Rabies Vaccine Side Effects in Dogs

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Krissy (California) on 07/13/2015

We have raised Weimaraners all our lives. We have had 3 die of renal failure within 2 weeks of getting rabies vaccines. Our young Weimaraner was induced to play with a thin skinned old man and his tooth, not a bite, nicked his forearm skin. The lying man reported a dog bite and now Animal Control is involved. I won't license or vaccinate my adopted and previously vaccinated dogs because I don't want them having the same fate as 3 of our who have died. Yes, many have not died, but 3 is too many. Especially since canine rabies has been eradicated from the USA. In a pickle and don't know what to do. They demand we license the dogs, doing that means we have to vaccinate. Now, what!

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Julie (Vegas) on 05/29/2015

Death reported 6th days after my snooky got her booster & 3yrs rabies shot & something inserted thru her nostrils. She was 4yrs old under 4lbs shih tzu

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Corgi Mum (Colo Spgs) on 10/13/2013

I had our 11yr old female Pemb Welsh Corgi vaccinated (rabies)--against my intuition. It was overdue because I was waffling. I had it done because the vet suggested it when taking her in for a sr dog check. A week and a half later, our Corgi was diagnosed with pancreatitis. She was treated and 6 months later, she ended up with end stage kidney disease and an autoimmune blood disease (can't remember the name right now, but her immune system was killing off all her red blood cells). I should have gone with my gut regarding the rabies vac!

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Yukidongo (North Carolina) on 07/31/2013

My Dad lost his Weimaraner to the Rabies Vaccine, as well. The dog was fine, taken to the vet for the routine Vaccines, and was paralyzed within hours of the shot, starting symptoms before he ever got out of the office! The paralysis is an ascending one and is caused BY the Rabies. It demyelinates the Central Nervous system, taking the myelin sheath off of the nerves. A dog might recover in several months with Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Co Q 10, and some fish oil. These contribute to the rebuilding of the sheath. This paralysis starts in the back ind and progresses forward until the dog is unable to move other than its head. IF the rabies progresses into the brain, the dog will die. The research is out there. Certain breeds, and older dogs do not need multiple rabies vaccines. The bloodwork for titre can be drawn and submitted to some licensing authorities as proof of vaccination. It is true. We are being forced to submit our dogs, our cats, and worse--our children--to unnecessary vaccination. The researchers estimated that the vaccinations for rabies after the first 3 year shot last at least 10 years. I have witnessed the disease first hand as a result of vaccination, and read and heard about it from other people. It is very real and there is research to back it up. My animals stand less chance of coming into contact with a rabid animal than dying from the shot. I made the educated determination that regardless of ordinance, they will receive ONE, and be done. It isn't worth the risk to me.

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Patricia (Powhatan, Va) on 11/19/2012

My one year old male PBGV received his rabies vaccine on 10/22/2012. 6 days later, he began having epileptic seizures. My three year old, male PBGV had the same reaction 3 days after his rabies shot in 2011 and finally had to put to sleep to ease his misery. I want to report this but don't know where to send it. It was Fort Dodge, SN 1215357A. Three different vets have said the vaccination Did NOT cause it but in my heart, I feel it did.

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Melinda (Medford, Oklahoma, Usa) on 01/22/2012

My ten year old great pyrenese had a fantastic personality. She always bounced around when we came home like a big ole puppy. She was very healthy except for an ear infection, we took her to the vet and was asked if we wanted her to have a rabies vaccine, she hadn't had one in years. No one told us of the possible side effects. A week later she started limping on her right side and was having a large amount of uterine bleeding. Her appetite went downhill and she always had a great appetite, never showed any signs of infection or arthritis. The vet said she was badly dehydrated and had an invetro infection. They operated to remove her female parts. She never walked again, the vet said she seemed to have some neurological problems. At home she couldn't stand falling on her face, no control of her hind legs. She died in my arms three weeks after the rabies vaccine. My heart is broken, I really love her she was like my own little polar bear and my life will never be the same. I have since read up on the side effects of the vaccine and I know this is what killed her.

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Cindy (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 11/23/2011

Our 7 year old healthy Papillion was vaccinated and died in one week after a rabies vaccine given to him by our Vet who gave him a clean bill of health prior to administering the vaccine last Tuesday. He was not eating by Sunday night, and was no longer his bouncing, bubbly self. So Monday when we took him to the vet to have the lack of appetite, and energy noted in his file, we were shocked to hear that his system was shutting down, and he was on deaths door. His gums were yellow and he began to urinate blood! The vet gave him steroids to boost his immune system, and a blood transfusion to hold him overnight in hopes that he might improve. He said with the transfusion you will generally see an increase in red blood cells, but there was no response.

So on Tuesday morning he was given another blood transfusion and again continued to fail! The vet said our dog was totally unresponsive and if he should improve at that point (to which he said was slim to none) he would never be the same. It gave us no choice but to put him down. He never leaves our sight, our fenced yard, or the connection with our female Papillion. (Except for his shots) He eats home made organic food, His white blood cell count was good, and the vet said there was no internal bleeding. We cannot come up with any other explanation for his sudden death other than the rabies vaccine last Tuesday! Our female Papillion did not get the shot and she is fine! Thank GOD!

