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Garlic Steam Cure for Sinus Congestion

| Modified on Jan 24, 2024
Garlic Steam
Posted by Beanie (Newhall, Ca ) on 04/26/2017

Steam your sinuses with garlic water.

I have read here that some people actually stick garlic cloves up their nose! Why? Who would want to deal with the intense burning?

Use garlic water to steam away nasal infection and burning in your nasal passages and to clear your sinus congestion. Here's what I did:

My sinuses had been congested for more than a week and for the last two of those days my nasal passages were burning severely. It was so uncomfortable that I could not sleep. The saline spray I was using only helped a tiny bit to briefly help me breathe better but the burning was getting worse. I don't think the saline spray (arm and hammer) was causing the burning as it only has salt, water and baking soda.

Anyway, I must have developed an infection that was causing the burning sensation and making me miserable. I then had the idea in the middle of the night ( perhaps a God idea) to steam with garlic. The next day, I put about two cups of water in a pot, grated 3-4 garlic cloves in it...I used a micro plane but you can just smash them very finely. After the water came to a boil, I lowered the heat and inhaled the steam deeply through my mouth and nose alternating. I did this for three to five minutes. I covered the pot to save the mixture and steamed twice more that day. Some time after the first steam...maybe a hour or so later, I noticed that I did not have the burning. I was so thankful. It is a gentle but powerful way to ease sinus pressure and burning.

Use distilled water for the garlic steam if you have it but it's not absolutely's just the purest way since the dissolved solids are distilled out. Furthermore, I have read that distilled water attracts toxins in your body for that reason (the water elements are no longer bonded to the heavy solids such as calcium, so excess calcium etc in your blood causing you issues like pain, will attract to the pure water and be flushed out). I don't know if it's advisable to drink distilled water for extended periods but it detoxes you so drinking it for a few weeks can help you eliminate toxins. You may have detox effects like mild headaches, sweating or etc when you start. It's different for everyone. I had the sweating the first day. Anyway, back to the steaming....try the garlic steaming for burning in your nose and to help clear up congestion, and drink distilled water for a few days to help you flush things out. God Bless you all.