Cilantro for Grover's Disease

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Posted by Ron (Arlington, Tx) on 05/20/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I cured my grover's 100% by eating fresh chopped cilantro in my salads for just a week. I still eat a little in some of my salads, just in case.

Replied by Carole
(Delray Beach, FL)

If curing GD is THAT easy, I think you should go on TV on The Doctors and tell the world. Were you diagnosed via biopsy for your Grover's Disease?

Posted by James (Co) on 04/28/2018
5 out of 5 stars

40 years with severe Grovers. It never goes away. I have over 1,000 red dots on my trunk at all times. I do everything to keep cool and wear mostly cotton clothing at all times. I was prescribed time release Doxycycline and prescription strength cortisone cream. I went to war on this. It won. Note my skin has never been clear ...ever. If anyone sees my skin they immediately and ask if I have a rash? It pretty much stayed on high alert for 40 years. I can not wear fleece and forget wool. My dermatologist says its the worst case he has ever seen. Note it has never gone away. I live in a very dry cold climate. Cortisone creams started to fail this year.

After two months since the doctor prescribed failed treatment, I saw this post on cilantro. I love cilantro. I put an entire bunch into my eggs. I once had two brunches juiced with other vegetables at a juice bar. Been doing this for 14 days. I eat at least one bunch a day.

It has cleared up about 75%. I do not itch. The red spots are going away. It is working! My wife felt my skin and could not believe what cilantro is doing to this disease. She is an RN. My father a Pathologist MD and confirmed my biopsy as Grovers twice. Even if it stays at 75% cure I will be happy. I have never been able to calm it down like this before? I think the red dots are scaring at this point and will heal. If I see it go back to a full blown Grovers outbreak while eating cilantro I will post it. But for me this has been the best thing for treatment. It is not a gasp of is working.

If you have Grovers pay attention to this post. Cilantro costs $.79 cents. Try it... can't hurt and for sure no hidden snake oil cure being sold here.

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
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Hello James, great news that you have discovered the healing power of cilantro. Thoughts, I know cilantro is relatively high in vitamin A, I wonder if this is a big factor in the healing, or is it helping because cilantro is a highly recommended (by Ted) for chelating heavy metals from the body (detoxer). Curious...

Replied by James

Hi Teena,

I am not sure what cilantro has in it but I can say I eat a bunch about every other day now. My bumps are gone I just have red spots from past out break but they are fading. What I notice most is I do not have any itching. I would get hot spots of itching. No more? It's been over 3 weeks. Weather is about the same and I wear same clothes. I am using Amlactin on my body with ingesting cilantro. Spread the word. Maybe heavy metals? But skin biopsy would show heavy metals. As per my dermatologist assistant? Can anyone confirm heavy metals show up in biopsies?

Replied by Kelli
(Durand Wi)

I am definitely going to try this. I am female and 53 have had Grover's Disease for about 5 years. I had gone to my primary care doctor and was diagnosed and treated for mites. This was horrifying and embarrassing. This was recurring so I finally decided to see a dermatologist and a biopsy was done to confirm Grover's. Rare they say. I have used creams they have prescribed which have helped in the past. It started on my chest, back and arms and now my legs which seems harder to go away. After reading this article last night I went to the store purchased two bundles of cilantro and ate half a bundle on my salad. I also purchased a plant to plant my own for the summer. I am super excited to try this... thank you!!!!!!!!!

Replied by Sonja
(New Zealand)

Hi James, this is probably a silly question but cilantro is the leaf of the coriander plant? I've just started and hopefully it will work for me as well. I've been using oats in stocking in the shower and to dab on to try to stop my itching and reduce the inflammation. It works for awhile but like everything it needs to be applied regularly. But it is natural and cheap and it works just as well as some of the chemicals solutions.

Replied by Jim
(Mission Viejo, Ca.)

Consumed half a bunch of Cilantro every day for 13 days and no improvement. What am I doing wrong??? Need help please.

Replied by Mike

I have had grovers for 8 or so years I have tried everything. I'm headed to store to buy some cilantro. I will keep you posted as to what happens.

Replied by Chelc

@Mike: What were your results??

Posted by Rich (Barrington, Il) on 03/14/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Hey Sarah and Robert (posts below):

You have found the cure for Grover's Disease. Your insight into using Cilantro is absolutely the cure for Grovers. I have suffered from Grovers for a number of years, especially when I have returned north from Florida to the cold country of Illinois. I took half a bunch of Cilantro and made an 4 egg omelette rather than eat rabbit food directly. In two days my Grovers has cleared up except for the scaring I have had over the years. I took a second bunch the second day and the third just for insurance.

We have to get this info out to the pubic and remove all the hacks with their BS products off the market that don't work. Maybe a website as a foundation for Grovers and charge a small fee to cover the cost of the site. I know I will tell my Dermatologist to spread the word. I can't thank you two enough for your posts.