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Viv (Wixom, Mi. Usa) on 09/06/2010

I'm responding to you for two reasons: 1) I too, once lived in New Braintree, Ma, & 2) My Son's beautiful orange&white male cat was just put down today! Went to a Vets office because of a small flea problem, received a steroid shot, & since he hadn't been in a while to the Vets received other shots. Also, I want to add, the Vet told my son, "Other than a small flea problem, your cat is in perfect health. " This visit was on a Thursday, by Monday we, my son and myself had to put him down!!!! HOW HORRIBLE!

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Whitney (Chantilly, Va) on 06/10/2010

Death After Rabies Vaccine

My beloved, 14 year old indoor Persian cat had a reaction to 2 vaccines given together in 2000. She never had two shots together again, and she had an antihistamine before any shot, but I limited what vaccines she had. I wish she'd have had nothing further.

She had a 3 year rabies shot in 2006. She was due for a booster shot last August & I let the deadline pass. She had a great winter - eating like a champ.

After nearly a year away from any vet visits, I took her into a new vet for a check up on February 11, 2010. The vet assured me that they only used the Merial Purevax 1 year vaccine without the adjuvant that had been linked to sarcoma. Apart from sarcoma, I was mainly worried about any immediate reaction, but she did not have one - that day.

At the Feb. 11 appt., she had blood work, then a follow up urinalysis on Feb. 28. Everything was normal. Importantly, her bilirubin was negative.

By early March, she was putting her ears down slightly. Then she began eating less. She was losing weight and we could feel her backbone. I raced into the vet & they said she was refusing food because she was upset that we had just moved 10 miles. Absurd. She's lived in many places with us, including Germany. Her bilrubin was now 25. She was jaundiced. It turned out she had pancreatic cancer that was blocking her bile ducts. She never woke up from surgery.

Her name was Reesie G. She was a Tortie & her little tongue stuck out naturally. She was the most wonderful, loving, joyful pet. Like the most faithful dog, she ran to my husband when he came in the house & did rolls of happiness for us on the rug in front of the fireplace. We are devastated. I would do anything to go back to Feb. & not let them give her that vaccine. ReesieG, Mommy loves you. I pray I will be able to see you again in heaven, where I know you are.

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Immbell (Winnipeg, Manitoba) on 07/02/2009

3 year rabies shots: In Apil 2008, i Had four cats, two female, 2 male, They were all given a 3-year rabies shot. It made sense at the time. Two of my cats are dead, one of cancer, one of bowl related illness. The other two are hanging on although the other male probably has cancer. His blood tests didn't show anything wrong but he is losing weight. My older cat has developed hyperthyroidism and will probably die of heart failure. Has any had such horrendous results from a vaccine. By the the end of the summer I will have no cats and they all will have died within 18 months.

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Lily (Commerce City, Colorado) on 05/13/2009

My cat "Cleo" became fatigued, and unresponsive for nearly 3 weeks after receiving the 3 year dose vacination for rabies recommended by the vet. My Cleo was never the same cat again. She died at age 8.

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Lori (Dothan, Alabama) on 05/11/2009

My pet poodle received his annual rabies shot May 2. I notices the next day that he would only sit or lay, hardly no walking, and by the evening he could not stand up. I took him to the vet May 4, got a steroid shot and he was better. But when I came home on May 5, he hadn't drank water all day or left his bed. I took him to the vet again Wed May 6. He stayed over night and died Thursday May 7.

He was a toy poodle, 3lbs, and happy and healthy, full of life. I wished I had not taken him, but I thought I did the right thing. After reading the web, he had all the signs of adverse reactions.

We miss MAX!!!!

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Joann (Dracut, MA) on 06/16/2008

just to let everyone know my dog died from his rabies vaccine not even 12 hours after i got him home. check out this link and see if for yourself on chnl 5 boston. www.thebostonchannel.com/mostpopular/16410586/detail.html

I rushed him back to the vets and they told me he had an upset stomach bring him home and he will be fine getting him home he died 45 min later in my arms.

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Linda J (Egg Harbor Township, NJ USA) on 06/07/2008

I brought my cat to a vet I had never used before. My wish was that she not be given a rabies booster shot because she was failing. The vet gave her one anyway. When I questioned why, she said it was "the law." Five days later, she died an agonizing death. I am a nurse. She had all the symtoms of active rabies, including being repulsed by water given by syringe. Read my blog http://lindajosevert.blogspot.com/

Rabies Vaccine Side Effects
Posted by Cathy (Richmond, Va) on 05/04/2008

On Wednesday both of my dogs, Pitt Bulls, got their rabies vaccinations. One is fine, so far. However the other one died last night, Saturday. After her shot she became very lethargic and would not eat. By Saturday she did not have the strength to stand on her own, her gums, tounge, and nipples where white from being anemic, and her skin started to turn yellow. Her breathing was also very labored. After being admitted to the vets office and being givin IV's and some other treatments, she had a bloody urine and what the Vets thought was a seizure. At that time they decided that it would be best to put her to sleep. Me and my family are very devastated and are wondering if there is anything we can do.

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