Ringworm Remedies for Pets

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Posted by Pam E. (SoutWestern California) on 08/13/2022 108 posts
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If there's any need to retreat for Ringworm, try putting an appropriate dose of pure MSM in each meal daily. My cats got ringworm, & I read that conventional vets quarantine + regularly/repeatedly bathe them in sulfur baths + constantly sanitize their living areas.... I started putting appropriate sized doses of MSM in their meals, & within a few days notice their sores healing up.

They healed noticeably more daily until they were gone. The problem is worst through humid weather, but it's pretty easy to continue supplying their food with pure MSM until things dry out sufficiently. Maybe something like this will work for you, too. I hope so!

Posted by Tonka (Tifton GA) on 06/28/2022
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Borax for ringworm on dog! Thank you Lord!

Finally healing and relief!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Chris (Florida) on 04/23/2022
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One of our dogs had ringworm which was not diagnosed bc he bit himself bloody b4 anyone could make out what he actually had. He had many lesions of oozing, bloody then crusty skin and stank. That poor dog. We tried so many different things like Aloe Vera topically and internally, special and expensive food for skin allergies ( that's what the 3 different vets kept telling us it was), white vinegar etc. Nothing really helped long term. After years of agony, I finally saw a spot b4 Zeus could get to it. Now I had a picture to go by and was able to find out that it was ringworm.

Back then there was a post on EC that recommended using coconut oil daily, washing all bedding hot with bleach every other day, and mopping all areas in the house where he might have been laying with a 10% bleach solution. It also stated that it could take an awfully long time to get completely rid of it and to be sure to keep the cleaning and washing up for a while longer even after the last lesion has healed. I thought to myself how crazy the amount of work this is but had no other choice. I also thought that it might take at most 4 to 6 months. Luckily I was a homemaker so with 3 dogs who all used all 3 beds it took me about 5 hrs. (! ) every other day to wash all the bedding, vacuum and mop the beautiful open Floorplan (no, I did not once consider locking my sick dog up by himself in a room of his own) and most importantly wash Zeus and take extra time to massage all lesions with coconut oil and get the crusty, bloody, oozing, hairy stuff off. After about 6 months he seemed to be doing so much better that I eased up on the regiment a bit but was faced shortly after with another outbreak. In the end, it took me about 2 years to get a handle on the ringworm....no way I could have done this if I would have had a day job. This WAS my day job.

In the meantime, I have learned that that is why vets supposedly don't diagnose ringworm as there is no fast cure and it's so time intensive to get rid of that hardly anyone can do it.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Heidi (Ga) on 10/02/2020

I'm sorry that I forgot to mention that Gold Bond Medicated powder or either the one in the blue box at the Dollar General Stores. It is found with the foot powders.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Amy (Ca) on 09/23/2020

You mentioned you also used medicated body powder. What was the brand name and/or the ingredients?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Alicia (Austin) on 11/08/2018

how you use the vinger please I have 3 baby kitten that just gave it to my dauter which is going to dr in am nut how I get rid of it in them? I foster the kttens they 5 weeks old right now sorry for bad spelling

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Janet (In) on 10/10/2018


Calcium is very problematic in human adults. It is the first thing I learned about when we began to heal our family and pets.

Here is my 2 cents worth.

Guinea Pigs eat nearly identical diets to horses. The difference is horses have a more complicated digestive system. There are some things I have observed that may help.

Guinea pigs get calcifications in their scrotums, mammary glands, necks. In humans it is cysts and calcified joint problems, circulation problems as unabsorbed calcium has no where to go. It can gather up to be stones in kidney and bladder. Dogs absorb calcium pretty well. But everyone is subject to calcifications.

Going through how we handled this one huge problem amongst 20 guinea pigs, 6 people and 4 dogs.

First was water, if the horse is getting fluoridated water you might look into defluoridated water, or adding a pinch of borax occasionally. It keeps the body defluoridated. Just a little bit.

Sodium thiosulfate, I can take one crystal myself harmlessly, it is high in sulfur. Our method for all of us, 1 gallon of dechlorinated water, or 1 crystal of sodium thiosulfate. 1/4 tsp of borax. That was the added as a splash in all the pets water and used as a fraction in each human, 4 days out of seven.

Topically DMSO is a carrier, rich in sulfur. If you use MSM for your horse. That is DMSO with hydrogen peroxide added.

