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Posted by Ann Marie (Indianapolis, Indiana USA) on 12/30/2008


Garlic (& other onion-like plants) are REALLY NOT that good for cats. It adversely affects their blood cells.

Replied by Mark
(Exeter, United Kingdom)
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@Ann Marie (Indianapolis, Indiana USA)

Hi it appears that the myth of garlic applies to cats as well as dogs.

I used to make garlic water and then store it in a 500ml glass bottle refridgerated. For my cat I was pulled up approx 0.2ml of garlic water and squirt and mix into his food. No adverse reactions, but remember having to start at a low dose and build up a little ech day. I also used to boil fresh parsley for 3 mins the strain and bottle that water using a teaspoonof that in food, as parsley would help cleanse the kidneys (Dr Hulda Clark).

Not only is garlic good for fleas but I use it successfully on myself and my dog (bitch) for tooth abcess, we both were in a bad way with a leak rendering us from 'normal' to intoxicated within seconds by posion from the tooth seeping out the tooth & down thraot, using garlic, within 24hrs I was 90% better with the next day normal again, a little longer for pugsley as I had a much bigger dosage, both sorted and with out the liver bashing and flora gut masssacre we would have endured taking 'anti-biotics', a wonderful anti-biotic for family, children and 4 legged friends.

All the nay sayers who post here have read a scare story or 2 written by profit making businesses, selling synthetic copies of organic meds, whose profits will suffer when / if garlics healing potential is whole heartedly acknowledged.

Don't you think the holistic vets and also the pet lovers who use and praise garlic hold more weight than a written statement thats regurgitated by a worry wort?? (intentions may be good but really its holding back the truth based on shoddy research quite frankly).

One more thing, Vets have access to extremely cheap medications that are just as good as the top shelf expensive meds.

Some vets will offer euthenasia if 'bills' cant be paid for due to greedy vaccine, meds extortion fees. The vaccine and pharma corps forbid them from offering the affordable meds to lower income pet homes. If they start to dish out cheaper alternatives then EVERYONE will want cheaper therefore massive profit drops!! Also a vet practice will pay little over £1 per vile of vaccine (USA approx $0.80), so a £70 injection is not only toxic un-needed abuse to your pet but also pure profit for vets. Over half a vets annual income is vaccine related-hence the yearly illegal boosters (dont even accept the 3 yearly vaccine) puppy jabs for dogs and cats WILL LAST THEM THEIR LIFETIME!! Vaccine toxicity will show its self 3 months after the injection- which removes the vaccines from accusation coz 3 months is long time but im sure lots of you will be able to marry current illnesses to a start point 3 monts after a vaccine injection.

please see .....http://www.petwelfarealliance.org/

scientific eveidence and the fight to stop vaccine abuse.



Thanks, Mark

Replied by Jeff
(Willits Ca)

Garlic is NOT an onion like food!!

Posted by Janice (Bodmin, Cornwall, UK) on 11/30/2008

my gran used to breed dogs for crufts many years ago, she told me she never brought flea or worm products but used cloves of garlic chopped up and put with the dog food once a month,i was dubious about this old wives tale, but there is always an element of truth in the old tales, ive tried garlic on my four dogs, ages ranging fom 16 down to 5 months, they are all healthy, havent seen no fleas or worms, im a believer.

Replied by Lori

How much garlic a day for fleas for my puppy 2 months old?

Posted by Nena (Johnson City, TN) on 11/25/2008

i have use garlic on my dog for years and they have no fleas and very heathly.and havent had to treat my home for fleas in years and i bath them in tea tree shampoo that adds to help flealess in tenn....just a speakle of garlic powder on their food each day

Posted by Karen (Hillsdale, Mi.) on 10/08/2008

I have been having flea problems also, so I search and search for things to use naturally...Garlic kept coming up...so, I took out the garlic powder, and rubbed it into my cats furr starting around the neck and head area, making sure not to get into eyes and such. Then worked it down under the belly area and back. I waited a few hours, and checked them...no fleas!!

