Bee Sting Relief for Pets!

| Modified on Sep 28, 2021
Multi-Approach + Give it Time
Posted by SKM (Madison, WI) on 09/28/2021
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This post may be a little different, but I wanted to share my experience. I'm sure you will find mistakes in my approach! But did want to share as an encouragement, should others find themselves in a similar situation.

Our 14 year old kitty Raul loves going outside and always seems to be getting into something. One afternoon he emerged from the garage sporting a sting on his cheek. (He is known to allow mosquitoes to bite his face, but this sting idea was something new and different.) He kind of laid low for the rest of the day while nursing his new injury. At this point it was a little swollen, but nothing really to write home about.

The next day, it remained the same. I wondered if there was a stinger I should pull out, so I felt around a little and kind of felt something, yet nothing that I knew for sure was the stinger. All seemed well and we both eventually went to bed.

The next morning, his cheek was s w o l l e n! Of course, it's so difficult as a pet 'owner' when something is off. The worst anxiety and stress ever. I immediately jumped on to Earth Clinic.

I tried mud,

I tried colloidal silver,

I tried George's Aloe Vera,

and I tried honey.

Sometimes it seemed to get bigger, more swollen, and it was when I applied the honey that it seemed to stabilize itself. I was checking him every hour if not more often, fully prepared to take him to the vet, but also unsure as to when to make that call. Getting it to stabilize was a huge relief, yet things were still stressful. I would apply the honey about every hour or 2. (At this point, I still wasn't sure what it was, since I had not seen so much swelling before, I didn't know if it was a spider bite, abscess, tumor, or what-have-you!! I now know that I probably caused the sting venom to be released when I was poking around a little.)

At any rate, my husband suggested we eventually just leave him be, and wallah! In the morning, the swelling had decreased greatly.

So I just wanted to say, that, if it weren't for us humans, the pets would get stung and heal naturally as well. So don't freak (as is so easy to do, and as I did), and let your cures + time do its thing. Do closely monitor, though, and if you don't like taking slight chances, then this post is not for you.

Thanks for listening, feel free to chime in!

Stacy in Madison, WI

Turmeric Golden Paste
Posted by Flower's Mom (Pueblo Of Acoma, Nm) on 09/06/2017
5 out of 5 stars

My dog, Buddy, got stung above the eye. It quickly swelled up like a golf ball and completely closed up his eye. He was crying and pawing at it until he had rubbed it raw. Meanwhile, I was frantically researching what I could do to help him when I came across the recipe for Golden Paste using turmeric, black pepper and coconut oil. After making sure no stinger was left in it, I covered the raw area with the paste and held his head up so that he could not rub it off. The paste quickly dried forming an orange "patch" over the site and almost immediately Buddy settled down and went to sleep. When he got up an hour or so later, still with his orange patch in place, I noticed that the lump was about half the size as before, and he could open his eye. The paste not only reduced the swelling, but also the irritation. I applied a fresh patch again this morning and will check it when I get home this evening.

Many thanks to everyone who has made this website the invaluable resource it has become for those of us who want a natural alternative for our selves and our beloved animal companions!

Posted by Desiree (Portland, OR) on 01/10/2009
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Benedryl has been shown to cause premature dementia (not that dementia is a normal part of aging). I wouldn't say it is not harmless. I don't recommend anyone take it on a regular basis. I read this in a report about 10 years ago. I can't believe this information is still not mainstream and so many people are still using it.

Posted by Lin (Yellow Springs, Ohio) on 08/26/2008
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Mud has cured my family's external bee stings for over 35 years. Wherever you are, there is mud, all you need is a little water. Just make a paste and slap it on. I've used it for a one year old baby whose piercing screams stopped within seconds, for a panic d customer in a store to our dog's paw just yesterday. The mud does it all, draws out the stinger and the poison - fast. Leave on from 2-20 min. Rinse off, then wash with soap and water. Relax and have a glass of water.

Raw Honey and Aloe Vera
Posted by Julie (Illinois) on 07/01/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I noticed my pitbull's eye was red and smaller than his other eye and immediately applied a mixture of 1 tsp of organic raw honey with 1/2 cup colloidal silver with an eye dropper, thinking he had a bacterial infection which he previously had six months earlier. He never did act as if it bothered him but I later noticed swelling on his bottom eyelid, very near the opening and realized it was a bee sting.

