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Cottage Cheese Foot Treatment
Posted by M. Johnson (Washington State) on 09/14/2019

I had a dog who would lick his feet until they were red, raw and swollen, I think from yeast.

This always worked. Fold a grocery store baggie in half. In the middle of it place a gauze square. Put a heaping tablespoon of cottage cheese on that straight from the fridge. Place the dog's foot on the cottage cheese, gather the baggie up around his leg and hold it all in place for about 30-45 minutes with Vetwrap (the bandage that only sticks to itself) getting it snug, but allowing for good blood circulation.

Then rinse the foot with plain water and towel dry. The friend who told me about the cottage cheese said it worked because the germs would rather live in the cottage cheese than in you. I've used it to cure infections on myself too.


Don't put cottage cheese anywhere it can't be rinsed off well (never in dog's ears) because the germs multiply in it rapidly and it will make the infection worse if it's not rinsed away.