Side Effects of Pet Vaccines: A Closer Look

Combination Vaccines

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Posted by Andy Hein (Omaha, Nebraska) on 04/23/2008

My Mini Australian Shepherd was 14 months old when she was taken in for her annual Rabies and DHPP shots. Immediately after the shots she had a reaction and started vomiting and collapsed on the ground. The vet gave her oxygen and benadryl and said he wanted to watch her for several hours. 2 hours later they were doing CPR and she died. I got no real answers from the Vet except it was a rare thing that happened. That was no comfort to us.We have no answers and have done alot of research and now feel that our pets are being over vaccinated.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Sandie Hanlon (Westboro, MA) on 04/22/2008

Hi I have a two year old Border Collie. When she got her 1st puppy shot she had a severe reation and took a week to recover. I didn't witness this but the breeder didn't want to send her until she had her seen by a vet. That was the conclusion. It was the 4 way puppy shot. At one when she recieved her rabies shot she lost her coat, not entirely but it was a weak coat, she lost weight as well. A homopathic vet wasn't surprised as she expeirienced this herself with her rabies shot.(hair loss). She is fine now and got back to normal, but I am very nervous about the next time she "needs" to get another rabies shot.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Marie (Belvidere, Illinois) on 04/22/2008

Our 4 months old great dane puppy has received the 5 in one vaccine at the age of 6 weeks at the breeder. Since, we have been batteling HOD and it has awaken his chronic diseases. In his case, HOD was vaccine related and not diet related. He is aggressive with other dogs and hyperactive. He is followed by a traditional and homeopathic veterinarian. We have been controlling the HOD with a low in protein raw diet with supplements (vitamin C, MSM, cod liver oil, probiotics). On the homeopathic side, he is treated with lachesis.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Nan (Waterford, Michigan) on 04/21/2008

in may 2005 our 2 year old weim had a reaction to the lymes vaccine that caused her to have IMHA she was in emeregency for a good week with 3.5 blood transfusions and meds, imuran and pred. It was very hard on her and knowing any more vaccines or stress may cause it again. The cost was well over 7,000.00 to get her better, but I cannot put her through any more vaccines and risk her life again. Tiiters right now will be done, but if they ever come back low I am going to be at a loss as what to do because I am not going to do anymore vaccines. Right now we lost two other weims this winter due to vaccines . The vets answer for doing vaccines is to give high doses of pred and benedryl. This is not an acceptable answer. The high doses of pred in the one with imha had warts, or as also know as palamomoias which is also a form of cancer.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Lori (Saskatoon, Canada) on 04/21/2008

I feel these should of been all been reported to the FDA or CFIA. How else is this sad situation going to improve, shame on the vets.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Libby (Fort Collins, CO) on 04/21/2008

We took Pebbles our 13 y/o chichuahha in for her routine vaccines, she died within 10 minutes. The vet had just given us a clean bill of health. I do no that the rabies vaccine was given not sure what other vaccines may have been given. I just don't understand why a house pet needs rabies after they get so old. The vet said her lungs just filled with fluid and she went into cardiac arrest.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Lori (Terryville, CT) on 04/19/2008

You asked for experiences concerning vacinnation side effects in pets. I had a very traumatic first hand experience that led to my dog's death within 10 days from the time a 5 in 1 booster was administered. It caused Canine Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia. I felt so guilty for agreeing to the shot - no one ever told me that this could be lethal in a dog. We spent nearly $4,000 trying to keep our poor puppy alive but he just kept on failing. We had to make the painful decision to put him down. Since then I tell everyone I know to do research on what these vaccines can do. My dog was a mixed breed - dobie, rottie & shepherd. I now have a four year old chocolate lab - he's had his initial puppy shots but I am very careful about the boosters - I have a vet that will do titering which is a bit more expensive but I feel it's safer to find out if a booster is really needed "on schedule". It's interesting today parents have to sign waivers for their children when vaccinated but vets aren't required to alert pet owners to the dangers..

Combination Vaccines
Posted by L. Demmons (Lacombe, Canada) on 04/18/2008

six months ago our year old Dashchund had booster vaccinations for kennel cough, rabies, and combination vaccination for distemper etc. The next day she developed a huge lump at the vaccination spot that stayed for 3 weeks. The vet gave us anti-inflamitories. On April 2, 08 she had all her boosters for above vaccinations again. A few days later she got a rash all over her stomach that is still visible now and today just over 2 weeks later her neck is swelled and she has a lump on top of her head. Can this just be allergies? or something more serious. I hope we can manage without anymore shots, only kennel cough which is required for placing her in the kennel.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Theresa (Palm Springs , California) on 04/14/2008

I have two Italian Greyhounds, sisters, 1 year 3 months. They had their dhtpp, rabies, and bordetella vaccines on Friday, April 11th. I have noticed a change in their personality as of Saturday.They have been sleeping almost all day long.They get up to move to another position and pass out again. Saturday my blue IG had an accident in her bed, which she never does. Then Sunday night she had diarrhea all over her crate and all over her. The eating habits have not changed. She does seem a bit dehydrated. I haven't seen her drink much. My fawn is just sleeping and does not seem to want to play like usual. Any advice?? Let me also say that my blue had broken her leg 7 weeks ago and had to under go surgery to have two plates in her front right leg. Could she have not been well enough to get her vaccines???? This is all very upsetting. They are like my children and I hate to see them in any kind of distress.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Tracy (Burbank, California) on 04/14/2008

Duramune Max 5 and Canine CoronaVirus Vaccine for my 9 week old Aussie male. He had a terrible reation which lead to a steroid shot and pills. He has a swollen face poor little thing. I am worried?

