Magnesium Oil Health Benefits

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Multiple Cures
Posted by Craig (Victoria, Australia) on 10/14/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have been reading with interest the different ailments on this Earth Clinic site and the amazing remedies on offer as passed on by the readers of this wonderful website.

I was constantly suffering from Knotted Muscles and occasionally Muscle Cramps which I found hard to understand as I do not work physically hard like I used to any more. I have been working in an Office based role for the last 5 years but had to have a regular massage of at least once a month and sometimes more. This was very puzzling and I decided to find out more to address this problem when I stumbled across this amazing website. I spent a lot of time researching the problem I had and discovered it was a lack of Magnesium that was causing these issues. It all made sense.

I decided to use the Magnesium transdermally as it was the quickest way to absorb it into my system. The results have been astounding. I have been taking the Magnesium for 3 months now and these are the results I have found so far -

1. The Muscle Knots and Cramps have dissapeared almost completely - I still get the odd Cramp but it is very rare now and have not had a Muscle Knot in my back or legs since.

2. I have suffered from a bad back for about 15 years now in which the Doctors wanted to operate on (I refused to let them do it). Now I can work as long and as hard as I want to without worrying about being laid up in bed or suffering from days and days of back pain. (Including Medical Bills etc) I simply have a warm bath with Magnesium Salts added to it - no more problems.

3. For 15 years I have had a pinched nerve in my back resulting in numbness from the top of my left calf all the way down and right through my ankle - 70% of that has dissappeared and I now have feeling back in that area again. I could not believe it and it keeps getting better.

4. I had a build up of solid excess Calcium on a knuckle on my right hand which was the size of an Olive - it has almost gone completely. I have since found out that a lack of Magnesium prevents the body from getting rid of any excess Calcium.

5. My neck was starting to freeze up and I could barely turn my head at all - it has now reversed that problem and I can now turn it both ways just like I did before.

6. The most impressive part of using Magnesium was a side effect which I was trying to find another cure for - Excessive Sweating. For 40 years I have had to put up with this embarrasing issue. It has dried up and I no longer have to suffer from this any more. I am still working on that and cannot say yet whether it is permanent but the signs so far are very encouraging.

All I did was mix Magnesium Chloride and Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts) together and place a handfull or 2 into a warm bath. I also work away a lot so made Magnesium Oil from the same batch and rub it on where ever it is required and as needed. It seems my body needs a lot of Magnesium to sustain its required needs and it is still a work in progress but I have been impressed with it all so far. I am telling people this so as to give you all hope that there are alternative natural treatments out there that do work and never to give up.

I am also working on other Remedies from this site and will keep you all posted.


Magnesium Oil Application Tips
Posted by Art (California ) on 08/24/2017 1457 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Mag oil is great for the human body and it has many health benefits which have been mentioned often on EC by many posters over the years. Mag oil also has some downsides that are not mentioned often, but two important issues are the fact that higher percentage mag oil can have a burning or stinging effect for some people, especially when applied to the neck and shoulder area. This is unfortunate because mag oil is very good for helping to relax the muscles in those areas and is often used for that purpose. One way to minimize this bad effect is to add MSM to the mix when you make your mag oil solution from flakes. I like to use 5 grams per ounce of water for this purpose.

Another downside to mag oil is the fact that even though it is not an oil, it does "feel oily" and can stay feeling oily for hours after you apply it, especially as you increase the percentage of flakes in your mag oil solution. One way to help reduce this sticky oily feeling is by using vodka in place of distilled water to make your mag oil with. The vodka reduces the oily feeling and also lessens the time that you feel oily or sticky by a very significant amount.

So these are two ways to make it easier to use magnesium oil which could also help with regular application compliance which should be better for your overall health!


Multiple Cures
Posted by Rena (Mineral Bluff, Georgia, Usa) on 02/27/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have a very exciting report for Magnesium Chloride oil from my husband. He is 63 years old, diabetic, high blood pressure, heart problems etc, a Dr. Dream you might say. He is disabled/retired, and I came home from work to find him in bed saying I might have to take him to the emergency room. He told me he didn't feel sick so much as he felt weird, his blood pressure was 179/113. I went and grabbed my ready made Magnesium Chloride oil that I keep on reserve because it is so expensive, and put 10 drops in a shot glass, added a few drops of water, told him to swish it around his mouth a bit and swallow. I also sprayed his body with the oil, within an hour his blood pressure dropped to 149/90. I gave him another dose before going to bed increasing the dose a couple more drops.

Every day this week, I increased until I gave him 20 drops per dose 2X a day with a little water. He swishes in his mouth a few times before swallowing. He took his blood pressure again this evening, and it is now 125/69. He said his blood pressure hasn't been this good since he was a teen.

He also wants to contribute the fact that he really cleaned up his diet this week, cut out all bread, and no alcohol. Other wise, he eats pretty healthy. He also wants to mention how much better his gum's are, and don't bleed so much when he brushes them. We think the swishing before swallowing the Magnesium oil contributes to this as well. I love Mag oil,

Peace, Rena.