Topically I have used DMSO liberally on all of us. You can make sure your hands are clean. But gloves might take toxins in the skin. I usually use hydrogen peroxide to wipe the area to be treated. Then add the DMSO.

DMSO carries remedies directly to the problem. If I were going to treat my pets. I would take a thick folded cotton, apply castor oil, DMSO, magnesium oil ( to displace calcium effectively) wipe down the area with peroxide and stick that pack on there for 20 minutes. Maybe a Velcro strap.

There was a woman taking care of wild horses somewhere on e.c. she would throw DMSO on injuries as they would not allow her near.

I use DMSO as part of my inhaled remedies. It cleared a clot in my husbands leg and 1000 other things.

Spray bottles are handy for cleaning with peroxide. At least where it won't discolor fabrics and such.

The guinea pigs bumble foot, tumors, general health were improved. I just had to keep them away from dirt after applications. They potty a lot.

The cause of the calcium problems I think. Especially in the strict vegetarian diet. With nearly all hay. The quality of the water given them. The fruit. The less than stellar ingredients in some commercial pet foods. Glyphosate exposure.

The last two were fed no fruit, clean water, Oxbow hay and feed. Although I am suspicious of the glyphosates in their products. They did not have any issues. No tumors, cysts, bumble foot, cloudy eyes or pneumonia.

Here is Teds DMSO chapter.



Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Peg (Maui) on 09/25/2018

And remember to dilute it 50/50 with water...

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 12/13/2017

Hey Eddie,

Was this confirmed by your vet to be ringworm? What you describe does NOT sound at all like ringworm, rather it sounds like ear mites or ear infections. You might try the Arcane formula for ear infections - make up from drug store ingredients right away at home, or buy online/Google Zymox Otic HCL for ears. I don't think this is something to cancel plans over, but it will take a few days for improvement. Please report back and let us know what the vet says!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Eddie (Canada) on 12/11/2017
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I'm sorry to ask a question where I should be writing a review. But my cat has had ringworm for a week and a half, and it's just getting worse. It started as a small patch on his ear and now both his ears are almost totally 'naked' (bare), and below one ear (base of ear, toward the neck) he's now losing big clumps of fur. I've been treating 3x a day with AVC and an antifungal cream.

He's been to the vet and I'll be taking him again. I'm just devastated because a) he's suffering and b) we might have to cancel holiday plans meaning I can't see my family whom I haven't seen in over a year and don't get to meet my new niece until she's a year old.

Is it normal that it gets worse before it gets better? How long does it take? I'm impatiently waiting to hear back from the vet :'-(

Essential Oils
Posted by Pam (Philadelphia, Pa) on 11/16/2017

WARNING!!! Tea tree oil is *highly toxic* to a cat's liver and should NEVER be used on them or around them--not even in an air diffuser that they could breath in. Just because one person used this without an adverse incident does not mean it is safe. Certain other essential oils are also toxic (others may be safe), and most safe ones need a nontoxic carrier oil (do not use undiluted). Always do your homework before considering any type if essential oil!

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Heidi (Georgia) on 08/23/2017
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I agree totally with the idea of collodial silver for ringworm. I make my own by the quarts and use it on both chihuahuas who were eat up with ringworm! We have been through hell with this for 5 years. I just put it into a spray bottle and spray them several times a day and then use medicated body powder on top of it and they are quickly recovering! Nothing seems to work for them except collodial silver spray and I have tried everything! I put an e-collar on them to keep them from licking themselves. As for myself, I have been to 10 doctors and I have gotten no help! It seems that they all want to diagnose me with everything but the ringworm so I have suffered a lot of pain and anxiety! I read somewhere online about fungal infections being a 10 million dollar business for the pharmaceutical companies! I now understand why they don't to help me because it is a big money maker....so sad for the people out there like me that have to suffer and receive no help.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kristin (North Carolina ) on 08/13/2017

hi. My cat may have ringworm on her arm but culture came back negative. I'm treating with ACV but it is not really working. Now I think my other cat may have something. Red and crusty ears. I'm treating her with calendula cream. But if I put clotrimazole won't she link it off? And isn't it toxic to cats?

