Ringworm Remedies for Pets

Posted by Mary (Oklahoma) on 07/17/2013

How much borax do you mix with water to spray carpets and furniture for ringworm? Our poor dog keeps getting infected again and I am not using bleach on carpeting.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil
Posted by Om (Hope, B.c., Canada) on 05/18/2013

Turmeric works like a charm. Apply dry, do not wet. I have used it for years and maybe one needs to follow up, depending on the individual animal. If they lick it, it will benefit the liver. Very cost effective. It is being used now in a local shelter with great success. If an animal is full of ringworm, put the kitty in a small box and work the powder into the fur after which keep it caged so the powder is not spread everywhere. This should cost you pennies. Love, Om

Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil
Posted by Gena (Pasadena, California) on 05/18/2013

If the ACV isn't helping, I would then try the remedy on this site for mange, which is peroxide and borax. You should read up on the feedback on that page first to see how many people have used it on their cats as it is a dog remedy from the few posts that I have read. The vet should be able to give you an anti-fungal remedy. If you can't afford it, see what Over the Counter meds people are using on cats with ringworm. Not sure this helps, but please let me know how it goes.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil
Posted by Tigerbear17 (Cheektowaga, New York, Usa) on 05/17/2013

My cat has Ringworm. I have been treating him for a week with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Extra Virgin Coconut oil. He has it over his eye between the eye and the ear. I have also been spraying my entire house down daily with a 50/50 mix of ACV and water. Is there anything else I can do ??? The skin is red and inflamed and there is a smaller patch of BLACK scabby stuff near the larger red spot. He is a long haired cat so I clipped the hair to get to the spot. I have 2 other cats who seem to not be infected.... I also spray all the cats daily with the 50/50 mix. Any advise ???? Thanks, Karen

Essential Oils
Posted by Ky Mama (Clinton, Ky) on 11/24/2012
5 out of 5 stars

When my outdoor cats had ringworm, the stuff the vet gave me did not work. I mixed 1 part lavender essential oil, 1 part tea tree essential oil and 2 parts olive oil into a jar. Twice a day I applied this to the cats' ringworm spots. I did this for 2 weeks. (Cotinue to treat for a few days even after it looks healed. ) Apparently essential oils can be too strong for cats, so I diluted it, and my cats had no problem. I was sure it was safer than the vet prescription anyway. I used this same thing on my children when they got ringworm from the cats.

Posted by Ann (Hurst, Tx) on 09/29/2012
5 out of 5 stars

My border collie has a thick, long coat and by the time I noticed that a big spot on her back was flaking badly, the ringworm had already gotten hold of several areas of her body. I believe she got it from swimming so much with my son this summer (being wet all the time).

I first tried organic coconut oil with a few drops of tea tree oil mixed in and liberally applied twice a day. I also bathed her in a tea tree oil dog shampoo every 2 or 3 days. She got colloidal silver in her water daily, as well. It helped, but was not knocking it out as fast as I thought it would and was messy with all that oil on her (she is a house dog).

After several weeks of this, I got on here and read about Borax laundry soap and decided to try that. So I mixed up about a half cup with a huge pitcher of warm water and dumped it on her in the bath, worked it into her coat, and let it sit on her for a few minutes before rinsing and then following with the usual dog shampoo I'd been using.

I was quite surprised to see that the spots looked much better the next day. The redness was pretty much gone and the swelling (the "rings") was down. So I decided to use that on her topically twice a day instead of the other stuff I'd been using. I put about a half teaspoon into a very small bowl, added about a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide (per this site), and the rest water. I applied twice a day and continued to bathe her every other day, mostly for the nasty flaking problem.

She is now much improved, with hair growing back, after a week of this, but I'm going to continue so that it doesn't come back. I also started giving her black walnut twice daily (one capsule mixed in with each meal) to treat from within.

I mix up some Borax with water in a squirt bottle and spray my carpet and rugs with it periodically, and I wash her bedding daily too, just in case. So far no one in my family has gotten it.

