Side Effects of Pet Vaccines: A Closer Look

Combination Vaccines

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Posted by Vera (Escondido, CA) on 06/06/2008

our dog is mixed poodle he is about 12 pounds he recieved a rabi shot today. abut and hour later he was shaking. he hasn't stopped. he keeps licking his nose, his eyes look scared. he doesn't look well. can a rabi shot have such a traumatic effect?

Replied by Dorina

My 9 year old yorkie had a seizure last night and another one today .. the same shaking with the scared look in the eye ... she is very allergic to the tick meds so I do not give her any ... I am worried that these shots caused this shaking today as she had the shot around noon time yesterday ...

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hello Dorina,

You might see if the homeopathic remedies Thuja and Silicea will help your pet. These remedies have been helpful in negating side effects from vaccines.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by April (New Orleans, Louisiana) on 05/30/2008

i took my 2 year old boston terrier to get his vaccinations this week. he was very sore and cried when i tried to pick him up.he was also not putting any pressure on his back leg. i spoke to the vet and they said it was common. i'm worried because it has been 3 days and he is still lethargic and looks sad. he has not interest in playing. i'm wondering how long these side effects will last?

Replied by Isabella
(Toronto, Ontario)

My dog just got vaccinated yesterday too. She had the exact symptoms. I coult'nt even touch her, she was in so much pain. She couldn't go down the stairs to pee and couldnt get confortable. She was sleeping standing up. Her tongue felt really warm, I'm sure she had a fever. This morning she is 80% back to normail. I think your dog should be seen by a vet asap. Three days with no improvment is too long. Good Luck

Replied by Erin
(San Jose, CA)

How is your dog doing. I have a 10week old Boston who just got shots and all of a sudden he is yelping when I touch his back. Or pick him up. Thought this might be a "normal" reaction but found your posting and Jack is acting the same way. Lethargic! He your Boston doing better now?

Replied by Erin
(Austin, TEXAS)

Did you ever take your dog to the vet? What did they say? This same thing happened to my jack russell.

Replied by Bobby
(Vancouver, Canada)

hey april from new orleans, i was just wondering if you could update me on your boston terrier's situation post-booster shot. my boston is 7 and i recently brought her to the vet for annual shots. she was experiencing the same symptoms post-booster shot as your boston. its been almost 2 days and she's still unusually lethargic and sore. her appetite and stools are nearly the same though. im probably gonna bring her to the vet tommorow but would just like some piece of mind that its not life-threatening. thanks.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Mary (Monroeville, PA) on 05/19/2008

My dog went for a recheck for his anal gland infection and was cleared to get a booster of DHLPPC, rabies and Bordetella. He ended up vomiting multiple times within 48 hours. He is a Tibetan Mastiff and 17 months old.

Replied by Peggy
(Amelia, Ohio)

I too have had problems with my chihuahua and the bordetella vaccine or nasal spray. She has same exact symptoms. Before she was spayed she had received the vaccine. All was fine, then after they spayed her she got kennel cough from the vets and the tube for anesthesia caused her to develope tracheal damage. She was on antibiotics and had nebulizer treatments for three months after. The was 6 mths old then. She is 2 1/2 yrs old and I took her for a routine visit this past Sunday. They insisted she get the shot but I told them of her reaction when she was spayed and said no. They said we can do the nasal spray and made me feel less of a good parent to my little girl so I agreed reluctantly. They gave her steroids and benadryl before the treatment and put her on amoxicyllin. She has been back to the vets again and received another steroid shot and benadryl injection and changed her antiobiotics to tribessin. She is still sneezing, running nose, severe reverse sneezing to where her whole chest sinks in. They say nothing can be done, she will be ok. Not in my book. This issue is not over. To boot, they charged me for the second treatment even though I did not want her to have the stuff in the first place. She is never boarded or around a bunch of other dogs. They make you feel like a bad person if you don't get the shots or nasal spray but then you feel even worse after you do and they have a bad reaction. Not sure what to do at this point.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
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Hello, at this point, my suggestion is to find you another vet and stand up to them when you feel a treatment is likely to be adverse instead of beneficial. Classic example of this, is when a relative's two pups came down with parvo and were taken to vet for treatment. One died and one survived. Our not-quite year old shephard mix exposed to them came down with it a few days later. Realizing that vet's therapy was only 50/50 chance of survival, went the route of 2 grams of Vitamin C dissolved in l quart of water and dribbled into her mouth (she was beyond drinking on her own) frequently, had her back on her feet and drinking the next day).