Coconut Oil
Posted by Michelle (Az) on 08/12/2017

hi, my boxer has ringworm and I've been seeing that coconut oil or coconut milk works to treat it. But do I have him drink it or do I bathe him in it?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Suseeq (Sydney Australia) on 08/05/2017

Spray colliodal silver on it

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kris (Brookings) on 08/04/2017

you can get the over the counter anti fungal topicals and apple cider vinegar usually at the dollar store! mix the vinegar 50/50 with water and dab on with cotton balls or cotton rag that you will wash in hot water.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kris (Brookings) on 08/04/2017

humans consume Apple Cider Vinegar all the time, I do in water almost every day.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 06/24/2017

Ringworm is not an actual worm, just a fungal infection, so while you want to be careful and practice cleanliness, it really isn't so dreadful. We have dealt with it several times and not felt it was too hard to get rid of. So, I think the kitty could be in the same room with you. Perhaps you could hold him several times a day in a baby blanket that you then wash to reduce the feeling of isolation?

If you don't see results quickly with Apple Cider Vinegar you could try a bit of over the counter antifungal. My vet had recommended that one time for my cats.

I hope he feels better soon!

~Mama to Many~

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Deb (Sa) on 06/24/2017

Hi, I was wondering if my kitten who has ringworm, can be kept in a cage in the lounge room with the rest of the family at night instead of being isolated in a seperate room on her own? She's only 10 weeks old, a rescue kitten and I'm worried that she feels rejected and may not do as well whilst she is isolated....I've cleaned the whole house, washed all the bedding etc and had her in a seperate room where I'm cleaning every day and treating her with ACV.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Felicia (Tx) on 06/03/2017


Great move. I love the black light idea. Excellent and also the Duct tape. Thank you so much. I also think the ACV internally and externally will be a key. Will know soon.

Neem Oil
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 04/26/2017

Hey Meg,

The main concern about neem products are the other things that may be added to them, like tea tree oil. Pure neem should not be an issue. If you are concerned give activated charcoal - mix a spoon into a can of tuna and see if your cat will take it. On a side note, you might consider the lamp flea trap if you are getting bitten by these pests.

Neem Oil
Posted by Meg (Memphis, Tn) on 04/25/2017

I've recently had a lot of bites which of turn to lesions after going to the doctor they prescribed permethrin cream for mites or fleas and flagyl for parasites. I've been bathing in 100% virgin cold pressed neem oil and my cat stepped in the bathtub and licked his paw and begin salivating for about five minutes and now he seems fine. The veterinarian wasn't even sure what neem oil was so I'm asking for help.. if a small amount was ingested or just in his mouth it could hurt him? (he did not ingest or get any type of other essential oil's in his mouth).

Coconut Milk
Posted by Lea (Sydney Nsw) on 04/03/2017
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Hi. I just want to say that I tried the coconut oil with my cat for ringworm by putting it on the lesions but it upset his stomach so I tried coconut milk it works just as good if not better and he didn't get an upset stomach so if your cat does getting upset stomach from the oil, do try the milk. It works 😸

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Terri (California) on 02/21/2017

Did you dilute the ACV? It's too acidic (and smelly for a cat! ) to be used full strength. It's meant to be diluted.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 01/31/2017


Invest in a black light - this way you can SEE the ringworm spores and areas that are about to break out. If you have 3 cats with ringworm, you have a HOUSE infested with ringworm spores and you will never effect a cure if you do not sterilize your environment and treat the ringworm outbreaks on your cats skin before they bloom.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Dawn (Kennewick, Wa) on 01/30/2017

I've heard you can also put ACV in the cats food. Have you tried that? I have 3 cats infected 😢 and I've been trying everything. Vet prescription was a waste of $75. I typically Dab 100% ACV on the spot and put about a teaspoon for 3 cats in their wet food. Only one of my cats, however, will eat it! I thought I had this gone and now it just came back. So far, though, they've only had a couple around their forehead and I believe their lips. 😢 I'm just not sure what it looks like on the lips so I'm not sure if it's ringworm or if they're biting each other on the mouth when playing. Do you have a picture?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 01/24/2017

