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Posted by Bubbleboysmom (Los Angeles, Ca) on 06/17/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I know the potential side effects of cortisone shots and steriods, but I must say our 5yr old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has CHRONIC severe food and environmental allergies (ear infections, flaking skin, open sores, watery eyes, lethargy) and we have literally tried EVERYTHING and spent a small fortune doing so... Including organic exotic ingredient diets like: raw rabbit, kangaroo & lentils, garbanzo beans etc. We have seen every type of specialist & tried every kind of medicinal/homeopathic therapy including: Atopica, Enzyme (yeast-decreasing) therapy, predisone, allergy shots... You name it~ we've tried it! The ONLY thing that has ever proven to give him instant relief and comfort have been Cortisone Shots. We don't do antibiotics or oral steriods anymore, and we keep him on the highest quality exotic protein (limited ingredient) diets because we would love for his immune system to rebound and have a fighting chance... But when the allergies spiral out of control every 4 months or so~ Cortisone injection is our saving grace. He's better within 24 hrs~ skin returns to a normal healthy color, ears improve dramatically, and he's running around like a happy puppy again! I know there are horror stories out there and I'm all about natural healing (I'm an (all organic) vegetarian who has never had a flu in her life), but everyone should be informed of the benefits to Cortisone injections when weighing their options. Every creature's biological makeup is so very different, so what may spark miracles in some- could very well wreak havoc in others. Consider your options carefully.