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Taking Medication  

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Posted by Mimi (Boulder, Co) on 10/15/2010

I would like to start urine therapy but I am taking medicine for high blood pressure. What do you suggest I do about the medicine?

Replied by Simone
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Hi, I've started urine therapy for general health .

It has brought on the runs, fatigue and aches in my neck and shoulder.

I read that these are expected side effects but they didn't go on to say if the side effects meant I should stop!!


I take no medication whatsoever! Eat healthily . No coffee, alcohol or cigarettes .

I do eat free range meat.

Throat Cancer  

Posted by Shailendra (India) on 10/31/2013

What is procedure to consume urine for throat cancer? Regards


Posted by Dmp (Anonymous, Usa ) on 01/25/2013

I need some help!! I believe that urine therapy does wonders and heals so many ailments, however my nephew has a non cancerous tumor intwined in his lower spine they tried to remove it but could not!! He suffers greatly and is also paralyzed in one leg! To make matter worse he had an adverse reaction to his first set of vaccines and has lack of immunity where he receives infusions every 6 weeks of blood cells to sustain his ability to fight off infections and colds, now on to the tumor I know there are places that inject urine to kill tumors, where?? We need help!!

Replied by Anon

Hi, please look at the budwig protocol. There are videos on utube showing you how to mix it. This really is the answer. There has been a lot of success reported.

Urine Therapy and Medications  

Posted by Michael (St. Louis, Mo) on 07/30/2013

I have a question please. I'm on insulin and Metformin for diabetes, synthroid for thyroid, and blood pressure meds. I want to get off of these so badly and I know I probably shouldn't take Urine therapy while on medications but afraid to stop taking them. My doctor would have a "fit" if she thought I was going to stop taking them. Am I wasting my time with UT while on meds as I guess it won't help? Thanks, Michael.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc. Canada

Michael from St. Louis. I have used urine therapy for many years but there is ONE rule: no chemical pharma meds and no meat. Herbs are fine.

I am supposed to have diabetes. It is a long story, but thanks to EC I have quit insulin. Metformin caused instant depression and fatigue syndrome. After watching my otherwise good health take a slide, I found diabetes. Warning on EC on Metformin type of meds and did further research on GreenMedInfo. Online which tells all which I had suspected for some time. As a result I dumped insulin and paraphernalia and feel absolutely wonderful after being miserable for some time.

From vegetarian I became vegan and have hardly any cravings and no roller coaster sugar levels. In fact, I go by how I feel and I feel good. I have at least three to four different veggies a day, green drinks from algae, and only buckwheat, barley, a little oat flour and no bread but few rye crackers. I could not live without European bread before but now have no desire for it. But I dote on coconut products and nuts. And I love chia seeds which I use as egg replacer in pancakes and hemp hearts for healthy protein.

On GreenMedInfo, experts who are not in the pockets of big pharma agree that diabetes can be controlled and reversed/cured by diet alone. But read also what the pharma meds will do to you. Same info on EC. Why have so many diabetics death by heart attacks? Is it the diabetic condition? Or is it the medication?? You can find out. Your doctor will not tell you. From a slim, healthy individual pharma med caused obesity, swollen ankles and hypertension. I am back to normal but I find people are fearful in taking matters into their own hands. I do not have that fear. Dr did not help in reversing the condition and kept talking about amputations, etc. Not uplifting if you ask me. It is up to the individual to start living well in health which can be regained by personal effort. All the best, Om

Replied by Baldev
Maharashtra, India
173 posts

Hi Michael, I will add to Om's suggestion, Alcohol also. In UT you have to follow complete veg. Diet and it is quite scientific. You will notice strong smell in the morning urine if you have consumed a non vegetarian dinner and had alcohol. Where as if you had vegetarian dinner the urine ill not smell that strong, so keep these things in mind while following UT. Baldev

Replied by Dr Truth

I'm sorry I just have to say you don't have to be vegetarian or vegan for UT to work. It works great with me and I eat lots of meat. :)

