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Acidophilus and Yogurt
Posted by Sharaminty (Cleveland, Ohio) on 07/02/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Your web site helped save my dog's life. I adopted an eight year old pug recently. Her previous owners were going to put her to sleep because she had longstanding fungal problem. She came to me with a severe fungal rash, mainly on her chest. The wounds from the rash were open and draining. They were oozing and smelly. With the help of my daughter, who is a Vet Tech, we instantly changed her food from a grocery store brand to California Natural, Chicken and Rice Formula. I was told to continue twice a day doses on an anti fungal medication called Ketoconazole, which the previous owner's obtained. Her rash remained severe for three days and that is when I found this web site. After reading all the posts, I purchased acidophilus and plain yogurt from Walmart. I added it to her food twice a day.

Within two days the fungal rash on her chest improved. Within a week the rash was gone and I took her off the Ketoconazole. She has been rash free for about one month now. She still has a mild case of fungus in her ears, which I cleanse out daily with a Broad Spectrum Cleanser. The acidophilus and yogurt has made a world of difference. She is a 20 pound dog. I give her 1 to 2 teaspoons of nonfat plain yogurt and 1/4 of acidophilus smashed into powder, in her food twice a day. Hopefully everyone will have as much success as I did! She is a wonderful dog and worth all the effort.