I slathered Aloe Vera from a plant I keep, to the swollen area outside the lid, being careful not to get any inside the eye.

Next, I reapplied the honey solution inside the lid using a spray bottle this time. The dog took a nap and about an hour later, his eye looked normal again! I had the same result two years earlier with my small terrier but his bee sting was not as close to the eye opening as the pitbull's sting. At that time, I immediately applied aloe vera from a bottle kept in the refrigerator and after reading about honey for bee stings, I applied honey directly on the swollen area within minutes of the aloe vera. I was shocked at how quickly the swelling disappeared at that time also.

Turmeric Golden Paste
Posted by Flower's Mom (Pueblo Of Acoma, Nm) on 09/11/2017

Update on Buddy: As of this morning, Buddy's eye is almost completely healed! I have not applied the golden paste directly on the wound again, but have continued to give it to him mixed in his food twice a day. The swelling has gone down, he can completely open and move his eye around and the raw spot has scabbed over! I did not expect it to heal up so quickly, but I am grateful it is no longer irritating him. Thanks and blessings to all.

Posted by Rebecca (Texas) on 03/31/2017

Benedryl for dogs ex. Bee sting etc

I feel that most should avoid artificially sweetened versions. They can be very dangerous in some sensitive dogs. There are many articles on the subject of avoiding AS for dogs on the web. Symptoms of this are similar to reactions listed by some nay sayers of Benedryl treatment for stings. Dogs are all uniquely wired. Not all will react negative ; if it ain't broke... Hesitation invoked by any comment could make a huge difference in saving a life. Always contact veterinary care either prior to, or if familar w/ post, administration.

Posted by Cajun (La) on 10/19/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Tobacco for emergency bee sting relief:

I'm a firm believer in Baking Soda poultice for relief of bee stings, but in the event you don't have access to Baking Soda, if you can find a cigarette, place enough tobacco in your mouth [lower lip] and add enough saliva to make a 'chew' that on the sting area and the pain & swelling will also subside virtually immediately. [the 'chew' should be about the size of a quarter].

General Feedback
Posted by Dee Dee (Orange, Ca) on 12/07/2012

A week ago my Maltese got stung by a bee. Took him to emergency vet who removed the stinger and administered 2 injections. One was epinephrin. Later he started to cry in pain. He had to stay with them overnight and be sedated. He said something may be wrong with his back. Took him home the next day with perscription of Temaril p. He said pup will be okay.

BUT 2 days later Puppy has developed a bald spot above his tail and it is warm to the touch and causes him pain if touched.

Took him to our Vet - Blood Tests are elevated due to inflammation - X-Rays don't show anything bad. He cannot determine the cause, no evidence of bug bite, however, I think it could be the result of the emergency vets care.

My Vet prescribed Clavamox for inflammation and Tramadol for pain and hot compresses also no playing with others, he has to remain on leash and semi-confinement for 2 weeks. We are on day 3. He called yesterday said we could add another perscription if there is no improvement.

He is not itching the area but the hair is falling out and it's very sensitive. I am worried and love my little 6 month old puppy.

Any suggestions... Please Could Apple Cider Work?

Lavender Essential Oil
Posted by Georgia (Irons, Mi) on 04/26/2010
5 out of 5 stars

HUGE black Ground hornets & lavender essential oil:

My cat of 3 years old had a near death experience and although it took 2 days to figure out what had really happened I immediately had given an application of lavender oil (3 drops pure on my hand) and lightly brushed his arm and underside of paw with it as soon as I saw there was a problem. He definitely does not like the smell, but I insisted he get the treatment. He was incoherent, stumbling, all in 5 minutes & swelled to the size of golf balls where he was stung (6x) but in 12 hours was alive & well! He doesn't remember his brush with death, just loves me more! I thanked all above who stayed at his side, tho my vet did not believe in Mother Nature's cures, I'm blessed She once again saved another of my pet's lives. I was also stung by these bees 2 yrs. ago and their stings instantly attack your motor skills, altho I 'could not think' to use the oil on me. Hoping this story helps

Baking Soda, Benadryl
Posted by Roxy (Santa Maria, Ca) on 01/17/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for the comments re: treatment at home for bee sting.When I saw our boxers face swollen I immediately called his vet but unfortunately they were just getting done for the day and said for me to take him to the er. I didnt think it was a life threatining situation as I am a nurse and Lu my boxer was breathing normal. When I mentioned to the staff what his status was"swollen right side of the face and some bites or stings on his right side thigh" they suggested it could possibly be that he was stung by a bee...multiple stings by the way. Im glad I researched a home remedy and gave it a shot I used the baking soda with water made it thick enough where it was more like paste. I also smashed the 25mg Benadryl (2) and placed it in his food...worked wonderfully within 20 minutes. Thanks for the website and your tips ..hopes it works for others.