Hey Jessica,

You can use a cotton ball dipped in the ACV to carefully apply to the face. And your vet is correct, you do need to quarantine to avoid contaminating your entire house. I rescued a kitten that had ringworm - I didn't know this until after I had sent the kitten to rescue, and then found all of my DOGS now started to have funny bald spots! The vet confirmed the ringworm with a black light - it glowed bright apple green under the light. So I came up with a battle plan: I bathed the dogs daily in Selsun blue/anti-fungal shampoo. Since I sleep with my pets it meant washing my bedding daily also. I got a black light and used it on the dogs daily - when I found faint green spots under the light, I painted them over with fingernail polish [to seal out the air and smother the fungus]. I used the black light to go over every inch of the house where the dogs could roam and used duct tape to sticky-up anything that glowed green. I had the outbreak quashed and eliminated in 2 weeks.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jessica (Rapid City, Sd) on 01/21/2017

Can Apple Cider Vinegar help get rid of ringworm on kittens face? We just adopted two kittens, and both have it. They are being treated with antibiotics from vet, vet says they need to be quarantined for 21 days. Can I speed up this process somehow? I have started Apple Cider Vinegar in their water already.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Netta (Wesley Chapel Fl) on 11/09/2016

Betty - what specific mixture did you use for your carpet? I'm going to need to disinfect the room my cat is quarantined in and would like to use your suggestion.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Betty (Texas) on 10/29/2016


Thank you for your detailed explanation!! Even though I have not taken my cat Princess to the Vet (appt Monday), I suspect she has ringworm. After reading your report, I have begun to use ACV, made a mixture for spraying carpet, etc., rinsing my hair with mixture, trying to cover my basis, so to speak. Again, thanks!!

Head and Shoulders Shampoo
Posted by Rachel (Ny) on 09/16/2016

The CS and ACV dabbing on the spots cured your cats of RW?

Just curious how long it took as I am doing the same doing a diluted APV and water wipe twice daily and also putting CS in their drinking water and food, about a teaspoon in their wet food twice a day and a teaspoon in their water daily, I use Mesosilver (Pure True Colloidal Silver) We just started 2 days in. Luckily it isn't spreading on them, Fingers crossed.

I hear it takes at least 5 days of CS ingestion to start clearing. We are taking it too so we don't get RW.

Anyone else have luck with Colloidal silver/Apple Cider Vinegar?

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Rachel (Ny) on 09/16/2016

Hi, what brand of CS did you use?

I have a kitten getting over it and now my other cat has it, I have been putting CS in their water bowl and giving them about a teaspoon a day in their wet food twice daily...Should I up it? I also wipe them down with ACV twice daily and spray my apt with CS every night plus vacuum daily.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Marisa (Malta) on 09/01/2016

I still do not have diagnosis but I think my cat has got ringworm. I am applying Apple Cider Vinegar three times a day 50/50 and Lamisil morning and evening. It's a big struggle to disinfect the area twice daily. I hope that my cat will be ok soon.

Thank you Esublime for your post. Fingers crossed!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Vanessa (Texas) on 08/25/2016

Too many people make this bad mistake, Please DO NOT use products for DOGS on CATS...it could be toxic and could lead to seizures and potential brain damage. It can also kill your cat.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Zoe (Us) on 08/17/2016

The case with dogs coughing from ACV could be because they bought conventional Apple cider vinegar - that is white apple cider with a caramel color. That stuff could be harmful. They need to know the difference of real-Raw ACV with mother (preferably organic) versus what's called ACV by some manufacturer.

Posted by Marie (New York) on 07/26/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Ringworm: I tried apple cider vinegar on my dogs and it didn't work. I used providone iodine from the pharmacy and used it twice a day with a cotton ball on the visible spots and it went away. Then diluted in water like tea color and poured on them after bath, careful with eyes!!! It hasn't come back. Always buy the gallon. Better buy!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Katherine (Pompano Beach, Fl) on 07/07/2016

I have 4 cats and they all have ringworm I saw that you said coconut milk will help. Should I have them drink it or should I bath them in the milk?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Olivia (Charlotte) on 06/25/2016

Hey, I just found a stray with, fleas, horrible ticks completely embedded in the skin and I think he has ringworm but I am not sure. His whole tail fur is gone and his face and eyes look very tired. What should I do. I am scared that if I also use the apple cider vinegar, it will burn and he will run off. I can't let him inside my parents will not let me. What advise or thoughts do u guys have?