I told everyone I know about the Borax, especially those with kids, since ringworm is a common problem with them, and is so contagious. I wish everyone the best of luck!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kathi (Arvada, Co) on 09/02/2012

Somehow I got ringworm and my Dr wants to blame my cats. They don't go outside and I don't know really where this came from. I checked my cats and I don't see any on either one of them. They are both long hairs. I wanted to know how I deal with using the Apple Cider Vinegar on them, since I don't see them having any ringworm. I have read where maybe they could be carriers of it. Since I don't see any specific spots to apply it to, would I just put it in their food? Would I give them a bath with Apple Cider Vinegar in the water? If so, how much would I use? I don't have a clue but we have to get rid of this asap! Thank you!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Miriam (San Diego, Ca) on 09/01/2012

Hello, My 3 month old kitten has ringworm on his face (whisher area, nose, and chin) so I have been applying virgin coconut oil to the sores. Tonight I accidentally got some coconut oil into his eye and his eye is now half-closed and looks teary. I feel so horrible and I don't know what I should do. I can't seem to find any information online about whether or not coconut oil is bad for a cat's eye. If someone knows what I should do, please help. Thank you!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jo In Boulder (Boulder, Co) on 08/30/2012

Have two foster kittens, 4 mnths old just diagnosed with ringworm, so am going to try the ACV for a few days - week before moving over to the vets Lime Sulphar treatment. I was interested to read the suggestion to use this as a spray to decontaminate my house so my own cats don't get it. (so far so good).

Re good dry food for your cats/kittens, my holistic vet told me to find a food with no corn/byproducts in the first 5 items, which seemed to mean expensive brands like Wellness - actually no, Costco's own brand fits the requirements and is way cheaper, and my cats and kittens like it. I also add some of the advocado dry cat food which has given my cats and the kittens lovely soft healthy hair and got rid of that black cat dandruff!

Now off to try the ACV..... How long before i'll see results?

Posted by Azorez (Langley, Bc Canada) on 07/12/2012

It is absolute insanity to use iodine as a wormer internally. It is toxic and cats are especially sensitive to it... Who ever wrote this must be thinking that "Ringworm" is caused by a worm but is in fact a topical fungus.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Alva (Nashua, Nh) on 06/24/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I've been giving my 12 cats ACV for more than a year now. I put 5 drops of ACV in a gallon of distilled water for their drink. Ever since then none of my cats have fleas, zero & I comb all of them everyday. They actually love to be combed. Saying that ACV can kill a pet is nonsense. I even put it on my eyes when my eyes gets itchy from allergies.

Posted by Lorin (Bakersfield, Ca) on 05/25/2012

I foster cats and dogs, and would also love to know. Thanks

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Annamika (Vancouver, British Columbia) on 04/12/2012

The reason Selsun Blue is used for ringworm is because it contains Selenium. To treat ringworm you must use Selsun Blue with Selenium otherwise you are just treating dandruff or dry scalp.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Homescoolmum (Amamoor, Queensland Australia) on 02/29/2012

With regard to the fungal infection and steroids; The steroids actually feed the infection, so it is possible that the steroids would be exacerbating the problem. There does seem to be a case for the ACV. Also, try bathing the animal in a diluted form of phisahex solution. I'm going to try the ACV. We have been using topical antifungal cream, available over the counter at any supermarket or pharmacy with good results.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lidia (Dallas, Texas) on 02/21/2012

I give my dog organic acv, everyday in her meals. Two teaspoonful and she loves it. after a bath with malaseb shampoo that can be order at 1800petmed. Com, after she is completely rinsed then I pour the Apple Cider Vinegar and half water over her fungal infections. Dry her off completely(blow dry low heat) then I apply the vaginal cream, miconzole, ( I buy at target or any store) infected areas.

