Cold Shower Therapy Health Benefits

Posted by Karthik (Hyderabad, India) on 02/01/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Cold Water -- It's really amazing how it feels to take a cold water bath in the mornings. I have had this acne problem for a long time and taking cold water bath has helped me a lot.

General Feedback
Posted by Arno (The Netherlands) on 12/12/2006
5 out of 5 stars

After reading all the enthusiastic reactions I put a poll on my energy-related website. Over 300 people responded to the question If they took warm or cold showers:

3% takes cold showers
5% starts warm and ends cold
92% takes warm showers

I think using the words "fresh showers" sounds better than "cold showers". I also would like to know if there are more and stronger arguments like: does it makes you loose weight? Does it improve your love-life? (the blood that leaves your skin has got to go somewhere!) Greetings, Arno

Posted by Chris (Kennewick, WA) on 03/30/2006
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Hey! John from Arlington, TX, howdy. I thought "I" invented this cure for panic attacks. ;)

Tips From Our Readers
Posted by Jeff (Madrid, Spain) on 09/26/2008

That's interesting about the underarm area you mentioned...I had a hard time hitting that and the shoulder area...thanks for sharing the tip!

Posted by Joe (Pocatello, Idaho)
5 out of 5 stars

I recently started taking cold showers just out of the blue. I'm not sure why, other than I know that the heart is pumping harder trying to keep the body warm, and it seems that anything to help with the circulation is going to benefit the body. I started mainly because I had been out swimming with the dog in the cool river, and when the temperature outside is nearing 100 degrees, the water feels so good. I came home and once again was feeling drained by the hot weather, so I jumped in the cold shower, and have been doing it since. It's sort of a challenge each day to see if I can stand taking it all the way down to the left side of the dial where the hot has completely stopped, and the water is so cold it takes my breath away, but that's the fun of it! It almost feels like pushing to run that extra mile or lift weighs for another ten minutes. The warm sensation when I step out is really invigorating.

I do start off with it just comfortable enough to get into, and then cycle it down pretty quickly after that. Years ago I would do cold water in the middle of a hot shower, so that I didn't get out shivering, but I wonder if that has the same effect. Certainly seemed much easier to do when I knew that I was going to turn the hot back on in a minute, just the same way jumping out of a hot tub to roll around in the snow before jumping back in was always a rush.

Anyway, nice to know that my cold showers are doing good things for me after all, and thanks for the informative site!"

And more helpful feedback from Brendan, writing to us from Ireland: "I have been taking cold showers every morning for the past 9 months and find them extremely invigorating both mentally and physically. I am not a medical person and have researched the topic of hydrotherapy to learn more and found from experience the following to be true. To take a cold shower it is important to take one after, not before, a hot shower. The coldness of the water is bracing, but like swimming, is something your body adapts to. If you get a pain in the back of your head or start shaking uncontrollably, the water temperature is too cold and you have lost your wits!! It's a health regime, not an arctic survival course! Cover [with water] all parts of the body, especially the joints, the feet, head and stomach, which will improve blood flow and digestion. Coming out of the shower, you will find yourself alert and warmed up and like a good breakfast, will set you up for the day. If you have any questions please drop me a line. All the best, Brendan.

Cold Shower Feedback
Posted by Cris (Sibiu, Sibiu, Romania) on 08/06/2012

Is it better to begin with hot or warm water then finish off with a really cold shower or just a cold one from beginning to the end? Thanks a lot!

Cold Shower Tips
Posted by Siva (Burlingame CA)
5 out of 5 stars

I somehow sensed that hot water was making me spend a lot of time in the shower. So I decided to have cold water shower, but I found it very difficult as I started showering but felt great by the end of the shower. As opposed to a hot water shower which feels great at the beginning and made me dull and drowsy by the time I stepped out, cold water felt scary and chilly in the beginning but got better and better, and made me feel fresh and energetic by the end of the shower.

I was looking for some info on cold water therapy a few months ago and I found this web page. Everyone's comments have helped me a lot. Let me add my 2 cents:

The most challenging part of the cold-water shower is the initial part of the shower, i.e. the first 10-30 secs. A few things that have helped me either some or all of the following:

1. Doing some mild exercise like skipping, jogging or push-ups just before taking the cold shower.
2. As mentioned about massaging the body with almond oil before taking shower.
3. Dancing in the shower while taking shower!
4. Starting with normal or luke warm water.

A cold shower causes a sudden increase in heart rate and breathing rate. So if we increase our heart rate and breathing by some mild exercise like the ones mentioned above, it really prepares us for the cold shower, and makes it pleasant throughout.

I start with a blast of moderately cold water and run it all over my body from head to toe as someone has mentioned. Then when I reach the feet, I make it colder. Then back to head, colder... Then I repeat a mantra 10 times keeping the water at head level. Back to torso and feet....repeat. Wow, that was cool.

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