Posted by Bonnie (Orlando) on 06/20/2016

It may be the way you clean with clorox....clorox is a disinfectant....it is not a cleaning solution...you have to clean with something else...not pine sol or lysol...nothing with sol ( dangerous) for cats....then it has to dry and after it is dry you can disinfect w a solution of 1:10 ( please check ratios) and it must stay wet for 10 minutes in order for the clorox to kill the ringworm spores. Should u rinse it then and let dry....that I don't know for sure. Note: you should not apply clorox to a wet cleaning solution because the detergent neutralizes the clorox. I did not know this either. And buy fresh clorox from the grocery store ...not the dollar store. Clorox breaks down after the bottle is open and also has a shelf life. This was all told to me by the sales rep for a cleaning supply company. Most people really don't know how to clean....including me until we had this issue. And I am still learning. Google the cat shelters for info. They do comparisons of different products as to whether or not they work.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Amy (Sydney Nsw) on 06/18/2016

Thankyou so very much for your wonderful advice Xxxxxxxxx

Posted by Peggy (Georgia) on 03/20/2016

Can you use twenty mule team borax in the cat litter? I sometimes put baking soda in the litter to help with the smell in between changing.

Head and Shoulders Shampoo
Posted by Mgew (Texas, United States) on 02/24/2016
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I used Head and Shoulders on my cats for ringworm. You cannot used this very much at all on cats. Maybe only twice. Once at the onset and then when they have healed to make sure that all the fungus is off their fur. I did used it more often and it made my cats itch and their hair fell out around their shoulders. The selenium can be super drying. Use an alternative treatment for the ringworm itself. I use about 6 drops of apple cider vinegar in 2 oz of colloidal silver applied twice a day on the spots.

Posted by Dan (Florida) on 02/19/2016
5 out of 5 stars

My cat had been suffering from ringworm. I saw a post here that said to use Curcumin powder. I can not find that post or cure currently on the site.

I didn't have Curcumin on hand but I did have Turmeric. I feathered it onto my cat's coat and then worked it further in. Maybe a half tablespoon total.

It has now been 5 days. All spots she had are now completely covered in hair growth. She is no longer hiding from the world. I think the Tumeric did the trick.

One word of caution is that Turmeric can stain easily. You might want to cover light colored furniture if you go this route.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Esublime (New York, Ny) on 01/07/2016
5 out of 5 stars

My cat Leo contracted ringworm recently. There are a lot of strays in my neighbourhood and the unusually warm winter we are having contributed to damp dark areas in my yard where fungus thrives. Leo must have contracted the day he ran out of the house unexpectedly when I opened the door to let the dogs out. The vet immediately told me it was ringworm and gave me chlorihexidine wipes (an antiseptic) and told me to use Lamisil. I did that for one week and the one spot above his eye spread to his lips, head and neck. I was freaking out because I've had ringworm before and it is itchy, gross, uncomfortable and EXTREMELY contagious. I have 3 other cats and 2 dogs so you can imagine my panic. I turned to Apple Cider Vinegar and, although Leo hates the smell, I have to admit that the raised, angry, red welts of ringworm all over his neck, head and face are quickly subsiding. I have kept him confined to a small room and I keep an e-collar on him to prevent him from scratching or spreading the fungus.

Twice a day, I make a 50-50 mix of ACV and water in a small bowl, wet a couple of cotton balls in it and dab it all over the afflicted spots. I then let the area air dry and immediately apply Lamisil to the spots. So far, it seems to really be working but no matter what you use, it takes about 10-20 days of aggressive treatment to completely rid the animal of ringworm. ACV is great because, despite the harsh smell, you can use it not only treat the ringworm but also to disinfect the room where the cat is being kept. It is extremely important to keep your cat's living quarters disinfected and, just for good measure, I dampen a paper towel and wipe his body down with the ACV mix to make sure that no ringworm spores have been passed to other parts of his body. Also, I have been using an antifungal shampoo for cats/dogs and I wash Leo with it once or twice a week...depending on how slimy he gets with the Lamisil.

I've still got about another 5-10 days to go. It's been a struggle but I honestly cannot recommend a better natural and safe treatment for ringworm (as well as many other ailments) than ACV. It's the best thing for so many applications...especially ringworm!

Posted by Victoria (Lakeland, Florida) on 01/03/2016

@ Dianna,

Sorry to bother you but, you seemed to know what your stuff when it comes to dogs & have alot of years experience with yours. So, If you don't mind I need some help. I'll give you a lil' history on him first before I ask. My pup is 4yr old pitbull who I recently got nuetered abt 2 months ago & just got all of his anual round of shots. I check his whole body daily, since he's extremely active so he is always going outside in my yard & getting into dirt an whatnot. But, was checking him the other night & I believe somehow he got ringworm from my lil' nephew cuz he had it recently. It isn't very far along because he only has a few spots starting, mostly concentrated on his belly area.

