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Posted by Shelli (Silicon Valley, Ca) on 11/14/2014

When this bump appeared on my upper left lid my doctor told me it was called a xanthelasma. She gave me a referral to a dermatologist to have it removed. I did some research on the internet and almost everyone who has had them removed surgically said they reappeared. With this discovery and two kids in college I was unable financially to take a chance on an expensive treatment that would only be a temporary solution. I am usually one to take a more holistic approach to problems such as this, so I continued my search. I found a product on the internet called Naturalis Xanthelasma Treatment. I ordered it and followed the directions to a T, but it did not work for me. As I read the directions for another product that I found online it said that you needed to scratch the xanthelasma before applying their product. I did not want to buy the product so I decided to try the scratching method and then apply the Naturalis. It did not work. I gave up and left it alone for months. Then it started to get bigger so I went back online and found this site. I didn't have castor oil and I was anxious to get started with something so I tried the garlic method.

At first I tried crushing the garlic like I read in a previous post on this site. Because my xan was on my upper lid the garlic oil was running in my eye, so I had to come up with a different method of applying it. Here is what I did and my results - I took an unpeeled clove of garlic and sliced one end off. I made little slices in the exposed end of the garlic to get the juices flowing. Then I held the exposed end of the garlic on my xan for 10 minutes. Yes it burned, but I did not find it intolerable. When I was done I cut the end that was pressed to my skin off of the garlic and put the remaining part of the garlic in a small container and put it in the refrigerator. I used this same clove of garlic for my follow up applications. Again making small slices to get the juices going. I liked this method because I was not getting garlic all over my fingers as I applied it to my xan. You can do several applications a day. I only did one. After my daily application I let the garlic juices sit on my skin for a little while, then I rinsed it off my eye. I did not put anything on it. I wanted it to dry out as quickly as possible. The next morning my xan was extremely swollen. I put some coconut oil on my eye to take away some of the redness. I repeated this process for 3 nights until my skin was really dry and scabbing. Then I stopped applying the garlic and let the scab continue to dry and flake off. I did use coconut oil to moisturize it each night. I think that helped the dry skin to come of quicker. After about a week all the skin had flaked off and the xan was considerably smaller. So I repeated the process. I have repeated this process three times and my xan is so small now. I am going to do it again and I think this should be my last time. Note that when you repeat the process you may not need to do it for 3 nights. After the first time, I only needed to apply the garlic for 1 night.

I do like what I read about the Castor Oil and what it does for your eyelashes. So I am going to start applying it all around my eyes before I go to bed. I hope this will restore my, once lush, eyelashes and maybe it will prevent my xan from coming back. Good luck.

Replied by Diamond

There are many non abrasive things to use. One it's better to eat garlic raw as it have much more potency and helps take care of whole body. Castor oil is another. Let me know how things work out for you. Good Luck.

Replied by Kim
(West Memphis Ar.)

Did the garlic really help? Did it come back? I have 1 on each eye. 1 is the size of a quarter.

Replied by Darla
(Dallas, Tx)


They will return after not using the garlic for a good while. It took me about a month before my eyes were fully healed, without scabs. I could then cover them up with makeup but they were back in about 6 months and I had to do the process again. Today I decided to try the castor oil treatment. Hoping it works better than the garlic.

Replied by Lata

I also tried garlic method for removing xanthoma under eye, cholesterol deposit. It is excellent. Day by day it is going smaller. But my question is whether that white mark vanishes or still remains.

Replied by Bessie
(New York)

Hi Shelli!

I just read about how you dealt with your xanthelasma. Mine is actually on the orbital bone under both eyes. I am willing to try the garlic method since you succeeded with it. How long did the scabbing take to slough off?

Posted by Melissa D. (Berlin, Wi) on 01/17/2014

Garlic for Xanthoma: I started developing a small yellow deposit under my right eye years ago. It started to spread last year. I herniated a disc in my back and I was taking alot of medications. I had blood work done and it was not cholesterol. My belief it was all of the over the counter pain meds I was taking as well as the prescription ones. My doctor didn't give me alot of narcotics, but I was on a nerve blocker. To make a long story short I'm now using the garlic and I'm on day two. It burns like hell, but if you live in a cold climate like I do it helps to go outside in the cold. Your eyes don't water and it cuts the smell. I learned this trick from working at a resturant in high school. When we would cut onions and we would start to cry we would run into the walk in freezer. It works with garlic too. So you Canada chicks have it made and you in the south will have to open a freezer door to get relief. I'll keep you all posted on my progress. Its looking pretty ugly now but I'm hoping to get rid of this once and for all!

Replied by Melissa D.
(Berlin, Wi)

YEAH!!!! My UGLY deposites are gone! I applied crushed garlic for 3 days 3 times a day. Like I said in my first response, it burned like hell and was reallly ugly. The super cold weather helped the burn, but I looked like I got socked in the kisser for about 8 days. My husband wouldn't let me go out of the house for fear he was going to get thrown in jail for my ugly eye. He couldn't look at me without laughing at me, so I threatened to rub my eye on him. When it was scabby and weaping I cut a wedge of nonstick gauze and applied it at bed time with Neosporin. During the day I washed it with a surgical scrub and let it dry out. Be very safe because an infection could be a trip to the doctor and alot of explaining. I'm very surprised and happy that a $.98 box of garlic saved me about $1500-$2000 at the doctor. I'm a normal person with kids and bills and we don't have that extra ching to spend on something like this! If you go to the doctor I'm sure your eye would look just as bad with an expensive procedure. Mine were under my so with the gals who have them on your eye lid be VERY careful! It is a natural chemical peel so it can do damage so DON'T get it in your eye ball! The more you can crush the garlic up and the mushier you can get it the better it works. I was going to do a 4th day and I'm glad I didn't because 3 is enough. I also use a vitamin E stick to moisturize and heal. So I'm saying goodbye and good luck to all that have this issue and be safe. I hope you get results like I did!