Posted by Simon (Panama City, Florida) on 09/13/2008

Yea: It is true garlic is the trick for fleas. Last lear we treated our three dog repeatedly with the usual brands of flea control but they couldn't keep up. This year a friend recomended the garlic. He said they have used this remedy for years. Its safe and it works. We mix the garlic in with their food and they love it. I think it helps with tics and mosquitos as well.

Replied by Marge
(Land O Lakes, Fl, usa)

how long before you saw an improvement with the fleas?

Replied by Shore1204
(North Cape May, New Jersey)

I am having the worst time with fleas this year. I have bathed my dogs in the lavendar dog shampoos, used advantage 11& armor spot treatments and cant seem to keep them away. My poor choc. Lab has it worst to where she is starting to lose hair. She dosent like the vet every vet I try is patient with her but I do not want to stress her out on top of what she is going through. What can I do. Somebody please help me.

Replied by Debbie
(Brighton, Uk)

Dogs and fleas........ Give raw garlic daily. Half to one clove, depending on dogs size. Also, DE. = Diatomaceous Earth. Must be food grade. Mix in probiotic yogurt and feed. DE can also, be used around the house etc.

Posted by Jess (Polkton, NC) on 07/01/2008

garlic pills cured my dogs fleas just give it 2 daily

Posted by Kathy (Cypress, TX) on 06/13/2008

NO MORE FLEAS. To keep fleas off my 70 lb. dog, I juice fresh raw garlic and add 1/8 teaspoon of it to a raw egg yolk. He eats it joyfully. NO MORE FLEAS. Fleas hate the smell of garlic. I may carefully increase the amount of garlic juice some in the future because he is 70 lbs. He eats his food joyfully. He also loves greens such as Alfalfa powder, Wheatgrass powder, Barley powder, etc. Dogs need greens too!

Posted by Kathy (Cypress, TX) on 06/13/2008

To keep fleas off my 70 lb. dog, I juice fresh raw garlic and add 1/8 teaspoon of it to a raw egg yolk. He eats it joyfully. NO MORE FLEAS. Fleas hate the smell of garlic. I may carefully increase the amount of garlic juice some in the future because he is 70 lbs. He eats his food joyfully. He also loves greens such as Alfalfa powder, Wheatgrass powder, Barley powder, etc. Dogs need greens too!

EC: Read much more about Garlic for Dogs here, including the reported controversy.

Posted by Koni (London, UK) on 01/19/2008

I have been sprinkling garlic powder on my dogs (home cooked) food since I got him aged 6 months. He's never had a flea. Recentley I ran out (of GP) and it was a week before I replaced it (me casually thinking all would be ok) During that week he got worms, when I put him back on the Garlic Powder the worms were eradicated. It works for me.

Posted by Tried Everything (Austin, TX) on 06/29/2007

I tried to feed my dogs garlic in order to rid them of fleas (according to some postings I read), but it really didn't work. My boys were sick all night, they threw up and didn't want to eat. Where I live, flea infestation is no joking matter. I hate to buy the medicine vets recommend because it's really toxic and not to mention that it gets expensive. I was really hoping that this would work, but it obviously didn't.

Posted by Tom (Providence, RI) on 04/14/2007

I have given each of my two dogs (retriever family, 2 and 5 yo) a clove of freshly pressed garlic every day in their dinner. They are never sick. They do Not have fleas and I DO NOT USE commerical flea/tick products which are carcinogenic and neurotoxins, and the dogs are doing great. I have not had their red blood count tested and perhaps I should. Another ? for the holistic vet I guess.

Posted by Gavin (Killarney Vale, N.S.W. Australia) on 03/10/2007

I have fed my Dingo cross bred 1 clove of garlic thinly sliced in his nightly bowl of dry food for 3 weeks so far to cure flea infestation. I have tried both top brand remedies available in Australia, (Frontline & Advantage) to no avail.The dog laps it up and the fleas have gone. No side effect so far. He does not smell like an Italian restaurant, however his coat is also very shiny. Is this too much as I have heard that Garlic is both good & bad. Most reports of bad seem to come from Vets who would lose money by not selling/promoting their sponsored product.