I also, with a cotton ball, 1 cap full of Apple Cider Vinegar and distilled water, I clean the inside of her ears and make sure all the liquid comes out , I apply a dab of clotrimazole 1% athlete's foot cream inside her ear outer ear miconozale. Of course her yeast or (ringworm) is caused by food allergies, it was really a battle changing her food to holistic and organic (vitamins to built her immune system. Sometimes I prepare her meals. The outcome she is clear of all that black crusty mess (malassezia) when she was given to me, she was 4 months old, notice that dark discharge in her ears. I took her to the vet and he prescribe ton of antibiotics which at the time, I did not have a clue that later it would cause havoc on her and me. Antibiotics mess her immune system plus her allergies. Another thing that I have learn, her sugar intake in food even if they are organic. Yeast, or fungal feeds on it.

Apple cider vinegar will not destroy your animal, it will help it inside out.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lidia (Dallas, Texas) on 02/20/2012

To Billy with his pet pit bull and all his puppies. Don't panic! Malaseb shampoo is back! I just bought it at 1800petmed.com. 2% miconazole 2 % chlorhexidine Gluconate. It doesn't say not to use on puppies. I would use it on the older dog and maybe dilute with the puppies. You must change their diet to holistic, organic or raw organic food. I gave mine raw organic vegetable, like string bean, parsley, broccolli, butternut squash, chop carrots for vitamin A, 2 teaspoon of ACV, biotin, aciddophilus to clean to yeast (fungus) from the gut. Two for each meal twice a day. Also nordic omega -3. Nordic brand is pure and clean no mercury. What we have to do is build their immune system from being broken and weak, to fight the yeast infection from the inside out. Once you have under control and understand that when the immune system is weak from antibiotics or not consumming the right food. I started bathing my dog twice a week, she had in her ears, underarms, legs, her private parts, behind her legs, on back. Now , I bathe her once a week with malaseb shampoo rinse her off with organic apple cide vinegar, dry her completely then apply vaginal miconozole cream, I buy at target for 4.99. Usually yeast infections start with allergies. It is alot of work, but it's better than spending hundreds and hundred of dollars at the vet and bury her after, because the shot and medication they administer is deadly.

Neem Oil
Posted by Katelyn (Dallas, Tx) on 02/19/2012

Natural does not equal safe. Arsenic and lead are both natural, but no one would suggest they are safe. Neem oil has a number of contradictory studies- many of them showing it is dangerous in its pure form. Using highly diluted neem oil on your pet as a bug repellant is very different from applying pure neem oil directly to their body. I wouldn't recommend it. There is not enough proof of safety.

Yeast Infection Cream
Posted by Suzy (Cranbrook, Bc) on 01/16/2012
5 out of 5 stars

A vet friend of mine diagnosed my dog with ringworm and told me to just go to the pharmacy and buy a tube of yeast infection cream and apply it on the ring worm daily - The cream got rid of the ringworm very quickly.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Usa) on 01/16/2012 2072 posts

... and refrigerate the worm medicine because Lola won't be needing any of it for about 6 mo.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Goblueevelyn (Port Austin, Mi) on 01/14/2012

Ana... Ringworm is not a worm... It is a fungus. Do not keep giving your pet the intestinal dewormer. You will need anti fungal cream and shampoo. Neither are very expensive.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ana (Reynoldsburg, Ohio) on 01/12/2012

My name is Ana and I'm sixteen years old. I have a one and a half year old dog named Lola. She hasn't had any medical problems so I didn't know what to think of this until my boyfriend said it was ringworm. It's located on her belly. I told my mom and she also didn't know what to do. I told her we were ganna have to take her to the vet but she isn't able to pay for that at the time so I looked for something that I can treat her with here at home. I went to walmart and found her some dog medicine that was for hookworms and large round worms so I got it. I've been giving her 1tsp a day and don't know if it's working. It looks as if she has been scratching at it and it has been peeling off. So I'm not sure. Should I keep giving this to her and wait to see what happened or should I try the ACV remedy?? Help please.!

Milk From a Fig Leaf
Posted by Courtney (Toronto Canada) on 12/26/2011

I, m going to try combing my cat with a comb from the vets office, then right after that I will use a jaycloth, soak it fully in ACV, and wipe my cat down with it. The cat doesn't like it because it's wet, but I can usually get enough of her before she goes under a table. She will then start licking it off her back, and won't stop till she feels like. So it's ok for her to consume the ACV that way. It also makes her coat very shiny, and in no way affects her eating or drinking.

