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Raw Green Tripe

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Posted by Charlie (London, Uk) on 01/07/2018

Hi There,

i just wanted to share this remedy for allergies. My cat is allergic to pretty much every food known to man, he was tested, even rice, corn, and I heard on the radio in London, BBC Radio London, The Barking Hour, that raw green tripe helps bring dogs out of allergies. So, I tried it on my cat. It has helped so much, he has never been better, not totally allergy free but much better even than when he was on steroids. He has been my "project" for the last eleven years and I cannot say how relieved we both are for the tripe. Here in London, it gets delivered from Mobile Pet Food, minced and frozen. So you just thaw it out, I mix it with quarter tsp coconut oil, courgettes, pinch kelp and sometimes some lamb heart ( he can tolerate a bit more 'normal' food now)

Side Effects

Posted by Judy (Tulsa, Ok) on 09/23/2014

our dog received a steroid shot for far has severe panting, high heart rate.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Judy!

This is typical for a steroid shot. Your dog will pant like crazy and have hot flashes -and will drink and drink and drink and then have to pee every 10 minutes. As the level of steroid in her system goes down, so will the symptoms you are seeing. Expect to see these intense symptoms for the first 2 weeks. The good thing is that the allergy itching will be better almost instantly.

Side Effects
Posted by Deb (Vineland, Nj ) on 05/27/2014

Why can't my cat walk after allergy shot?

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Deb!

You do not specify which sort of allergy shot your cat received so I will assume it was a steroid shot.

If the vet did not position the injection correctly and the injected steroid hit a nerve, it would cause temporary paralysis.

Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Janice (Leesburg, VA) on 04/06/2009


Tea Tree Oil Toxic for Jack Russell: I foolishly poured straight Tea Tree Oil on my Jack Russell Terrier's back thinking it may help sooth an itching problem he had. Within a few hours he was paralyzed. He could only lay on his side, and fell over if I tried to help him stand. The Pet Poison Hot Line told me immediately that Tea Tree Oil was a neurotoxin to dogs. They said there was nothing that could be done, it would have to work itself out and he "might" live. For two days my dog layed on his side while I fed him with an eye dropper checking back with the poison hot line. A different representative told us to take him to the vet for fluids, which we did. They kept him a couple days, pumping him full of fluids and he pulled through. From that day on, our JRT immediately shied away from anything that had even the slightest scent of tea tree oil as an ingredient.

Replied by Frank
(Greenwich, CT)

I researched this because I have used tea tree oil on my dogs a number of times over the years without any problems. There's a rumor that some of these side effects reported on tea tree oil for dogs are faked. I came across a very similar post recently on another web site about paralysis. Not to say it can't be true, but if they're posting fake reports all over the internet about the dangers of giving garlic to dogs (which has been used for centuries), I imagine it could be the same for tea tree oil.

Replied by Kb
(Jupiter, Fl)

Just wanted to comment on this: We experienced exactly the same problem with tea tree oil. We have a 108 lbs Newfoundland (big dog) who has skin problems. Several months ago I had the bright idea of applying some tea tree oil on his skin, without doing any further research. Trust me that was not smart and a very scary experience. I applied maybe 7 or 8 drops of tea tree oil to a cotton ball and rubbed it on the spots that bothered him. Within an hour our big boy had trouble getting up and walking. He literally walked like a drunk and very soon did not want to walk or get up at all. After calling the emergency vet and they did not know anything about tea tree oil, one of the vet techs recommended to wash him with dawn dishwashing liquid to get the oil out of his coat (makes sense, they do the same for birds that are covered in oil). So we did - it helped but it took a total of at least 24 hours for our dog to be back on his feet.

I did look this problem up online afterwards and yes it is a neurotoxin to dogs, so be very careful with it. Some dogs may be ok but I would never ever try this again on any of my animals. So just because something works on humans does not mean it has the same effect on animals, and I usually trust tea tree oil.

Replied by Sindee
(Santa Cruz, Ca.)

