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Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Kdlund (Sheridan, Mi) on 01/24/2013
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

I have a beautiful dog. He is a mix of akita and white shephard. The problem I have is that he chews all the time, and his coat is sparse on his back side, and he has very dry skin back there. I have treated him with everything the vet gave and nothing, the problem still exists. I have treated him for fleas, bugs, whatever. He was dipped for mange and all. He really smells bad too. Even after treating for fleas I read that you could use dawn dish soap to get rid of fleas too, because he keeps chewing I decided to do this and guess what more fleas.

I heard to put peroixide on his irritated areas to stop the itching, did that and it worked for about a day and he is back at it.

I am going to try the wormer thing and see if that works but in the mean time I have dog hair all over the house and really feel bad that he chews all the time. I know he must be going crazy.

The vet wanted to put him on steroids, I am a nurse and know what they do to humans, I don't want my dog on them. Any help or ideas?