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Omega 3 and Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Jade (North Babylon, NY) on 11/19/2007

Today is Monday November 19th - On Friday November 16th Murdoch was cured with the help of ACV. Plus i was giving him Flax seed Oil as well. but i cant give him that every day it acts like a detox for the dog (if you know what i mean)' Well Murdochs skin is looking good. He developed itchies on the other side of his neck which i think was weird but ok so now Im treating the other side of his neck where he was scratching. this started this morning. So I will give him ACV for this Im not worried Im sure he will get cured as well. I have great confidence now in ACV. To be continued..

Omega 3 and Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jade (North Babylon, NY) on 11/16/2007

Hi Everyone - This is the 2nd Day I have Murdoch on ACV. As of this morning his skin didnt look red it was now pink and looked like he was scabbing up. He likes it when i dabb him with the ACV on a Cotton Ball and rub it on his skin it must soothe his skin. I also puncture the capsule of Flaxseed Oil and put it in his dry food. I dont really see a difference yet in his coat but it does seem that his dandruff has lightened up. I am also putting ACV a drop right now in his water and he doesn't like it but is drinking it. His ears are looking much better since i dabbed the cotton ball in the Mineral Oil and cleaned them they are clearing up nice. Well I will keep you posted

Omega 3 and Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jade (North Babylon, NY) on 11/15/2007

After finding this site and reading all to do with other people who's had the same dog problems as I have with Murdoch - who is a pitt-bul/labrador/shar-pei/ (but doesn't have shar-pei) skin. I have bought the ACV and put less than a capful in his water - he doesn't like it so i am gonna try to put it in his food next. but i did buy Flaxseed oil capsules and crap open the capsules and put that into his food. He does eat that in his dry food. I dabbed some ACV with a cotten ball and put it on his neck line where he is scratching red- and since it is only 2x's i have done this i will keep you posted- I will put it in a spray bottle next and spray him down. Murdoch was on a Pretisone and an Inflammatory and it did help him but who wants to keep their dog on Meds (Not I) so i took him off and hes starting to scratch again. Thats where the ACV hopefully now will work on him.

I also bought the Mineral oil - because his ears are red and i think he contacted mites from BF's dog who had a severe case of them. any way i have been taking the mineral oil on a cotten ball and dausing it and rubbing it in his ear. this is only the 2nd time too but it look better this morning but not red pink. i deffinately want to test his PH level so that will be next. Thanks to all for posting you have been very helpful. Will keep you posted.

Omega 3 and Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Pinkie (Portland, Oregon) on 11/03/2007

Thanks to Marina from Victoria,Canada on the flaxseed tip. My Morris is a orange mixed breed. Looks like (you guessed it) Morris on the commercial! His skin was dry and he had the welts on his neck. I read your posting, had some omega 3 and squirted it in his mouth. After 2 days I gave him a day off, the difference in his skin is unbelieveable. His coat, like when he was a tiny kitten. He's 5 months now. I have another mixed breed Mischief (she has a crooked tail:)normal skin & coat, but she will be the next one to benefit. They won't drink water with ACV in it but I'm working on a mixture they can't detect. Also plain yogurt no flavor, no nothing, will clear up parasites. A tip from a vet!

Omega 3 and Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Marina (Victoria, Australia)

I have a cat that is always chewing at its fur and had been giving her cortisone for the last 18 months. I put ACV in her water bowl and also flaxseed oil in her food. No more scratching and welts on her back have healed. I also rub her fur with straight ACV and she now can lie in front of the heater for warmth, whereas before she preferred to stay out in the cold air at night because the house was too warm for her. The next step is to get through our summer. You start off with 1 drop of ACV in your cats bowl to start them off. The next week add two drops. This will do for a small cat bowl. I also put ACV in my dogs bowl and I usually put in a teaspoon. She loves it. She is an aged dog but still loves to run and especially loves to chase the ball I throw to her repeatedly and she isn't sore afterwards.