Replied by Jim C
(Santa Rosa, Ca)

Cilantro seems to reduce symptoms 95%. Anyone know how long to stick with this promising solution? A week, a month?

Replied by Sara
(Lake Villa, Il)

Thank you so much for your post. I was finally diagnosed last year with Grover's after going crazy for 3 previous years with symptoms. I'm a 41yr old female and didn't really fit the profile I guess, but nonetheless, doctors and dermatologists were zero help. Third derm finally biopsied and diagnosed. I am in the middle of a terrible flair up and am stopping on my way home from work today to buy cilantro. Nothing seems to work for me. I did find Oregano oil (mixed with coconut oil) decreased symptoms a bit (and made me smell like a pizza), but like most other things, it only relieved and was temporary. I'll let you know how the cilantro works in a few days! Mine cleared up for the first time during the summer months, so I'm counting the days for summer. Thanks again.

(New England)

Hi Sarah from Lake Villa,

Would love to hear how you made out with the cilantro, please let me know! So hoping it helped you girl!! (Sarah from New England)

Replied by Josephine

Going to try cilantro today. Deem only diagnosed but nothing helped! Thank you!

Replied by Okiedoak
(Beechgrove , Tn.)

I have had grovers rash for about 3 years, only flares up in my hot tub, but love it so much got to get rid of this so I can enjoy my hot tub, gonna try Cilantro starting today, I can see most are saying eat about half a bundle, let's try and see, may God bless all who referred this to me, Accutane spray also works but way to expensive for me and only a quick fix it will return, need it gone, and no hot tub worry for wonderful relaxation, also found last few days vitamin A drys it up, Accutane contains vitamin A so put 2 and 2 togather and gave that a whirl also.

Replied by Nicky

hi Sara .I was diagnosed at 43 and nothing has helped me except throwing calamine lotion on to stop the itching when its bad! Have you had any relief from Cilantro? Desperate to find something!

Replied by Sarah
(New England)

Hi Nicky, so sorry to hear about your itching. Yes, the cilantro works! At least for me....and I'm fortunate as I don't mind the taste. If its too strong just mix it up with a salad and dressing, just be sure to eat a half a bunch or so. Mine cleared up in a few days but I still eat cilantro quite regularly. Its been 4 months for me now and I'm still amazed its gone after sooo many years. All the best to you!! Sarah

Replied by Jessica

I am a 46 year old female. Was diagnosed in 2010 and 1st flare up lasted 2 years. Nothing seemed to help. I have had a few annoying flare ups since then that only lasted a couple months. My new flare up is unbearable. Is on my neck back legs and arms. Went to a doctor who gave me RX for prednisone tetracycline some anti itch antihistamine and klonopin! I'm scared to take all these drugs at once but I'm desperate. Has anyone tried these drugs. The side effects look scary. Should I even try them if so many of you say they don't work? I like Cilantro but can't imagine eating it all the time. I'm going to buy some anyway but would love insight into whether these drugs are even worth a try. Help!

Replied by Lynn

I have been taking prednisone (dose varies depending how severe the itch gets, I can get down to about 7.5mg a day, but that's the lowest) on and of for nearly a year, more on than off. Nothing else has worked for me, have just started eating coriander, hopefully this may help. Have also started taking more vit d and zinc and vitamin c for cell renewal.

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
235 posts

Jessica, you will see people have been helped by vitamin D3 (natural) and vitamin A.

Cilantro has a good amount of vitamin A, I wonder if that's why it works. Personally I'd treat the cause rather than the symptoms. You could add the cilantro to your salad, smoothie, or if you really dislike the taste, there are cilantro capsules or an extract you can chase with lots of water. Best.

Posted by Sarah (New Englnad) on 02/24/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Hey everyone, please please read this..... I suffered with Grovers for over 25 years and was diagnosed many years ago. I tried everything! At least I thought I did, including eliminating just about everything imaginable from my diet for long periods of time including gluten, all processed foods, and alcohol. I tried vitamin D, coconut oil, steroids, every lotion ever made...some helped a bit but nothing cured my Grovers. My Dermatologist who I see every 4 months was zero help all these years, simply prescribing a steroid that didn't work. The only silver lining was with the strict diet I became very lean. I had a horrible flair up this January (always worse in the winter, right) and when just about all hope was lost I found this thread on cilantro for grovers.

So off to the store I went and bought one bunch of fresh cilantro. I passed by it a thousand times at the grocery store and this magical leafy green never made it into my carriage. It comes tied and is about a quarter size round at the stems. I ate half a bunch a day and within 2 days I was 50% clear and in 4 days the Grovers was basically gone.