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Rosemary (Woodhull, NY) on 05/11/2008

my 8 week old puppy just had parvo virus vaccine and is now vomiting with diareah

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Christal (dekalb, IL) on 05/11/2008

My Chi just went in yesterday for his 3 yr rabies and his distemper shot. He had a bad reaction that last time this occured and I told the vet. I said I was afraid he was given to much. The vet says its one size fits all, so what they give a 100 pound lab they give my 7 lb chi. INSANE! My dog is again having severe reactions to these shots. He cant move he whines outloud. He whimpers. God forbid your touch his legs he cries out. They gave us a steriod which worked for a few hours and then wore off, I gave his another pill and it never touched his pain. I have tried Metacam now and still he just cries. I stayed up to 3 am with him last night. I want to know what can I do now and in the future can i say NO to the distemper shot, the county I live in makes us get rabies although I will get the 1 yr shot next time not the 3 yr. I cant even take him to the vet right now because to move him would cause him severe pain. This makes me sick!!!

Replied by Jaime
(Norristown, PA)

Hello, My 7 pound Chi just got a rabies shot. he is shaking like a leaf and he is limping pretty bad. he wont eat and all he does is sleep. did this happen to your chi? is your dog any better now?? thank you!

Replied by Ginger
(Alpharetta, Georgia)

We got our chihuahua a rabies shot, heart worm test and the bordetella shots, it been two days now and shes reverse sneezing so much now and her back legs are starting to shake now. How long will this last? anything I can do?

Combination Vaccines
Posted by JOY (LIVINGSTON, TEXAS) on 05/09/2008

our soon to be 4 year old jack russell (female-spayed)went for her yearly dhlppv booster. we had recently moved & also recently lost our long time vet. we searched and found a new vet in our area. without giving us the option, he examined her, verified her recent rv vaccination & then proceeded to pull up the dhlppv injection & then without asking or warning he proceeded to give her the kennel cough vaccine (intra-nasal). we were not allowed to hold her so were blocked from effective seeing what he was doing until he was doing it, when he stated that since she saw a groomer once a month (same one since she was 4 months old) she had to have the vaccine. within 48 hours she started with the horrible cough & throwing up mucous. we called the vet but were made to feel like we were bothering them. we have searched online & found some help & are giving her benadryl twice a day & keeping her quiet. it is coming up on a week now & she is not much better. anyone have any suggestions? besides never using that vet again!?!?!

Replied by Sal
(California, USA)

To JOY from LIVINGSTON, TEXAS -- Find a new vet ASAP!!

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Steph (Bozeman, MT) on 05/07/2008

I'm posting to share my cat's vaccination experience earlier today. his name is Biff- he's a 5 year old lynxe point siamese-he's big-16lbs-but not really overweight-maybe just a tad. Took him to the vet at 5:30-already worried and not feeling quite right about allowing him to be vaccinated- he had a rabies on left shoulder & respitory & luekemia combined on the right shoulder. Then we had my dogs nails trimmed- we were on our way out the driveway around 6 when I heard him vomit-back to the vet. She at first thought overexcitement, but he continued to vomit & she agreed he was having a reaction & injected benadryl. And then we watched him. He was still vomiting every 5 minutes or so. He was licking at the injection site alot throughout the next couple of hours- where he got the rabies- and trying to reach it with his back paw to scratch- he chewed on the pads of his feet a few different times- he was very agitated and obvoiusly experiencing quite a bit of discomfort. His fur on his back kept twitching on and off- like he's trying to shake off the feeling - wouldn't still for long kept pacing- was panting openmouthed a few times. The vet after about 45 minutes of this gave him a steroid shot. We waited another half hour til he seemed well enough to go home & hadn't vomited in about 25 minutes or so. The vet seemed very surprised that it was a rabies reaction-said it was really uncommon. On our way home he lost bladder conrol in his crate. He's been better since we've been home- he's pretty sleepy- I'm just worried something more will happen tonight- don't want to fall asleep in case. this sucks- This very much worsens my concerns about vaccinating- I feel lucky after reading some of the other stories that the end result wasn't death.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Lisa (San Antonio, Texas) on 05/07/2008