Replied by Toto Rossy

Yes, as another poster has said- this DOGMA about being a vegatarian/vegan while doing Urine Therapy is simply nonsense. One of the major proponents and Urine Therapists of the last century- J W Armstrong, who had AMAZING cures using Urine on his patients- felt very strongly that vegetarian diets and even more so vegan diets were/are defficient and whilst idealogically/ethically are admirable, in reality are not the best idea long term for health. It is interesting to note that the healhiest peoples of the world are NOT and never have been vegetarians. Please dont be put off using UT by these fallacious remarks by no doubt well meaning people who say that you can only use UT if you are a vegetarian/vegan. It is simply not true- as so many people have proven :)

Replied by Louise
London, England

I am so thankful for discovering UT via book by Jagdish Bhurani. The UT was a life saver, there was no hope for me so trying UT was the last resort, and it saved my life. No, I am not vegetarian and I did not stop taking my prescribed meds, mainly antibiotics. The only thing I did was to drink plenty of water when taking meds. I went into a full regime of UT, consuming every drop daily. The only thing I noticed when I took meat and spicy food was the smell, and that is the reason why it is recommended to be vegetarian. You don't have to be if you can stand the smell. It is a life saver so really worth putting up with the stunk.

Replied by Sam

I have the same health issues I did a 21 day water fast and I'm healed. Come off your medication keep all monitoring to a daily habit and if you see and increase stop immediately but water fasting cure them all I've heard of people doing both water fasting (distilled water) and UT with success. GOOD LUCK!

Urine Therapy Feedback  

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Posted by Pauloneast (New York, Ny, U.s.) on 11/14/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I was skeptical at first, too, re Urine therapy.. Last winter I was sick for 3 mos.. 5 mos really, before I was well. I read about UT a few mos ago (summer), and have a glass a day for the last several mos.... There is definitely some advantageous things to it. I've not gotten allergies, not a single cold etc.. I thought if prof boxers and firefighters are trying it, why not? I'm an athletic 50 y.o. look a lot younger and feel great for having gone "natural" to prevent winter colds etc etc...

Replied by Krishna
Tamilnadu, India
25 posts

Mr. Paulneaut sir, don't compare yourself with prof boxers and fire-fighters but with those of healthy or problem free persons. Why because Urine therapy is not for particular section of people but for all including diseased with severe kinds of diseases and healthy with normal day to day problems. Every one falls under these 2 categories. I have read 2 books ie "Your own perfect medicine" by Martha Christy and also another "The Golden Fountain, the complete guide to urine therapy" by Coen van der kroon wherein you get all the doubts cleared. Good luck

Posted by Carlos (Barcelona, Spain) on 10/17/2011

I know this may sound really gross for any closeminded or newbie visiting this website.

For those advocates of health and already familiar with the wonderful benefits of Oil pulling and Urine Therapy. Have you ever considered do oil pulling with Urine?

Im sure the results would be wonderful specially inthe teeth whitening department since Urine whitenens teeth with a simple brush. Would it be safe to keep it in your mouth for longer time? Will the skin benefits translate too or be more dramatic than regular UT?

I invite anybody already familiar with the techniques to try.

I'm going to try myself and reply with my results. It's gross I know. Specially it will be difficult to get rid of the breath.

It could be a urine pull or a oil urine pulling. Yes definitely disgusting but I know some of you are brave enough to try.

Replied by Steve
Gold Coast, Australia


I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 3 years which is reasonably well under control by the use of a weekly dose of methotrexate although I still get the occasional bout of pain, paticularly in my toes. I was wondering if anyone has any experience of urine therapy whilst taking methotrexate. I can't imagine that it would cause any harm as urine is a natural product, but I am concerned that if I start to drink my urine I may be double dosing on the methotrexate, or is my logic incorrect?

Any feedback welcome.

Replied by Violeta
Brisbane, Au-qld

Hi, I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 7 years, I am on Metrotexate weekly, plus Prednisone just 7.5 mg daily. I started Urine Therapy over a month ago, in large doses, drink almost 3-4-5 cups a day, including the morning one. I am concerned if that it will work for me, as I felt a difference, in my wellbeing, but RA is still there with sharp pains every morning all over. I wonder if it will be better to stop medication completely? But then.. I cannot survive the pain... If anyone have any experience or ideas, I am open to receive. PLEASE...