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Dee (Redmond, OR) on 04/14/2008

Beardsley is a two year old Miki; mix of Maltese, Papillon and Japanese Chin. My vet mentioned that about six weeks after the injection some of the small dogs loose the hair at the site of injection. Instead, five weeks after the injection Beardsley has developed an autoimmune neurological disorder, White Shaker Syndrome. He has fairly violent full body tremors. Steroids are slowing them down, but I have yet to see if the steroids will put him into a full remission and there is a possibility of relapse under stress or with annual vaccinations for the rest of his life. A holistic vet tells me it is possible to get a waver for the rabies vaccine with a neurological disorder. It seems a bit late, but perhaps he will gain a full remission and become himself again. His former animated self is under the bed the majority of the time and quivering uncontrollably, especially with noises like the phone ringing. I did this so he could go to an obedience class, that he can not now attend. Ironic, eh?! -Dee L.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Katie (Fortuna, CA) on 04/07/2008

I just had my short hair tortishell calico/siamese mix spayed female vaccinated for the three main feline vaccinations, ie rabies, lukemia and distemper. My wife and I are hoping to train her as a therapy cat. She is the most friendly happy cat we've ever known. She is also the thinnest cat we've ever had. We call her the skinny kitty. We had her shots given at around 11 in the morning on Saturday. We then spent the day out and about, and didn't get home until after 4. She ate and drank while we were out, but when we got home she became very listless. Our other two cats (indoor only) groomed her constantly. They also assisted her to and from the litter box. On Sunday she refused to eat and drink, and cried if we tried to pick her up. She wouldn't even lift her head, and her eyes wouldn't focus. We noticed a crust around her eyes, and she seemed to have a hard time licking. After much searching, we found a dropper and started to force water in her. We then went and purchased kitten formula, and forced this down her as well. We had to hold her head up so that it would go down her throat. After doing this every four hours, she now sits up and did some minor grooming. Because she is so thin and had no fat reserves, we believe the only thing that saved her was us forcing the fluids. IF you find your cat in a similar cirumstance, please don't hesitate to use a dropper and give them fluids. I feel this may prevent the worst of the liver and kidney failure I've been reading about on this site. It's now Monday, and even though she hasn't left her bed, she did lift her head and purr this morning when I went to say goodbye.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by LylahRose (New London, NH) on 04/06/2008

I have several Chihuahuas and a large Cat.Yesterday they received their routine RabVac and today they are all ill with fevers,some vomiting,no diarehea, lethergic and in pain. I only recall this or simular effects in the past two years. My tiny Chi- is extreemly ill. I gave 12 ml and 22 ml to my larger Chi's- benadry but I am afraid they are dehydrating as they are not drinking. They received FortDodge from a Vet.

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Glenna (Estacada, OR) on 03/25/2008

Some one please give me hope. I have a 10 week old Chihuahua Puppy who is failing fast after a puppy booster 5 in 1 with no lepto. I have read through other comments but I just don't see anyone else having gone through this. I have three other pups from a bottle fed litter, this one is a blue female I got to help ease the loss of the blue mother to my bottle fed babies. The bottle fed pups are 9 weeks old and they are all doing fine from there shots. This one is lathargic, aggressive, cries when I pick her up, and tries to get away when I try to pick her up. She runs in circles, wants to eat but drops the food everytime she gets it in her mouth. She is either crying running in circles or sleeping with her eyes open looking half dead. The vet thinks the shot may have caused hydrocephalis- HAS ANYONE EVER HEARD OF A SHOT CAUSING THAT?- I guess she does look a bit more dome like, but i wonder if this is the shots fault or if it is merely coinsidence. I keep thinking if I continue to plung wet food and puppy formula into her, keep her warm... give her whatever meds the vet gives me... maybe she will pull through? But can someone tell me how long a vaccine reaction can last. The vet has already given her prednisone, and a steroid shot that was supposed to counteract the reaction... I just want to know what is wrong with my puppy, she was the happiest most playful one of the bunch before her shot and now I feel like I am loosing her and no one can tell me what to do?

Combination Vaccines
Posted by Michele (Key West, Florida) on 03/20/2008

My 5.5 month Maltese puppy went into shock after receiving 3rd vaccinations of Bordatella/intranasal, Rabies, & DA2PPLC