Importance of Nitric Acid for Erectile Dysfunction

| Modified on Mar 12, 2024
Nitric Oxide from kefir.
Below, learn how an Earth Clinic learned the importance of nitric oxide to treat erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Have you used nitric acid supplements or foods like beets to treat ED? Please let us know your results!

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Posted by Paracelsus (Orlando, fl) on 04/22/2021 47 posts

What do ischemic heart disease, high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction have in common? Low levels of nitric oxide (NO).

I've finally put together the pieces of the puzzle. Although I don't have heart disease and my ED is/was only an occasional thing, I do have high blood pressure. In the past I found that red beets, especially the juice from red beets (beet root), is extremely effective at lowering my blood pressure. Unfortunately, after about 12 hours or so, the effect of the beets goes away.

Why is nitric oxide critical for our health and especially for maintaining healthy blood pressure and sexual health?

“Released by the inner layer of cells (endothelium) of blood vessels, nitric oxide relaxes the vessels and keeps them flexible, allowing them to dilate, boosting blood flow, and helping to control blood pressure. Nitric oxide also has anti-inflammatory effects and helps prevent platelets and white blood cells from adhering to the lining of blood vessels, thus reducing the risk of plaque development. As we age, our cells produce less nitric oxide, so blood vessels become less flexible, which contributes to hypertension, inflammation in blood vessels, and atherosclerosis (plaque buildup)—that is, cardiovascular disease.”

Now that you know the importance of nitric oxide and why it decreases with age, you probably want to know how you can fix it. The good news is that the body has a number of pathways to produce NO. One of them involves your gut microbiome. The trillions of good bacteria and yeast that live in your gut and account for 80% of your immune system.

For those who are interested in the science and biochemistry behind the process, I am including the process here:

The chemistry for the production of NO involves 3 steps. Consumption of nitrate (NO3) rich foods, the reduction of nitrate to nitrite (NO2) and the further reduction from nitrite to nitric oxide (NO). (Nitric oxide cannot be supplemented since it is an unstable gas and will quickly oxidise back to nitrate and nitrite).

The following is one of several ways in which these reactions can take place in our bodies:

The following reaction converts nitrate (N03 from food with the help of gut bacteria) to nitrite (N02) and water.

Bacterial nitrate reductase:

NO3 – + e– + H+ → NO2 – + H2O

This is then further reduced from nitrite to nitric oxide (NO). This is facilitated with ascorbate (Vitamin C). It's a 2 step process where with the help of vitamin C nitrite is converted to nitrous acid (HN02) and then from there to Nitric Oxide (NO water and a transformed type of vitamin C).


NO2 – + H+ → HNO2

2 HNO2 + Asc → 2 • NO + dehydroAsc + 2 H2O

Higher levels of Nitric oxide help athletic performance, prevents Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, lowers blood pressure, and fixes erectile dysfunction (ED).

What to do in summary if you want to fix ED and lower blood pressure as well as get all of the other benefits of increased levels of NO?

1.Avoid glyphosate since that kills your microbiome and causes all sorts of serious havoc in your body. (Avoid soy and corn that is not organic. Eat as much organic vegetables and fruits as possible. Also, avoid non organic wheat products such as bread and pasta, since that is heavily sprayed in the USA just before harvesting. If you eat imported pasta and bread from Europe, that isn't the case and you should be fine.)

2. Juice or otherwise incorporate organic red beets and green vegetables into your diet.

3. Drink kefir.

Kefir has tons of benefits besides helping in the production of NO. Our gut is said to constitute 80% of our immune system, so we should focus most of our attention on our gut, or more specifically on the microbiome in our gut.

After switching from yogurt to kefir, I saw great improvements in my energy levels, stamina and overall health. Kefir is the heavy weight champion of probiotic foods. It contains over 60 different strains of beneficial bacteria as well as several strains of beneficial yeast. Milk kefir has the ability to colonize your intestines with beneficial bacteria and thus rebuild your microbiome.

Integrating red beets and kefir into my diet on a regular basis has made a big difference to my health and I hope it can do the same for you! Only doing one without the other will only get you partial results. So I highly recommend doing both.

I hope that this article will be posted by EC under Kefir and high blood pressure cures as well.

Thanks for reading and God bless!

Replied by GertJr

Paracelsus, what kind of kefir do you drink? I know that store-bought is pasteurized and then certain colonies are reintroduced, so it's not really as potent as non-pasteurized. I made my own dairy kefir for years from grains, but stopped because 1)I never noticed any change in my ibsd and 2 )it tastes horrible. Only occasionally would it taste ok, like when I made it with heavy cream and let it get bubbly, but most of the time it was a chore to drink it. I still have grains in the freezer, but can't stomach the idea of that nasty liquid. I tried very short fermentation to second ferments and none of them were to my liking. BTW, I notice that when others say something is delicious then I usually cannot tolerate it but when they say it's nasty then I tend to like the taste. Strange, but all my life this has been so.

Replied by Diane

What if you have allergies? I am allergic to milk and my husband to yeast, would we be able to drink kefir?

Replied by Babbs
(Charlotte, NC)

Dr. Mercola ( has a video showing breathing techniques to increase nitric oxide production. Easily performed and effective.

Replied by george
(surrey bc)

Does this NO come in tablet powder or liquid form and where can I get it?

Replied by Eliz

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt recommends 1 tsp (=4 grams) glycine powder twice a day for a few weeks, then lowering it to 1/4 tsp (=1 gram) twice a day. This forces the glyphosate out of your system via the urine.

Replied by Fabio

I've been thinking about how more than 50% of nitric oxide (crucial for 'rock-hard' erections) is produced. It turns out it's from bacteria that convert nitrates into nitrites, which then become nitric oxide. But when we use products in our mouth, we kill these bacteria, leading to a nitric oxide deficiency.

To reestablish this healthy flora, which produces nitric oxide, we need to feed these bacteria so they can grow again. We need to create a good environment for their development, essential for maintaining youthful erections. And the food they need? Beets.

By providing this food, we promote the growth of bacteria that enhance nitric oxide production. Then, the oral flora is restored. However, this flora can be damaged. Smoking, consuming sugar, and frequently eating acidic foods like coffee can disrupt it.

The solution? Brush your teeth quickly after these habits to prevent harmful flora that thrive in acidic environments. It's also important to remember, as my dentist friend said, that when our mouth's flora is very damaged, we swallow saliva that can alter the flora of the esophagus, stomach, and intestines, because we're constantly swallowing saliva from these harmful bacteria.

These are my conclusions. I haven't read this anywhere; it's just my reasoning.

Conclusion: Brush your teeth after drinking coffee, don't smoke, avoid sugar, and don't use mouthwash products – if you do, only use them on your teeth and never on your tongue. Avoid brushing your tongue with toothpaste and use a tongue scraper instead, to minimize damage to the bacteria that produce nitric oxide.