Chamomile - Editor's Choice

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Natural Antihistamine

Posted by Ken (Quito, Ecuador) on 06/01/2010

I suffer from chronic allergies that cause heavy nasal and sinus congestion and post-nasal drainage. My doctor recommended the following simple remedy that has been very effective.

1. Prepare a cup of chamomile (Manzanilla) tea, normal drinking strength.

2. Pour a bit into your cupped palm and sniff it strongly up both nostrils.

3. Tilt your head far back and pinch your nose shut for 30 seconds or so, then blow your nose.

This produces a wonderfully clean and open feeling in the nasal passages and keeps them clear for several hours, better than commercial antihistamines I've tried. It seems even to reduce sinus pressure in the forehead. You have to experiment to find the best frequency of dosage -- if you use it too often you may find that your nose becomes too dry for comfort.

Free breathing and absence of drainage greatly improves your sleeping and general comfort.


Posted by Marinette (Cleveland, U.S.A.) on 07/05/2007

One of the best remedies for infections is strong chamomile tea. Our family has used this for many years. An elderly woman we knew years ago, fell down the stairs which resulted in an ugly infection in her hand. She was diabetic and the doctors could not heal her. My mom made a pan of strong chamomile tea and the woman soaked her hand in it for 15 minutes. Immediately you could see a difference. She continued doing this for a few days and was completely healed. It is best to make the tea fresh each time. Thank you for this excellent website!