The only thing remaining were the scars from some of the real bad spots that I had for years that have now healed. I didn't dare post anything because I thought this was just to good to be true. So now its been 4 weeks and my skin feels amazing (and so do my nails which is another bonus! ) All this time I thought I had to eliminate something from my diet, but what I needed was to detox with the right food. From what I have read cilantro is a natural form of chelation, another word I learned from countless hours of searching for a cure. Maybe I had heavy metals that were at the root of this evil for years. So thanks for listening and mostly thank you to Robert from Phoenix who took the time to comment and write about cilantro.

One other note is the day I started on the cilantro I also bought a sheer Zinc (25%) sunscreen. I was amazed at how well it stopped the itch and this may have helped speed the cure as well, but no doubt the cilantro was the key! I wish all of you suffering the best of luck in finding something that cures you!

Replied by Dinah
(Bribie Island, Qld)
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I'm a 68 year old female. Just been diagnosed with Grover's disease. Had the rash for 6 weeks...but very little itching luckily. Spent today reading all your individual experiences and remedies. My Dr did a punch biopsy to diagnose. He says he doesn't know anything about the disease other than it's normally older men who get it....:( and is contacting my dermatologist of 20 + years to try and shed some light on the issue. However from all your reports it seems natural remedies are the only way to go. I'm into the cilantro and will see if that helps. The cortisone ointment hasn't had any effect.

The only thing that has changed in my daily life is I have been on a course of strong antibiotics... so am now taking a probiotic. Like the idea of working on a 'cure' from the inside...thanks for all the suggestions. Fingers crossed it doesn't flare up.

Replied by Dan
(Cheriton, Va)

Hi. I've had grovers for about a year, then I found this website. I started cilantro 1/2 bunches 2 days ago. Some relief I think on two half bunches. Can you eat more than 1/2 a bunch? If so, does it help?

Replied by Debi Brett
(Los Angeles)

I am so happy I read this and going straight out to buy cilantro. I workout a lot so I sweat everyday, something I don't want to give up,

I also eat a lot of fish and was wondering if I have high mercury in my blood. Can anyone tell me if you have to keep eating the cilantro for the rest of your life or once the Grover's has gone it's gone for good. Either way I'm happy to try anything.

Posted by Robert (Phoenix, Arizona) on 11/27/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Eating about half a "bunch" of cilantro for three days straight cured my Grover's disease--completely.

Before I knew about cilantro, I controlled the itching by cloning a product from France (Aloplastine) by making a paste of Glycerol 20%; Talc Purified 25%; Zinc Oxide 25%.

Replied by Michael
(Fort Worth, Tx)

Robert, how long had you been suffering with Grover's? Did you have a re-occurrence of Grover's after the "cilantro" treatment? Did you eat the cilantro half a bunch once daily for 3 days?

Replied by Laurie

Hi, I am a women age 51 recently diagnosed w/grover's. I was reading it may be due to high amounts of Mercury in the body. My Mercury levels are quite high. I had a test several years ago. Cilantro eliminates Mercury but how much? I am thinking about chelation to rid my body of Mercury. Has anyone had any luck?

Replied by Tammy
(Valparaiso, In)

Michael, Did you try the cilantro? Was it successful?

Replied by Robyn

I've had 'Grovers Disease' for almost 2 years now and coupled with 'Bad Burning Legs & Feet' it's so bad around 3am in the morning I resort to Cold Cloths from a little Esky Box containing 'Cold Bricks'. The two problems together are literally driving me crazy. I can get to sleep with one antihistamine tablet and one Lysalon Tablet, but they only last a few hours. I will now try a few of the suggestions on this ' Site '.

Replied by Lynn

Hi Robyn, I have had Grovers for nearly 12 months, it has been unbearable for the last 2 months. I am on cortisone tablets at the moment, it's the only thing that has helped, plus a sleeping tablet at night. I was the same as you not sleeping and waking around 2 or 3 in the morning and applying freezer packs and cold face washers. I am going to try the cilantro as soon as I can find some. Have a review with dermatologist next week, plus I've been having the light therapy. Hopefully something will come out of all this.

Replied by Cindy L
(Marietta, Ga)

I was diagnosed with Grover's disease a week ago. I have spots on my stomach and lower back. Today, I went in for follow up because I have a burning sensation going down my leg. There are no spots on my legs. Doc said it's unrelated to the Grover's or the steroid cream I'm using on my stomach. Said it could be the onset of shingles. Anyone have burning in an area where you don't have an outbreak? Thanks.

(South Dakota)

Your post is from a long time ago. Did you get this cleared up? I have burning on my skin. Not itching and the sensations go up and down my legs and arms. But a skin plug taken says the spots are Grover's.

Replied by Ildiko

Yes, I had that! On both of my thighs and using the steroid cream was helpful /or was it/ but after 2 weeks it cleared up and did not come back since.

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