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Posted by Maegan (Houston, Texas) on 03/16/2012
4 out of 5 stars

I'm about a week or so into the acidophilus treatment, along with a few other things I'm doing. Sadie was so bad that I was about to give up. She was one hundred percent bald and completely miserable. So far I have noticed that she sheds skin A LOT more than before, but after every bath, her skin looks healthier. She's even getting wisps of fur where there hasn't been any for months. I don't really know if a dog like this gets worse looking before they get better, but with my Sadie that is definitely the case. Her yeast odor is a lot worse, but like I said, after a bath she seems better. The only annoying thing in all this is that I have to bathe her daily because of all the skin shedding and odor. I just make sure to bathe her in medicated and oatmeal shampoos, followed by a good rub down in Monistat. She is already in better spirits. She was playing with her toys and loving on my pug. I'm going to stick with it because, so far, things look encouraging.