EC: That's fantastic, Rena! Thanks so much for sharing with us. A second Yea has been added for your husband!

Magnesium Oil Applications Tips
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 05/12/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I make my own magnesium oil. I have used vodka and magnesium flakes, as I believe Art has recommended, to make it and it does feel less sticky. I use it on my lower back or shoulders for tight muscles, pain, nerve pain, etc.

However, in the colder months I found that I was hesitant to use it because I didn't like spraying something cold onto my back; that makes me tense up. When it is cold I have found that spraying the oil into my palm and then applying it makes it much more tolerable. It is easier to apply it to my back this way anyway. I follow up with a homemade Tiger Balm type salve and this prevents it from making my skin itchy and I think contributes to pain relief.

~Mama to Many~

Magnesium Side Effects
Posted by Art (California ) on 12/09/2016 1457 posts

In reply to Wendy (Arkansas),

You don't need to take anyone's word for the value of magnesium for people, just look up the hundreds of studies that document the value of magnesium to human health.All of these researchers can not be wrong! Some people clearly get more benefit than others when it comes to magnesium and that is probably partially dependent on the amount of magnesium in the tissues and blood of individuals, but once you revue a significant amount of studies, it is clear that magnesium is good stuff to help maintain human health in many ways!


Muscle Pain
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 05/05/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have had a lot of muscle pain this week. I have been working in the garden using muscles that I guess I don't use that much. I also have a spot in my back that troubles me often, I think it is a muscle that gets "off" because of my scoliosis.

This morning after working in the garden I was wondering how I was going to do what I needed to do all day in pain. I decided to give magnesium oil a try. I have used it a couple of times but never on specific trouble spots, just as an effort to get magnesium into my system. So I sprayed the oil wherever I hurt. I only left it on 10 minutes and took a shower. Many hours later I realize that I am NOT in pain and haven't been all day!

I take 400-500 mg of magnesium every night and am maxed out on what I can do orally. I am thinking that magnesium oil in a spray may be a better option when your muscles need magnesium. It makes sense, the magnesium is going right where it is needed in the muscles.

~Mama to Many~

Magnesium Side Effects
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 08/14/2009

I had an inoperable brain tumor case where there is calcium shells protecting the cancer tumor. The magnesium displaces the calcium and normalizes the tissue calcium when the magnesium was taken. The worsening of arthritis that I have found that increases the calcium deposits turns out to be the use of Celebrex and Vioxx, that actually worsens or deteriorates the joints. In sceintific terms, Celebrex only inhibits COX-2, which reduces the pain, but leaves the prime cause of the arthritis, which is an arachidonic acid available to convert to a joint destroying LTB4 by the lipoxygenase pathway. FDA has written to both Vioxx and Celebrex about this issue, but to date, most people don't know about it.

As to the issue of Magnesium the arachidonic acid is reduced following magnesium supplementation,which leads to reduction in arthritis problem. The whole issue appears to be excessive calcium intake that leads to deposition in calcium as well as acid forming foods which leeches out calcium from the bones into the tissue itself. Hence I used magnesium to apply to arthritic areas to reduce arachidonic acid which is what causes arthritis.


Multiple Cures
Posted by Diana Moore (Northland, New Zealand) on 10/09/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have found by mixing 1/2 distilled water with 1/2 magnesium chloride it disolves just as well as mixing it with boiling water.

I have also found that Magnesium Chloride oil makes a great styling product for your hair. Just don't use too much or you hair will look oily.

The first time we applied it to our skin, we felt so relaxed, we fell asleep straight away in a deep sleep. It was amazing.

Heart Palpitations, Poor Circulation
Posted by Dorthy (Vancouver, BC) on 08/23/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have been applying magnesium oil to my chest once a day for heart palpitations.I haven't had any palpitation since the day I started. I also noticed one day that my palms and fingers were turning pink after applying the oil. I usually wash the oil off my hands right after application. But since I suffer from cold hands and feet, I decided to leave the magnesium on my hands for a good 10 minutes. The improvement in circulation to that area has been astounding! It only lasts about 12 hours before I need to do it again, but I am very pleased with the results so far.

Muscle Cramps and Aches
Posted by Cass71 (Oklahoma City, OK) on 10/19/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Magnesium oil is something I can't do without. I have a tendency to get cramps in my calves, also my feet sometimes. A spray of oil right on the area that's cramping and like magic it eases! I spray some on aching back and neck muscles too. Inexpensive and invaluable as a supplement.

Muscle Pain
Posted by Janet (In) on 05/06/2016

Dear Momma to Many...I think that topical magnesium is the very best. It has been the savior of my bones and connective tissue. I cannot hardly take magnesium due to intestinal surgery.

