Cold Shower Therapy Health Benefits

Posted by Sarah (Nottingham, Uk) on 10/10/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I was introduced to cold showers by a forceful boyfriend who absolutely insisted that they'd be good for me. I was suffering from a lack of energy and couldn't motivate myself to do anything, with the result that my studies were suffering badly. At first I was very reluctant to stand under cold water for 15 minutes and he more or less had to hold me under the shower. I'm so glad he did. I now have more energy, more motivation, my skin and hair glow, and my apetite has reduced with the added benefit that I'm now 10lb lighter.

I normally take one cold shower when I wake up (washing my hair as well as my body) and then a second cold shower (without washing my hair) before I go to bed. I know haven't had a hot/warm shower for over four years.

EC: Good idea to take your temperature after such a long shower!

[WARNING!] 09/22/2007: Remy from Buffalo, NY writes: "Please tell website users that they have to be very careful if they have low body weight and use the "cold shower" method to alleviate depression. I have low blood circulation and several health problems because I am suffering and loosing to an eating disorder. Cold showers can be dangerous!

For people who are "underweight" it may be a good idea by slowly decreasing the temp. each time you take a shower, followed by taking your temperature afterward.

Core Temp. Side Effect
95 Shivering
90 Confusion
85 Lethargic
80 Coma
78 Death

Measuring the length of the shower is important, as the longer you expose your self to cold water, the lower your body temperature will drop. I hope this helps, and as always; if you think you may have an eating disorder, you may have one, or develop one!"

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