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa

Violeta, do you eat lots of Pineapple for inflamation? Take Flax or Fish oil for inflammation? I use a patented product called Celadrin® along with fish & flax oil to keep my inflammation in check. Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Chicken Cartilage are good for rebuilding joints; Vit-C and Manganese helps stabilize.

Hope this helps.

Replied by Bill
5 out of 5 stars

I'm a typ 2 diabetes with nerve damage in both feet and legs. I just started this urine therapy for 3 days now. Twice in the morning first thing then before I head out too work. Mouthwash is required. Before I started the therapy, never mind trying to walk, I had trouble getting up and down the couch and stairs. I feel like a new man, not only can I walk without pain, but I can walk up and down stairs without holding onto the rail. It takes time to get used to the taste. For beginners, have it with you favored drink half and half

Replied by Bill
Scranton, Pa

Just wondering if anyone else has some diarrhea when they started this treatment. If so, how long does it last? Thank you.

Replied by Olivia

Yes, that's a completely normal symptom to have. Basically your body is beginning to flush out all the toxins and waste you are carrying and this commonly happens through diarrhea. It shouldn't last more than a day or 2. I know it's incomfortable and unpleasant but it's not dangerous and you will just get better with time. Hang in there!

Replied by Marco
0 out of 5 stars

I started about 2 months ago, took several cups a day, but the diarrhea continues. I have cut down now on the amount and limit myself to a small cup a day. I will increase the dosage again in a while and see. So far, I have not seen any positive results, yet. I even got a flu recently, which I haven't had in more than two years.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Marco (Japan) ---

Keep using Manava Mutra despite all odds. I have been doing this at one time for 15 years with good results. After a pause, have been using urine therapy for three months or more, taking about under a pint a day. This time my syndromes are still unchanged but I have such a faith in this system that it does not matter. I even think this time I notice signs of detoxing. My urine is getting clearer at this point but there is a whiff of an odour. I am vegetarian.

I believe we are living in a toxic world which is increasing steadily. Just consider myself fortunate to be open to this elixier of life. Research on EC on your needs and keep up your regimen. Best of Luck Namaste, Om

Replied by Lill
5 out of 5 stars

Urine oil pulling is not so bad. I thought the fumes would carry from my mouth to nose but it didn't. If I completely open up my nose and throat I smelled/tasted it a tiny bit but not bad at all. I've only done it for two days so I am not sure of the benefits. It seems my teeth are whiter but it could just be wishful thinking. The benefit I am looking for is for my gums to grow around a tooth nub. The nub previously had a crown on it, and I asked my dentist to remove it. so far the area seems less inflame and smoother but the gum is not growing yet. Feel free to ask questions. I have so much to say on this topic but I'm still reluctant to go public since the public freaks out when I even mention using it topically. Thanks to all of you, it will be accepted little by little and maybe soon will replace big pharma!

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Lill (Maui),

Absolutely. I have been using this therapy for a long time. I oil pull with sesame oil in the morning and later in the day slowly drink about under a pint of the night urine, some of it I keep and swish in my mouth as I have three serious abscesses but no pain. I also will use DMSO with silver (CS) but the urine treatment will also cure my diabetes. I take no drugs and am vegetarian. Wiping the whole body with fresh urine frees the subtle body of unwanted vibrations and this can be felt to be very refreshing.

This is my main medicine and I never have serious concerns. My skin glows.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Kwon
Columbia, Sc

Hey thanks for your info and I would live to hear your personal accounts of UT as I am beginner and 5 days in on treatment,,, energy level is off the chain thus far,,, I apply topically full body daily,, and I have seen major results hence to why I'm all in,,, thank you

Replied by Hardcastle

Maybe you should get your urine tested for bacteria or cocci.

Replied by Ckn

Comments on RA. This runs in my family. About 4 months ago, I began to get symptoms (swelling / painful fingers and feet). 3 months ago, I decided to do something about it. So far, this is what helped - tremendously. I have no pain and nearly all swelling is gone.

