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Coconut Oil, Iodine
Posted by Sparky (Odessa, Texas) on 01/28/2012
5 out of 5 stars

My large mixed breed dog developed open sores all over her body, her hair around the sores came out in clumps. The vet(s) prescribed Pregnazone, Tipol, and antibotics. Over a year's time and almost $3,000.00 later, the sores were multiplying. After the second round of Pregnazone, she would lose bladder control when she went to sleep. It embarassed her greatly. When the vet wanted to "try" more Pregnazone I refused and changed vets. The new vet wanted to start the whole routine over. My poor baby itched and whimpered most of the time. I was at a terrible decision. I couldn't seem to get her any help and she was miserable. I considered having her put down to get her some relief from the continual sting and itching over most of her body for the past year.

I decided if women can use iodine douche for yeast infections, then I'd try a tiny bit on my sweet girl. I put Povidone-Iodine Solution, 10% (Equate brand from Walmart) into a spray bottle and lightly squirted each sore, allowed the place to dry and applied Monistat Vaginal Cream. She was immediately relieved and for the first time in a year, did not whimper and scratch all night. I applied this treatment morning and night, after a week there was noticable improvement to the affected places.

I changed from Monistat cream to Coconut Oil. The results were even quicker. After another week of the 2x day treatment (using Coconut Oil) she was so improved we only did the treatments in the evening. The sores were healed over in about two months and completely gone in 3 months. I continued to apply Coconut Oil to the spots where the hair was trying to grow back in for another month.

When I told the vet what I had done he said what he prescribed was more potent than the "mess" I was using. All I can say is that for over a year now she has not had any signs of sores, and the "mess" I used worked whereas all the prescriptions the vets used did nothing but make her lose bladder control. My sweet girl is back to being herself, happy and healthy.