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No Grain Diet
Posted by Person_who_cares (Everett, Wa, Usa) on 04/20/2013
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I did not have any trouble with my West Highland White Terrier's skin until she was about 6 years old and then it started in with hot spots, bleeding from an ear, excess thirst, excess itching and scratching and excess urinating, all I found were symptoms of fungus/yeast infection in dogs.

Searching the internet, most articles for treating skin problems are to use apple cider vinegar, which works but it is treating a symptom and not getting to the reason for the skin problems. If vinegar is showing signs of improvement, odds are the skin problem is a yeast/fungus infection.

With respect to treating dog yeast/fungus infections, I found a very good article online that I thought I had saved but cannot now find it. It said do NOT feed the dog grains, including oats, no potatoes or sweet potatoes, no peas and no honey because they turn into sugar in the dog and feed yeast/fungus. It said to use anti-fungus shampoos and conditioners with a certain anti-fungus ingredient that I did find at a pet store chain. It said to rinse the dog with a hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar mix watered down and to soak the dog's feet in that.

All vet pet doctors wanted to do was to throw steroids at it and to blame her breed. The results showed that that the majority of dog pet food manufacturers and many vets do not have a clue about yeast/fungus infections in dogs and actually contribute to the dog's health problems by putting the poor dog on dangerous steroids, which shorten any dog's life and gives them other health problems. I spent over $3000 in vet bills on my dog's skin problems. I had to ask the vet to do an allergy test, which showed she is allergic to nothing. The vet showed no interest in anything other than throwing steroids at the symptoms and not finding out the cause like a real vet should/would do. Another vet said they did not treat chronic skin conditions - blah! The problem is that many vets do not have a clue about effectively treating dog yeast/fungus infections when this should be basic knowledge to them.

The results of the no grain, no potato, etc. diet are my dog now has hair where she had none, no flaky, itchy skin exists on her any longer, she rarely scratches or itches at herself. She drinks far less water and urinates far less. She seems much happier.

I initially found a dog food with none of the yeast/fungus feeding ingredients in it that I had to rehydrate but the dog food smelled and I wanted a dry dog food that I could just put out and not have to mess with. I found a dry dog food held together with millet, which does not turn into sugar in the dog. This dry dog food is the only dog food that my dog was ever absolutely nuts about and eats with enthusiasm. Earth Clinic said to share the names of such foods in one place and in another place says not to put the names in the article so I will not share the name of the dog food that my dog is absolutely crazy about and which helped her finally have a healthy coat after two terrible years of skin problems.

Do not use those oat shampoos on a dog with skin problems because the oats in it are a source of food to the yeast/fungus. Find a good anti-fungus shampoo/conditioner to use.