good olden natural therapists of various religions of this world did kept the importance of U secret, but even the scientific world too done so. Science has already done adequate research on U but just for its own existence it had kept secret many results of its research and did not make the people aware of the the unparalleled and unique curing ability of urine, the urea and other components of which it used for making many types of medicine. Therefore, it is the time for all of us to be scientific and to discuss about it universally so that all and sundry will come to know the fact that the Urine is a "panacea", and a single, priceless and universal remedy for every health problem pertaining to our mind and body.

I am just a beginner and not too experienced to discuss too much on UT. I just put a budding thought on UT and raised few questions, thats all.

But, Mr. Om ... you have not given any answer to my question just thinking that its all a rambling discussion, but the same is not so. Try to answer my question please or else keep just watching. Thank you for your reply.

General Feedback
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc, Canada) on 10/19/2014

Krishna of Tamil Nadu --- I use UT and OP. Have for many years. OP with a tbsp. sesame oil once in the morning and due to tooth problems again during the day more than once with herbs like Essiac, and urine which works very well.

OP is different from UT obviously, so why compare the two?

Without being too scientific and too much discussion, allow the body to do its work and have patience. This can take years given the conditions of the now toxic planet. As you probably know, people have different doshas. So listen to your body without putting too much thoughts on this. Or you would miss much importance to you being on this planet at this time.

Namaste, Om

General Feedback
Posted by Krishna (Tamilnadu, India) on 10/19/2014 25 posts

Hi! UT (Urine Therapy) Users, let me join you all as a new user and beginner of Urine Therapy.

Before doing UT, I have been practicing OP (Oil Pulling) with sesame oil for the past 1 year I.e. from 1st September 2013. I have been doing OP two times both in the morning and night. As on 1st September 2014 I have finished my 1 year Oil Pulling which kept me very well. Actually I have been using OP not only for my problem of developing of swellings under my throat though not continuously but very often, but also for the problem of indigestion and lack of adequate remembrance power and other minor ailments. When I touch that swelling part under my throat, it seems like having flesh balls slightly movable with hand. Now, with OP my swellings have reduced to 40%. And continuing to do OP even today.

On 1st July 2014 I started UT I.e. Urine therapy and finished 3 months of doing UT by the end of 30th September 2014. After finishing 3 months time of doing UT as said above, I started to reduce my OP from 2 times to 1 time I.e. doing only in the morning without doing before dinner. This is because, I understood about UT through reading various books on UT and the power of Urine in solving a myriad of diseases ranging from minor ones to those of dangerous and terminal ones like AIDS, Cancer, asthma, heart-problems and so on. I understood UT to be better than and the best to OP, since the oils used for OP does not contain all the original ingredients that our own urine has for our body. There are some failures in some problems as reported now and then by the OP doing persons. But, there is no failure at all in the case of urine when used both internally or externally, unless and until the urine is used in a wrong way without proper knowledge of the procedure to be followed.

Before doing UT 3 months before, when I reduced my 2 times OP to 1 time OP, it does not keep me well. So I continued doing my 2 times OP, it keeps me more well.

But after finishing 3 months of UT along with OP, on reducing my 2 times OP to 1 time OP, this 1 time OP (only at morning) keeps me not just well but more than well. This is possible because of my UT. I also came to know what dosage of Urine is fit for me and when should I increase my dosage.

So far I have used 1 ounce for the 1st month and increased it to 2 ounces from the 2nd month during which when I used 3 ounces It does fit, but not perfectly, not only for my above problem but also for my overall physical and mental health. After 2 months of UT, I increased urine dosage to 3 ounces. Now this dosage suits well for my overall health. This is because, I think that my body got adapted to the use of Urine. This dosage is not giving me any inconvenience. Now, I am continuing this dosage only. Astonishingly UT now keeps my mental health too well. It makes me controlled, confident, brave and dashing and also improving my remembrance power. But one thing is sure, I am going to be benefited too much and too well by UT both in the near and the far future. I will here on wards share all my ensuing benefits and experience with all the UT users.

Now I have put all my story of Oil pulling and Urine therapy. Now, I would like to share my doubts with all the UT users.

My question is that can I altogether give up OP which I am doing only 1 time I.e. in the morning? Of course I will experiment on my own later, but I require some suggestions from my friends. But as far as my health is concerned, I cannot suddenly discontinue my 1 year old OP. After finishing 6 months or 1 year of UT, I will experiment and give up my 1 time OP too. Of course, even after such span of UT, if my giving up of 1 time OP brings some unsavory condition or any slight inconvenience continuously, I will again start my 1 time OP along with already-performing UT. But, on one day or another I will definitely give up OP, since the oils does not contain not only the original and exact but all the ingredients that our own Urine contain for our body.

