Rabies Vaccine Side Effects in Dogs

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Val (San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico) on 12/01/2009
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My 21 mo old 6 lb Female Papillon developed allergy symptoms, gastric problems, and some nervous, paranoid and insecure behavior soon after receiving a SQ rabies vaccine in her right shoulder. Symptoms were mild to begin with but worsened over the next several weeks. We initially treated with Children's Benadryl 12 mg orally TID. 5 weeks after being vaccinated, at the vaccine site she developed a large area of alopecia (2" wide by 3" long and appears to still be increasing in size) which is quite large for such a small dog. We started treating with Temeril-P 1 Tab BID and decreasing dose. She's near completion with her with the Temeril-P and has just started Pentoxifylline therapy o.25 ml BID (120 mg/ml). My Vet had it compounded into a liquid, due to the fact that it only comes in a non dividable time released coated caplet at the pharmacies. The gastric upset and itching has improved, though she is still foot licking and face rubbing. This is an extremely beautiful, well bred show dog, and beloved friend. I'm concerned about long term effects, and of the alopecia increasing in area and possibly affecting her beautiful ears and face. Anything more I can do to help insure she recovers completely?