Replied by Jas

I have big yellowish mark on the inner and small at the outer part of left eye. It came after 7 months of delivering my baby. N its been 1 and half year but still the same. I have started with garlic after reading the good reviews here n its my second day. M doing it twincely I hope it works on me n these ugly marks will go.. hoping for the best will defintly let u know does it work..

Replied by Suzanne
(Fort Wayne, Indiana)

I started applying castor oil on my eye lids and along the lash line, also on my brows to grow them thicker. At first I didn't think it worked and I quit but started again as I liked the way the oil helped to remove every last bit of make up. My lashes and brows are thicker. It has taken awhile but it really works and to my surprise, it also got rid of the nasty xanthoma. The skin around my eyes is smooth and clear and castor oil is cheap and safe. I hope you try it.


Hi, What kind of castor oil to use?

Replied by Jas

In my previous post, I told u about Xanthoma on my left eye.. I have applied garlic for 10 to 15 mins twice a day its my third day my eye got swelled n became so reddish over it please any one tell me is it ok? Should I continue to apply it? How much time it will take to heal my reddish n swelled eye? Please those who got positive result reply me...

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Jas, of course you should stop if you got irritation. You might try Castor Oil before bed.

Replied by Jas

Thanks .. Mmsg. Does caster oil work on xanthoma too?

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Jas, I don't know. I just know that I read it can help.

Replied by Jas

Thanks Mmsg and everyone here sharing their views.. as I applied garlic for three days on xanthoma. My skin got burn and the bumpy part of it has gone now it became white.. m waiting for new skin to come over it. Can anyone tell me is it ok? Will the white scar be gone afterwards?

Replied by Mandyuk
(Midlands, Uk)

Hi All, I have these unsightly lumps above my eyes and had them for around 5 years. I really want rid of them, my son says they look like 2 slugs ugh... I do not have the money to get rid of them privately as they don't do them on NHS ...so I am reading about garlic. I have brought one tonight and plan to apply tomorrow.. do you use the juice or the actual clove? I am hoping this will work.

Replied by Lisa


Opthamologists and occu plastic doctors all say to excise it because its under the skin and just returns. I'm so confused. I have it on all four lids. Seems like a big deal to me to cut up all my lids at once and one doctor threw me out of his office because I didnt want him to slice up all four at once but wanted bottom lids then top. Anyway, The lower lids are a bit long.

I have researched as best I can and see there's a bit on vitamin E deficiency possibilities. Has anyone read this? And then the usual lipids, liver stuff but my blood tests were all fine a drop over on the ldl but nothing that should have caused this. No one checked vit E levels.

It's so ugly looking. Seems weird there is so little on it in terms of real creams and removers except that one xantharemover that has no real info on except their own hype. Mine are flat ugly yellow ones, not the lumps. Had them about a solid year.

I can see how the garlic would work but it's only the top layer of the skin so it would return pretty quickly. I'm not sure how the castor oil would work but maybe the vitamins in it help it or its milia and not xanthelesma. Not sure on that but would love real photos and time frame. I have changed my diet to all healthy as an obvious precaution if I get the nerve to cut them out I dont want them back.

I do have gerd and wonder if those meds did something sometimes but no one knows much at all. I don't drink or even eat fried up foods so it must be genetic or some weird deficency malabsorption kinda thing. The flat ones are different then the lumps I think in terms of removal.

Replied by Lisa

I've had this for a few years now. I have one in each inner corner of my eye. I'm def buying the castor oil today. Thanks everyone.

Replied by Cindy
(Hong Kong)

I read your post and started with the castor oil treatment 7 weeks ago. It took more than 4 weeks to start seeing improvement, yet it is improving every day. Hopefully, this ugly xanthelasma will be gone within next month or two. Thanks.

Posted by Lisa (Dallas, Tx) on 05/18/2013

I noticed that I had this lump under my eye, several months ago. It seemed to be getting bigger. I tried covering it with makeup, but you can still see the lump. I went online searching for what it was and found this forum. I want to try it, but have things to do the next week, where I will have to see a lot of people I know. I want to wait until I have time to heal before I try it. I have garlic oil capsules. They are for healthy heart. I will try them first to see how it works and if not I will try the fresh garlic. BTW I had my gallbladder out about 25 years ago. I'm 51 now.

Last night, before I saw this forum, I had an idea to use apple cider vinegar. I didn't know what it was and thought it might be calcium. Vinegar disolves calcium. I mixed 1/2 a cap of the vinegar with 1/2 a cap of water. Then I mixed in some corn starch, to thicken it. I put it on the spot under my eye. It stung and made my eyes water. I left it on for 15 minutes. The spot was a bit smaller and the bags under my eye were not as puffy. So, I think I will keep doing that until I can do the full garlic treatment.

Thank you all for telling us about your experiences. It is very nice to know that I can make this ugly thing go away.

I also had an idea. Maybe taking garlic oil caps can keep them from coming back, as it lowers cholesterol.