I put it on my shins at night. As my feet do not allow as much distribution for some reason. Sometimes during the day too but that nighttime dose is essential. I also rub into my chest.

I know you do many things and know so much but I will mention some additional helps that we use here. We solved my husband's spinal stenosis. Falls he has had at work and just general body exaustion. He works hard 7 days 12 hrs on cement climbing ladders and into small compartments.

My aspirin is collagen I blend it with butter in coffee but have seen others use tea. If I cannot use my blender I stir it in...sometimes I add mct or coconut oil. To my husband's go to work coffee I add the same plus 2 Hyaluronic acid 2 caps opened . I treat his back with some of Ted's recipe of ha made with these capsules. They are affordable online at the source I use I wish I could post their name. We buy almost all supps we can from them and have for 10 years. I found them by googling dry vitamin a. E. D. Etc. You buy one you get 2 free. Anyway ...

Last week my daughter was in an accident and in terrible pain. I mixed up mag oil, ha, your comfrey tincture and dmso. I put it in a old roll on deodorant bottle and we alternate mag oil and the roller mix throughout the day. She had 2 dislocations and a pin in and her heel is broken. Really the direct application is more helpful for her pain than her pain meds. We cannot get to the site directly but find that treating her toes and her skin where her cast ends does the job. The Dr. Has told us repeatedly she will face crippling arthritis and problems and will not be able to continue at her job. That is the fight we are in now. But I have much faith in these body saving remedies.

Blessings to you. Janet

Posted by Dar (Canada) on 09/08/2017

Easy peasy 'fix', Robert, is to rub coconut oil on all areas of body mg spray.This ME/CFS diagnosed mechanic/mbike racer has been doing it for 10 yrs, with nary an itch...Give it another shot...Your heart needs mg!

Multiple Cures
Posted by MK (Los Angeles, Ca) on 09/11/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Since I was a teenager, I have been taking magnesium supplements and though some forms worked better than others, none of them brought me the balance I needed. Recently, I started Transdermal Magnesium Therapy and it changed my life. No more muscle spasms, no more jaw clinching, no more sleepless nights but better energy, more stamina, more relaxed and definitely good nights of sleep. It makes a big difference in my life. I must say that at the beginning of the treatment, I used to place a bit of "magnesium oil" in my hands and rubbed it on my body; it made me feel relaxed and I could feel the difference. However, it all improved drastically when I started the "Magnesium Foot Therapy." I simply use a large dish, pour 1/2" of warm magnesium oil in it and soak my feet, watching a movie or reading. It can also turn into a semi-social event if you get your friend, partner, spouse to soak with you. That is quality time!

Magnesium Oil Applications Tips
Posted by Art (California ) on 05/13/2018 1457 posts

M to M,

Funny you should mention that about the cold spray. I keep another bottle of mag oil that has a flip top on it so when it is cold I can just drizzle some into my hands and rub my hands together and then apply to the affected area. It also allows me to apply more very quickly. It is also useful when it is difficult to spray certain areas of the body or your hands have too much of the oil on them effectively pump the spray bottle.


Magnesium Oil Application Tips
Posted by Art (California ) on 01/28/2018 1457 posts

M to M,

Yes, the vodka does seem to be slightly more user friendly. I tried using the weaker EverClear that is available here in California and it works also, but I'm pretty certain that the stronger EverClear available in other states, may not work so well because the alcohol content is high and mag flakes may not dissolve well at that alcohol level.

I was thinking that since the the dried mag oil seems to reactivate with just water application, we may need to rethink how much we use and how often in order to achieve the dosage that we really want. It seems that if water keeps reactivating it, then we are not absorbing anywhere close to all that we apply initially. Apparently continued reactivation with water can help us to absorb more. I've read where some people apply and leave on for 20 minutes to a half hour and then shower off what is left on the skin, but perhaps this is allowing the majority of magnesium to be washed down the drain instead of being mostly absorbed. Probably not critical for someone who is just trying to help insure that they have adequate magnesium intake, but possibly very important for people who are actively trying to treat a health condition where actual magnesium dose could be critical. I imagine that applying lotion on top of mag oil may help to absorb more. I'm sure DMSO could be helpful for that purpose also, but then it is a more complicated process and cleanliness becomes more important. Ease of use is important in order to help maintain application compliance.

Perhaps something that can disrupt the skin barrier function like orange essential oil, might be enough to act as a transdermal penetrant enhancer for mag oil. Just thinking out loud.


Magnesium Oil Application Tips
Posted by Sharon (Sarawak, Malaysia) on 10/13/2020

I have read that applying magnesium oil together with menthol increases the absorption, based on this paper:

Frozen Shoulder
Posted by Laniet (San Leandro, Ca, USA) on 01/25/2013
5 out of 5 stars

First, thank you SO much for this great site! I have found wonderful information, but probably the BEST is my recent discovery of transdermal magnesium.