1. Take Curcumin, Bromelain, and Host Defense Turkey Tail Mushroom supplements.

2. Eliminate dairy and eggs (I know this is tough, but those are triggers),

3. Drink 10-12 ounces of distilled water / day,

4. Don't eat any processed or packaged foods, have food that comes out of the ground and clean, unpackaged meat / poultry - all organic if possible. Substitute milk with unsweentened coconut milk.

5. Make and have bone broth every day. Try to use garlic and onion in it.

6. For urine, if you cannot drink it (I can't), put some drops under your tongue several times a day. Soak painful, swollen areas in it (get a cotton pad, saturate it with urine, and wrap it on the area). Also, do foot baths with urine, you can use old urine for that - you will be shocked at how good this feels.

7. Finally, try hypnosis. After my first session, my pain decreased by 50%. Good luck.

Posted by Kumar (Mumbai-india, Mahashtra) on 10/11/2010

Have been using for facial application, regularly. Also oral intake about half glass-very beneficial.

Replied by Mom
Apopka, Fl, Usa
5 out of 5 stars

I stumbled over UT today.. I have been doing allot of reading... My elbow was dry from sitting at the computer day after day, I put some UT on it and Ta Da- It's soft again after the 2nd application today!! (I had tried really expensive lotions for months and they didn't work! )

I started having dark circles under my eyes, so I put some there, that helped too, after 2x it already seems a little better. I'm going to try it a few days and I'll let you know. Than I finally got brave and brushed my teeth with it. I will do this every day for a week and I'll let you know how it goes. My sister was just tested and she found out she has NO calcium left in her bones and her teeth are breaking, I know she would freak out if I told her about this so I am going to order her a book and mail it to her about this anonymously. What do you think?

OK, I drank some.. To be honest I have asthma and have had brochettes for over 2 months. I went to my local pharmacy and he told me to use "onion juice and honey" overnight in a container leave it in the re-fridge overnight, and it seems to be working. But now that I have done this too, I am REALLY hoping to get better soon. Oh and one more thing... Try it on your arthritis, I have it in my elbow, wrist and knuckles, (same arm as dry skin on elbow) and guess what - yup, it doesn't hurt anymore! I will be applying that everyday! I may try the lavender oil drop trick I read about here to cover any odor, however I don't smell any. Good health to all!

Posted by Antonio (Sydney, Nsw) on 02/09/2010

I have been in the water purification industry for over 20 years ... I have been drinking reverse osmosis Alkaline magnesium bicarbonate water that I make for 6 years.

It has truly changed my life ... at 42 I hit a health crisis suffering severe Gout in my shoulder and chronic constipation as well as putting on 30 kgs of weight.

It became a precursor to going totally healthy and becoming a vegetarian. I haven't been sick with even a cold in 6 years and look trim and younger than I did 6 years ago.

I monitor my urine TDS,ORP and pH regularly. This morning for the first time I tried Urine Therapy (UT) and drank a modest amount ... I found it tasted some what like coconut milk ... I drink a lot of water and my acid levels are low, so it didn't taste so bad.

Anyhow I was shocked when I tested my urine pH that this afternoon. Having not drunk any water today I expected my urine pH to be around low pH 5 - 6 and to my surprise it was an amazing pH 7.45, ORP -0.55 and a hight TDS of 12,000ms.

Could it be that because I am drinking alkaline water with high levels of anti-oxidant minerals bi-carbonates and magnesium that for me it had a far greater alkalizing effect on my body?


Replied by S Gut

Hi, could you please tell me how you make your purified water? Thanks!