I will post again after I have tried that garlic.

Good luck to everyone! This is life changing.

Replied by Carolynb
(Adelaide, Sa)

It is now over 2 months since I removed the Xantha on my eyelid. The ugly yellow blob is gone and the skin is paler but not yellow. It looks so much better. Now I will have a go at the smaller one on the other eyelid. This time I will try and keep the garlic on for a longer period twice a day so that the layers are burnt off quicker. I hate having a swollen and then scabby eyelid for more than a week. Incidently, I have been diagnosed with a thyroid condition which may have been responsible for the Xantha. Now Im on Thyroxine , my cholesterol levels are normal and the other Xantha has not grown any bigger.

Replied by Angela

Hi all I.am so happy that I came across this site, I too hate my yellow lumps and from yesterday have applied the crushed garlic you get in a tube, looking forward to great results, feeling happy.

Replied by Garlicfan
(British Columbia)

Ok, I have been quietly fuming and being self conscious of these yellow marks for about 10 months now. Ten minutes ago I tried the garlic and they have shrunk to an 1/4 of the size. I can't wait to see the final results- it's hard to believe- I should have taken before and after photos- in fact I wouldn't believe it unless it happened to me. Oh - it burns like hell, but not for long, definitely worth it!!!

Posted by Carolynb (Adelaide, Sa) on 03/15/2013

I have been reading with much interest about removing Xanthalasmas. I had mine removed last year with laser but they came back 8 months later but not in the lasered area. They grew around the area that had been lasered. So I tried the garic and the pain was too much. I left it for a month and decided to use a baby's teething gel. I used a cotton bud to apply the Bonjela to my eyelid, wiped off the excess and applied the garlic for 8 minutes. This really helped with the pain. I cut the root end off a garlic clove the same size as the Xantha and pricked the cut end with the point of a knife to encourage the garlic juice and then held it on the Xantha for as long as I could. I did this twice a day until I could see that the skin was broken and weeping. It formed a scab, which I picked as it was annoying. Now, 8 days later the scab is very small and there is no sign of the ugly yellow Xanthalasma which was growing down to the inside corner of my eye. It is interesting to note that the Xanthalasmas appeared after two very stressful times in my life and my Dr thinks they are related. So no more stress and hopefully they won't come back :))

Replied by Dyna
(England, Uk)

Hi there, I have just done my first dab at using garlic. Used a cotton bud and applied for less than five mins as it did sting, will let you know the end result after a few days twice a day application. I hope it works as I hate this thing on my eye, I have never been so self conscious, I feel awful with it and think people must think I am really unhealthy to have such a revolting thing on my eye. My only worry is how long it may take to either reduce or go altogether as I will not want to go about work with a red scabby eye.

Posted by Shweta (Muzaffarpur, India) on 05/25/2012


i tried garlic process to remove my fatty on eyelid. It totally remove my fatty deposits but it leaves spots in little whitish color. Is this disappear after some days or not? I want more satisfied. please suggest what can I do to vanish my spot.

Replied by Lijana

Just wondering did white spots disapPeared for you. I tried garlic today and it totally burned my skin. No difference on fatty deposit though. I will try to do this for2 more days and will see. Would be interested to hear more stories, preferably positive ones:)

Replied by D
(Dallas, Tx)

I use garlic and it works great. It will burn like an acid, dry the skin out, cause swelling, but within a week the xanthomas are cleared enough to cover with makeup. I have to do this about every 6 months.

Replied by Thenaturalway
(Holmen, Wi, Usa)

Yes, using garlic got rid of my xanthoma under my right eye. It took about 12 days at 5 minutes a day. It flaked off hopefully never to return.

Replied by Taria
(Nauvoo, Illinois)

Okay I, going to try this only because having this thing above my eye has turned me into a hermit and I hate leaving my house. I don't look in the mirror and I don't wear make up so I need to try something to get rid of this. Not to mention I was told I had another one that showed up on the other side under my eye. So now I'm desperate! I want to get rid of these without having to opt out for surgery since reading from some of the comments that they just come back anyway. And I'm poor.

No one in my family has these but me so I don't know about the whole 'runs in the family' thing I have read. I'm the only one with them.

I really don't want to be a shut in/hermit the rest of life because of the way I look, I already feel ugly enough as it is and having these makes it 100 times worse.

I am hoping this works and they will be gone. Because just like one of the others have stated, numbing and cutting out myself would be the next step for me. I'm with you on that one sister, I would rather have a scar that would heal smaller (that I can tell anyone who asks that I got into a fight with a cat) then have something that looks like I stuck my face in cottage cheese and it dried on. Can we all say Eww?

Replied by Cindy

The garlic works if you can stand the burning. I've had my cholesterol spots on my eyes for several years. I tried taking GLA to lower my cholesterol, it was recommended on the Dr. Oz show. After taking it for a while, I noticed my eyelids were turning dark. Quit taking it and the color started to come back to normal, but I was left with a spot on each eyelid. Decided to try the garlic, chopped it up and made a paste, put it on the spots 10 minutes at a time, twice a day. Spots are gone. Thank you guys for the tip, you are my heroes.

Replied by Cindy

The garlic works if you can stand the burning. I've had my cholesterol spots on my eyes for several years. I tried taking GLA to lower my cholesterol, it was recommended on the Dr. Oz show. After taking it for a while, I noticed my eyelids were turning dark. Quit taking it and the color started to come back to normal, but I was left with a spot on each eyelid. Decided to try the garlic, chopped it up and made a paste, put it on the spots 10 minutes at a time, twice a day. Spots are gone. Thank you guys for the tip, you are my heroes.