But, when you wrote ur comment & said you've (wormed) your dogs for a long time by treating them with Iodine, I wanted to make sure what you meant by that. Your meaning ringworm treatment right? Excuse me if I sound stupid by that question. Lol I really just wanted to try & find some other way of treating him without having to constantly go back & forth to the vet with all these extra costs & doing all these things they said I need to do. Because they wanna charge me alot for all these treatments & right now I really just can't afford all the extra costs but, I wanna try to do whatever I can for my baby. If you could plz help me out, & maybe tell me if there is any other remedies that might help? Or anything else I can do to keep him from scarring from the circles out of his fur? I would just greatly appreciate anything at all you can offer.

Thankyou so much for your time. Victoria

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mylisa (Ca) on 12/05/2015

Apple Cider Vinegar is FOOD and is perfectly safe in small quantities. I agree that there's NO WAY it ate through any dog's stomach lining unless the animal was tortured with large amounts of it. Start by putting a little in his/her water bowl (which will also kill fungus in the bowl) and do NOT give antibiotics which CAUSE Fungus to grow. Look into Candida (yeast overgrowth) dietary treatments for your dog and you if you get it too. :) Good luck!!

Posted by Susan (Venice Fl) on 09/18/2015

I have a Prrsian kitten who has ringworm on one of his hinders which the vet shaved. This is so frustrating for him and for me. He is getting a topical cream but I would like to try the iodine but am not sure what kind to buy and how to apply it! Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Susan

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Safiya (Brooklyn) on 06/29/2015

Hi, what were the symptoms you noticed on your cat's fur coat?

Posted by Janet T. (Sanantonio, Tx) on 06/29/2015
1 out of 5 stars

Hi, The borax mixture is not great for carpeting or furniture. I too prefer to use natural products for family, home, and pets but in the case of ringworm which is contagious to people and animals I strongly recommend Lysol spray for use in the home. It will kill the fungus quickly. The fungus can be spread on your clothes, carpet and furniture. It looks like a gold dust under blue light so I presume it to be physically moved by contact and probably moved in the air. Your best bet is to buy several large cans to spray carpets, furniture, door knobs, light switches, phones, hair brushes, counter tops, kitchen cabinets, anything touched by your family or pet. Be sure to do the pet bedding and stuffed toys, brushes etc.. used on your pets cats or dogs. Do Not Spray directly on your animals. As for your laundry add your Borax, half cup to one cup, depending on the size of your load and use Hot Water to kill the fungus on your clothes.

I have done this at my own home and it works. I unknowingly fostered 5 bottle feed kittens a few months ago with ringworm. My daughter and I handled the kittens without protection and developed ringworm ourselves. It spread so fast we had to seek medical help. I was given oral medication and a topical cream. My daughter was to young for the oral med but was given the cream. We are still fighting the ringworm on the kittens and ourselves. It is under control using the treatments I described above. As for the prescriptions the oral med helped me a lot. The cream not so much. I prefer Tinactin OTC, cream and or spray. It is cheap and works quickly. It can be used on the kittens as well. When they were so tiny I used miconazole cream also a cheap OTC. It takes a while to work so I have used Teds Mange treatment with some success if treated daily with no missed treatments. I was looking to see if anyone else has had success with this treatment.

The 5 kittens are teenagers now. We have separated them into 2 condos. One with the mildest ringworm and one with more severe. They keep infecting each other but I don't have a way to kennel them individually which would be the best solution. The condos are cleaned weekly using Clorox and water solution and dried in the sun. I clean the liter boxes this way too, weekly. When the boxes and condos are housing the kittens I spray Lysol spray on the fresh or scooped liter and allow it to dry before putting it back in the condos. I wash their toys in Clorox water weekly and spray them with Lysol, allow to dry and put them back into the condos. So far so good. I also supplement their food with bene bac. to keep up their immune systems. I have been feeding store food but will be changing to homemade. Their coats feel dry and seem to be dull.

