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Posted by Patty (Ocean City, Md) on 09/14/2014
5 out of 5 stars

12 yr old tea cup poodle: After 3 yrs of trying Acupuncture and herbal treatments for my little Sapphire we have success. She had lost hair on stomach, all her neck hair, elephant skin on back legs and generally was so miserable, smelled, and just slept in curled up ball. Our vet 60 days ago wanted us to try new dosage of Atopica for CATs due to Sapphire being only 4 lbs, apparently the dog version doesn't have small enough dose. New dosage of the Cat version of this medicine was approved to give small dogs. Within first 3 weeks smell was gone and hair was growing back on her neck and stomach. After 45 days even the elephant skin on back legs is completely gone. She now sleeps with legs stretched out, runs and plays almost like a puppy again.

60 days - We now give her the dose every other day. To keep upset stomach side effect eliminated we keep medicine refrigerated and give her bite of treat 1st before giving her the medicine. A little food and chilled medicine have all but completely eliminated the only side effect we had of vomiting.