Omega 3 Salmon Oil

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Posted by Susan (Dallas, Texas) on 08/14/2008

My golden retriever had constant hot spots and skin allergies. Tried a cheap product called Missing Link. It has omega-3 salmon oil in it and you just sprinkle a tablespoon on their food daily. What a lifesaver. Her skin is great, her hair is silky, overall health is good. No more biting at her skin and being miserable, or hot spots! My vet doesn't sell it, but they recommend it to all their pet owners now due to my dog's results. They tell everyone about my dog and her results and everyone runs to pet her when she comes in cause of her silkiness. Good luck.


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Posted by George (Orangeburg, SC) on 10/06/2008

We took our Scottie to the vet because she was itching so badly. The vet put her on antibiotics and a steroid spray which caused her to go deaf for weeks. (Not to mention the cost!) After that, the vet said she had a food allergy, so we bought an expensive brand of anti-allergen dog food. No luck with that either. Then I saw your website and decided to try the ACV. This caused her to sting and begin scratching wildly. She also howled in pain. I diluted it to half and half with the same result. She started avoiding me when she saw me coming. I then tried baking soda and water paste. That didn't work either. I decided to go to Walmart and ask the pharmicist what he had for an itching dog and he suggested Solarcaine Cool Aloe Gel. This gel has lidodcaine (which relieved the itching) and aloe vera (which cools the skin). It worked like a charm. I highly recommend this for your itching dog!

Pet Dandruff Remedies Needed

Posted by Damisha (Atlanta, Ga) on 03/22/2009

I have a 2 1/2 year old chichuachua with a bad case of pet dandruff and I dont't know if it's mites orjust dry skin because I notice that it's considered walking dandruff if it moves and I've never seen it move can anybody help me with this question it's mainly close to his tail

Raw Egg in Food

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Posted by Krista (Oregon) on 02/19/2017

My dog has had skin ALLERGIES soooo bad FOREVER-- (since 8wks old she is now 2----itchy eyes like goggles, hot spots on her front paws and YEASTY ears/skin - also inflammed itchy lips)- I went though TONS of natural remedies for red mange/YEAST/allergies (because the symptoms can mimic each other) including but not limited to---- coconut oil, ACV, elimination diets, supplements, essential oils--- you name it - I tried it--- did TEDS Mange treatment, and have been making her food ( ground turkey with cruciferous veggies only ...even with all of the evening primrose, immune support anti yeast probiotic protocols, even making 24 hr fermented homemade yogurt!!!

For all I was doing I was seeing small improvements where it would DEFINITELY improve but not go away completely--- no REAL RESULTS that I could say WOW - that worked--my husband who makes fun of my 13 hour research sessions for our pup has been giving Stella a raw egg once a day for the last week with her breakfast. - PROBLEM SOLVED ---no joke--- I can't even believe it! AMAZING!!!!

Raw Egg in Food
Posted by Lacy (Many, Louisiana) on 03/10/2008

My short hair dog had a terrible oder due to flaky skin. I tried giving her oatmeal baths, oils nothing seemed to work and only made it worse. Then I started giving her a raw egg with her food every other day. Not only did she think it was a treat her skin issues are a thing of the past and she smells great. Also I started using coconut oil on her tender and red belly, worked like a charm and if she licks it no worries because it helps her doggy breath.

Raw Food Diet

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Posted by Poodlesrule (Virginia Beach, Va) on 10/28/2011


My dogs had horrible allergies with nasty ear infections that would not go away. My poor dogs suffered for so long. I switched to numerous "holistic dog foods" trying to help them. My research showed that all the preservatives in dog food was causing all these problems. I finally switched to a species appropriate diet which consists of feeding my dogs like wolves eat - whole prey. I found out that there are thousands of people feeding this way. We all feed our dogs a diet that is 80% raw meat, 10% edible raw bone and 10% raw organs. After just a few weeks, the ear infections that my dogs suffered with for 4 years disappeared!!! All the itching all over their bodies disappeared!! Their coats are shinier than they have ever been, they have more energy and all the tarter is gone from their teeth too! I have now been feeding this way for 3 years and my vets can't believe how healthy my dogs are. we also no longer vaccinate. We had titers done on my dogs and they have enough antibodies in their system, from the previous vaccinations they have had, to last them the rest of their lives. :-)

Replied by Jr
(Coloma, Mi)

Does your state require a rabies vaccination in order to get a dog license? What kind of bones do you feed?