Replied by Ann

How do I make a garlic paste?

Posted by Michigirl (Clinton Twp, Michigan) on 05/24/2012

I too am suffering from xanthomas, it started years ago. I thought it was dry patchy skin at first. Went to the dr and she would just give me topical cream for it. I had a friend studying skin care who helped me figure out what I may have went to a new dr, and the first thing he said to me was you have high cholesterol... Do you know how I know and I said cuz of the xanthromas. He told me the only way to get rid of them is cosmetic surg and I do not have the time or money especially if it doesnt work!!

I am very excited and scared to try the garlic my sister is getting married in 4 months and want them gone, Im affraid they will get worse if I try this. Has anyone had any issues with them getting worse?? Please everyone keep in mind that this is a very dangerous thing we have and you need to make sure you are being treated for the condition as well as trying to get these things to disapear!!

Replied by Vida


hi Garlic does get rid of it, but only to some extent ( how much you are able to bear and for how long you can go through with it) It is in direct proportion to your pain threshold. I could do it for about a week and 3 times a day, my xanthoma however were very large so it diminished by 40%. Had I continued with it, could have gone completely but not for good. As we all are witness to it that the re occurrence is this problems middle name. If you are going to use the castor oil then you need the patience of the Gods because seems very slow, or maybe I thought it was working. Am not going to comment on that because I really did not find any results with its use.

All the best and Yes garlic works, but can you work with it is the real question. I could not bear it for more than a week.

Posted by D.G Douglas (Long Beach, California, USA) on 11/07/2008

For years I've had Xanthelasmas (fatty deposits) around the orbit of my eye. I've had them surgically removed several years ago but they soon returned. After reading of the many healing uses for garlic, I decided to give it a try. I cut medium sized cloves in half and applied the juice to the deposit. I would hold the clove on the affected area for 10-15 minutes using slight pressure. After about 5 minutes, I could feel a slight burn. I continued this regiment for 3 days. After each treatment the size of the deposit was reduced and finally dried up after 3 treatments. It appeared to draw the fat to the surface which I removed with tweezers on the 3rd day. Presently I'm continuing this process on the other deposits. I've found fresh oily garlic when cut works best. I'm quite happy with the results. It also provided relief from the pain and swelling. Thank you for clinic and my oppurtunity to contribute.

Replied by Marty
(Nashville, Tennessee -- Music City, USA)

Thank you so much for your response!! I posted a similar problem with cholesterol deposits under a different header here. You may have just saved me oodles of money with an oculoplastic surgeon! I tried your technique using organic apple cider vinegar, but to no avail. It did flatten out the deposit some, but it would never disappear. Congratulations on your success. I am definitely heading out to buy some garlic, and will give this a shot. Working around the eyes is very dangerous, so I was worried about using the vinegar. My primary care physician told me he would remove it if it happened to be anywhere other than my eye area. So -- I've been pricing specialists. I will be thrilled if I can master this with garlic of all things! As a side note, I removed a skin tag in a scary spot under my right eyelid near my lashes with Iodine. It was amazing. It hasn't come back yet either. You've made my day with this remedy. I just pray it works for me.

Replied by Dee
(Dallas, Tx)

I'm trying it and it burns so I hope it's working. I hate to go around people because mine are so bad and each time I've had them removed they've come back large. Crossing my fingers. I do wonder though, how do you remove the fat with tweezers?

Replied by Rupesh
(Bangalore, India)

Any one had success using this method, please post here. I am also suffering from xanthelasma on both eyelids.

Replied by Deli
(Nashville, Tn)

Marty & Dee, Did the garlic work?? Impatiently awaiting your response.

Replied by Georgiagirl
(Atlanta, Ga, Usa)

It works! I saw this suggestion a year ago and tried the garlic applications and I was estatic! One year later its time to do it again. Warning: it does burn, protect you eyes, and only do it for 3 days for 10 minutes. If you exceed the days OMG it will look like you got burned. I didnt use tweezers, I applied neosporin ointment and I'm happy...

Replied by Debbie
(Atlanta, Ga)

Georgia Girl-Did the mark completely disappear? You stated it has been a year and your going to do it again does that mean it grew back? I have two Xanthomas both are in the lower corner of my eyes. I tried the garlic thing for two times but I got nervous because the area became red. I guess that is normal?! ?

Replied by Sam
(London, Uk)

Hi There,
Can anyone tell me about the Garlic treatment, does it really works? I have Xanthoma for last 4 years im so scared to treat them as I have heard they came back. Kindly please someone tell me how to get rid to them forever safely. I have heard about the lemon diet, liver flush etc. If anyone like to contact me plz write me on this email mimo_afridi(at)hotmail(dot)com Cheers

Replied by Dd
(Lewisville, Tx)

I decided to try this after remembering my grandmother used it on my sisters acne and it really does work!!! I've had to do my eyes on average about every three months, mine are bad, and for the first few days my eyes are very swollen but after that I can wear make up and it covers them up. It's also helped decrease the dark circles. I put vaseline on my eyes when the area gets "raw" appearing to keep them from scabbing over. Friends have been amazed at the difference.

Replied by Claire
(Clermont-ferrand, France)


I had xanthoma under each eye. I've tried laser 3 years ago and it has worked for one eye only.

