Bee Sting Relief for Pets!

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Posted by Brandi (Orange County, California) on 08/14/2007
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My dachshund was stung by a bee over the weekend. She was limping, wouldn't eat, vomited a lot of yellow liquid, and had a rash on her belly and chest. We didn't know what was wrong so we took her to the hospital. They diagnosed her immediately with anaphylactic shock and began treatment with an IV. She needed to be kept overnight for observation and for a plasma transfusion because she her blood was not clotting. $1,400 later she is back to normal. We are so glad that we took her to the hospital as soon as we did.

Posted by cathy (scotch plains, new jersey) on 06/26/2007
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Thank you for your great informatin on how to treat your dog if he should have a bee sting. We had no idea what to do and your article was so helpful! Thank you so much!!!!


Posted by Cajun (La) on 10/19/2016
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Tobacco for emergency bee sting relief:

I'm a firm believer in Baking Soda poultice for relief of bee stings, but in the event you don't have access to Baking Soda, if you can find a cigarette, place enough tobacco in your mouth [lower lip] and add enough saliva to make a 'chew' that on the sting area and the pain & swelling will also subside virtually immediately. [the 'chew' should be about the size of a quarter].

Turmeric Golden Paste

Posted by Flower's Mom (Pueblo Of Acoma, Nm) on 09/06/2017
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My dog, Buddy, got stung above the eye. It quickly swelled up like a golf ball and completely closed up his eye. He was crying and pawing at it until he had rubbed it raw. Meanwhile, I was frantically researching what I could do to help him when I came across the recipe for Golden Paste using turmeric, black pepper and coconut oil. After making sure no stinger was left in it, I covered the raw area with the paste and held his head up so that he could not rub it off. The paste quickly dried forming an orange "patch" over the site and almost immediately Buddy settled down and went to sleep. When he got up an hour or so later, still with his orange patch in place, I noticed that the lump was about half the size as before, and he could open his eye. The paste not only reduced the swelling, but also the irritation. I applied a fresh patch again this morning and will check it when I get home this evening.

Many thanks to everyone who has made this website the invaluable resource it has become for those of us who want a natural alternative for our selves and our beloved animal companions!

Replied by Flower's Mom
Pueblo Of Acoma, Nm

Update on Buddy: As of this morning, Buddy's eye is almost completely healed! I have not applied the golden paste directly on the wound again, but have continued to give it to him mixed in his food twice a day. The swelling has gone down, he can completely open and move his eye around and the raw spot has scabbed over! I did not expect it to heal up so quickly, but I am grateful it is no longer irritating him. Thanks and blessings to all.