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Oregano Oil
Posted by Diamond (Ma.) on 07/06/2016

I have been losing so many of my loving pets from so many illnesses and bad conventional drugs... I have one dog here that is actually 80 years old in peoples age. A few months ago she went down/ for what I felt was her last time here on earth.. I carried her to and from the outside to do her duties...& continued to do so for at least a the meantime I was giving her an excellent natural herb/ Oil of oregano/great name brand by Gaia. Thick white mucus was coming out of both ends, it was then she got up & started walking again. She still has a large amount of congestion, but I now understand it that it's a defense against any serious diseases further entering her body....Here is some more great information for sick dogs..Most illnesses come from dogs/cats food...This site is very informative.. Good Luck....