I really wanted to get rid of it and so I had a go with garlic : nothing to loose anyway... Well, it works perfectly!!!!!!

I was a little bit upset because the scab was rather large after 3 applications and it took more than one week to disappear completely.

Thanks a lot for giving this method (and sorry for the mistakes : I'm French! ).

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

I had never heard of Xanthoma but from your description I thought that this might be what I had under my eyes a long time ago. I looked it up on the Internet and I think so only mine were small and around the bags under my eyes (as if the bags weren't enough.... ). I had a laser treatment in Holland but it is as if they are still there only I think that now I have only the scars. I have been trying to get rid of them with Vit. E but so far without success. In case there are still some deposits I would like to try the garlic. Would you please tell me how you did it? Did you put a slice on the Xanthoma, did you crush it, how many times a day.... The smell must be quite incredible but I could do it on days when I am at home. The scabs after the laser treatment were horrendous, I was even ashamed to go out.

My mother had the same problem and so had her mother. I have just read that it can run in families. Still.... A friend of mine had a big one above his eye and one day it wasn't there anymore. I didn't ask but I assumed that he had had an operation.

Replied by Debi P
(Salt Lake City, Ut, Usa)

Thank you so much for this hint! I consulted with a dermatologist when my xanthomas first appeared. He told me he could use a chemical that would burn them off, but he warned they often returned. Therefore I didn't pursue the expensive procedure.

I have been doing this for three days now. It appears the fatty deposts are indeed drying up. I, too, experienced mild scabbing and redness/swelling. But I have seen other people who have had them chemically burned who look like this.

I will report back when this disappears and hopefully report that the xanthomas have disappeared! I will be eternally grateful! I am so pleased with the condition of my skin and so embarrassed by these horrid fat deposits.

If it works and the xanthomas return I know I can return to this easy and inexpensive remedy.

Replied by Sherry
(Fullerton, California)

I am also trying garlic after reading all these posts... I was going to see a plastic surgeon... But this is certainly much cheaper and I too will be ecstatic if it works... These things are so ugly on my eyes, I dont even like to look at people when I speak to them :(.

Replied by Debi P
(Salt Lake City, Ut, Usa)

I am extremely sad to report the garlic method doesn't work in my case. The deposits are still present as ever. :( I think I'll probably end up seeing a plastic surgeon and see my doctor to see if there is a plaque build-up I need to concern myself with in my blood.

Replied by Crwh98
(Baltimore, Md)

after reading this post I am going to give this a try can someone give me step by step procedure plz

Replied by Mygammie
(Albany, United States)

I have tried it with organic garlic with no success. Just burns like he__! Decided I will just have to live with it unless it should interfere with my eyesight. Makeup doesn't cover it up either. Good luck all.

Replied by Bky

I as well, tried it for 4 days and it didn't take care of it. No change:(

Replied by Miranda
(Bern, Switzerland)

Hi, I also have Xantelasmas under both eyes and it seems they're getting bigger.. I've tried to remove them with garlic but I looked terrible. It was swollen and red and my skin was open and I was scared to put more garlic on the open area. Is that normal? Should I continue doing that or should wait in between until my skin has recovered a bit? Right after I removed the garlic slice I could really tell that the Xantelasmas were flatter. But I guess I should have continued the regimen but the way I looked was making me really worried and nervous and I thought that it might not have been a good idea to try the garlic cure... Anyone can give me some exact instructions or give an accurate review about how it works? Thank you!!

Replied by Jemmi
(Mechanicsville, Maryland)


I too have Xanthelasma on both of my eyes, bottom and top. I tried it on the bottom ones first because they are not as big as the top ones. I put a fresh garlic on them for 3 days and after 3 days I was swollen, red, it was scabbing and some spots were bleeding. It took 3 weeks to heal but after 3 weeks the Xanthelasma was flatter and smaller.

So I thought I'd crush the garlic. I did a second round with crushed garlic for 3 days and that really burned like acid. Same thing again, swollen, scabbing, bleeding. After the scabs fell off the xanthelasma was almost all gone. So after the 3 weeks healing time, I did a third round of crushed garlic. Now all the xanthelasma on my bottom eye is gone.

I just started this week with one of my top eyes. They are really big so I guess its going to take 5 to 6 rounds. But I have to say, it works. You look like crap while you are doing it, but I guess that's the price you pay. I report back once I am done with my top ones. hope it works on them too since they are really big.

Replied by Jol
(Prince George, Bc, Canada)

I am trying this procedure as of today.

Have had deposit under my eye's in the corner for over a year now. Appeared when I was pregnant with my third child. First looked like it was small scar tissue and it was a little spot under one eye. Months later my other eye also started to show a similar 'spot' and grew large fast.

Run to see my doctor, had some tests done... And I am relieved to say that my cholesterol was and is okay, but my 'looks' were all gone. Vanity is a b**ch.

Tried to cover it up with make up but I couldn't & can't hide it, unless I don't mind walking around unable to smile because my layers of applied make up might peel off.

Anyhow, to make a long story short, my self esteem is down the drain... especially since my kids start pointing out that I would have been more beautiful without these 'spots'; and they mean this in the nicest way.

After reading this post I am hopeful that I found a cheap solution and applied the fresh garlic to both eyes. Put a sliced garlic on the spot and applied some pressure as mentioned.

I must admit it burned more than anticipated and I smell even worse.... But we keep on doing this two more days and hopefully I will be another YEA!

Thanks for this post.... Keep on smiling!