Posted by Kathie (Houston, Tx) on 12/06/2011

I do want to add that when I put the athlete's foot medication on the affected area I then put a piece of medical tape over it to make a high concentration. I put the medication on thick (you could still see the white color of the cream).

Posted by Kathie (Houston, Texas/ Usa) on 12/02/2011
5 out of 5 stars

This is not "all natural" but it works. I got ringworm from my cat (he went to the vet for treatment, but I used my mom's home remedy). I dabbed bleach on the fungus twice a day and followed that up each time with athelete's foot medication (over the counter). Within 3 days it was gone, but I treated for four days to make sure!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tink's Family (Southern, Missouri) on 11/20/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I just wanted to repost my results with the ACV I used! Our cat has completely recovered and has no ringworm! I treated her by using 1/2 tsp water mixed with 1/2 tsp ACV and dipping a cotton ball in it and applying it to the spot 3x daily! I started noticing results after about 2 days! The treatment took 10-12 days top complete get rid of it! After doing this I bathed her one time in Selsun Blue shampoo! I used a very small and amount and washed her entire body except for her face! I made sure to rinse her really well! I read the Selsun Blue shampoo would remove any other fungus from the ringworm that could be lingering in her coat! I then blow dryed her on the lowest setting and with warm not hot air! Before bringing her back in the home I washed everyones bedding and vaccumed vigorously! I also bleached any surface she had come in contact with! (window seals, tile, food bowls, litter box) I threw out her old bed and just bought a new one and new toys! No one in our family got the ringworm and she never had more thanone spot! She is happy, healthy, and won't return to the vet that she got this from! Sanitation is very important and cleaning their surfaces with bleach water would've prevented this from happening! Good Luck and hope this helps someone else! We will happily celebrate Christmas with our kitty inside to enjoy it too!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tinks Family (Southern, Missouri) on 11/19/2011

My kitten recently returned from being spayed with ringworm1 I was told athletes foot meds would work! Before I tried this I researched and read ACV was much better! I used 1/2 tsp water and a 1/2 tsp ACV on a cotton ball 3x Daily and my cat never acted as if she was in any pain! It took about 10 days and she was ringworm free! I also suggest a deep cleaning of your home! I read to bleach anything that was bleachable and discard what wasn't! We bleached her litter box and bowls and bought new toys and bedding! After the treatment was complete I read to bathe one time in Selsun Blue shampoo! Use a very small amount and keep away from the face! Make sure you rinse really well and dry completely! Our cat is healed, healthy, and will never return to the unsanitary vet she used before! Also be careful of your self and children because it is very contagious! Our cat actually was quarantined to our garage because we have small children! No one in our family ended up getting the ringworm!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Usa) on 11/05/2011 2072 posts

Heather, my two cents. Many reports of ACV successful for many condition, start with diluted, then increase. Also for topical treatment, otc povidone iodine can kill the fungus. No need to dilute, apply with q-tip. For internal, colloidal silver in water or food will kill infections. 2 or 3 drops 3% H2O2 in water will increase the depleted oxygen body levels and restore health and vigor.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Heather (North Of Boston, Ma) on 11/04/2011

I have a senior cat (16) who has ringworm and the pills have not worked. I'm going to try the diluted ACV but was wondering if it will sting her? Anyone have any issies w/side effects topically. I hated giving her the pills anyway b/c I was worried especially with an older cat the damage that might be done to the liver. Thanks for the tips!

Also, her littermate died about a month and a half ago and she has been licking a patch of her belly to the skin. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance to any response. She is an indoor cat if that makes a difference in regards to any suggestions.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tink's Family (Southern, Mo) on 10/28/2011

I have a 6 month of kitten named Tinkerbell who we adore! Tinkerbell has been very healthy up until recently when she took a trip to our vet to get spayed! She did amazing after the surgery and was almost healed when I found a spot of what my vet diagnosed (over the phone) from what I described as ringworm! I was furious because I have two children who had been exposed to it and it had to have come from the vet visit! I asked what to treat and was told any athletes foot medicine! I immediately googled to find out if it was safe and read that many people had no luck with this or vet medications!

