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Walks, Food, Learning From Your Pets

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Posted by Earth Clinic (USA)

Cesar Milan (aka the Dog Whisperer) has made a number of amazing contributions to the general public's awareness level regarding the needs of dogs. We feel very strongly that one of his most important contributions is drilling people to take their dogs on walks every day! Dogs need to get out and move forward on a regular basis --it's imperative for their well being! Have you ever seen a dog that didn't glow after returning from a walk?!

Someday we hope it will be illegal to keep a dog cooped up in a backyard or inside without taking him or her for a walk at least once a day. In the meantime, California is ever progressive. A few years ago they made it illegal for dogs to be tied up for more than 3 hours at a time [The Tie Out law]. It's a great start!

Replied by Swhit
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Yes, walks everyday are the best if you can do it but, I am a rather dissapointed by this comment of making it illegal. I wonder if you have thought that through.

Dogs are a great source of companionship/healers to the handicapped, mentally disabled, children with life threatening diseases and seniors. Many rescue dogs are taken in by these people. They (for the most part) find it hard to take a dog for a "walk" let alone once a day.

A rescue dog if in a kill shelter is doomed unless someone takes them in. Because they do not get walks every day does not make someone an abuser. There are many professions which require 24hr shifts ie. , doctor, nurse, fireman so there is no way the dog can get a walk every day.

Not all dogs need a walk especially if they have a yard. Small dogs can get enough exercise just playing and people/dogs visiting for socialization. Talking of Cesear - he recommends a treadmill. Then we have people at home sick for the day, flu, food poisoning etc., do they get fined/jailed/animal taken away?

I have a Border Collie, who is high maintence she gets water play, obstacle course and friends coming to play. She would rather play (jumping for the water), ball or new commands/tricks sometimes than go get her leash because BC's need mental stimualtion as well as physcial. She gets 3 days of walks during the week (work schedule) and a full day on Sunday going to the mountains an all day hike, visiting with our family, sheep herding and any other activity that is geared around her. It is her day.

Lastly, ever heard of the Constitution? Think, Educate and not penalize please!

White Vinegar for House Training and Accidents

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Posted by Tucson_arizona (Tucson, Arizona, U.s.a.) on 06/03/2010

White vinegar is excellent to clean our tile floors, we just got a puppy a few weeks ago, and with house training him he of course had accidents inside, we went to pet store to buy some stuff with enzymes to use on the urine spots, and the lady at the store said that vinegar is a great way to get rid of the scent and clean the floor. She said to avoid most all commercial cleaners, esp. anything with ammonia because a dog will be attracted to that and will be able to smell where it urinated before, and thinks it is ok to keep going there.

Replied by Keith
(Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa)

The best way to house train your puppies is to take them outside after they have had a meal. Use specific words when they do whatever they do. Our words are "make piss" and "make landmines". They will soon associate the words with the deeds, especially if you tell them how clever they are and fuss over them when they have done their "duty".

If you catch them in the act of soiling the house, pick them up and run outside with them. It helps if you have a big plastic bowl to hold under them when transporting them in this way.

For overall health, we put 1. 5ml of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in 5 litres of water and give two buckets, one with the mix and the other with plain water. The peroxide mix is usually finished before the plain water goes down by 1/8th.

We also feed our dogs animal fat at the rate of 1/2 cup per day each, melted in boiled water, poured over their formula and left to cool. Every morning they are given 10ml of coconut oil each.

We have two Bullmastiff X St. Bernard crosses, littermates and brothers, who will be 8 years old in February 2013. They have NEVER been to a vet, have never been ill and still act as though they are 8 MONTHS old! Namaste.

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