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Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Racer (Hampton, Tn) on 05/16/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I took a cat from a family who was ready to have a baby and they didnt have the money to help take care of it anymore....
The cat was full of postules, its neck area was broken out in a perfect circle, which I suspect a flea collar was used... these bumps were all over the cat..the kind of bumps that if the scab came off, there would be a pit of flesh that would bleed really badly.

I suspected one of two things...fleas or food allergy or stress combined with both. No fleas on the whole cat, whatsoever.But they had been feeding it the cheapest possible pet food, so I switched it, but still the bumps of course, I figured they were infected. Mind you the vet appointment is in two weeks.

So I took a medicine dose syringe without the needle, that you get at the pharmacy for giving kids their meds. I filled this half way with peroxide and then I put it around the cats neck and squirted it right on the sores....then I massaged it in, and then let the cat sit for about 7 seconds, and watched to make sure it would not lick the peroxide off. Then I took a washrag, a soft one, and wiped it off, it has done its job, so I wiped it all off.

You have to be fast, because a cat doesn't appreciate any kind of treatment whatsoever,regarding anything that resembles water.

So anyway the next couple of days I notice the bumps are completely gone or else mostly gone. There are some areas on the hind end that are still there and I have yet to do.

In addition to this, I got some fish in a can at the dollar store.., it was in tomoato sauce and it wasnt tuna but it looked like it. I put it out on a plate and chopped it for the cats to eat. They did and I feel this oil in the fish also helped. I was also trying to see if the cat was allergic to fish.

When I went back and looked at the ingredients in the old cat food, there was a lot of grains and corn and stuff. So it needed meat supplementation. I didnt feel like buying a bottle of fish oil pills and hiding them in a pill pocket because this cat is so unsocial she needed something to glory in and eating the fish was a great reward for the peroxide flushing of the sores.....

Bless her heart. I know doctors dont like peroxide, bt it is still good to use when you take care that they dont swallow it.

A note : A while back I was bitten really deeply by a rat, one of my pets....a rescue from the shelter...and it was betasine I soaked my finger in two times a day for fifteen minutes and the doctor said it was the cleanest deepest bite wound he had ever seen. Of course I still had to get a tetanus shot though, because it was time.