Replied by Cured
(New Delhi, India)

Hi, I tried the garlic, cut them into thin slices and kept it on the Xanthed area for 15 min, morning/ evening (2 times) for 3 days. I would say 2 days are enough as I burned my skin due to the third day and it burned like hell.

But after that, the skin became dark(like burnt) and in few days started peeling off and then it became wrinkled and dry with white scaling, use a good moisturiser to keep the skin hydrated and not that much noticable(hides dryness and darkness).

It takes approx a week before the skin can become back to normal with slight roughness in skin remaining. Use Retin-A 0.5 or NEXret 0.1 gel every night after 1 week to make the skin smooth and remove the wrinkles.

What I can see is that this builds a layer of skin above the xanthed area and therefore the Xanth gets completely hidden below the layers.

Xantholema cure, garlic works.


Replied by Sawilson
(Knoxville, Tennessee, Usa)

So I've been trying the garlic for my Xanthomas that I have over both eyes and I'm hoping that the pain will bring me results. First some of my history. After suffering many years in pain, I finally had my gallbladder out and was great for about a year. Then one night about 3am, I ended up in my living room floor with paramedics standing over me. Evedently I had a hidden stone blow through one of my bile ducts and ended up in the hospital. They did an ERCP and I woke up with severe case of pancreatitis. Was in the hospital for about 12 days. About 2 to 3 months after release, they began to appear.

I've had them for about 3 years and have hated them from day one. Couldn't afford surgery, scared to try the acid so I'm now doing the garlic. Let me start by saying that for me, it burnt like hell. Especially days 2 and 3. Mine has scabbed over so badly that I refuse to leave home until the scabs diminish somewhat. I have woken to finding dried blood around the scabs, with dryness and a little bit of stinging. I can only hope that once the scabs come off, I find the pain to have been worth it. If I could post pictures, I would, but I see no way to do so. I did exceed the 3 day mark and use for 5 consecutive days, but only because I saw not much change in the first 3 other than the increase burning. Only time will tell I guess... I will post my results good or bad at conclusion.

Replied by Sawilson
(Knoxville, Tennessee, Usa)

Update: The scab over the left eye has come off and sad to report there has been no change... The white spot is still there only now it is lightly pink. Still waiting for the scab over the right eye to come off, which was the bigger of the two, but if the same outcome is to happen, I will be greatly disapointed. I am close to using ice to numb the spots and cut them out myself... I'd rather have small scars over my eyes than large white spots.... Will update after the final scab is gone...

Replied by Rebecca
(Newcastle, Australia Nsw)

Hi I Have been using garlic for Xanthoma and it works for me!! I cannot express how happy I am now!!! Im 34 years old and they started appearing about a year ago :( My doc also told me the only way to get rid of them was to have cosmetic surgery!! Have 4 kids and do not have the money to do this.

Anyway I came across this post about using garlic, The only garlic we had in the house was the precrushed jars of it so I tried that first and It did not work! I then left it for about 4 months and noticed my xanthomas were getting bigger so I went to the shops and bought a bulb, Sliced of a small piece and held it on my xanthoma for about 5 mins twice a day for two days! I couldnt do it more than that as this time It stung and made my eyes swell up. A few days later it started to scab and yesterday the scabs fell off! And they are gone :) YIPPEEEEE!!!! GARLIC WORKS ITS AMAZING!!!!

Replied by Mario
(London, United Kingdom)

I have had xanthelasma on my eyelids many years and have tried virtualy everything on the market including garlic without success. It occured to me a few months ago that in this day and age that apart from cosmetic surgery which costs an absolute fortune that there is not an ointment cure for this condition. (or maybe there is but no one wants to tell us about it?)

I embarked on my own crusade to find my own cure for this condition and I think I may have found a way to decrease it or hopefully eliminating it completely using as near to natural herbs as I could.

My xanthelasma has certainly decreased with my findings but I will not know for certain for a few weeks yet as they are still a bit scabby but it is looking very good as the yellow has not appeared under the new skin.

I will keep you posted, hopefully with some good news once I am 100% sure.

Replied by Caroline
(Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

I am going to try this method and hope it works for me. I read with interest the person who posted that their's appeared after gall bladder surgery. Mine too appeared after gall bladder surgery and after I went on a low carb diet which included drinking whole milk, eating more healthy fats etc. I wonder if the increase in fats and no gall bladder caused these to appear? Does reducing fat in the diet prevent them from coming back?

Replied by Cristina
(Sydney, Australia)

Hi everybody, I tried the garlic method as well after reading all these posts and IT WORKS I couldn't believe it I actually cried, I tried my right eye 1st as I have 3 deposits there and I crushed the garlic with a garlic crusher placed it on the xanthelasmas twice a day for 10 minutes it did burn but well worth it, do it twice a day, I have now started doing my left eye. Hope this helps guys goodluck!


How many days did you do the garlic?

Replied by Mario
(London, United Kingdom)

Carefull with garlic it is potent stuff. Although it reduces the size significantly and looks like it has cured the xanthelasma it will not stop the condition from re-ocurring. It basically does what TCA will do and that is burn the layers of the skin.

We desperately need the preventitive cure and not the quick fix.