Replied by Laura
(Cleveland, Oh)

Raw Food Diet,

How do you prepare it and how much do you feed the dog, mine is a shepard with allergies, she weighs around 70 lbs

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Laura,

Try googling 'bones and raw food' or 'raw food diet for dogs' - you will find many hits.

Replied by Janice
(Ontario, Canada)
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I know this is an old post. 2.5% of the animals body weight. Also pending on the activity level of the animal and their metabolism.

Raw Food Diet
Posted by Thepeterboroughpackleader (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada) on 10/20/2011

I am a Dog Behaviorist and have had dogs my whole life. I have seen allergies, skin problems, yeast issues devestate many families with dogs and having 4 French Bulldogs of my own gives me tons of experience with this area as well. My one little girl has had an awful time with "allergies" and skin issues... After thousands of dollars in useless tests, damaging steroids and other prescriptions I discovered the amazing healing abilities of feeding my dogs a Natural, Species Appropriate or RAW Diet aka B.A.R.F Diet.

Dr Richard Pitcairn DVM wrote an excellent book on caring and feeding your pets naturally and now my allergy/yeast prone dog is happily living symptom free! I urge all pet owners to consider this way of feeding.

Raw Food Diet
Posted by Genevieve (Atlanta, Ga) on 08/31/2011

Our six year old mutt eats a raw meaty bone diet ("RMB", a combo of raw meat, raw bone and organs), and many health concerns other owners face have disappeared. She used to have eye infections and bad breath. We haven't seen an infection or cold in years, and her breath is absolutely neutral. Her teeth gleam. People mistake her for a younger dog. And never once has she had to have her glands expressed. I believe many of the skin problems people report here will disappear with this species-appropriate diet. Many allergies are due to grain found in kibble. Even grain-free kibble is highly processed. Feeding raw also provides our pup with the extreme satisfaction of ripping and gnawing. There are several books out there to learn about this diet, which can be frightening to many folks. It takes a little practice, and a freezer certainly helps. By getting familiar with cuts of meat I'd never heard of (tripe, turkey necks), we feed her for under $2/day. I was scared at first, but wouldn't dream of feeding any other way now. Best of luck to all!

Raw Food Diet
Posted by Jb (Atlanta, Ga/usa) on 08/07/2011

One of my German Shepherds had an awful time with gooey ears, crusty lips & itching/scabs on her lower back & neck. Once I placed her on raw meat & bone diet all symptoms disappeared. It took about 3 months for her skin to heal. Suppose it took that long for the grains to get out of her system.

I have even tried grain-free food but, the crusty lips & ears start up again after one serving.

RMB diet works.

Also, food-grade DE is not harmful if mixed in food. I use it several times a year to clear intestinal parasites in my dogs. In fac, t I add it to my own smoothies. It's silica. Food-grade DE is used in the midwest to treat cows & hogs for parasites. It is perfectly safe. One has to take precaution not to allow the powder to enter the eyes or breath it in. Add to moist food or broadcast in the yard & lightly water into soil.

Use common sense when using DE.

Replied by Betty

What is DE?