I have been doing the ACV remedy for 5 days and thinks it's improving, but I'm not sure! I have been applying undiluted ACV three times a day with a cotton ball! We quarantined her to our garage because it is very contagious and we have a 3 year old and 5 month old! It peeled some hair and is really red and irritated! First it turned a brownish/red color! I wanted to know if anyone knows if it is better to dilute the ACV or use it full strength? She hasn't acted like it hurt and is still eating well! Please Help! We love her and want her back inside with us as soon as possible! Thanks!!!

Motor Oil
Posted by Mylu (California, Missouri) on 09/20/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Mortor oil does work for mange. Used it 2 months ago dog is clear and healthy.

Washing Soda
Posted by Denise (Charleston, South Carolina Usa) on 09/11/2011

Try tamanu oil. My daughter had a horrible case of ringworm and it was completely gone in 3 days! Tamanu oil has many uses. I swear by it.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kara (Anderson, In) on 08/24/2011

Wow.. This is a wonderful site. My questions/concerns come from a diagnosis from the doctor that my daughter has tinea versicolor. I asked her where this comes from.. She said it's a form of fungus and then she asked if we had pets. I told her we have 2 dogs and she said it most likely came from them. My daughter is taking topical treatment, but my search on the internet for a more cost effective treatment for my dog, brought me to this site.

My question is.. Is tinea versicolor the same thing as ringworm? I want to try the ACV treatment and wonder if it is ok to apply even if I havent had him diagnosed by a vet? He is a 3 lb chihuahua and I see hairloss on his underside and a lot of "circles" on his bare skin, although they are not raised or flaky (just like my daughter's symptoms). So, any feedback would be great to let me know if it is ok to apply ACV to his areas. Thanks!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Natasha (West Beach, Australia) on 07/15/2011

i do not see any signs of ringworm on my cat but I have them on my body, can cats carry it but not show it ? I am going to try the Apple Cider Vinegar and tea tree oil on myself seeing as the creams dont work.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Janell (Allen, Tx) on 07/12/2011

In response to Kate from Adelaide, Australia: COCONUT OIL

I have been suffering with reoccurring ringworm for at least 5 years. When you took the coconut oil internally did that help you completely get rid of the ringworm? If so how much of it do you take? Your advice seems to be very helpful because I need something to treat myself internally. I need to get rid of this horrible plague! Thank you for all of your help!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Kate (Adelaide, Australia) on 06/20/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Apple cider vinegar orally diluted x3 ratio works really well, but although it works well topically I wouldn't suggest it over coconut oil. ACV can dry out their natural oils if perhaps you apply too much or there is a mis-diagnosis eg. Ringworm is often diagnosed in cases of mites and even just eczema! Don't worry about ring worm spores being digested either, stomach acids kill it off, regardless it would need to be a hugely serious fungal infection to spread internally and usually through their bottom anyway! Coconut oil is not only good for their skin, but it's really good for them to digest too... It reduces risk of a massive amount of things like cancer, digestion, and heart /thyroid/metabolism problems! And it's the same with humans :)

Posted by Jenny (Fall River, Ma) on 05/18/2011

could you please email me with the info also? Thank You, JV

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Donna (Carlisle, Arkansas) on 05/01/2011

just wanted to tell you have been giving my two english bulldogs organic raw Apple Cider Vinegar. And it is the best thing I have ever used I put a tsp 3x day in there food or you can put a tsp in there water.. I also clean there ears out with it.. It keeps them so clean... I also use it for tear stains it is clearing both of my dogs from the tear stain.. I even take it myself.. For acid reflux.. I haven't had an episode sense I have been taking it..... And it's all Natural.. Love it!! It does a whole lot more stuff too... Just google _____s Apple cider Vinegar... It will tell you about it.. you can get it at any health food store or Kroger grocerie store..:)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Linda (Yucca Valley, Ca, Usa) on 01/30/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I've fed apple cider vinegar mixed in food to cats with no problems. It works well to help older cats digest food. The claim that apple cider vinegar ate through a dog's stomach is ridiculous. Stomach acid is a lot stronger than any vinegar.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Genienne (West Palm Beach, Fl) on 10/30/2010