Good luck to anyone reading this post. Also remember to wear gloves when applying treatments to animals and or yourselves. We use cotton swabs/ cotton balls to apply to our selves and the kittens. Ringworm is very contagious and when you go out in public you may want to cover the sores with Band-Aids. Be aware of contact with others, hugging, hand shaking etc... Some people are more sensitive to the fungus than others. I had an allergic reaction to it and my sores looked like I had been burned with a cigar. The blisters popped and drained and would start another sore when I bathed or put on clothes. I had to take time off from my job because of the sores on my hands. Be careful not to spread this to yourself or others.

It is a nuisance and shouldn't be taken for granted. Even though the sores look bad mine were never painful and the itching was minimal.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Wendy (Columbus, Oh) on 06/15/2015

Try the recommendations at this earthclinic link: https://www.earthclinic.com/pets/ringworm.html

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Michelle (Deniliquin New South Wales ) on 06/15/2015
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I put diluted tea tree oil onto my 12 week old puppy's ringworm. It agitated her so I rinsed it off with cool water. Now her ringworm spots look red raw and sore. I feel awful. What can I do to soothe her skin and her itch?

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Bernadette (Chicago, Illinois ) on 04/06/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I adopted a feral cat with FIV. Within about 6 months he contacted ringworm from the carpeted hallway in my apartment building, which he likes to explore. My other cat also got it, and I applied apple cider vinegar a few times and he got better. My feral cat would not let me near him with apple cider vinegar, nor could I bathe him. His entire belly was scaly and bald and red, while his nipples looked extremely irritated. I bought some colloidal silver and sprayed it about 10 or 20 times into his wet food daily. After less than a month his hair started growing back and the itching and irritation subsided significantly. I did have to lower his doses because he developed nausea. Although all of his hair hasn't grown back yet after about three months, he is essentially cured.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Avery (Oklahoma, Usa) on 03/07/2015

Your cat's eye will be fine, I've gotten coconut oil in my own eye. It doesn't hurt, it just clouds your vision and makes your eye water and makes you feel like you have some eye boogies in it. But it will eventually wash itself out.

Essential Oils
Posted by A (Burt, NY) on 02/19/2015

Ringworm: TEA TREE OIL IS EXTREMELY TOXIC TO CATS PLEASE DON'T USE IT ON YOUR CAT........ Cats are also extremely sensitive to essential oils, please be careful.......

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jorgita (Avon Lake, Oh) on 12/03/2014

I read online that turbinate cream is good for dogs. It is an athlete's foot cream for people. My dog had horrible ringworm and the cream clears it up. He has two spots though on his legs that are lingering, so I ordered Betadine solution on Amazon because I have read it is excellent remedy. Getting ready to use it for the first time tonight. Will let you know how it all works out.

Flowers of Sulphur and Iodine
Posted by Zeb (UK) on 08/12/2014

Hi, to treat ringworm inexpensively; get Flowers of Sulphur and Iodine. Mix both together in equal quantity, and apply to skin. This works for Mange, Ringworm and mud fever! For Horses, I have used Stockholm tar as a bonding agent to the skin, but lard works just as well.

Vinegar, Bleach
Posted by Krystal (New Mexico) on 05/27/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Vinegar (just plain household vinegar) and bleach were the only thing that helped cure myself and my dogs from ringworm. Every day, I cleaned (washed, wiped down, and sprayed) every surface outside of my bedroom with bleach. I washed and sprayed myself and my bedding my two dogs with vinegar (it's completely safe; you can make a natural everyday cleaner using orange peel soaked in vinegar, or instance). I added a small amount of bleach to every load of laundry. Ringworm is very aggressive, so you'll have to be even more diligent. It can be painful. I would put vinegar directly on my ringworm, which burned for a few second, but was extremely effective. It takes awhile, but keep at it!!!! It took close to a month for it to clear up completely. In January, I still had an itchy scalp; that took longer to clear up, but it worked and now we're 100% clear.

Posted by Betty (Texas) on 08/18/2013
5 out of 5 stars

My good old fashion vet, Who's been a vet for a very long time told me to use Iodine on my cat for ringworm. It worked very well! You just put it on with cotton balls or swabs to the affected spots. Use it every day for a week. My other cats never got it either. The Iodine puts a coating on there. Seals it so to speak. My cat was real bad in some places. His fur is growing back quickly now. You must not get it into the cat's eyes. It will stain material and your skin. So wear rubber gloves and old clothes. I hope this helps someone. It worked for my black cat Twilight. Betty Oh yea I tried the apple cider vinegar. It DID NOT WORK.

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