I believe that both OP and UT not only detoxifies and cleaning up our body but also adds up the required and the lost minerals that our body requires. Now my question is that, does OP stands as obstacle for UT to perfom more better ?

Also, apart from cleansing our body, does the OP adds up inexact and unoriginal ingredients into our body ?

Now I await for answers and comments from my UT friends.

Urine Therapy Feedback
Posted by Krishna (Tamilnadu, India) on 10/18/2014 25 posts

Mr. Paulneaut sir, don't compare yourself with prof boxers and fire-fighters but with those of healthy or problem free persons. Why because Urine therapy is not for particular section of people but for all including diseased with severe kinds of diseases and healthy with normal day to day problems. Every one falls under these 2 categories. I have read 2 books ie "Your own perfect medicine" by Martha Christy and also another "The Golden Fountain, the complete guide to urine therapy" by Coen van der kroon wherein you get all the doubts cleared. Good luck

General Feedback
Posted by Erech (Elk, Nevada) on 09/13/2014

I am aging urine for 14 days, but at 7 days I find mold in the urine, what do I do? Can I discard the mold and use the urine? Thanks.

General Feedback
Posted by Om (Hope Bc Canada) on 07/27/2014

Just wishing you success as you are on the right track. When ingesting urine, the body will immediately manufacture the means to counter balance and heal whatever is needed.

I have done it for years and in my case I use it also to heal diabetes. Massaging or using packs with urine is very effective . I am vegan and my urine tastes like a slightly flavoured fruit juice. It balances hormones and is very effective for numerous diseases. There is much research but it is suppressed. In fact, in the middle ages when the gnostics, very spiritual people, were found out doing UT they were beheaded because this practice nurtures strong spirituality cleansing the many energy path ways in the subtle body. As now, power that be do not like free thinking/living citizens. The world is like that.

Namaste, Om

General Feedback
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 07/26/2014 403 posts

My original comment was July 3 and today is July 26 and even though I keep forgetting and have only massaged my feet with urine 6 times, 1 plantars wart that I've had for years - I don't know, 20 years? - it's about half the size it was.

I rid myself of 3, several months ago with banana peel (Thank you Earth Clinic! ), but they came back plus a new one and I don't ordinarily buy bananas so I just forgot about it for several reasons - with the habit of having them for so long, I just didn't notice, plus I don't often buy bananas, plus I never did figure out how to apply them so that they weren't just a mess - point is, I plum forgot about it.

Anyway, the urine is different. It's not doing what it's doing in the same way the banana peel did. For one thing, since the first massage and application, they haven't hurt when I walk. I could push up and rest on the balls of my feet, where they all are. The callous is still there, though about half the size, but the "root"(?) seems to have died with the very first application. I don't know.

Anyway, it's not "killing" the warts from the outside in, like the banana peel did. I'm pretty sure it simply stopped their life cycle and the good skin is taking over because they're simply going away the same way they came. The small one is nearly gone, leaving no hole or discoloration or anything. It's like a small spot of thick skin, is all.

Something else I noticed is that the skin stays "wet" longer than seems possible, but not anything like "oily" wet. Just wet. Like "water wet". And to top that off, it exfoliates! If you massage it in and then keep massaging - which is easy, because, like I said, it stays wet - in just a couple of minutes you can feel the dead skin under your hands as it begins to shed and ball up. A LOT of dead skin. And I use a pretty rough exfoliating mitt on my feet, in the shower. I couldn't believe it!

So, of course, you KNOW what I did next, which was massage my face with it and the same thing happened!

Anyway, I've used it on my feet and on my face. I still haven't drank any, but I've put a few drops under my tongue, twice. I gagged something terrible, the first time. But not the second. I THOUGHT I was going to, but I didn't. And I ALMOST drank some, but couldn't get past the color of it. LOL

Another thing I want to say is that all of the "instructions" about eating right and all of the other "healthy" stuff they always say, no matter how well something works - don't worry about all of that! My diet is atrocious with many processed foods, I DO eat meat, I AM overweight, I drink coffee by the gallon and I've smoked for over 40 years. If ANYBODY needs the benefits of urine therapy, it's people like me who DON'T live the 'healthy lifestyle"!

Even so, I have no other illnesses or health issues and I seldom get sick so it will be interesting to see what effect I experience when I do begin drinking it. Which I'm still trying to talk myself into. I think I'll get some Perrier and use an empty green bottle so I can't see it...LOL

Oh! I DO still have swelling in my foot, which I broke a few weeks ago, so maybe it will take care of that. I totally forgot. I broke my foot in half and it healed really fast, but that was before I heard of urine therapy, so...must have been something else. I don't know what. About the only healthy stuff I consume is grape juice and cayenne. It was a bad break. I basically folded my foot in half, right at the instep. Flexing it, now, there's just a little stiffness, so maybe the massage HAS helped, I don't know. When I had the cast, I "washed" my feet with coconut oil by sort of massaging it on, lightly, and then toweling it off, which may have helped the healing process.

