Rabies Vaccine Side Effects in Dogs

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects

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Posted by Dog Momma (Cleveland, Oh) on 06/15/2017

My 4 year old mini-goldendoodle had a rabies booster (defensor 3) yesterday afternoon. That evening, he didn't seem himself, but we thought he should be a bit off after getting injections. Our neighbor children stopped by to sell car wash tickets. When they rang the door bell, Bauer did not go to the door (he has never not gone to the door before). When he saw who it was, he acted afraid and refused to greet them. We again blew it off. This morning we were getting ready for work when we told him that he need to go pee before we left. I opened the back door to let him out and he again acted very afraid. He went to our couch and sat looking terrified. When I went to the couch, I sat down about an arm length away, but he didn't come to me. After a few minutes, I feared I would be late for work, so I reached out to him and he moved as far back as he could, showed me his teeth with a low growl and attempted to bite me. I quickly moved away and said nothing to him. Shortly after, my husband came into the room and I told him what happened. He repeated the same behavior. This is very unusual as our dog has never in 4 years ever tried to harm us or bite us. He even allowed the vet to scrape tarter off his teeth while calmly sitting on the table the day before. I decided to stay home and called our vet. The response I got was that she had never heard of behavior problems from rabies vaccines and it was likely related to pain. I assured her that I know he is not in pain, we have been through a broken leg, a torn MCL and bleeding gastritis, in addition to previous vaccines. This is not how my dog behaves in pain. He easily jumps on and off the furniture, is eating and drinking. He is not in severe pain to warrant aggression. A bit later, our housekeeper arrived. He greated her happily, laid on his back for belly rubs and seemed normal. About 20 min later, he looked out the front window, saw her car, started barking and ran to the garage door to meet her...but she was already in the living room standing behind her. He seemed so confused. So I called a larger vet center. The vet there told me that he must be in pain and mad at me for taking him to the vet! I felt so defeated. No one would listen to my concerns. I finally called a holistic veterinarian and have an appointment this afternoon to be evaluated and treated. I am highly concerned that behavioral issues after a vaccination is being ignored by medical professionals that I trust my baby to.

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Theresa (Tustin, California) on 05/22/2017

On Saturday May 13,2017 my six year old yorkie was given her shots, including rabies and has been sick now for a whole week. shortly after bringing her home form the Vet in Lake Forest California she just didn't seem to be feeling well, then the next day the diarrhea started and we can't get rid of it. The vet doesn't seem to be too interested in helping us. I will never get any vaccinations for my dog again.


Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Jana (California) on 05/14/2017

My 5 pound dog lost hair all over her body the day after her rabies vaccine. She also developed black spots all over. She doesn't seem in pain. I am taking her to vet and I am really worried. It could be autoimmune reaction to the vaccine. I tried to report the reaction but USDA site doesn't work. The vaccine manufacturer is Merial.

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Breezy (Beach Nd) on 04/25/2017

February of 2016 my 10 year old English Setter, Doti, had symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as swelling starting in her jowls going to head, neck and ears. This was proceeded by severe vomiting and diarrhea, and not eating or drinking which resulted in dehydration. I asked my vet if the rabies vaccination which she had gotten 7 days earlier was the cause and she said no, it had been too long since vaccination. Doti ended up in the vet hospital for two days where they gave her innerveineous liquids and prednisone and she came out of it ok. However she has had some weakness in her hindquarters since, which I thought was due to her age. This year, April 2017 she had the booster to the Rabies vaccination (I had let the time lapse so she was given a "one year" shot in 2016)Sure enough 6 days later she started swelling in her jowls and it moved to her head. I called my vet and said she had the same symptoms she had suffered the year before and it was the same amount of time after her rabies shot. I asked if it could be the rabies shot, she said, no it has been too long since the vaccination. The vet told me to give her Benadryl and if she got worse to bring her in. Doti did get swelling in her head and later her ears and a little in the skin of her throat and neck, but with the Benadryl she did improve. That was Thursday, by Sat. she started vomiting and having diarrhea. Along with other symptoms such as lethargy, fever, eyes starring, aloofness (not wanting to come in house even at night which is very unusual) some confusion. However she did continue to drink this time and did not get dehydrated. By Monday she was eating a small amount and acting more like herself. She did start to swell a little in her lips, but I gave her more Benadryl and it has gone down. Today (Tues.) she is doing much better, much more perkier, seems more herself and is eating and keeping it down. In researching reactions to rabies vaccination I learned reactions can appear weeks or months after the vaccination and the symptoms she had are very typical. I feel my vet should have known this or at least researched to find more information on the reactions to Rabies vaccination. I just hope she does not have reoccurrence of symptoms or chronic problems from it. She has had severe arthritis since she was 5 and I see that is one of the chronic symptoms of vaccine reactions. She also had a cough when she was 2-4 which suddenly cleared up so might have been due to the vaccinations. I wish a vet would have told me of the possible reactions to the vaccine. I may have recognized them and stopped vaccinating her. I will be reporting this to my vet in Beach so she recognizes the symptoms and does not revaccinate again. I feel we were lucky (or blessed) that Doti did not develop more serious symptoms after the second vaccination.