I have been suffering with frozen shoulder for two years, this coming May. The regular doctors just told me to do my pt exercises and if it didn't get better, I could get a cortisone shot or perhaps surgery. I haven't been back. They gave me ibuprofin and I was taking it a lot but started to worry about liver overload and other effects.

This FS condition has severely impacted my life in so many ways! I was gettting so sick of the constant pain and sleepless nights. I found "Frozen Shoulder Friends" page on Facebook and it has been a lifesaver--just to connect with other people suffering with this. (I recommend other FS sufferers to check it out--great group of folks with lots of humor which helps when you are in agonizing pain.)

A few days ago, I read up on transdermal magnesium here. I then scooted down to my local health food store and purchased a bottle. I came home and began applying it, massaging it into my shoulder and then to my arms, legs, and feet.


First, I am a chronic insomniac and had the best sleep I've had in YEARS (even before this Frozen Shoulder s****.

Second! Within an hour or so, my Frozen Shoulder went from OW OW OW! To mildly achey. I could NOT believe it. My range of motion (before I hit the pain mark) increased a good 12 inches upward.

I have rabidly devoured any information on the internet about transdermal magnesium therapy and there is a LOT of information out there. This is GOOD STUFF.

I shared with my fellow Facebook sufferers. There were some who, naturally, scoffed. (I would too--I am skeptical of such miracle cures myself.) But one women in England went out and bought a bottle right away and SHE IS HAVING THE SAME BENEFITS!

I can't say enough about this therapy except it WORKS. I am totally sold on its benefits and wonder why doctors aren't prescribing this, both for my condition--and so many others!

Thank you SO much, earthclinic. You have literally changed my life. I love you!

Articles of Interest
Posted by Julie (San Luis Obispo, Ca) on 03/26/2012

Here may be a partial answer to your question. Heard a guy talking online about magnesium oil and detox. He was acknowledging how life began in the sea. The basic chemical composition of the blood is identical to sea water with the same elements and appear in the same proportions. So magnesium in the ocean takes the form of magnesium chloride which means that that's the form that our cells would recognize and accept. He went on to talk about how this is part of what makes mineral springs so healthy and why animals love to roll around in the mud :) Makes sense.

Calm and Mellow
Posted by Deirdre (Atlanta, GA) on 08/05/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Got my magnesium chloride flakes Monday afternoon, immediately made up my first batch of magnesium oil following Jane's recommendation for 50% flakes/50% boiling water, let it cool, and applied it to chest, arms, legs and feet. Stinging sensation when I apply it reminds me of red jellyfish stings, which I used to get swimming on Long Island Sound during my childhood!

Love it, love it, love it. 30 minutes after applying it, a fantastic feeling of calm sets in. Mellow as can be. I am not as affected by the hot and humid Georgia weather outside.. Find it easier to walk in this humidity. Lungs and heart feel great. This stuff is the cat's meow!

Can taste the magnesium chloride in my mouth sometimes, mostly at night. Like turmeric, makes me somewhat dehydrated. I have been reapplying a few times a day and plan to keep it up for a while.

Muscle Cramps
Posted by Kimi B (Florida) on 05/20/2016

Found a great site for pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride:

I am a Disabled Veteran and suffer from chronic pain in my neck. With this comes muscle spasms. I use magnesium oil and it has changed my life. I was searching for a cheaper magnesium chloride and came across this web site. It doesn't have to be so expensive. Because it's a popular now it has skyrocketed. Hope this helps!

Magnesium Oil Applications Tips
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 05/14/2018

Sure, Sindy,

Here you go!

First, I make an infusion of herbs in oil to make a mullein-lobelia oil.

I put dry mullein leaf and lobelia leaf, equal parts into a mason jar to the half way mark. Then I add olive oil to cover, and a bit beyond. Then I add some castor oil since it is amazing for pain relief. I add about 3-4 Tablespoons.

I let this rest for 2 weeks. Then I strain out the plant material. I keep squares of old bedsheets for this purpose. I throw out the plant material and I am left with a lovely infused oil.

Then I heat the 12 ounces (I use a kitchen scale) of the infused oil and add the following:

3 Tablespoons beeswax pastilles

and melt that in.

I remove from the heat and add:

1 teaspoon eucalyptus essential oil

1 teaspoon peppermint essential oil

1 tablespoon menthol crystals

Then I pour into small jars or tins.

I originally began making this many years ago for my daughter for her wheezing.

It is helpful to many types of coughs and can be massaged into the chest or back.

But then, over the years, I have found it helps with many, many problems.

It can be massaged into any area of pain. It helps swollen lymph nodes. A friend's mom loves it for everything - pain relief, bug bites, etc.

It is kind of strong. My son who is allergic to mullein cannot use this. For him, I have just use a combination of olive oil and castor oil without infusing it with herbs then melt in the other ingredients. This still works well for many of the same things.

Menthol is something I have only used lately. I have used the non-menthol version for mastitis in people and goats with great success. I don't think I would use menthol in it if I were using it for mastitis.

