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Apple Cider Vinegar, Flax Seed Oil
Posted by Great Dane Mom (Conneautville, Pa) on 04/13/2011

An even better choice of oil for dogs and cats is fish oil! Dogs and cats are carnivores, and do not process plant matter efficiently. Their bodies can use the omegas in fish oil much more efficiently. Since my dogs have been on fish oil their coats are super soft and shiney!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Flax Seed Oil
Posted by Isastuff ( Vaucluse, France) on 11/23/2009

Apple cider vinegar and flax seed oil cured my cat of skin allergies

Thanks to your website and to the positive feedback of so many readers my 18 year old cat has stopped tearing the hair off of her back. She looks healthier than she has in years. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I started spraying her body with pure organic apple cider vinegar. The raw parts where her skin was torn on her back, I dabbed with a mixture of 50% water 50% organic apple cider vinegar. It immediately stopped her from constantly licking, gnawing and chewing of her back. I also added two drops of ACV to her small water bowl and a teaspoon full of flax seed oil to her dried cat food.

She bore the treatment patiently for a few days but on about day 5 or 6 the spraying of ACV started to annoy her. And she started chewing herself again. In despair, I took a paint brush and put something called Betadine (a yellow colored disinfectant with iodine used in hospitals after operations). She stopped again. Then after a few days I took the ACV spraying treatment up again for about three more days. It's been a month and her hair is growing back. She no longer looks like a skin-head and her fur has never been more shiny.