Posted by Sunny (Chicago, IL) on 07/21/2009

Wow you guys I am so so grateful for this wonderful medicine that I now know about. I first read about the therapy and wanted to see if it could help me with my acne. To my surprise my cystic acne,those bumps deep in the skin, would come to a head by the next day. I also found that my urine stops the acne from growing. For example if I notice a small bump and I put urine on a swab and swab it,the acne would actually reseed at the beginning stages.I also started to drink about a fourth cup of my own urine a day.I would wake up urine for 5 seconds, then fill the glass about a fourth full.Then I would finish using the bathroom and drink the urine while warm. The very first day I felt different. For years I have suffered with depression and anxiety/ADHD. From the day I started drinking urine my whole days were good. I no longer felt nervous around people or scared that someone was looking down on me. You guys this stuff is god sent, nothing worked for me, but this did. Also in my research I found that urine will heal a cut within seconds, I scratched myself and applied urine and the scratch did not even bleed, yes I did see the white flesh, but it immediately started to heal.I can not express to you the importance of this information. If you can try it. Urine is sterile meaning no bacteria. 95% water, the rest urea and other minerals your body had enough of so it released it from your blood creating urine. Urine has been found to heal a number of things. This is probably why its in Pro-Active, Eucerine and a number of other skin care products. I have always been mentally unstable and could not get any relief I even got to the point to where I was going to throw away a great relationship with someone who actually loves me. When I started with this therapy it was as if a veil was taken off of my brain, and I was able to think clearly. I am telling you this in an effort to get anyone I can to try it because I know first hand it works. If only one listens and benefits from my testimony so be it and thank you earthclinic family for helping me finally feel and be normal.Your examples and your bravery allowed me to find one of the greatest kept secrets to optimal health. Again thank you and I wish you all the best.

Replied by Laurie
Olney, Il, Us

To Sunny from Chicago,
What a beautiful testimony.. When I first read of urine therapy I was, after the initial shock, intrigued... I put it on a shelf in the back of my mind and went on to other remedies... Borax, Apple Cider Vinegar and peroxide... I sent Ted a description of one of my ailments and among other things he suggested urea... I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around this one "haha" and you're post is one big step in helping me overcome my fear and revulsion.. I'm one of those people, if I know it's good for me, I can make myself do anything... I've been sick for so long and am not getting any better going to doctors.. So here I go =)

I hope you will continue to post and let us know how you are doing. Take care

Replied by Everlean

Does anyone know if U.T causes hives?

Replied by Krista

I am ridiculously excited to try this!!!! For anxiety, primarily, and OCD...but why not EVERYTHING that ails me! It is this open-mindedness and openness in general that I love about Earth Clinic (and all of you lovely beings). THANK YOU!!!!!

Posted by Angie (Jersey City, NJ) on 07/15/2009

I am curious if I can commence urine therapy while taking vitamins. I take a multi-vitamin along with high dose b-complex (which makes my urine quite yellow most of the time). Is it ok for me to try urine therapy while taking these supplements, or should I stop them before trying? Many thx. Angie.

Replied by Joshua
Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Anyone wanting to use Urine Therapy while taking vitamins and/or other supplements must consider the fact that a part of the meds/vitamins being taken will end up in the urine as part of the natural body process. Therefore, it might be a good idea to have a blood test done to see if the amount of med/vitamin intake is increased and therefore necessary to reduce the dosage. Also, for those who can't face drinking urine, for your information, urine is part of the blood purification process and is sterile when it leaves the body. It only smells bad if it sits around too long, facing bacteria attack which are also part of nature. Start by rubbing it on your lips which acts like a great lip balm instead of buying the chemical crap in chap sticks. Then once you're used to that, dip your finger in your urine and suck your finger. In a few days you will see that no harm is done and you'll take a sip, then a little more, etc. As others have mentioned, get the book "Your Own Perfect Medicine" which is so impressive and complete! Then buy the book "The Yellow Stream" by I P Standing. Just kidding!

Posted by Elizabeth (New London, North Carolina) on 06/07/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I've been trying u.t., now for three months. Reason why I tried it was because I had "bumps" on my genital area for quiet some time and used different types of creams to rid of them, but no avail. About one week and half after taking in a fourth of cup of my own urine, the "bumps" disappeared and never came back.

I have another challenging scenerio that's bothering me. I've been taking Synthroid since nineteen eighty seven for my thyroids and since I've been doing u.t., I've not taken it for I've replaced it u.t. for my medicine and still feels wonderful since. I would like to know is it feasible for me to do both?

Posted by Gayle (San Jose, California) on 05/24/2009
0 out of 5 stars

Results of urine therapy: In my attempts to deal with RA (rheumatoid arthritis) I discovered UT. It always results in giving me hives. No matter how minute the quantity after 2-3 days the hives begin. i've been unable to ascertain why. I take no meds and eat mainly vegetarian diet with green juices, etc. Any insight is highly appreciated because one major immediate benefit was improved sleep.