My kitten has several spots of ringworm and we have tried everything the vet had to offer - pills, creams, dips - for several months but it just gets worse. So now I am searching for natural cure (should have started with this! ). I read about the coconut oil which I have right here so I put it on his spots, but he has been licking non-stop (it IS yummy, I know), but I'm worried that a) he licked it all off, and b)he now has all the spores in his belly - will that make it spread MORE??

Lime Sulphur Dip
Posted by Carole (Arroyo Grande, California, Usa) on 10/15/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I volunteer for Animal Services and foster cats and kittens. What we use for ringworm is sulfurated lime rinses. It's not popular with the cats, and it smells like sulfur (rotten eggs), and has to be done fairly often for a substantial amount of time but it apparently works. I haven't used it, but other volunteer fosters have used it. One brand name is Derma Pet. Hope this helps.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Robert (Ukiah , Ca) on 10/04/2010

If you think that apple cider vinegar can't be fed internally you need to do more research. Just read a bag of dog food it is an ingredient in alot of high end and holistic dog foods... Come on learn a little before you open your mouths... If you aren't a vet don't act like one...

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Laurie5677 (Sumter, Sc) on 08/29/2010

I can't imagine anyone saying Apple Cider Vinegar is not good to ingest for anyone. My mother in law has been drinking it for years and diluted for pets helps with so many issues. If the pet is coughing it is more likely a smell issue, back of the throat kind of thing. Try a more diluted solution. Try sticking your nose in a bottle and taking a whiff their senses are many times more sensitive. I hear things like this from conventional users all the time. One capful to a cup should work for most issues in a pet.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Susan (Dallas, Tx) on 08/28/2010

I am sure the treatment is topical. I would never give it to my animal to drink. Use common sense!

Gentian Violet
Posted by Liana (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) on 08/02/2010
5 out of 5 stars

My cat had ringworm that threw me into a panic as an amimal shelter north of Toronto began euthanizing dogs and cats after the outbreak until people began demonstrating and the shelter stopped killing their charges. I found the following remedy against ringworm on the internet and had excellent results: Gentian Violet topical solution (USP 1%).

First I used a q-tip to apply the GV solution. In a week or so, the balding spots on the cat seemed to improve. But then, the cat developed other bald spots which I understood was symptomatic of ring worm. I then encased my hand in a plastic bag, put around a tablespoonful of the GV solution on his balding spots and stroked his fur with it against the grain. I did this once a day for about a month. Now his bald spots are 95% gone and his fur has grown back, looking the way it was pre-ring worm attack. I am truly ecstatic with the results, and I have no doubt, so is the cat. The cat has had purple skin for a while because of the solution but does not seem to be bothered by it at all. Apple cider vinegar did not work well as he promptly scooted away as soon he smelled it. Btw, the cost per 15 ml bottle at the local pharmacies was CDN$5. 00 to $7. 00. I used 3 bottles only.

Neem Oil
Posted by Mom Of Dom And Dice (Royersford, Pennsylvania) on 05/05/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Absolutely YEA! Dice came from rescue with sarcoptic mange, it eventually infected Domino as well. Months of pesticide treatment to no avail. Went to Wholefoods, they reccomended Neem Oil. After 2 weeks of treatment, the boys started growing their hair back! The itching and red areas subsided, and we got to have our puppies back! And they got to have their good lives back! I will occasionally use this oil treatment for hot spots, and we use Neem Soap for bathing in Spring and Summer, it helps keep mosquitoes off of them too! Although the smell is something that takes getting used to, it wears away... It appears that Dice may have ringworm (small patch) on his belly, so he is getting NEEM bath today and a treatment tonight of the pure oil from Wholefoods... I 100% support this treatment for a braod spectrum of skin issues in dogs! :) Also, no harm in them licking it, it is natural!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by John (Colorado Springs, Colorado) on 04/13/2010