Replied by Zanthelasmasuffer
(Phoenix, Arizona)

My zanthelasma started about 10 years ago on one of my upper eyelids. I thought it was a cut from gardening, because a week prior I was trimming a bush and a branch swang back and hit my face and eye area. Well, through the years the scar got worse and then I got one on my other eyelid and then under both of the eyelids. So I have 4 Zanthelasma spots total. I was going to get them surgically removed, but decided against it. I found out that there is a make-up that covers Zanthelasma. Its called DermaBlend. They sell it at ULTA or you can purchase it online. Its about $30. 00 US. I havnt used it yet, but I'm buying some this week. I would like to try the Garlic on my eyes first and see how that goes.

My father also has Zanthelasma on one of his upper eyelids. So, mine is inherited. Also, my cholesteral is normal and all blood work came back great. But, I did notice them getting smaller when I started eating alot of fruits and vegatables and cutting out any junk food, greasy and fatty food.

I will let you know how the garlic works for me.

Replied by D
(Dallas, Tx)

When you use the garlic you need to immediately start putting vaseline on the area to control the drying and scabbing. Mine have never scabbed because I keep vaseline on them constantly. Mine are also severe and I use the garlic twice a day for the first two days, take a break for one day, and then use it again twice. My eyes will be swollen and look horrific but after a few days they're fine. I've had them surgically cut off too and the healing time took longer than with using garlic. Vaseline is the key!!

Replied by Lisa
(Los Angeles, Ca)
32 posts

Just understand that vaseline is a petroleum product. I might suggest you find something else for dry skin like raw unprocessed coconut oil.

Replied by Zach
(Jersey City, Nj)

I think it works not 100% sure yet. Surgery was my first cure. Now Xanthelasma came back so I am trying garlic Day 1 at night garlic for 8 min, clean area, again for 8 min. Day 2 expect some redness and inflamation, possibly slight darkness burn around treatment area, garlic 8 min. In morning, 8 min. Mid-day, three 8 min sessions at night cleaning inbetween. Day 3 a rough surface in morning was present, and it scabbed slightly by evening. Picked at the scab with twezzers and ripped it off. A white surface with very little blood was present. Maybe 30 minutes after it turned pink. Not sure if this is cured for the moment, but it looks like I am a believer. The next 24 hours will tell. This treatment is not for sissies the garlic will burn, and ohh yeah night 3 I am seeing a reduction in redness and inflamation.

Replied by Momma
(Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

I have used the garlic on one of my Xanthoma. I was going to take before and after photo's but forgot. I was skeptical but tried it anyhow. The largest one under my eye bothered me the most as many people tried to tell my I had a smudge of makeup under my eye when I really don't wear makeup! It was annoying and embarrassing more for the person who said it than me. I used fresh garlic, peeled it and used small slices and left on for 10 minutes. It burns but I did not mind that. I did it for about 4 days and then it was raw and scabbed. I picked at the scab (I know I should not do that). Anyhow, once it healed up the xanthoma is so faded that no one ever comments on it as its hardly noticable. I will put a little make up on when I go out, but really don't have to. I think the garlic juice burns off the skin and then the fat can run out - probably much like laser. I also tried a method years ago of poking a sterile needle in one end and massaging it. It was a bit scary to do so close to the eye and do not recommend it. I massaged the xanthoma downward until a liquid fat squeezed out. Problem with that method is one - using a needle so close to the eye and two, it also hurt alot and the skin looked worse than when I used the garlic. I used the garlic in April and it is now September and looks fine. I am going to try the other two smaller ones one of these days. I also noticed that each time one of these Xanthoma's appeared was after I had gone on a high fat, high protein , low carb diet. I did it three times, lost weight and ended up with another xanthoma. I first thought it was a coincidence now I don't. I won't try and lose weight that way any more.

Replied by Bindi
(Queensland, Australia)

Oh my.. I have stopped looking at myself in the mirror b/c of this ugly thing... I kept asking my Dr. what it was and he said nothing to worry about.. But I kept asking and then someone told me what is was so I asked my Dr. again. Yes I did have sllight high cholestrol. I had 1 removed by eye specialist and cost me $1000... So when another started appearing on other eye I freaked. Plus having it removed left a awful scar. Plus I cant afford another $1000. So thank you that I can come across this today. Im going to get some Garlic tommorow and try it. fingers crossed 4 me plzzzz.:)

Replied by Sb
(Cardiff, Uk)

Hi, I read many comments and feedbacks from all of you. I am also one of you, suffering from xanthoma near about 6yrs. I have got mine under my eyes and one above my left eye. First when I got it under my eyes on my cheeks, I thought that, it is kind of white spots due to vitamin deficiency and didn't take much care of it. I tried to have proper diet. Still it didn't help. My father and my other Uncle's from my father side, they also have got it above their eyes. And mine was on my cheeks and it was a pretty bigger in size. So I thought mine is not same like them. I was around 26-27 yrs when I got it first. So I never believed it could be due to cholesterol. I went for blood test and it was normal. Any way I started living with it. I had a very decent job with good salary but still got refusals from guys due to these marks. I was posted in Mumbai, India. I visited many Doctors but nothing helped. The last doctor (homeopathy) whom I met, he told me that, it is xanthoma and this has no medical cure in homeopathy. He still told me to change my diet and gave me some medicine, as I was getting married. I took proper diet and was under treatment for 6-7 months. It was bit faded but never got rid of it. After my marriage and with my age I got the third one above my left eye. I started searching for remedies. I have started doing exercise/ swimming/ walking. I have started using olive oil for cooking for last 3 months. I eat olives, apples, brown breads (occasionally), walnuts and fish with omega 3 and salad with lettuce leaves and salmon fish etc. It started helping me. But it's a long process. For a great foodie, it was a punishment. I kept on searching on internet.