Replied by Maria
Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada

This is in reply to Gayle from San Jose whose seems to develop hives after ingesting urine. the only thing, that I can think of is a healing crisis, what if you stay with UT regardless of hives appearing or not and see what happens on the other side. Your body might be cleaning something out this way. And it might only last a short time.

Replied by Yogagirl
Orange County, California
5 out of 5 stars

I had to respond when I saw your comment regarding hives with urine therapy. One thing that really helps is soaking in a tub with a gallon of urine in it to stop the itching of the hives. Soak for about an hour if possible in the hot urine water. Aged urine works well, it does not have to be fresh. Also applying almond oil after you are done bathing helps to alleviate the itching. There were times when I could not stop itching. One thing to remember is that a lot of toxins are secreted through the skin. I just feel that it is the body's way of eliminating a lot of toxins. You feel so much better after taking one of the urine baths and your skin is really soft. I had to scrape my skin after taking the bath because stuff (toxins, I think) start coming out of your pores.

Posted by Pamela (Groveland, FL) on 02/28/2009

I'm curious why my urine smells like coffee after i drink enough of it? I guess where i'm getting at is; if urine is not your body waste,than why does it smell of the things we intake? Really curious! Also i've been hooked on this site the minute i laid eyes on it last week! Just as grateful to God and the rest of the world that has published on this site! Thanks a quadrillion! Millions means nothing in this day and age =)

Replied by Dee
Moreno Valley, Ca

I read somewhere that it is called protein-urea. When I eat fish and meat the same things happen to me. Then I wonder if I am drinking enough pure water.

Replied by Rosy
Orlando, Fl

Urine is another way your body will rid it's self of waist. You might smell coffee in your urine, because coffee is a diuretic, and causes you to release your body's liquids. This happens with loss stool and urine. It might be the acids in the coffee you smell. Also look at the color. If it has a lot of uric acid it will be darker. If it looks like water, you might be drinking too much water. Urine should have a light yellow color and nuetral scent. Water-soluble vitamins also affect urine. B vitamins are really strong in urine. It turns mine florescent yellow, and very strong scented.

Replied by Ellen
Los Angeles, CA

I've noticed that my pee smells disgusting if I drink a can of soda with corn syrup or something from Starbucks where they add powder to it, like a vanilla chai latte. Probably anything over 20 grams of sugar causes it. I checked the sugar content on one of vanilla packets they sell separately at Starbucks, I saw that one scoop contains a ridiculous amount of sugar. So for me, too much sugar and my pee smells gross. I have also walked into a bathroom stall at the office and smelled the same strong scent from one of my co-workers more times than I can tell you. I have never confirmed if she drank something with a ton of sweetener in it though. ha ha... can you imagine? Ummm, excuse me, did you just drink a coke with 42 grams of sugar? How did I know? Well, I can smell it in your pee!

Replied by Mark
Las Vegas, NV

Response to Rosy: "If it looks like water, you might be drinking too much water. Urine should have a light yellow color and neutral scent."

This is NOT correct. It's very difficult to drink too much water. Everyone should have half of their body weight in ounces of water every day. So if your 150lbs that 75 ounces of water a day. If your urine is clear when you are drinking that amount of water that's fine.

Now I don't do urine therapy but if you do then when you drink that much water your urine might not be that potent for therapy which is why I suspect that they say use first urine of the day as it is more concentrated.

Also if you are drinking the correct amount of water you need to make sure you are getting enough sodium and other minerals/electrolytes especially in the heat.

Replied by Peter
Perth, Australia
5 out of 5 stars

I have done UT on and off for over 10 years. It was hard to do to begin with but eventually you get to like the taste. One of the things that I noticed is that if you drink it every time you urinate, the taste will change during the day. When doing a urine fast (3-7 days) the taste changes dramatically. The end taste can be very close to glucose, which I found very nice. Another thing that I found is that if you don't drink enough water during the day, or you consume too much sugar or alcohol the morning urine will be quite disgusting to taste and may put you off. I drank mine every day continuously for over a year and some days it was an extremely nasty "chore" to get the first one down. It soon teaches you what not to eat and to make sure you drink enough water during the day. My wife thinks I am a whacko for doing it, but I am very healthy, with few if any health problems. She, on the other hand has many health problems, but still will not even consider doing any of the things I do.