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Tammy (Princeton, Wv) on 01/03/2017

I desperately need some immediate help and advice.

Our little 3 year dog received his rabies shot last Wednesday and almost immediately started drooling. (he only got the shot because they required it to neuter him) He wasn't his same self for days and by Saturday was struggling to go up the stairs. By Sunday morning his back legs were paralyzed. We rushed him to the animal hospital and they keep saying he must have injured a disk, however he hasn't been active since receiving the shot (along with the distemper vaccine).He is alive and on pain meds, steroids, and muscle relaxers but I am not seeing improvement.

What can I do??

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Tammy,

You might consider homeopathic remedies Thuja and also Silcea - google up on dosing, you should have no problem finding info about these two remedies. Also consider activated charcoal or bentonite clay - a tsp added to the food am and pm to help pull out toxins. Did he get neutered? One other thought is that during anesthesia all muscles are totally relaxed and can result in the animal waking up with all their bones out of adjustment/vertebra subluxation. You might consider a doggy chiro and should also seek out a holistic vet for vaccine repair.

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Connie (The Villages, Fl) on 11/16/2016

My dog that is 12 old and 2 years old had a reaction to the rabies vac .....right after it was give the first year. Seizure, loose stools, vomiting. This year he was pre medicated and same thing except he is having loose stools, blood from his rectum x4 weeks. This is off and on and it started that day. He goes several days normal and then it hits him again. We have him on pre digested food and no stress. He is miserable but our vet says it is unrelated

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Connie,

You might see if the homeopathic remedies Thuja and Silicea will help your pet. These remedies have been helpful in negating side effects from vaccines.

Replied by Monica

It's so sad, I keep reading more and more stories about these stupid vaccines hurting our dog babies. Of course these vets are going to keep saying what protects them, rather than our pets, who they are supposed to be protecting. I have had my dog started limping two weeks ago, but the shots were about 6 months ago, when he was neutered...so, it may seem like a far jump for me to say so, but I am very consistant with our walking routines, his foods, and our environment has been the same all 6 years since I found him....so the rabies vaccine will be due again in about 4 months and I am looking for any other options or any type of remedies we, as pet lovers can do that may help to alleviate the poisons/vaccines they force us to pump into their poor selves:( I don't trust any "Professional" (dr.'s) opinions since they have a vested interest in not admitting to the obvious(according to the endless stories of other dog owners in this thread).
Any advice is much appreciated.

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Gabriel (Sun City, California) on 10/15/2016

At 4 months Sophie Siberian Husky received her first rabies shot. Before she was fine and willing to be trained. After vaccine she does not listen, is very aggressive, is constantly biting on everything and anything, yelps for no reason, barks at my children and myself, strange dry sporatic cough and very hyper. I am so sad. She is a completely different dog that I loved so much.

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Saddoggiemommy (California) on 09/05/2016

We just took my 16 year old bichon mix to get a rabies shot at one of those mobile vets (nationally known) as the groomer would not take her without her current shot. I was hesitant cause for her age she is pretty spunky, and even though she has not had a reaction ever from it, she was 3 years younger when she got the last one. They gave her the shot and almost immediately she started to cry and limp, we rubbed the area hoping she just needed a few hours to feel better. Well it's the next day and she is so lethargic, she won't eat she urinating on the floor. She is walking around with her tail in between her legs. I am watching her like a hawk...I have a terrible feeling about this, and I'm sure I will be headed to an emergency vet today (of course its labor day and my vet isn't opened) I should have gone with my gut and just not had it done :(