Both of my 5 month old germ. shep/chow puppies were spayed and vaccinated on Monday. I told the vets office no shots. The receptionist insisted that was the best thing because they had 6 cases of parvo the week prior. I agreed. Today (wednesday) One of our sweet gentle pups had to be taken in this morning for infection(?) and dehydration. She hasn't eaten since Sunday eveniing,drinking very little. She seems very disoriented. The other pup has been just fine. Vaccines???

Replied by Sherri
(Atlanta, GA)

You may want to sit down and take a deep breath before you watch this disturbing video on vaccines.

Replied by Mary
(Southaven, MS)

This is so strange; I found this site while researching about my dog's bad reaction to vaccination. I watched the video on You-Tube in the above link, thinking it was about animals. It was about human vaccinations. In the information, it mentioned persons getting auto-immune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, after routine vaccinations. My husband got MS 8 years ago when he was 48 -- after taking his very first-ever flu shot, and had received a tetnus booster just a month or so before. Coincidence???.... I can see I have some more research to do. As for my chihuahua, after reading all the stories on here, she will NEVER receive another vaccination of any kind. She is strictly an indoor dog and I no longer see the need for it.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
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To Mary from South Haven 5/18/08 - Could very well be connected to his first ever flu shot, but you're not likely to ever convince the FDA of this (or his doctor). Knowing that they are now putting monosodium glutamate into vaccines, if they are calling it a preservative, they might also be putting it into the nasal spray ones which would give the MSG a direct route to the brain through the olfactory nerve. MSG is a well-known neurotoxin to the brain. Also the Gulf Storm veterans are still battling to prove that something in the vaccine they were given as a prophylactic caused their Gulf Storm Syndrome and the last I heard the government was trying to say there is no Gulf War Syndrome, that it is all in their heads (fancy word is psychosomatic). One doctor found squalene in GS veterans blood samples that she checked that she said caused. But the argument is still alive! Another known neurotoxin called sodium fluoride in our water supply is also implicated in multiple scherosis. Any toxin that you can eliminate won't hurt and probably will help.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Brandye (Keller, TX) on 05/06/2008

My two pugs, ages 2 and 1.5 yrs. old rec'd Leptospirosis vaccines on 05-05-08. The younger pug exhibited no side effects, but after 3 hours, the 2 year old began scratching at his face, vomiting, having muscles twitches, the skin around his eyes swelled, and his lips swelled. Upon calling the vet, I administered 25 mg. of Benedryl orally. It took around 3 hours for the symptoms to dissipate to the point that he was able to sleep.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Jeanette (Fontana, CA) on 05/05/2008

Hi. My 2 Year old Ragdoll kitty went in for her annual check up and feline shots. there were 3 shots she received. one was for Leukimia and one for Rabies and the other was a shot for feline cat fever. i dont remember the exact name of that shot. I got Shyla home after her shots and she started vomiting and then had diareah. i have had cats all my life. i am 50 years old. i have never experienced this before. i called the vet and the lady at the front desk told me she is having a alergic reaction and i need to give her some Benydril for kids ; they said one cc. i ran to the pharmacy and went home and gave it to her then she seemed to be okay. my gosh, they never warned me of side effects. i was a nervous wreck and i would not recommend these shots done all at once. the rabie shot i believe is what caused her to become ill. I hope anyone getting their animals shots look into what exactly they are giving them and to only have 1 shot at a time; if your cat doesnt go out; i wouldnt even risk the shot.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Brian (Lafayette, IN) on 05/04/2008