Baking Soda, Benadryl
Posted by Larry (Elkin, Nc. Usa) on 09/19/2012

My Pit got Stung in his left foot 2 times and I was starting to Panic from the way he was acting and I looked up home remedies on Earth Clinic and I gace him Liquid Benadryl and within 30 mins he was doing better. Thanks to everyone that post on here. My Duke is very Special to me and I would be lost without him. God Bless you all.

Baking Soda, Benadryl
Posted by Carlene (Woodstock, On. Canada) on 08/08/2017

How much liquid Benadryl? Mine is 10 pounds.

Posted by Elizabeth (Bakersfield, California) on 10/18/2009
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bee sting remedies for dogs

Last night my 2 yr old mixed breed (wire haired doxie and traveling salesman) stepped on a bee and I wasn't quite sure what to do. I did think about anaphylatic shock so watched for that. I googled the problem and got your web site and benadryl was suggested. I had some benadryl tabs so crushed one ( 1/2 of a 25 mg) up and mixed it with peanut butter - WA-LA it worked he slept like a log! This AM I gave him another 1/2 as his little paw was kind of swelled and he was licking and nibbling at it. I did get the stinger out last night. Thank you!

Baking Soda, Benadryl
Posted by Lou (Bound Brook, Nj) on 08/11/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I was baby sitting my daughters 1 year old Brittney Spaniel, he got stung by a bee above the eye.Your info was very helpful. I gave him half a Benadryl he weights about 25 lbs. It seemed to calm him and the golf ball size swelling around his eye went down in a couple of hours. He didn't like the baking soda paste to much but it also seemed to help.Thanks again, my daughter will be home from work any minute and all is well.

Baking Soda, Benadryl
Posted by Elaine (Prince Albert, South Africa) on 01/05/2011

The breed is a Brittany Spaniel.

Posted by Lori (Scottsburg, Indiana) on 08/05/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My Basset Hound Jethroe was either stung or got into some fire ants he is very nosy when outside gave him Benadryl and it really worked

Ice Cubes
Posted by Natalie (Lakewood, CA) on 07/17/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My 5 year old pit got stung today (from a hive we just discovered yesterday in an orange tree and had not previously called attention to itself!) I suddenly noticed his right lip was swollen! I located the stinger and verified what it was by looking up images online. I didn't have any Benadryl or baking soda, and he's not a dog you can hold an ice pack on. So in the end I put some ice cubes in his bowl. He was quite happy to eat them, which he usually isn't, so I figured it was providing some relief. I then kept feeling the swollen lip and it went down after about 2 hours. All is well, and the beehive has been removed, thank goodness!

Baking Soda
Posted by Health Nut (Los Angeles, Ca) on 07/16/2009

My little Yorkie got stung on one of his front paws a couple of months ago and he was hurting and unable to walk on it. I quickly got online in search of a home remedy, being that the vet's office was closed at the time. Anyway, someone suggested making a baking soda paste and to rub it on the infected/swollen area. I made the paste using 1 tsp. baking soda and 1 tsp. water (my dog is only 4lbs. so I didn't need so much). As long as you use equal parts 50/50 you should be fine. Well let me say that it worked! Within a couple of hours the swelling was not only down but gone and my little guy was able to happily trot around again.

Baking Soda
Posted by Alec (Paso Robles, Ca) on 03/06/2011
1 out of 5 stars


Wanted to let everyone know that the baking soda might work well, however you must make sure that your dog can't lick it off. Our 6 month old puppy pulled the sock covering his paw off and licked all the baking soda mixture off. He vomited 4 times due to the mixture. Benedryl worked well at 1mg per pound. Be careful with the baking soda.

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