Just an FYI: Tea Tree Oil in pure form is toxic to humans as well. I was foolish enough to experiment with a couple drops on my big toe trying to kill fungus and the surrounding skin was burned which took weeks to heal. It must be diluted if it's going to be used on skin otherwise it's a great product.

Ted's Mange Remedies

Posted by M/bro (Middlesbrough, Uk) on 03/30/2013

Hi Ted, the house. I have dogs with Walking Dandruff how do you treat them and do you suggest giving them 1/4 teaspoon of Borax which I have purchased in their water per litre. Thanks.

Replied by Dolores
(New Jersey)

I have 7 lhasa apso's they came down with scaibes mange

i have put revolution on them but they are scratching my one little guy has lost all her coat. he had more hair when he was born and basically no hair now, my dogs age range fron 15 1/2 to 5 yrs

can you use a hair dryer after you put the solution on them since they are long hair dogs and since I put revolution on them is this ok to do

Ted's Mange Remedies
Posted by Barbara (Horsham, Pa) on 07/17/2009

I have a (2) yr old long hair dachshund named Austin. Last year he developed these red bumps and itched all the time. The vet said it was allergies and gave prednisone, shampoo and gel caps contain Omega-3 Fatty Acids and vitamins A, D, and E. I also was told to give him 25mg of bennadryl. I changed his food to high protein, evo and when the fall came he was better. During the spring I changed his food to a different brand b/c of wt gain.

This spring it came back in Full force and was worse than the yr before. My poor little guy was suffering so much. I spent many times crying and trying to comfort him. Put him back on high protein, bennadryl, oatmeal shampoos,omega oil, sprays etc..

He was losing hair and licked his armpits raw and red, little bumps all over. I had to cone him to stop him from more damage. I was looking for something to help other than the costly vet visits I did last yr. Used your advise:

2cups 3% hydrogen peroxide, 4cups warm water, 3Tbs of borax, found in grocery store

Gave him a oatmeal bath, partially toweled dried him and put on rinse. Sponged on face.. away frm eyes, took him for a walk to air dry. TWO days later noticed a big change. Redness down and itching faded. Have done this three times now and he is a different dog.His hair is already starting to grow back!

I did have to take him to vet b/c he started itching ears again, but his bumps were almost gone. Vet gave him antibiotic and prednisone (gave him 2doses and stopped, don't like it) b/c of staph infection on skin. I continued with his rinse once a week.

He is so much better I KNOW this helped him. Thank you Thank you Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

EC: More information about Ted's mange remedies here:

Theresa's Skin Cleanse

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Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 07/23/2016

T's Skin Cleanse -

This recipe was created after reading through EC's pages paying particular attention to Ted's advice for skin issues in dogs. The basic recipe consists of hydrogen peroxide, borax, Epsom salt, and Milk of Magnesia.

Take one 16oz bottle of 3% drugstore hydrogen peroxide and dilute it with 32 oz of water to get a 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide.

To this add 1 cup each of the borax, Epsom salt and Milk of Magnesia.

I will make up a vat of this at one time, filling a medium sized plastic storage tub with the solution, using up an entire box of borax, entire bag of the Epsom salt, 2-3 bottles of Milk of Magnesia and half a dozen bottles of hydrogen peroxide; when filling a bin/vat/tub I tend to add more water to bring the level up in the tub I am using. It helps to use HOT water to mix up the borax to get it to dissolve.

When the ingredients are all mixed and I have a nice, toasty dip for my pack, I wash each dog first, squeegy off excess water with my hands and then into the tub full of skin cleanse dip they go. I keep them there for at least 10 minutes and pour the solution over them constantly.

I use the solution in any skin folds, the male's prepuce, tight areas around the tail, and also inside the ears to flush out debris and cleanse the inside of the ears. After time is up I take them out of the tub and let them run around the bathroom wet while I dip the next dog. When you make up a big tub, it helps to do multiple dogs to get your money's worth.