EC: DE = Diatomaceous Earth

Raw Food Diet
Posted by Suzanne (Southeast, Michigan) on 04/27/2008

For those of you who have dogs with skin problems, skin allergies, please consider a raw diet. This is something that is becoming more well known and is growing in popularity. Commercial dog foods are the cause of so many health problems in pets. My three dogs and one cat have been eating a raw diet for two years now. Raw meaty bones, some organ meat, and then a couple times a week, a few supplements like fish oil, yogurt, raw egg, kale. It's similar to something called the BARF diet for pets, but a simplified version. Two books by Tom Lonsdale, Raw Meaty Bones, and Work Wonders, are a good place to start reading about the diet. There are web sites and yahoogroups as well. My dogs teeth are super clean and white (even my 9yr old lab) because they're eating like their ancestors did; ripping the meat off bones, chomping on bone (raw bones only -- cooked bones are a choking hazard). Sicne starting this diet, besides being overall healthier pets, other benefits: clear anal glands because the poop is a bit harder, healthier skin and coat, no dog smell or doggy breath, much less poop because no fillers, etc., as in dry food I never have to clean up poop in my yard! Natural diet means natural poop; in a few days, it turns white and crumbles away. Also, my dogs are happier. They love the raw diet. I had one very stubborn cat who I just couldn't get to transition to a raw diet, so I fed her Evo, the more natural dry food. That did help her allergies, but I still would rather she went raw.

Replied by Damon
(Palm Springs, CA)

Allergies almost killed my purebred GSD. At only 7 months old my vet gave her 2-3 more years (Yet she looked fairly normal except thin to the average observer except her blackish skin). As I started doing research on line, I discovered the horrors of commercial Dog food. Finding out that it was equivelent to feeding your kid fast food every meal. Many talked about the benifits of the Raw diet, and I was convinced. Problem is it was nearly impossible to do where I live. Needless to say I found several non commercial Kibbles that have turned my dog into a healthy, beautiful dog. Last bloodwork was perfect and she NEVER smells, has fleas, and ears and eyes are bright and clean. Her skin is bright pink.

I also started to use ACV and garlic in her food. I feed her Flint River Ranch (lamb has garlic) for a cheaper alternative (shipped to you) and supplement it with more expensive brands like Origen 6 fish and Wellness Core.

If you want Raw alternative, the Honest Kitchen sells dehydrated raw food that smells like home cooking. I also plan on starting her on H2o2 drops in her water. Hope this helps people who can't use Raw where they live.

Replied by Cathy
(Deltona, FL)

My dog has had allergies for several years now. Not only does his stomach get bright red, his ears and around his eyes get red. He is also prone to ear infections. The vet prescribes steroids, but he can only be on them so long and has to come off. I've been adding ACV to his water daily, and it has helped, but I have realized that he also probably has a food allergy (there is corn gluten in his food). I've been doing a lot of research and found that most allergies are caused by their food. I researched dog food brands and purchased a small bag of Blue Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice today to start mixing with his food. The reviews on this food are outstanding, as it does not contain any by-products, fillers, etc. It is natural/holistic and is as close as you can get to homemade. I'm hoping this helps!

Replied by Elena
(Thornhill, Ontario, Canada)

Yes I agree, raw diet does wonders. My dog also gets severe itching twice per year due to allergies. I have paid hundreds of dollars and the only solution they could offer after trying various other things were steroids?. I hate the way it affects her. Constant urinating, weird eyes, real hungry & thirsty. I was sick of seeing her like that. Then she was put on a raw meat diet (seventy percent ground chicken (neck, wing tips), turkey, also lamb, goat mixed with some beef heart and thirty percent ground veg.(not gassy variety). This is mixed with half human dose of antibiotic. We also started to give her half human does fish oil. She's a different dog. Allergies are completely, utterly no scratching, she's calm, has a beautiful coat and I am so relieved after all these years. The dehydrated dog food you see in pet food stores which says "raw" is not raw, its dehydrated. I mean raw organic. I was shocked that it was not nearly as expensive as I expected. My medium size dog only eats about a 1216oz per day. Oh also, no vaccinations or heart worn/flea meds. for at least 3 years. I wish you the peace of mind we have found from these diet changes.

Replied by Jennifer
(Florida, FL)

I've cured hundreds of dogs and cats by switching their owners to raw feeding. Cheaper and pets live 25-30 years old with no issues.

80% flesh, 10% raw bone, 10% organs as a rough diet plan.

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