I've always heard of a ACV treatment for topical means but I've never seen it in oral mean.I'd imagine ingesting ACV would be pretty disgusting and would cause this. I've been fighting a fungal infection in my cat and Verbac shampoo seemed to work right off the bat but then it came back during treatment. Then we switched recently to terbinafide hydrochloride (Lotramin) and that just turned my cat into a zombie. I switched vets and he gave her griseofulvin 250mg (30 days) and Prednisone (20 days) for for the itch. That looked like it was working for a little over a month with new hair growth. We decided to keep two more weeks with the griseofulvin pills but she shortly developed more spots. So, 20 days of prednisone again and keeping the griseofulvin 250mg.That's where we are 1 years in. Maybe after this I'll try the ACV topically. However, by all account she should have been cured by now.

Oregano Oil, Colloidal Silver
Posted by Aaron S (Somewhere, Mn) on 02/27/2010
5 out of 5 stars

my cat had ringworm on here ears and on the nose right below the eyes, she already had some of those baths that make her smell bad for 2 months and turn yellow from the vet but it came back a month later.Im sure it would of worked with a few more baths but the cat smelled awful and it costed 50 bucks a bath, well I tried organic extra virgin coconut oil on my cat and it actually made it worse, I think because its too oily and moist that it made the stuff grow more,I also tried cider vinegar (on one ear) but that stung too bad so I didn't do that again.

I got rid of it with aloe and a few drops of oil of oregano and a few drops of colloidal silver and that got rid of it fast. I took about 1 half ounce of 100 percent aloe gel the kind you can drink then I put about 3 drops of oil of oregano in it (the kind that is diluted with olive oil already)- the bottle says its 25%oil of oregano and 75%olive oil) then 4 drops of colloidal silver put it on her twice a day for the first few days then once a day until it was gone. keep it out of the eyes aloe hurts eyes(I got it in my eyes once) I also think this will help with fleas around the ears but my cat hasn't had any.

Head and Shoulders Shampoo
Posted by Jade (Murrieta, Ca) on 02/17/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I foster lots of dogs and cats and have occasional outbreaks of ringworm and mange. It was not uncommon for one of my family members to get ringworm from the affected pets. A nurse at a local hospital suggested we try head and shoulders shampoo...just wash hair as directed, and any affected areas. Within days the rash is gone.

We tried the same thing on the pets and got the same results. For ringworm, wash pet and let it soak for about five minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat every couple of days.

For Mange, apply shampoo to coat and work up a lather. Let sit for 10 minutes to kill mites. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat every three days as needed till rash is gone.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Zillah (Toowoomba, Qld) on 02/11/2010

You might want to look into acne. Feline acne looks like sooty black stuff, usually on the chin. If you think that might be it, stop using plastic feeding bowls, they harbour the bacteria that cause the acne. Use metal/glass/china bowls and it should clear up.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Raberdash (Ely, Nevada) on 01/06/2010

Regarding Michael's comment: The information about the dog dying from ACV was obtained from a friend who knew this person. Obviously, the dog has since been buried and an autopsy is out of the question. However, given the fact that MY dogs suffered from incessant hacking from only 1 tsp. of ACV in their food (well-diluted, mind you), I would not recommend it for internal use in dogs. Nevertheless, I would be interested in knowing at what dose Michael uses for his dogs.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Michael (Riverside, Ct, Usa) on 01/05/2010

Sorry, but I really question this post and wonder if its appropriate content for this website: that "apple cider vinegar ate through the lining of a dog's stomach and killed him". Unless you are torturing a dog by making him drink large quantities of undiluted apple cider vinegar, this just ain't going to happen. I have been giving dogs diluted apple cider vinegar in small quantities for years without any problems.