Mountain Rose Herbs is my favorite source for all of the ingredients I use in my salves, except for olive oil which I get at Costco.


~Mama to Many~

Magnesium Oil Application Tips
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 08/25/2017

Thanks Art!

I just mixed up a batch as per your directions. I can't wait to try this out!

~Mama to Many~

Sore Muscles and Stiff Joints
Posted by Andyjames (London) on 02/09/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have just discovered the benefits that magnesium oil has for the body. I was intrigued of how something absorbed transdermally could have such healing properties. I always thought that for anything to work in the body, it had to be taken orally or intravenously.

How wrong could someone be? Over the last few weeks I've been using magnesium oil every day, every night after I shower, after work and gym. Muscle soreness goes away quicker now, which means quicker muscle recovery, but the best thing I've noticed is how 'easier' my joints feel...and how much better I've been sleeping.

I have heard of many people making their own magnesium oil, but from what I can tell, you need to be careful when mixing it yourself because it can irritate the skin. Andy

General Feedback
Posted by Alain (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) on 11/10/2009

Answer to Dr R.k.khatri about the transdermal use of Magnesium Sulfate (ES)

Any time one uses Epsom Salt in baths or as compressed is to use Magnesium Sulfate transdermally.


Studies show these benefits from the major components of Epsom Salt may:


* Ease stress and improves sleep and concentration
* Help muscles and nerves function properly
* Regulate activity of 325 enzymes
* Help prevent artery hardening and blood clots
* Make insulin more effective
* Reduce inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps
* Improve oxygen use


* Flush toxins
* Improve absorption of nutrients
* Help form joint proteins, brain tissue and mucin proteins
* Help prevent or ease migraine headaches

Health usage tips
* For compresses: Use 2 cups of Epsom Salt per gallon of water for sore muscles, bug bites and splinter removal.
* For soaking: Add two cups of Epsom Salt to warm water in a standard-sized bathtub. Double the Epsom Salt for an oversized garden tub. Popular for easing muscle pain and fading bruises. Bathe three times weekly, soaking for at least 12 minutes.
* Foot bath: Add a cup of Epsom Salt to a tub of warm water as a popular balm for aching feet.
* Laxative: Consult the package directions for instructions.

If you search for Magnesium Sulfate Paste you will see it is made with glycerin and Epsom Salt It is used as an agent for dehydrating (drawing) boils, carbuncles, and abscesses. (

Look at these addresses for other ways to use externally Epsom Salts:

Search also the web for Epsom Salt H2O2 baths

Good Luck


Multiple Cures
Posted by Rena (Mineral Bluff, Georgia, Usa) on 09/20/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have been doing the magnesium oil foot therapy for 9 days using the magnesium chloride flakes with boiling water 50/50, soaking for 30 minutes. I am glad I got the 2-7lbs bags because I am going through it rather quickly doing it everyday.

I am having no foot or leg cramping ever since I started. My sleeping has been so heavy and so sound, I like to call it a near death sleep, it's that deep. A pain/stiffness I had in my left shoulder down to my elbow is easing up (will report further in the future on this). My heart palpitations are steady, no more jumping around of beats which get kind of scary sometimes.

Several years ago I did buy the magnesium chloride oil that comes in a jug and cost an arm and a leg. I still have a little left because it cost so much, I never used it unless I was having several problems. The oil that comes in the ready made jug is yellow in color, and the solution I make from the flakes I make is clear. I wonder if there is a difference, if anyone knows please let me know why one is yellow and the other is clear. Thanks, Peace, Rena.

Body Odor
Posted by Smitty (Lakebay, Washington) on 07/11/2017

You can't really get too much magnesium chloride. I've been using it for 20 years. Try Boron, I take 15 mg a day. Between the magnesium and Boron it helps balance your hormonal system

Calm and Mellow
Posted by Deirdre (Atl, Ga) on 08/06/2009

Magnesium Oil Update: I applied (or rather slathered) magnesium oil to most of my body for 3 days, twice a day, but last night I felt I had enough magnesium in my body and stopped applying the oil. When I first started the therapy I felt I couldn't apply enough magnesium! My body was just eating it up. But amazing after just 2 days my body feels fully saturated. From my research, I was under the impression that I would be applying oil for a couple months before my body got up to speed with the magnesium, but apparently that is not the case. I still very, very relaxed. Curious to see how long the magnesium stays in my system before I feel the need to apply it again. Very interesting!

P.S. Those two 7 pound bags of magnesium chloride flakes that I bought are going to last me a couple of years! I certainly did not need to order so much. The 1/2 cup of solution that I made will last about 2 weeks, at least!

Calm and Mellow
Posted by Deirdre (Earth Clinic) on 09/11/2009

Thanks to Rena for reminding me to send in an update about possible side effects. I was waiting a while to make sure it absolutely wasn't the magnesium.

