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Dog Yeast Infection Treatment: Home Remedies for Pets


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Posted by Maggie's Mom (Waterloo Ontario Canada ) on 01/01/2014
5 out of 5 stars

My Wheaton Terrier developed a scaly, smelly rash that was very itchy last year. It started as a few spots on her tummy to covering most of her back. the vet said it was allergies and prescribed a food that is hypoallergenic and a cortisone shampoo that I used every other day. she wouldn't eat the food. The shampoo helped a bit. I came across an article by a veterinarian on Facebook that talked about led me to another article about yeast infection. She described the scaly rash that my dog had and the smell that is similar to a taco chip. That was the smell my dog had. Late in October I started her on a diet of raw food which she didn't like. Instead I switched to cooked meat. I give her no grains, rice, potatoes or other fruits or vegetables as these things can feed the yeast. I also started her on a cleanse called Candigone. It's a mixture of herbs that help cleanse the body of the yeast and probiotics. I gave her 1/2 a capsule 2 times per day and 25ml of the tincture 2 times per day. She just completed this cleanse. I have added a vitamin supplement since the meat alone is not sufficient nutritionally. Within a few days of starting this routine the rash and itching were reduced. After one month the rash and itching were completely gone and I am no longer bathing her every other days. She had a grooming 3 weeks ago and still smells good. The other thing is her mood is completely changed. She is playful again and has so much energy again. This infection was making her miserable. I really believe you need to find the internal cause in order to cure the issues on the outside. Shampoos and ointments are only treating the symptoms.

I was feeding my dog Wellness Core dry dog food.

Posted by Chiweenie (Las Vegas, Nv) on 12/15/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hello everyone, I never write on sites when I am doing research on these things but I HAVE to share. My chiweenie is 2 and he started getting "hot spots" all over his abs and his genital area. After much research and spending hours online looking up yeast infections, I headed to walmart.

I bought ACIDOPHILUS and gave it to my dog 2x a day. It cleared up FAST. It was the only that WORKED! Everything else on here is Bull****.

I did ACV, which seemed to irritate his skin. I decided to leave him alone and bathe him every other day to keep it clean. I left him alone besides baths, and wrapped acidophilus pills in pieces of ham which he gobbled up. It went from horrible to CURED.

Screw all these other home remedies. Let their bodies heal it up and just give them acidophilus I bought it for $4!!!

Posted by Marilyn (Austin, Tx) on 05/24/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Our 14 year old chow mix has been plagued with a yeast infection of her skin for several years now. She has also been diagnosed with Cushings. We treated her with Lysodren for over 2 years for the Cushings with little change. We finally gave up on the Lysodren. Being encouraged by your postings here about acidophilus, I started giving her 3 to 4 pills spaced throughout the day. I also started bathing her in a medicated shampoo every 4 days. I treat her flare up spots with an otc spray for athlete's foot. This is working!!! She feels better because she's off Lysodren, she's not itchy and her skin and hair are very much improved. Just wanted to let others know there is hope to clear this up. I feel she has turned the corner.

Posted by Laurie (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) on 01/03/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Yogurt and Acidophilus works! I had a pittbull X that was on Steroids for 6 years, eventually passing away at 8 years of Liver Cancer - and she had a yeast problem till the day she died. The steroids and dandruff shampoo made it only tolerable. Now my 2 year old pitti is developing the same problem - and does she stink. I read this site and gave her about 1/4 cup yogurt with 1 capsule of acidophilus in it. Next day, almost no smell, and a lot less scratching. Three days later, it's 95% gone. If only we had known this with our other dog. Please Please try to stay away from Steroids.

Thank goodness for this site. I wish we had had this info in 2001

Posted by Sophia (Philadelphia, PA, USA) on 10/07/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Acidophilus is a great way to treat yeast infections in dogs. My male shephard has kidney issues (elevated creatin levels) therefore the vet will NOT put him on any medications. ACIDOPHILUS is a dietary supplement found in any vitamin aisle/store. It balances the natural flora in your body. It also helps with immune function, digestion & elimination. I began to see a difference in the dog's yeast infection in about 2-3 days. Decrease in odor, less itching & the infected (black) areas of skin have been reduced noticeably! 2 capsules a day ... human dose is 3 daily. It's basically the same principal as yogurt but easier on those who are lactose intolerant. The capsule can even be opened & sprinkled on food.