Replied by D.rob
Nyc, Ny
5 out of 5 stars

Urine is in fact not a waste product. Among other things urine is water that has been filtered through your body and naturally structured. It's worth doing an online search for the seemingly endless benefits of consuming structured water. Urine is your own structured water which has retained the nutrients, vitamins, etc. that your body was currently UNABLE TO USE.

Urination is not the excretion of a by product of used and destroyed materials as is feces. Urine is a holographic representation of your unique biochemical makeup. Our bodies are constantly working to maintain homeostasis. Like any effective feedback loop, our bodies need information on what it has produced previously in order to update and improve its current conditions.

Ingesting your own urine closes the information feedback loop which informs your body of what's currently missing and what it needs to produce to achieve and maintain homeostasis. With information on what you're lacking or may have in excess your body goes to work producing or slowing production of whatever it needs to create a perfect biochemical balance.

Our bodies are natural chemical factories. Many internal and external health issues result from biochemical/hormonal imbalances. UT is your body's most comprehensive and effective means of assessing and correcting itself. This is why Ut is so effective for so many different issues.

Many people who've survived longterm hardships without food and/or water but have ingested their own urine have been found in unexpectedly excellent health.

Replied by G

Hi everyone, I have found that drinking, gargling and sniffing fresh urine through the nostrils all help greatly with things like colds, sore throat, excess mucus etc. I recently learned that fermented urine was used in the past by Buddhist monks as medicine. I have spent a long time searching online for details on the correct way to ferment urine but found nothing. I am wondering if aged urine, kept in a sealed jar for a few days has fermented? or is it possible to lacto-ferment urine in the same way as can be done with cabbage juice, by adding whey and leaving for a day or two. Any suggestions? It strikes me that fermented urine might be even more effective than straight, fresh urine.

Another query is regarding aged urine as opposed to fresh. Is it ok to drink aged urine or not? From what I saw on other sites, some people say it is useful to drink old urine, some say it is dangerous. Has anyone experimented? Thanks!

Replied by Annapurna
Mumbai, India

This is what I know about Urine Therapy through my grandmother who lived successfully to 99 years: Your diet should not contain any animal products. Only veggies, fruits, nuts and grains.

In the am, upon waking, pass some urine for a few seconds, and then collect the remaining urine. This can be used to ingest, or apply on skin for skin problems.

You can continue doing this through the day, but the morning collection is the one most potent. So drink more water before bedtime to get more of this.

She was against storing due to fermentation which according to her was not a good thing. By ingesting or applying fresh, no one can pick up on smell residue, which one does know of in older fermented products. Also, in addition to no animal products in diet, drink plenty of water, as well as coconut water everyday. And do not do this if you are on any form of medication. I hope this is helpful.

Replied by Abhi
Mumbai, India

Hi, I am trying urine therapy for last 10 years and I had problems regarding digestion and weight issues(less) all these years. Recently I stopped UT and found out that if I take anyting liquid in the morning it increases acidity. And same holds true for Urine also. Now my weight is increased but as I got to know the problem I can not drink urine on empty stomach. It increases acidity and causes mood swings makes me stressed, depressed.

Does anyone has any clue how I should drink urine without having acidity.

(I am very strict regarding what I eat . No junk foods, No bad habit, but body is of highly pitta type.)

Replied by Susan
London, UK

To D. Rob ... that was one of the most accurate and well-written explanations of UT I have read. Thanks.

Replied by Bill
Scranton, Pa

If you do leave it overnight to chill, make sure it's covered air tight. I left mine in a open cup and got diarrhea and a stomach ach the following day.

Replied by Nintendo1889

You don't need to even drink it, just gargle it or use a dropper, as Scottish researchers have discovered.