I started getting lower back pain a few weeks ago and thought that my kidneys were detoxing from the magnesium! I know, I know, most people would think a muscle strain, but I thought of kidneys first because I never get lower back pain! Ha ha. Never say never. Turns out I strained my lower back after doing some core training exercises with an 8 pound medicine ball! The magnesium oil definitely helps the muscle pain as does hanging upside down on the inversion board.

More magnesium oil updates:

I have started to soak my feet in magnesium oil a few times a week. A friend of mine in Los Angeles turned me on to this technique. This is a great technique for those who can't stand having the oil slathered all over them. I do small amounts of magnesium oil at a time since it's just the bottom of the feet you want the oil to reach.

I use a small-ish rectangular pyrex baking dish that fits boths feet (lengthwise) and add 1/4 cup magnesium chloride flakes and 1/4 boiling water. I also lay a small wet towel beside the dish so I don't get oil all over the floor after I am done soaking.

After the mixture cools down slightly, I put my feet in the dish and wait for at least 30 minutes.. I find that soaking my feet when working at the computer is the easiest. What's amazing is that I can feel the magnesium (heat? energy?) moving up my legs after about 10 minutes of soaking. I do feel the calming effects faster when I put the magnesium oil on my face and neck, however, but the foot soak works well too.

On the face: sometimes the magnesium oil makes my face slightly red and sometimes it doesn't. I don't know why. I slather a good moisturizer on afterwards because it tends to dry out my skin a bit. People who are trying it on the face for the first time should proceed carefully and wash it off if they feel it burning. Probably not a good idea to try magnesium oil on the face if you've been out or are planning to go out in the sun.

I've also discovered Magnesium oil is fantastic for eye fatigue. I massage a little in around the temples and then dab it on my eyelids. Do not apply it underneath your eyes! Ouch!! I've accidentally gotten some in my eyes, but washed it out with cold water and was fine.

One last thing: I think magnesium oil should be stored in a glass container. I worry a little bit about the chemicals from plastic containers leaking into the oil. I have been keeping mine in a glass mug covered with saran wrap until I can locate glass spray bottles. It may not leak, but just in case, better to be on the safe side.

That's it for now! Thanks for reading...

Magnesium Oil Application Tips
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 01/27/2018

Art, I really like the vodka version of magnesium oil. I don't use it as often as I should. But the trouble spot in my back was really aching and I used a magnesium oil evening and morning and it feels so much better. I do think the vodka makes it less uncomfortable. One deterrent for me is that my magnesium oil is in a cold bathroom and I don't want a cold spray in the winter! But perhaps with this success I will be better about grinning and bearing it.

Thanks for sharing this way to make it!

~Mama to Many~

Muscle Pain
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 05/07/2016

Dear Janet,

Thank you for taking time to share your own experience with magnesium oil. Also, the information you shared about Hyaluronic Acid. I will look into that and collagen! There is always something new to learn about.

So glad you are able to help your daughter with your applications of magnesium, comfrey and dmso. That is great! I, too am confident you will help her to come out of this all much better off than the doctor's dire warnings.

Blessings to you, too! :)

~Mama to Many~

Frozen Shoulder
Posted by Little Wing (Boston, Ma) on 01/26/2013

hurray for you!! - magnesium changed my shoulders as well, almost as quickly. I know I've posted on here before about it - the pain in the middle of the night, not sleeping - it truly is a miracle cure and could help so many. I hope many others find this site and can benefit from magnesium in other parts of their life. My boyfriend used it on his heel spurs, fixed them too. He was a total skeptic until then. It's awesome stuff!!

General Feedback
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 02/26/2011

Hi U Good People Doin, , , , , ,

Bill Munro sent us to school on Oxygen Therapy and I have been inhaling Hydrogen Peroxide for several years and no longer do flu vaccines , but I no longer have colds nor the flu.

About a year ago my right knee began to give me pain and I went to the top Orthopedic Surgeon in Chattanooga, Tn. He said I had a slight bit of arthritis and gave me a cortisone shot and sent me on my way. That lasted about two weeks.

I learned of Prolotherapy, and had 5 treatments in Nashville to little avail. My right knee still gave me fits when I walked down the stairs. I finally gave up and started treating the ailment myself. First I put liniment on my knee and then added DMSO to take in. That helped, but was not the solution. Then I started spraying my knee with Hydrogen Peroxide. I have been doing this for three weeks and I now have no pain with my right knee. It's too early to say that this is the solution.

What folks need to understand is a subject known as transdermal thearpy. Anything you put on your skin goes into your body. I can not ingest Magnesium , but I can spray Magnesium Chloride on my body and receive the same benefit without diarrhea. In my EDTA Chelation group is a good number of the people who got loaded with lead because they were mechanics and washed car parts in leaded gasoline. You use a deodorant that contains Aluminum and that heavy metal is going straight to your brain. That's just the way it is.