18 hrs after vaccination my 15yr old Westie is shaking and dissoriented walking around in to walls and falling over with no idea where she is.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Mary Ann (North Huntingdon, PA) on 04/29/2008

This is not regarding a remedy, but about a bad side effect both of my dogs had after their yearly vaccinations (distemper and rabies). My female Rotwiler/cattle dog mis had two seizuers three days after receiving the immunizations. My 15 year old male australian shepherd began to bleed profusely from his nose.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Lisa (Melrose Park, IL) on 04/26/2008

I took my 12 wk old 9lb chi for his shots last Friday. He received, Bordetella, rabies and 6 in 1 distemper. 6 days later he woke me up at 3:30 in the morning whimpering, paranoid and sniffing and shooing things that weren't there. I waited until 8am when the vet opened and took him in....first I thought he ate something that didn't agree with him as he got a hold of a plate with a 1/2 eaten hamburger and some fried veggies....but the more I read the more I realize that he is having a very bad reaction to his shots. I specifically told them not to give all the shots at one time because of his size but they said it was fine....well no it is not...I had a perfectly beautiful and normal chi now I have a very paranoid hallucinating puppy that I don't know how to cure. I am giving him benadryl, some lact-something stickly liquid to absorb toxins, valuim and's killing me to see him like this. If anyone can help please let me know.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Jeri (Aberdeen, Scotland, UK) on 04/24/2008

My dog Thor is a healthy 10 lb.,4 yr old male neutered mini Rat Terrier. He has lived in Aberdeen, Scotland for 2 1/2 years, moved from Katy, Texas. He did not have any adverse reactions to any vaccines while living in the US but has had reactions the past two years to the multi boosters not rabies. He does not react right away but 6+ hours after wards. Last year I was out for our evening walk and thought he had been stung by a bee or got into a stinging nettle plant due to the swelling on his face. I contacted the vet and took him in after hours. he was given an injections and pills and improved by the next day. No other problems were noted. He had his multi annual injections on this Wednesday morning 11:00, at 8:00 pm his right eye started to swell up followed by the rest of his face and hives broke out on his body. I called the after hours care, spoke with a vet who told me what type of over the counter meds to use on Thor. This helped him, reduced swelling in his face and body so I did not take him in to the emergency clinic. The next morning his body was covered again with hives so we went to the vets. While waiting he vomited his breakfast, pacing continually. He got two injections one for tummy upset and one for reaction. I was also given Zantac Syrup 300ml, dosage 0.6 ml twice a day by mouth till his stomach settles and Piriton 4mg, dosage half a table twice a day till symptons are gone. The vet checked Thor's records and said he did not get the same brand injections as last year. I've checked Thor's records from the US but the brands aren't listed. I will be contacting my vets there to find out what they were so I can pass the information on to my vet here. the vet has recommended that Thor be given Piriton at least 24 hours before he gets his next annual injections to help reduce the reactions. Thor spent the rest of the day resting and sleeping. He looks better today but is not his normal self yet. Went for a walk this morning but he didn't seem to enjoy as he usually does. Looks like he has a few hives again, is pacing but my husband says he is so much better than before. I'll take his word for it as I see Thor all day and he doesn't. To reduce Thor's stress and me not getting bitten I now mix the liquid meds with peanut butter I don't have any problem with Thor taking them. I put his pills in a piece of cheese. the vet said it was okay to do this. I'm due to move back to the US next year and am hoping these problems will not follow us.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Andy Hein (Omaha, Nebraska) on 04/23/2008

My Mini Australian Shepherd was 14 months old when she was taken in for her annual Rabies and DHPP shots. Immediately after the shots she had a reaction and started vomiting and collapsed on the ground. The vet gave her oxygen and benadryl and said he wanted to watch her for several hours. 2 hours later they were doing CPR and she died. I got no real answers from the Vet except it was a rare thing that happened. That was no comfort to us.We have no answers and have done alot of research and now feel that our pets are being over vaccinated.