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Allergy Testing
Posted by Judy (Alabama) on 09/06/2015
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We had allergy testing done on my Abbie and it did help us to find out a lot.

She's allergic to chicken, potatoes and fleas, the worst, then follows with pork. We have had her on Fromm Lamb & Lentils grain free for about 3yrs now.

She also has auto immune hemolytic anemia. Happened at 4.5yrs shortly after her vaccines and the trifexis flea pill. We almost lost her on day 3. She had to have a transfusion, then we had to go to the emergency animal clinic and stay a week until her pac count got back in the 30's. She's in remission now and no problems until now.

We had to board her to go to a college graduation and she got fleas and now we have a very bad skin yeast infection. The store we get her Lamb & Lentils from ran out and they are the only ones that carry it. We got duck and sweet potatoe, and I think along with the itching and scratching of the fleas and the substitute food, she came down with yeast. So, after reading all this, I went to the store and got plain yogurt and I had the apple cider vinegar and the baking soda. So I just put a tablespoon of yogurt on her lamb, that they finally got in, and we'll start the rest tomorrow morning along with some goat's milk. I hope this helps. With this disease, she can never take another vaccine the rest of her life, preferably no steroids or antibiotics too......