Please have your friend send us the autopsy results proving that apple cider vinegar killed the dog and I will pay more attention.

Kyrie's Remedies
Posted by Raberdash (Ely, Nevada) on 01/05/2010

Please tell me the formula for the sea salt/water mixture for ringworm in pets. This appeals to me much more than Neem oil. Coconut oil didn't work for my puppy's paws because she kept licking it off! (It did work around her eyes, however.)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Raberdash (Ely, Nevada) on 01/05/2010
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I tried giving my dogs (9 months, 10 and 12 years old, respectively) ACV in their food. I only gave them 1 tsp. per day. After two days, they all started hacking, and kept my husband and I awake all night. I stopped the ACV, gave them some cold pressed barley pills (three each), and they have slept through the night since. The hacking completely resolved in a day. A friend told me that ACV actually ate through the stomach of another friend's dog and killed him. I am going to try the ACV TOPICALLY and diluted for my 9 month old's ringworm, but would caution anyone against giving it orally to any animal.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Gdsmkg (Las Vegas, Nv, USA) on 12/24/2009
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After adopting a very sick cat from SPCA, he had ear mites, mange, ring worm. I first tried the borax mixture that I found on here, saw a little improvement but not much. Tried olive oil in the ears, was very soothing but didn't seem to do much.

Then I tried one capful of natural apple cider vinegar to a cup of water. I took a cotton ball, dipped it in the mixture, rang it out good. Then cleaned his ears with a slightly moist cotton ball. Within a couple of days I saw a big difference in his ear grime.

So then I thought I would try it for the mange and ring worm, I took the mixture, and soaked his ear good. I also wet the areas where there was the most flakiness and crusty flakes. Again within a week, big improvement! I highly recommend anyone to try this, but for him I couldn't use full strength. Just the smell made him puke on the spot.

One capful is all you need to one cup tepid water, it worked so well. I imagine you could also use it in a spray bottle and spray around the house, wherever he hangs out. They also liked me, so I used full strength on myself for ring worm and mange mites.

Milk From a Fig Leaf
Posted by Allison (Houston, Tx) on 12/22/2009
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I tried the sap (milk) from the fig trees for my ringworm problem on myself once a day for three days consecutively. Not only was it painful after the second application when the enzyme started to digest my skin, but it burned the skin off the area and left it raw. I gave it one more application bearing the pain hoping it will get rid of the ringworm. But it did not. I really thought it would work as I figure that the sap from fig trees are powerful enzymes that digest proteins, similar to bromalain and papain, enzymes from the pineapple and the papaya. Thus I strongly caution against trying this on your pets because their skins are much more delicate and this remedy would be extremely painful and animals don't have the verbal capacity to tell you that it is hurting them.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Raberdash (Ely, Nevada Usa) on 12/21/2009

Regarding the use of green walnuts for ringworm in cats posted on 07/06/08: My understanding is that walnuts are toxic to cats. Are green walnuts exempt?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Justmejlc (Dartmouth, Ma) on 11/28/2009

Glad I found this site. I am not sure if my cat has ringworm or not. About 5 days ago I noticed a ring around his mouth. At first I thought he was under my car in the garage and the mark was from oil. It looks like he has a black smile ring under his mouth. A little above his mouth also. It is the weekend so the vet is closed. I looked at picture online of ringworm and it doesn't look like that. I am stumped. I will try applying apple cider vineger for the next two days. I imagine it is safe because he may lick it being near his mouth. Has anyone else ever seen this? He is otherwise healthy and flea-free.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jemsie6 (Ballina Mayo Ireland, Ireland) on 10/25/2009

i have had 7 kittens since june 2009 all being treated with a liquid remedy. 4 have cleared and am now left with three. one of these has ringworm in the ear - the other two have it around the eye area. how do i apply the apple cider vinegar, which sounds amazing, around the eye are without getting it in the eyes? i have four kittens 3 weeks old coming in tomorrow with ringworm and really dont want to have them spend their first months being caged when its not necessary

think this is an amazing site
thank you for any helpful advice


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