Replied by Tiffany

I'm so sorry for this vaccination outcome for you and your dog, but it is expected. Over vaccination is a problem with all dogs and I've lost several because of over vaccination. I've learned however and I suggest you go to Dr. Wil Falconer, homeopathic vet web site: vitalanimal.com to learn all you can on vaccines for dogs. You will not be disappointed. There is nothing the vet can do but it is possible that Dr. Falconer has something on his website that can help you. His web site is a very good place to start your research. I'm thinking he might suggest a homeopathic medicine called Thuja Occidentalis to help your dog. It's made by BoIron or Hylands and available at health food store. Give 1 tab (rolled in cheese) 3 X's per day. Make sure your hands never touch the very small pellets as then they will be inactive. Hope its not too late for you to get a good response from Thuja (pronounced: Thu-Ya).

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Shannan (Az) on 11/16/2015

My 7th month old lab/border received the rabies vaccine on Wed night. She is still lethargic and won't eat. It's starting to really worry me. She just threw up a little tonight. I don't know what to do.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Shannan,

While it is possible you are seeing a side effect of the rabies vaccine, it is also possible your dog got exposed to distemper or parvo while at the vet's office. I would also contact the vet and let them know that your girl is experiencing a side effect and ask for their direction ... and also ask if there were any parvo or distemper dogs in the office that day. If this were my dog I would get some activated charcoal into her ASAP and begin treating for parvo.

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Krissy (California) on 07/13/2015

We have raised Weimaraners all our lives. We have had 3 die of renal failure within 2 weeks of getting rabies vaccines. Our young Weimaraner was induced to play with a thin skinned old man and his tooth, not a bite, nicked his forearm skin. The lying man reported a dog bite and now Animal Control is involved. I won't license or vaccinate my adopted and previously vaccinated dogs because I don't want them having the same fate as 3 of our who have died. Yes, many have not died, but 3 is too many. Especially since canine rabies has been eradicated from the USA. In a pickle and don't know what to do. They demand we license the dogs, doing that means we have to vaccinate. Now, what!

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Krissy!

I feel for your situation; being licensed anywhere requires a rabies vaccination. It is possible you can obtain a rabies waiver due to health conditions; discuss this with your veterinarian. While I have not had the pleasure of owning a weim, it sure does seem they are predisposed to vaccine reactions; based on this breed predisposition your vet may be OK with granting your dog a waiver.

Animal Control is involved and while distasteful it may be of benefit to cooperate. Is your dog under quarantine at present?

If you have animals over your city limit, you should find a way to immediately come into compliance with all city code. This may mean fostering some pets out for a spell of time. If you have a fence, make sure it is secure; if your property looks unkempt, clean it up and make it tidy. Now is not the time to fight a battle of ethics over how tall the grass is - just mow it, and do what it takes to be in compliance.

Part of compliance may mean your dog has to wear a muzzle. It is possible you can have a hearing to challenge such a requirement, or to challenge a 'dangerous dog' designation - particularly if you have a fair chance to explain the circumstances of the 'scratch'. As a sporting breed a certain amount of 'mouthiness' should be expected, but this breed trait may be surprising to thin skinned old men, so again if you can rationally and calmly explain the situation in a hearing you should do so. It might not hurt to obtain a legal opinion; google 'dog advocate lawyer' and similar and see what names come up.

If your puppy is a handful get training classes and CGC certification ASAP - prior to any hearing if possible.

Because you will be required to get rabies, plan ahead. Dose Thuja Occidentalis before the rabies vaccination and after, and continue dosing afterward for up to three days. Because you know the breed may have renal complications do a panel before the shot for a baseline, and then follow up to ensure your boy isn't crashing.

In my experience the key here is to satisfy A/C that you 1) do not have a rabid dog, 2) you do not have a dangerous dog and 3) you have a dog with health issues/breed disposition such that vaccination is not recommended by your vet/per your vet waiver.

Good luck and please report back!

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Julie (Vegas) on 05/29/2015

Death reported 6th days after my snooky got her booster & 3yrs rabies shot & something inserted thru her nostrils. She was 4yrs old under 4lbs shih tzu

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Beth (Wooster, Ohio) on 05/11/2015

I have a 6 year old lab mix. She received her rabies vaccination on April 23,2015. I have never had any issues with her health until after this shot. Her symptoms did not show until 4 days ago which would have been May 8,2015. She now seems to have lost functioning on the left side of her face and her motor skills are very bad. She seems way off balance and her left ear and left side of her lip does not move. She still seems happy and is eating ok and using the bathroom as usual but I am very concerned maybe she had a stroke or something is very wrong. I have contacted my vet but he ensures me that in his 28 years of practice he has never seen any reaction to a rabies shot as I have described. Please HELP!