Keep Dryer Lint Filter Clean

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Posted by Pamela (Huron, South Dakota) on 11/13/2012

We discovered, after fighting fleas from June until November, that our DRYER WAS HALF THE PROBLEM! We were dragging back in loads of folded, clean laundry full of clean, fresh, healthy fleas every time we washed bedding, towels, clothing, robes, blankets, pillows, you name it. CHECK YOUR LINT TRAP TO SEE IF THEY'RE ALIVE. Ours were.

Replied by Wendy
(Columbus, Oh/usa)

All the more reason to remove ALL lint from the lint trap after using the dryer each and every time! And, one could also clean the lint trap in white vinegar. I also have been adding Eucalyptus liquid soap to my wash which kills fleas. And, it smells good! (The smell does not stay on the clothes).

Replied by Linda
(Grover Beach, Ca)

I read the comment about the Dryer and I don't know if their dryer is on a 'cooler' temperature or not, but I've been killing fleas left & right by throwing anything that can be put in the dryer & dried on High Heat. I clean the lint trap after each time, yes, and ALL of the little buggers are DEAD, FRIED FLEAS. I do like the Eucalyptus smell idea though. I've been chipping my Euc tree and spreading it on the yard and it seems to help in the front, but my little girl doesn't go out there so will have to bring some around the back. Also going to use Cedar Chips on the yard & in flower beds as they are good mulch and kill a number of pests.

A lot of the other ideas on here sound pretty good, another faux pax was the Borax boric acid. Borax 20 Mule Team powder soap Isn't "boric acid". Boric Acid is very toxic as someone else said. Borax is Laundry detergent & heavy duty grease remover hand soap. But it does kill them in your carpets.

A substitute for Diatomaceous Earth is the 'ashes' from your fireplace really well burned down to powder. Not as hard on humans or pets I wouldn't think. (Used in old days in process of making Soap.) Does 'puff' a bit when you mow the lawn.

Lemongrass is the plant that Citronella comes from and trimming the leaves off, then boiling them for 30 minutes and letting the liquid cool and using the liquid as a Rinse for your pet works great. Soothing and the Fleas Flee down the drain. Depending on how much plant leaves you have, I had a 4 qt pot and a 2 qt pot full of leaves that I filled with water on each. Set the water to heat up to boil, then simmer at just barely bubbling 30 minutes. Keep adding water to keep the level at the same as you started. At the end of 30 minutes, or you can do for longer if you want it more concentrated, let it cool then take out the leaves. Pour solution into pour bottles, spray bottles (for bedding, or onto pet - it smells like lemons) or into a 'yard sprayer'. In between baths you can use this to 'hit the hiding spots' and comb through with flea comb in the bath tub. However, the batch I've made is a yellow color, it didn't seem to change her champagne color hair but test it on 'white' pets in a inconspicuous place first just in case. You can leave this on the pet, furniture, carpet, bedding. It will wash out and you can reapply as often as you want or need.

Still fighting the fight! What was Noah thinking letting 2 Fleas onto the Ark???

Lavender Oil

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Posted by Cathy (Lakeside, Ca) on 02/19/2015

For dogs with any nervous or stress related condition, including fleas, rub one drop lavender on pads of each foot or rub a drop on ears. They calm down, stop licking and scratching.. And sleep. (Do not use cheap scented perfume oils, these are toxic! Only good quality essential oils.) Some oils actually repel fleas and ticks. Don't use too much, they are potent and dogs don't like strong odors.

Lavender Oil
Posted by Dee (Fresno, California) on 11/24/2012

My dog started to get really bad fleas and she was constantly scratching. I needed something to hold us over until a few days after her bath so I could give her frontline so I tried mixing about 10 drops of lavender essential oil with water in a spray bottle and spraying it directly on her and brushing it through. She stopped scratching almost completely the second day I used it. I don't think I'll be using the frontline anymore.