If the solution gets cold, I pour some into a pot and put it on the stove and reheat it, and then mix it back into the big vat and on to the next dog. Having the dog standing in the solution, or for smaller dogs to be up to their chin in the solution, helps treat the entire skin and having them stand in the wet working solution for at least 10 minutes allows the active ingredients to really penetrate the dermis for a good deep cleaning. The solution has about a 24 hour 'working' life, and after that time I pour it down the drain.

I have found this skin cleanse dip to nip an allergy break out on the skin in the bud, and also relieve itching to boot. Because of the hydrogen peroxide this may not be the ideal solution for black show dogs, as it will bleach their black coat into a dull red.


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Posted by Southern Belle (California) on 01/14/2018

I now have a chorky a chihuahua + yorkie, she has horrible allergies airborne she will bit, nip, scratch till she looks like she has mainge! She came into my life to make me as happy to have a lil` girly girl again she was right around 8 weeks, I noticed she had this tiny little bump no bigger than the tip of ball point pen. months later I noticed it had grown and split into 2 bumps still small I got nerveous and had her checked out while I was in Georgia and she said it was a cysts and could be removed but was small that it may go away or grow but was nothing dangerous, we'd watch it and if it got worse or painful she'd remove it. well what seemed like overnight [and was a couple months later] it not only grew but ruptured! Omg I didn't see it go from an eraser size to a bump split wide open oMg, I cried, cleaned it up and poor baby she looked at mommy with sad eyes, they said that was good to release and put her on antibiotics I kept it clean and researched!!

I found Turmeric I purchased my from Health xxx site vitamins etc, ... it was purest form and I sprinkled it in her food and WoW never had one again 4 years later she had a small one and after a few couple and a half years i didn't think she should be on it for life so I quit giving it to her and a couple months ago she had a small one. So I'm going back to Tumeric, guess my point was that it's healing properties are for cysts, tumors, cancer, and more! I just noticed that her ear seemed darker and bumpier than her other one and she's never been one to allow her ears to be manipulated to see inside, she's all black lol and disapears in a shadow, lol. there seems to be a tint of what I can't be sure of but either from her scratching or there is something irritated I pray thats the only reason is irratation! But Tumeric is extremely dooable price I paid ...4 years ago was around $8 and some change, was on sale but a larger pouch size of a bag of salad croutons. research the amount you'd need for your pet and sprinkle it in their food, she never seemed to not like it.

Good Luck. I hope my story tho long but hopefully helpful! Tc & gb!

Posted by Melissa (California) on 08/24/2017

Grate fresh turmeric root on your pet's food to treat allergies. Protects the liver and reduces inflammation. I heard fresh pepper makes it more assumable but I am not giving it to my dog without a few vets weighing in on it. I'm a 10 yr veterinary technician with a blue pit bull myself who has terrible allergies. It comes down to a toxin in their environment working its way out of them and a faulty immune response. Find the culprit and remove it or antigen therapy may be needed. Building up tolerance and immunity to the allergen. Do not use essential oils with them. Doesn't work the same. I grate half a root for my 110lb dog.

Posted by Jeff (Missouri) on 02/14/2017

Natural dog skin allergy cures

Why r u not recommending turmeric in the dog's food and in pill form for eye and skin rashes. I found it to work in just a few days.

My dog had a very bad rash all over his body plus runny ichy eyes..I started putting turmeric in his food and within three days eyes started clearing up and his skin returned 98% clear..I'm still trying other herbs to clear up the rest....THIS was after spending almost $2000.00 at a vet.

Replied by Bobby Lynn

Are u using the powder or root

EC: Hi Bobby,

Most readers use powder unless otherwise specified in the post.

Replied by S try an

How much turmeric do you add to your dog's food to stop rash and runny eyes?

(New York)

You can give dogs Benadryl. My dog takes it to prevent allergies. Rashes you can try distilled water and apple cider vinegar spray. If the rash is fungal the spray will clear it up.

Check what you feed your dog. A change in diet can clear allergies.

Try this


  • 1 cup brown rice
  • 4-5 frozen whiting filets or tilapia
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil or salmon oil
  • 1 cup green beans, carrot and peas

cook Hi pressure 15 minutes, natural release.