This is long! I'll report back about the urine therapy...if I can find me some courage, LOL!

General Feedback
Posted by Cindy (Illinois, Usa) on 07/05/2014 403 posts

I think the biblical reference is actually for John 7:38 "He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.". Which is sort of true because they can't really be called "living" if one isn't partaking and partaking certainly requires a leap of faith, the first time. ROFL!

Urine Therapy and Medications
Posted by Dr Truth (Seattle) on 06/10/2014

I'm sorry I just have to say you don't have to be vegetarian or vegan for UT to work. It works great with me and I eat lots of meat. :)

Posted by Prioris (Fl, Usa) on 12/21/2013

People in general who are successful in drinking their own urine tend to be on a vegetarian based diet. This is the secret.

Meat eaters who drink their urine will tend to have an extremely briny or salty taste. Many years ago I tried and could not tolerate the taste. The salt overwhelmed me.

Posted by Saliu (Lagos, Nigeria) on 12/21/2013

Please can someone with a yeast infection drink her urine. While urinate some particle like milk colour will be coming out

Auto Immune Diseases
Posted by Bachcole (Colorado Springs) on 12/20/2013

What Agnieszka from Dublin said. Only, I believe that it is "homeopathic" or energetic, and the other guy's energy is different from yours.

Posted by Bachcole (Colorado Springs) on 12/20/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Urine therapy heals EVERYTHING because it does not attack the disease directly. It strengthens the body's own healing energy/system.

Nail Fungus
Posted by Larsen (Denmark) on 11/30/2013
5 out of 5 stars


I have a solution for your smell problem:

You don't need to leave the urine on the nail permanently for it to work. Simply submerse the affected area (use a small cup or other container) for ten minutes or as long as you want, then rinse the foot (or hand). Do so several times per day and make sure to dry the area properly afterwards. Another thing is you need to clean or replace all footwear, otherwise it can cause renewed fungal attack.

To cure skin fungus on the feet it's enough to pee on the feet a few times while having a shower, the effect of the urea is that potent.

Hope this helps someone

Throat Cancer
Posted by Shailendra (India) on 10/31/2013

What is procedure to consume urine for throat cancer? Regards

Urine Therapy and Medications
Posted by Baldev (Maharashtra, India) on 07/31/2013 190 posts

Hi Michael, I will add to Om's suggestion, Alcohol also. In UT you have to follow complete veg. Diet and it is quite scientific. You will notice strong smell in the morning urine if you have consumed a non vegetarian dinner and had alcohol. Where as if you had vegetarian dinner the urine ill not smell that strong, so keep these things in mind while following UT. Baldev

Urine Therapy and Medications
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc. Canada) on 07/30/2013

Michael from St. Louis. I have used urine therapy for many years but there is ONE rule: no chemical pharma meds and no meat. Herbs are fine.

I am supposed to have diabetes. It is a long story, but thanks to EC I have quit insulin. Metformin caused instant depression and fatigue syndrome. After watching my otherwise good health take a slide, I found diabetes. Warning on EC on Metformin type of meds and did further research on GreenMedInfo. Online which tells all which I had suspected for some time. As a result I dumped insulin and paraphernalia and feel absolutely wonderful after being miserable for some time.

From vegetarian I became vegan and have hardly any cravings and no roller coaster sugar levels. In fact, I go by how I feel and I feel good. I have at least three to four different veggies a day, green drinks from algae, and only buckwheat, barley, a little oat flour and no bread but few rye crackers. I could not live without European bread before but now have no desire for it. But I dote on coconut products and nuts. And I love chia seeds which I use as egg replacer in pancakes and hemp hearts for healthy protein.

On GreenMedInfo, experts who are not in the pockets of big pharma agree that diabetes can be controlled and reversed/cured by diet alone. But read also what the pharma meds will do to you. Same info on EC. Why have so many diabetics death by heart attacks? Is it the diabetic condition? Or is it the medication?? You can find out. Your doctor will not tell you. From a slim, healthy individual pharma med caused obesity, swollen ankles and hypertension. I am back to normal but I find people are fearful in taking matters into their own hands. I do not have that fear. Dr did not help in reversing the condition and kept talking about amputations, etc. Not uplifting if you ask me. It is up to the individual to start living well in health which can be regained by personal effort. All the best, Om