Oil Pulling: Unlock Natural Oral Health & Detox Benefits

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Posted by Elizabeth (Arlington, TX) on 05/24/2007

I know it may be a little soon for feedback as I have been oil pulling for only 5 days now. However, I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this: starting yesterday my nose has become very tender and producing more, ya know--boogers. I am wondering if, because OP affects mucous, bad stuff is finding its way out via my nose. Sinuses are fine, just the nose. I have started taking coconut oil and ACV at the same time, so I don't know which to attribute these other benefits I have been noticing: Appetite WAY under control on day 1, especially sugars don't interest me and night time munchies gone, don't like coffee when I do OP, lost about 5#. I had no symptoms before starting, just liked the benefits I read about. If anyone else has experienced the nose-thing, please let me know.

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Posted by John (Grendi, Malta) on 05/04/2007

oil pulling cause tmj pain

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Posted by John (NY, NY) on 04/28/2007

I have been regularly on ACV and occassionally H2O2 since 3 months. Oil pulling for more than 40 days. I have candida on my tongue that really causes a lot of trouble. I suspect this is the cause of my sinus, clumsy head and everything other problem i have. The oil pulling did not have any affect on it so far. But, it does help me get relieve the clogged sinuses in the morning. My teeth did not change in anyway. At one time, it brought out an old problem i used to have, when my chest becomes really heavy and gives pain when i stretch or do any movement that involves those muscles. It is almost gone now, but i still have a little pain. I don't know if this is a side effect, but i started having very dry lips from a 2 weeks. It may be bacuse of the ACV. But, I am drinking plenty of water and using every oil, balm etc. Lips are still dry. Now, I occassinally switch ACV with Lemon juice(yes, i always used the baking soda). I started feeling better when I started adding H2O2 regularly. I noticed that I have less heaviness in my breathing when H2O2 is present. I generally feel very weak. Molassses and ACV helped me tremendously, but i feel I am still not 100%. What would be the best way for me to go? SHould I continue oil pulling? Add something else to what I am doing?

General Feedback
Posted by John (Elgin, OR) on 02/11/2007

Since I have been doing oil pulling, I have developed mouth sores two times now. The first one I developed looked like a boil. It was very painful. I finally brushed it very hard with a tooth brush. It bled profusely when brushing teeth. I quit brushing the area and after a long time it finally healed up. I mentioned it to my dentist and he took a photograph of it. He was puzzled as to what it was. I'm wondering if this couldn't be crud coming out from the oil pulling. The site of this sore was on the roof of my mouth. Now I have developed another sore on the upper left side of my mouth just above a tooth. This also bleeds profusely when brushed. It's not as painful as the first sore. Please advise.

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