Stir to combine, and freeze portions in baggies.

You can feed plain or with kibble.

Vegetable Oil

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Posted by Carol Ann (Sacramento, California) on 12/19/2011

Hi Teri- My 12 lb Cock-a-poo female (Sasha Marie) had terrible skin allergies. It got so bad that she scratched herself until she had bald spots. Thankfully her vet knew exactly what to do about it. I was instructed to add 1 tablespoon plain vegetable oil to her food at every feeding, until I noticed a difference. After that, I was to add the oil once per day. I was amazed at the results. Within two weeks she stopped scratching completely. Within a month her coat became soft and silky, and the bald spots were unnoticeable. This is a quick, cheap fix for a problem that can cause your pet a lot of discomfort, if left untreated.

Good luck, and Merry Christmas to all!!!

Carol Ann

Replied by Judy
(San Jose, Caloforniaa)

Thank you sooo much. Exactly same thing happening to our new 6mo old Cockapoo. After many searches this seemed to fit!! I have to spend a fortune to bring her to vet we'd so he can tell me what chewing bald spots occurring making her beautiful fur disappear. I put neosporim and seemed to sooth but veg oil is the ticket we think. Thanks so much, Judy in San Jose, CA

Vegetable Oil
Posted by Tom Knight (Tamarindo, Costa Rica) on 01/31/2009

Cheap, 100% Cure for Mange/Fleas

The following is a copy of email recently sent to the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine and the American Veterinary Association.

I filled out the form on your website. I could not copy the below email and paste it into your "comments" here it is if you want to use it. I think it is important as it is a simple cure that I have now found sucessful on another dog other than mine also.

Hello to all my Vet friends,

When all else fails.....!!!

I came upon this purely by accident. This cure will not make you any money, but it sure will make you lots of friends with your clients.

I am no casual pet owner. I have shown, field trialed and hunted champion German Shorthair Pointers for 45 years, plus being owned by an assortment of mixed breeds, cats and an assortment of other exotic critters. In the 1970's I was one of the first to breed large falcons in captivity.

My present dog, a mixed breed, short-haired medium-sized (Tamarindo Purebred...) had severe skin problems since he was around nine months old. His full brother/litter-mate is neighbor and enjoys the same, virtually identical environment, so I know the dog's living situation was not the problem.

He developed a severe rash on his "hot spot." To which he continually chewed, and then started chewing his tail to the point of its having no hair at all, and other parts of his rear anatomy. He had a severe flea problem. End result was a neurotic dog with no hair on his tail and rump, constantly chewing and biting himself there and other parts of his body. He was loosing skin in nasty dried chunks and flakes like a huge case of human dandruff. I tried several local vets who provided a variety of creams, soaps and lotions. None worked. I tried human skin products from the local pharmacies. None worked...after considerable financial expenditure. His neighbor brother remained unaffected. I was seriously considering putting him down.

Then, I remembered that when I applied vegetable oil on my sunburn (I now live in the very hot and dry tropics of NW Costa Rica) it immediately soothed it and no peeling of my skin occurred. I tanned nicely, despite the severe sunburn.

So, I looked around the house and found a 1-inch paint brush I had been using for a "meat baster" in the kitchen. I also found a stiff laundry brush. I then brushed him from back to rump and gently on tail to remove loose skin. Then I put some cheap cooking oil in a small plastic tub. Using the paint brush, I gently massaged the oil onto the affected parts.

He immediately stopped biting himself. Within a day, I could see the redness in the skin start to dissipate. I continued bathing him with a flea/tick soap.

Soon, the redness disappeared altogether. I continued this treatment nightly. Within a week the amount of dead skin started to ease up. New hair started to appear. I also scrubbed oil (with the soft paint brush) into the hair and skin in all areas where I saw fleas...mostly under the tail around the lower rump. Within a couple hours, there is no oily feel to the has been absorbed by then into the skin.