I don't offer this story as a solution, but just to make you think. What goes on your skin is into your body for good or bad.

=======ROBERT HENRY========

Articles of Interest
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 02/07/2010

I found a most interesting article today on Magnesium Chloride. Apparently, Mag Chloride is unique to all the other magnesium salts because it has unique cytophilactic activity -- whether used directly on wounds or orally or by injection, Mag Chloride is able to act as an amazing and fast immune tonic and stimulant. Here is a extract from the article:

"Dr.Delbet performed a lot of "in vitro" and "in vivo" experiments with this solution[Mag Chloride] and he became aware that it was good not only for external applications, but it was also a powerful immuno-stimulant if taken by injections or even by mouth. He called this effect "cytophilaxis". In some "in vivo" experiments it was able to increase phagocytosis [white blood cell production] rate up to 300%."

"He credited the immuno-stimulant activity to the solution for this result,and he tested it in some other diptheric patients. All the patients were cured in a very short time (24-48 hours), with no after-effects. As Magnesium Chloride has no direct effect on bacteria (i.e. it is not an antibiotic ), Neveu thought that its action was aspecific, immuno-enhancing, so it could be useful, in the same manner, also against viral diseases. So he began to treat some cases of poliomyelitis, and had the same wonderful results. He was very excited and tried to divulge the therapy, but he ran into a wall of hostility and obstructionism from "Official Medicine". Neither Neveu or Delbet (who was a member of the Academy of Medicine) was able to diffuse Neveu´s extraordinary results. The opposition was total: Professors of Medicine, Medical Peer-Reviews, the Academy itself, all were against the two doctors."Official Medicine" saw in Magnesium Chloride Therapy a threat to its new and growing business: vaccinations.

Dr.Neveu wasn´t discouraged by this and continued to test this therapy in a wide range of diseases. He obtained very good results in: pharyngitis, tonsillitis, hoarseness, common cold, influenza, asthma, bronchitis, broncho-pneumonia, pulmonary emphysema, "children diseases" (whooping-cough, measles, rubella, mumps, scarlet fever...), alimentary and professional poisonings, gastroenteritis, boils, abscesses, erysipelas, whitlow, septic pricks (wounds), puerperal fever and osteomyelitis.

But the indications for Magnesium Chloride therapy don´t end here. In more recent years other physicians (and I among these) have verified many of Delbet´s and Neveu´s applications and have tried the therapy in other pathologies: asthmatic acute attack, shock, tetanus (for these the solution is administered by intravenous injection); herpes zoster, acute and chronic conjunctivitis, optic neuritis, rheumatic diseases, many allergic diseases, spring-asthenia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (even in cancer it can be an useful adjuvant)."

You can find the article here, and its well worth a read because it gives specific working oral concentrations and dosages as well as injection doses for Mag Chloride:

Articles of Interest
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 02/09/2010

Hi The_phoenix...Thanks so much for all your supporting evidence on MgCl. My own deeper research into MgCl was triggered when I noticed, from looking at many of Ted's remedies on this site, that he regularly recommends Mag Chloride for so many apparently unrelated ailments. And from what I can understand about Ted's remedies, simple body-friendly chemicals like Magnesium Chloride, Iodine, Baking Soda, Hydrogen Peroxide as well as the likes of Aspirin, L-Lysine, betaine hydrochloride, protease enzymes etc. all seem to be our prime defense against many conditions of ill-health and disease.

My fascination with MgCl was hugely increased from the above article, where I discovered that, amongst all its other myriad of health uses, Mag Chloride can help or cure a large number of dangerous viral and bacterial diseases on its own. I was never aware of this until recently.

I also wonder why Mag Chloride is so much more effective than all the other magnesium salts. Perhaps it is the Chloride part of this molecule that gives a different and more advantageous structure, or maybe the way MgCl is absorbed and gets changed by ingestion or by transdermal absorbtion. This is a bit of a deep biological/chemical question which I cannot answer. It would be wonderful if Ted could explain this.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Kathy (Dubois, Pa) on 09/20/2009

I think Magnesium has to be one of the greatest things since sliced bread. I also think anyone who has health problems ought to consider their Magnesium status because Magnesium is critical to so many metabolic pathways, and a deficiency can show up in literally hundreds of ways.

Here's a site to scope out

I stumbled upon the above site just recently. If the general public every becomes aware of what Magnesium can do, they won't be able to keep it on the shelves.

Magnesium Side Effects
Posted by Ali (Wales, Uk) on 06/01/2012

Any intense reaction to any vitamin, mineral or trace element is very likely due to severe deficiency. The worse the deficiency the stronger the reaction in my experience.

If you don't react then you probably don't need the element.....

