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Posted by Deirdre (Los Angeles) on 06/03/2017

One of my dogs has severe skin allergies and his skin tends to get infected at times, especially in the spring and summer. I can usually keep it in check with turmeric capsules, fish oil and a tea tree oil containing hotspot spray, but his skin continues to flare along his spine, ribs and tail. I recently had to do a round of antibiotics from the vet to stop the infection from spreading and it really threw his system off. His skin smelled terrible after that, even with probiotics. Then a friend recently suggested I try spraying 20 ppm (parts per million) Colloidal Silver several times a day.

I put 20 ppm CS (undiluted) in a spray bottle with a fine mist and I spray the colloidal silver on all the areas he is having skin issues (quite a large area). I do not towel the CS off.

Colloidal Silver is the first remedy I have tried that is working wonders on a recurring skin condition. I spray him with CS 3 times a day, parting his fur to make sure the CS gets directly to the problem skin. I started to see improvement in 48 hours. His skin is no longer red, the flaking has stopped completely and his smell is back to normal!

P.S. When you buy the colloidal silver in a store, make sure the color of the liquid is yellow. They tend to sell Colloidal silver in blue or brown bottles so it is impossible to tell the color of the liquid inside until you get home and open it. But 20 ppm TRUE colloidal silver is yellow... 320-500 ppm is copper colored. You will have to dilute the stronger concentrations of CS but instructions are usually given on the label. If the liquid is clear, you have bought ionic silver and not colloidal silver.

Hope this information helps some of the dogs suffering from skin infections and issues.