Thanks, Beth

Replied by Katie
(Northport, Ny)

Contact a homeopathic vet immediately, do not wait! They are supposed to have excellent success in antidoting and possibly reversing the negative side effects of vaccinations, including rabies.

Replied by Katie

Beth, in case you don't know who to contact for homeopathic vet help, here are some suggestions. These vets are homeopaths and I believe they all do phone consultations too. Note: I've seen a number of articles written by Dr. Falconer on vaccinations and vaccination side effects in places like Dogs Naturally Magazine and on other places on the internet. I hope this helps you and your dog.

Dr. Will Falconer, DVM, 512-288-5400

Dr. Michael Dym, DVM 609-413-2194

Dr. Charles Loops, DVM 919-542-0442

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Kay (Jax, Fl, Usa) on 05/28/2014

With my new pup the state law requires a rabies vaccine to be given to dogs at the age of 4 months. I am concerned about injecting this vaccine into my pup. The breeder recommended if I could wait until the pup is six months the breeder felt it better. Any input?

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

I'm with your breeder on this one - wait until 6 months if you can, and if you aren't in a high risk area for rabies.

You will need the first rabies, and then at 1 year a booster; after that for the second year you can opt for the 3-year booster, which is identical to the 1 year booster but labeled differently [really]. You might wish to dose homeopathic Thuja Occidentalis 1 hour before the vaccination, and then immediately after the vaccination or as prescribed on the little bottle.

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Tonya (Northern Michigan, Usa) on 02/01/2014

Feb, 2012 I had my hound Roscoe vacinated with a "booster" for his rabies that the county requires. Roscoe was a very healthy, though elderly (12 yrs old) dog. He first showed signs that something was wrong within 2 months when a small rectangular area of his upper back at his shoulders started swelling. I suspected it was a fatty tumor, which my vet said was harmless... within two more months it appeared as 4 small "ball shaped growths on the rectangular area...

By August the original "balls" were the size of golf balls and were producing grape size similar "balls" on top of the original growths... My vet said "when he is uncomfortable enough we can let him go"... within the next two months the growths were tennis ball size and increased his original weight by 10#s... he had also lost his own body weight to where his ribs were starting to show, and his only joy was eating. Walking was hard as the growths were above his shoulder blades, where he had the injection.

December 1st I had already checked with other vets and they said "we can remove the growths" for aprox 830.00usd. I live on SSD and had no way of paying that money. No one takes payments anymore. So I had to say good by to my best friend who was so happy and healthy less than a year ago.

Thank you for letting me tell you about my dear Roscoe, a beautiful Plott Hound, I miss him everyday, and would never have approved his getting that vaccine if I had any idea that this was going to happen. Tonya

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Tonya!

I am so sorry for your loss of Roscoe :(

Thank you for sharing your story. I am sure like many Plotts, Roscoe was a very regal gentleman. The sky will be brighter tonight, now that Roscoe's star is shining down on us from the heavens.


Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Corgi Mum (Colo Spgs) on 10/13/2013

I had our 11yr old female Pemb Welsh Corgi vaccinated (rabies)--against my intuition. It was overdue because I was waffling. I had it done because the vet suggested it when taking her in for a sr dog check. A week and a half later, our Corgi was diagnosed with pancreatitis. She was treated and 6 months later, she ended up with end stage kidney disease and an autoimmune blood disease (can't remember the name right now, but her immune system was killing off all her red blood cells). I should have gone with my gut regarding the rabies vac!

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

I am very sorry for your loss, Corgi Mum.

Breeders know about adverse reactions with ivermectin and collie breeds, but by golly so should have your vet. It is astounding in this day and age that your vet prescribed an ivermectin drug without first doing an ivermectin sensitivity test.

There certainly is thinking that autoimmune hemolytic anemiahas a vaccine related component; in some states you can obtain a waver from your vet for senior animals to spare them rabies injections. I hope you get another corgi to heal your heart - and perhaps undertake seeking a new vet for this next generation.

It sounds like you were the best Mum ever to your fur kid - my condolences for your loss.

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