Today, just over a month of daily treatment, all his hair is back. His tail now does not look like a rat's. He is completely flea free. He chews no more and his coat is glossy. He was also very skinny. Now, he has put on many pounds and is in the pink of health.

My Conclusion: I think the veggie oil acted as a systemic. It penetrated the skin and suffocated the mites under it that were eating the hair follicles and roots. It also did the same for his skin as it did for mine. The oil also suffocated the fleas to the point they now no longer exist.

Correct me if I am wrong. I would love any input. I thought this treatment was of significant importance that you folks should know. Maybe you do already. However, try this next time on one of your client's dog.

This experience might make a useful entry for your newsletter.


Tom Knight
Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Replied by Fiona

hello Tom, responding to your input of veggie oil for dog with skin allergies, my little shi tzu has an awful itch problem, started from flea bites, ice ever had a flea issue and now I have to use flea mess and I don't like that stuff, Ben the shi tzu is miserable. Is it veggie oil or would you think coconut oil would do the same? I'm am going to do this for him today, also the itch seems to be every where do I just rub oil all over....kind of messy.

Vitamin D Sun Baths

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Posted by Ann (Augusta, GA) on 08/18/2007

After years of pills from the vet for my Westie to control horrible skin problems I tried a sunbath. I saw on TV that a new report was out saying a deficit of Vit D causes a weakened immune system in humans so a bell went off in my head when my Westie turned over on his back and stretched out in the sun on one of his trips out to the side yard.I started taking him out for thirty minutes a day and just let him stretch out in the sun. This in addition to his walks and play time. I have been able to cut his medication back (Atopicia)to twice a week rather than once a day and completely eliminate the anti itch pill. Took about six weeks. I recently had to leave him at the vet for a week and they sprayed his feet with flea spray everytime he came in from outside. He came home with bloody itchy feet. I am now trying the ACV to see if I can get it under control. When he went in the sun yesterday he stretched out on his stomach and all four paws were in the sun. I think he is letting me know that what I am doing makes him feel better. Since allergies are a sign of a compromised immune system, so I have been told by the vet, and if the immune system can be made stronger by Vit D. The natural Vit D from the sun can't hurt. Thanks.

Replied by Pugtona
(Huntersville, North Carolina)

I think this website is wonderful! It's finally getting people to wake up & start using all natural remedies instead of giving their pet's harmful drugs! I hope that everyone who has these type of problems, ear nfections, paw & tail biting, hot spots, flea infestations (poor immunity from poor nutrition), & scratching are all due to FOOD ALLERGIES. Not only should you change your pet's diet to a all natural holistic food, but also their treats, chews, bones & no more tap water either. Also No annual shots after the first year of booster shots, it's one reason why our pet's are dying of cancer! Another is all the flea products, they all have warnings on them (poison, for you too)! If you feed a NON commercial Holistic Natural food & treats your pet will have a healthy immune system & there won't be any fleas! (Fleas are parasites & they go after anything with a unhealthy immune system) I feed & highly reccomend Blue as a breeder for many years now! Look at the ingredients and compare them, you'll never feed a commercial food again! Do really want to know what is in your pet's food? Go to, click on "what is really in pet food?" warning not for sqeemish stomachs! Have a question? I will be happy to help your pet naturally!

Yogurt, Acidophilus, Vitamin A

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Posted by Pdollins (Sherman, Texas) on 11/27/2009

I have a large German Shepherd, that was eating his backside and legs off. This has been going on for two years, I have to give him something to sleep atnight so we both could sleep. To wake up to hair all over the floor that he has pulled out. On Nov.17th I started with the plain yorgurt (1/4cup),1 Acidophilus, 2 8000 I.U.Vit.A tablets twice a day. Was still using his Anthisamine at night to get him to sleep. Last night he didn't have to have it. He sleeps all night, can lay in the livingroom floor for hours and not scratch. His skin looks good hair is growing back,still has some minor problems but it is 75% better. For less than ten dollars and two weeks I have my dog back. I gave this to my small dog and her shedding has stopped, no more hair on my sofas.

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