Posted by Avril (London, England) on 01/29/2009
5 out of 5 stars

within 3 hours of drinking my own urine, my MOOD had changed completely from the depression, allergic symptoms and candida that have dogged me for decades and pretty much wrecked my life. Eating raw food, using colloidal silver, H2O2, plenty of green juice including wheatgrass, having acupuncture, all these things are tremendously helpful, but I have never experienced anything like this. And I wasn't even expecting it, since the posts I've read related to physical effects. And its so EASY... well the first time was a bit stomach-churning but that was purely psychological, since the taste turned out to be ok. I've been doing it for 4 days now, and got more done than in the past four weeks; and been very socially relaxed, where before I was really, really tense with having to pretend that I was ok.

The reason I first turned to alternative therapies was that the medications prescribed by various GPs and psychologists had so many horrible side effects, but I found most supplements from health food shops do nothing and cost plenty. This just beats everything, I don't have to carry ridiculous amounts of supplements etc around with me. Candida is also definitely receding, sinus clearing, tinnitus fading, skin glowing. I'm even thinking more clearly, the energy that was missing from everything is just there, available and free.

Hair {thanks to the person/s who posted this also} is looking brilliant, healthy, shiny. I soak it in urine, wrap up in a towel for an hour, shower off with plain water, then rinse with borax water and a few drops of Bergamot essential oil, since Bergamot seems to actually eradicate, not just cover, any smell - that's just to be absolutely sure I don't go around smelling of pee. I've asked two of my friends to smell my hair, and all they find is a herbal smell, i.e. the Bergamot oil. Thanks to Ted and all.

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn.
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Hi Avril, Have you started looking younger yet? On the way home one morning I was listening to one of my favorite newscasters, Paul Harvey, who has a most melodious voice. He related a story about an Asian man stopped and intensely interogated by our customs people, after he landed here. They let him go several hours later after explaining they stopped him because he looked so much younger than the age shown on his passport, but he gave all the right answers to their questions they had to accept his stated age but asked him what his secret was as they had never heard of anyone his age looking so young. His reply was that the only thing he did different from most people he knew, was drink a glass of his urine daily. PH said he got to wondering about it and called a friend in medical research and asked if there was anything in urine that could keep you looking younger if you drank it. His friend said he couldn't answer that because as far he knew, no study had ever been done on drinking urine. PH said he then asked his friend if he had ever tasted urine himself and got the reply, "Yes, indeed I have and it tastes remarkedly like beer". I laughed the rest of the way home, because I've always said they should put the beer back in the horse!

Replied by Avril
London, England

Hi Joyce... that's totally to the point, actually. I can age or seem 15 years younger within a week, depending on how righteously I'm sticking to the raw diet... and that's not subjective, the confirmation comes from friends and acquaintances who're astonished by the changes and can accurately guess by looking at me, how much I have or have not sinned. What's interesting about the urine drinking, is that its allowing me to get away with twice as much cooked food, with no ageing effect. It also allows me to maintain that state whilst cutting my green juice intake by half - which means less drudgery and hassle of carting in tons of veggies, storing, preparing... all this drives me nuts. I have no desire to know a damn thing about nutrition and I hate being strapped to a kitchen, only crippling necessity has taken me there; so I'm gobsmacked by the sheer luxury of being cut loose from a lot of that stuff.

I also needed to eat a lot of raw meat to shore up the immune system [veggie protein just doesn't work for me] and that's been cut by 1/3. My wallet is grateful. YAY!

Replied by Mark
Silver Spring, Md, Usa

Avril, I know your post is about a year old but if you're still on, how are you doing on UT? I'm going to try it because for four years I've been getting upper respiratory infections every few weeks and only one doctor thought it might be mycoplasma but my health care provider wouldn't authorize the necessary tests, which are quite expensive. I've just been limping along with marginal health. Also have candida, inflamed thyroid and treatment resistant bipolar illness which my psychiatrist has just about given up on. I've had it with the medical merry-go-round and spending money every month for nutritional supplements. Time to see if I can get my body to heal itself with its own all purpose remedy.

Posted by Ada (London, England) on 12/24/2008

I have started using urine therapy in drop form to help with fatigue symptoms. I would like to know if it is ok to continue doing this whilst taking apple cider vinegar. thanks.