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Posted by Mark (Exeter, United Kingdom) on 11/15/2015 12 posts
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@Ann Marie (Indianapolis, Indiana USA)

Hi it appears that the myth of garlic applies to cats as well as dogs.

I used to make garlic water and then store it in a 500ml glass bottle refridgerated. For my cat I was pulled up approx 0.2ml of garlic water and squirt and mix into his food. No adverse reactions, but remember having to start at a low dose and build up a little ech day. I also used to boil fresh parsley for 3 mins the strain and bottle that water using a teaspoonof that in food, as parsley would help cleanse the kidneys (Dr Hulda Clark).

Not only is garlic good for fleas but I use it successfully on myself and my dog (bitch) for tooth abcess, we both were in a bad way with a leak rendering us from 'normal' to intoxicated within seconds by posion from the tooth seeping out the tooth & down thraot, using garlic, within 24hrs I was 90% better with the next day normal again, a little longer for pugsley as I had a much bigger dosage, both sorted and with out the liver bashing and flora gut masssacre we would have endured taking 'anti-biotics', a wonderful anti-biotic for family, children and 4 legged friends.

All the nay sayers who post here have read a scare story or 2 written by profit making businesses, selling synthetic copies of organic meds, whose profits will suffer when / if garlics healing potential is whole heartedly acknowledged.

Don't you think the holistic vets and also the pet lovers who use and praise garlic hold more weight than a written statement thats regurgitated by a worry wort?? (intentions may be good but really its holding back the truth based on shoddy research quite frankly).

One more thing, Vets have access to extremely cheap medications that are just as good as the top shelf expensive meds.

Some vets will offer euthenasia if 'bills' cant be paid for due to greedy vaccine, meds extortion fees. The vaccine and pharma corps forbid them from offering the affordable meds to lower income pet homes. If they start to dish out cheaper alternatives then EVERYONE will want cheaper therefore massive profit drops!! Also a vet practice will pay little over £1 per vile of vaccine (USA approx $0.80), so a £70 injection is not only toxic un-needed abuse to your pet but also pure profit for vets. Over half a vets annual income is vaccine related-hence the yearly illegal boosters (dont even accept the 3 yearly vaccine) puppy jabs for dogs and cats WILL LAST THEM THEIR LIFETIME!! Vaccine toxicity will show its self 3 months after the injection- which removes the vaccines from accusation coz 3 months is long time but im sure lots of you will be able to marry current illnesses to a start point 3 monts after a vaccine injection.

please see .....http://www.petwelfarealliance.org/

scientific eveidence and the fight to stop vaccine abuse.



Thanks, Mark

Posted by Josh H. (Portland, Or, Usa) on 08/31/2011
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I noticed that you are recommending adding garlic to every meal your dog eats to help prevent flea and tick infestations. At one point, I was a small business owner and one of my products was all-natural dog biscuits. Despite the fact that most DIY dog biscuit recipes call for garlic as an ingredient, I found out through further research that this is actually very harmful to the dogs. Garlic, onions and many other alliums contain a particular natural chemical that builds up in a dog's kidneys over the course of their life. This build up can eventually lead to kidney failure or death for the animal. It has also been known to cause a rare form of kidney cancer in some dogs. This is something that I thought you should know....

Thanks, Josh

Posted by Ann Marie (Indianapolis, Indiana USA) on 12/30/2008
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Garlic (& other onion-like plants) are REALLY NOT that good for cats. It adversely affects their blood cells.

Posted by Tried Everything (Austin, TX) on 06/29/2007
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I tried to feed my dogs garlic in order to rid them of fleas (according to some postings I read), but it really didn't work. My boys were sick all night, they threw up and didn't want to eat. Where I live, flea infestation is no joking matter. I hate to buy the medicine vets recommend because it's really toxic and not to mention that it gets expensive. I was really hoping that this would work, but it obviously didn't.