Magnesium Side Effects
Posted by Wendy (Arkansas) on 12/09/2016

How do we know Carolyn Dean's research is solid? I read a couple of articles written by her, and while she does quote some clinical studies on the effects of magnesium, I don't see where she has done any research of her own. She says she has had good luck with magnesium herself, but one person's experience is hardly a basis to make some of the sweeping claims she makes about magnesium. If you look at any kind of homeopathic remedy on the internet, you will find plenty of people willing to swear by it. Her singing the praises of magnesium is no different than any other person who swears by something. Why would it be? Because she is a doctor? That leads to the little matter that she has built a very profitable business from selling magnesium products. Seriously, that is a red flag if ever I have seen one. I doubt her sales would have been nearly as high if she had not been pushing magnesium as a miracle cure for almost everything. Don't get me wrong, like you, I want to believe magnesium is as effective as she says, and I have started a regular regimen of magnesium malate powder and topical magnesium for myalgia pain, migraines, and Raynauds, but the effects have been minimum. I seem to be having less migraines for sure, but I can't really see a difference anywhere else. There are few miracle cures out there, but you wouldn't think that from looking on the internet or reading the "research" of businesswomen like Carolyn Dean.

Calm and Mellow
Posted by Deirdre (Atlanta, GA) on 08/19/2009

Magnesium Oil update:

It takes exactly 20 minutes once I apply the magnesium oil to feel the calm effect in my head. Takes the same amount of time to relax any sore muscles. I have been leaving it on 20 minutes and then showering it off.

Okay, here's one of the best things about the magnesium oil beside the calming effect-- it causes the skin to glow and become unbelievably soft. I started to put it on my face, first to see if it would relax the tension in my jaw (it does), and then to see what effect it would have. Quite amazing. Looks like I've just had an expensive facial... that's the glow you get from it. My nails are not as brittle and have been growing like gangbusters. I have to trim them every few days.

Since I bought enough magnesium chloride flakes to last for a decade (see my other posts), I have been giving it away to friends at karate. One friend has told me that he wakes up in the morning with lose muscles if he applies the oil the night before. This is fantastic because my friend is a personal trainer and also trains very hard as an international karate competitor. Another friend who has been applying the oil absolutely loves the glow it gives her skin. She never misses a day!

I imagine the skin product manufacturing companies will be all over this if more people report back about the glowing skin effect. Hopefully they won't feel it threatens their business and try banning magnesium oil!

I have possible (as in not sure yet) side effects to report, but will do that in a separate post later today.

Muscle Cramps
Posted by Auroragirl (Nowhereville, PA) on 05/25/2008
5 out of 5 stars

If you have menstrual cramps, charley horses, eye twitches or any other kind of muscle cramps or just general aches and pains, try epsom salts baths. Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) is an excellent source of magnesium, much more bio-available and less expensive than supplements. You can soak in it in the tub, or make a spray from 4oz by weight of epsom salts dissolved in 32 fluid oz of distilled water. Put the epsom salt/water mix in a spray bottle and spray it on after your shower (rub it in like lotion all over). This is a home made version of "magnesium oil" (magnesium chloride), only made with epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) instead. Magnesium from epsom salts is very well absorbed throught the skin and doesn't loosen the bowels like oral magnesium supplements do. If you want to use magnesium chloride to make homemade "magnesium oil", get some unscented magnesium chloride bath salts and proceed as for "magnesium oil" made from epsom salts. Since I started using epsom salts, my skin is no longer dry...due, I think, to the sulfer content of epsom salts. If you feel up-tight, tense, anxious, nervous, crampy, etc., take an epsom salt soak. Exercise, and stress of all kinds, depleats magnesium, which is why an epsom salt soak after a work out or a stressful day is so good for you.

Tooth Abcess
Posted by Anne (Vancouver, CA) on 05/16/2014

To make magnesium oil, use filtered or (preferably) distilled water.

Magnesium chloride flakes (1 cup - preferably Ancient Minerals, avoid most of the others as they contain heavy metal toxins)
Water, filtered or distilled (1 cup)

Enameled cast iron, stainless steel or glass saucepan (do not use aluminum)

1. Bring the filtered water to a simmer.
2. Add the magnesium flakes and stir until dissolved.
3. Remove from heat and let cool.
4. After the mixture has cooled, transfer it to a spray bottle or a plastic travel bottle.

One teaspoonful or 5 ml or 5 grams of magnesium oil contains about 600 mg of magnesium. This is the same amount of magnesium as in one rounded teaspoonful of magnesium chloride flakes. Magnesium chloride flakes contain about 1800 mg of magnesium per 15 grams (? oz). In general, for a large adult, spraying 2 tablespoonfuls (an ounce or 30 grams) or more of magnesium oil a day all over the body is recommended for magnesium deficiency problems, with that dosage adjusted downward for children depending on their age and size. This needs to be coupled with oral intake, especially for adults, to get the maximum effect from magnesium.

Magnesium Oil Applications Tips
Posted by Sindy (Ft. Myers, Fl) on 05/13/2018 1 posts

Home made Tiger balm?? Please share. Thank you.

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