Side Effects of Pet Vaccines: A Closer Look

Posted by Shara (Florida) on 07/25/2021

We had third puppy shots two weeks ago and my shih tzus have been having “reverse coughing” bouts ever since. I almost didn't get them the third round of shots, but then I did. I'm kindof pissed. What is up with the “reverse coughs” origin?

Posted by Torii (Boone, Nc) on 07/28/2017

Our 2 1/2 year old Hound got the nasal kennel cough vaccine nasally. She has urinated in the house 3 times in two days (she only did that twice before, right after we adopted her from the pound, months ago). She is off her chow, and the vet never told us that she could make our other dog sick. Apparently this is not such an unusual side-effect after this vaccine.

Posted by Breeann (Missouri) on 06/25/2017

Hi I'm sorry to hear about your Chihuahua getting sick from the vaccination. I have a miniature chihuahuas while she's three pounds in almost 2 years old. About three weeks ago I took her to get vaccinated and she had the intranasal bordetella and since she's had severe breathing problems. I'm not sure if that's what's causing this but it's been going on for weeks. She has went through a course of temaril P steroid and antihistamine after not getting any better from those she was put in the hospital blood work showed infection elevated white blood cell count elevated liver enzyme count and they said that was from temaril P so taper her off and we did and now is on a 10 day supply of Clavamox which is an antibiotic and she's on day 7 she only has 3 days left and she's still coughing sneezing reverse sneezing depressed not wanting to take food or water. I'm extremely worried about her and I was just wondering if your Chihuahua got better over time and maybe it just was the vaccination if that's the case she will never get it again. I would love to hear back from you and see how your dog is doing so I can have a better peace of mind for mine thank you so much.

Posted by Amber (San Diego) on 05/30/2017

I have had similar symptoms with my mini poodle after the intra nasal vaccine. Now its like his sinuses are clogged, a lot of snorting and clicking sounds when breathing.

Posted by Gina Field (Sydney ) on 01/19/2017

My Chihuahua was given the kennel cough shot up his nose and since then has had breathing problems, cant breath through his nose etc. He is really ill. I am not happy with my vet.

Posted by Sasha (Penna.) on 09/21/2016

My dog has autoimmune disease from shots also. Multiple shots were given including rabies and canine influenza, dhlpp, bordetella etc.she is crippled in hind legs and one front leg, one scarred eye and one eye removed. Her eyes had bulged so bad she almost lost both eyes. Changed vets and the one one believes she will lose use of both front legs in this progressive disease. Vets should split these vaccines over time and after a few years dogs don't need many of these shots. These shots should be given 3 to 4 months apart. Now I can't get her well. her immune system attacked her terribly. Shots are getting dangerous.

Posted by Marisa (Fayetteville Nc ) on 08/26/2016

My dog is having some of the same things going on and its been over a week now. Should I take her back to the vet?

Posted by Scott (Sacramento) on 08/06/2016

Our small Terrier mix went to the vet and got a Bordetella and Rabies combo vaccine, and then was fed a pill for flea protection given by the vet. After two days or so she was vomiting, had diarrhea, and has quit eating completely. She was doing some drinking but not much. She has been totally listless and unresponsive for almost a week now. We took her back to the vet who was rather non-committal as to what might be wrong, but hinted at something about kidney failure. She was fine the week before the shot. She spent three days at the vet and came back to us today in no better shape than when she went in, but we are $600 lighter for her stay. She still has slight shaking and refuses to eat, and is completely unresponsive. I hope she pulls out of this but she will starve if she doesn't start eating again. She is almost 6 years old and up until the vaccine was an active and healthy dog. I am not certain that was the problem but it is quite the coincidence. And I don't believe in coincidences. And I don't trust most Doctors much more than most Vets. I know my health better than anyone, and I wish I had used my instincts with my dog and left her alone.

Posted by Jody P. (Ct.) on 10/16/2015

My 10 year old beagle Annie had her bordetella vaccine on 9/6/15. The next day she became gravely ill. She seemed to be in severe pain and would flinch when you tried to touch her, especially around the head. I rushed her to our vet and spent 2 days in the hospital. She was sent home with prednisone and antibiotics. She seemed to slowly be getting better until 3 weeks later when Annie developed a severe eye infection. Our vet referred us to a pet eyecare specialist and he concluded it was caused by nerve damage on the left side of her head. Annie was happy and healthy prior to the vaccine.

(HERE IS THE KICKER) our vet contacted the manufacturer or the vaccine and they replied that they have never heard of any problems with the vaccine. Then our vet said they are going to send us a check for 1,300.00 dollars.and they did. Something is very rotten in Denmark. Something must be done about this.

Posted by Reyna (Chicago) on 07/24/2015

Last wed my dog got her annual bordetella vaccine. Vet tried to do it orally up nose, but she refused most of it and then got really aggressive after showing teeth which we have never ever seen her do. He ended up doing it through shot. 2 days later she began coughing up phlem and 3 days later it turned into green stomach bile. and 4 days later she had 105.6 fever and we had to rush her to er vet. She had 3 visits of intravenous fluids to keep her from passing and we luckily switched up enough treats that were easy for her to eat despite the poor thing hacking to keep her food. After much medication and worry , a week later she is finally back to normal , but we are positive it was the bordetella that almost cost us to lose the love of our life!!

Posted by Lindy (Busselton) on 07/09/2015

So interesting reading the ladies story on the lab x mastiff pup having the kennel cough vaccine and puppy becoming suddently aggressive . My pup is same breed and did exactly the same with my other dog since vaccination , and has continued to . before her vaccination she was lovely, kind.

Posted by Dale (Nj) on 06/30/2015

Please help me... my perfectly healthy 6 year old Tibetan terrier had his bordetella shot in April and has not been the same. He has seen 2 vets, many tests, xrays, ultra sounds, blood, stool and all have come back negative.

He is anemic, lethargic, lost weight, and appetite. I did some research on this vaccine, and am frightened with what I am reading on the side effects.

Please guide me as to how I should approach this horrible situation.

Thank you in advance,


Posted by Mae (Nevada) on 05/02/2015

Our 10 month old mutt had the vaccine nasal spray and he is wheezing and coughing and hacking.

Posted by Tiffany (Memphis, Tn, Usa) on 04/13/2013

We have a 10 week old male Labrador/Mastiff puppy. He started puppy class and we were told he had to have the Bordetella vaccine to continue. Our vet gave him the nasal spray vaccine. Within a few hours he was snippy and agressive - he had not previously been. As soon as we got home, he made a bee-line for our 5 year old son who was sitting on the floor and bit him. He ran a fever the rest of the day and through the night. We gave him some benedryl. He is eating and pooping fine today, and without fever. But he is still showing much more agression that he ever did before his shot. But there is still the agression. We are very sad indeed. This morning, he bit our 5 year old's pants and began to growl at him. He hasn't growled at any of us the whole week he has been home before yesterday's vaccine. I feel as if we have ruined our sweet puppy.

Posted by Walter (Newport, Gwent) on 04/09/2013

Yes, our shih tzu puppy had Bordetella shot last friday and we have noticed it being quiet and wretching for a few days, but was frightened tonight because she seemed to be convulsing fit like and then stopped.

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