When I read this first, I just could not believe it, as all other treatments are so expensive. Thought, let me give it a try. If so many people have gained from it, I would be also one of the lucky one, who got rid of xanthoma. I tried garlic on my spots for 10-15 mints on my first day. It was burning sensation, got swollen and became red. All your post helped me to follow it on my day 2. I tried it twice for 15 mins. I am so happy, today is the fourth day and its only 20-30% left. I know it will take some time, as these are pretty old and will take some time. At least it has reduced. I apply Vaseline on these after every garlic therapy. I will keep it up till the time, it doesn't get completely vanished.

Now I don't have to explain to people about these marks and not to hide my face. Once again I started looking me in the mirror and feel happy like I did years back. Good luck to all. Thanks to all of you for your advice……. Really it helps with little money and small effort...

Replied by Thenaturalway
(Holmen, Wi, USA)

This worked. Took about 10 days for 5 minutes at a time. thanks

Replied by Cheshm
(Potomac/Maryland, U.S.)

I tried it last night with placing sliced garlic on my eyelids. It burned starting immediately. I stopped immediately as burn felt too much to handle. Is there a way to numb the area before I can start applying garlic so that it would reduce burning sensation?

Replied by Rani
(Delhi, India)

I am suffering of xanthoma since past 8 years and now I have three of them and fourth one is apearing on side of my right eye... I started garlic yesterday and today the top skin came off... having burning sensation and it is looking very alienated..... Will try 2 more days... keeping my fingers crossed...

Replied by Rani
(Delhi, India)

I am happy to give feed back... I have used garlic and the results are positive.. I tried on my left eye and it has decreased but still have little to be seen. I guess it's like a scar, which will go with time. I will do my right eye soon I gather the strength for pain and burning sensation..... Thanks a lot for all who have posted and thank you Earthclinic, I am your biggest fan...

Replied by Agl
(Newport, Uk)

I also developed these horrible things after having my gallbladder removed 3 years ago and have always thought there was a connection. It started off with 1 on the top of my eyelid which just keeps getting bigger and bigger and I now have one coming on the other eyelid! I am 30 and more and more I am extremely self concious about them. My cholesterol is fine so the only option I xan see is removal but surgery is so expensive, especially if they come back. My main question is, if the skin becomes raw and open, do you continue? I am worried about causing more damage by doing something wrong. Are the scars really bad because I will have to go to work, etc and explain why my eyes are so bad. Any advice would be great.

Replied by Jeff
(Redondo Beach, California)

Hello everybody... Just a quick note to let you all know that xanthomas will dissappear by themselves if you treat your high cholesterol with meds and also reduce fat intake in your foods. This is what happened for me. I first noticed the fatty little bubbles under my eyelids about 10-15 years ago. It wasn't really too bad to begin with but when I started taking medication for cholesterol they disappeared over the years. I wasn't sure if these would or could go away but they did. And to make sure I was right I looked up info to see if that was possible, and it is. So don't worry about seeing dermatologists about removal because you can remove them yourself with a healthy diet and medication.

Replied by Dee
(Dallas, Texas)

The garlic does work, but they will come back. I have had to do this about every 6 months or so and each time they do come back a little worse but that would happen whether I did the garlic or not.

Replied by Lisa
(Dallas, Tx)

I started the garlic treatment 4 days ago. The first 2 days, the effect was mild. I think I may not have left it on long enough. Burned like fire. The third day, I left it on longer. It burned really bad. My eyes swelled up something terrible. I was putting Aquaphor on after the treatments. It kept my skin soft and moist. It's 41% petroleum. May have actually kept it from working as well. The fourth morning I woke up and my eyes were swelled up really big and a deep red color on the area. I decided not to put any Aquaphor on and see what happened. By the end of the day the area started to peel, like a bad sunburn. I could actually see the spot much better, but it was still there. I can't keep doing this right now, I have places to go and people to see. So I will not do another treatment today. I got a magnification mirror and looked at the spot. I'm thinking that what the treatment does is uncover the spot so the stuff inside can come to the surface. So this can not be done in a nice pretty way, for some people. You are actually burning the skin to make it peel. If you prevent the peeling it may not work for you. It won't just go away under the skin. No magic.

My spot is not huge. It is about the size of a baby aspirin. As big around, but not as thick. When I was researching to find out what it was I found pictures of people who had really big ones. I didn't want to wait for it to get that big. Maybe if they are bigger, close to the surface of the skin, this treatment will work much better and faster. If they are deeper in the tissue it will take longer. Maybe several treatments.

I will let you know how things go, after this all peels off and heals up. I still have hope that it is working!

OK, last thing. When I do another treatment I will use a tiny bit of garlic on the spot. Maybe that will keep it from making the healthy tissue swell as much. Don't use big slices of garlic if your spot is small. No need to harm the skin around the spot.

Read all the posts here before you start. You will learn what you need to know to make it work for you.

Thanks again everyone!

Replied by Lisa In Texas
(Dallas, Tx)

Well it worked out better than I expected. The skin peeled more over the next few days and revealed the spot under my eye. It was hard and some of it kind of flaked off after a few more days. It was still swollen and red until yesterday. It looks much better now. I can still see the spot, but it is much smaller and flat. I put some makeup on and couldn't see it at all. While looking at it a few days ago, in the magnifying mirror, I noticed there is a spot under my other eye too, but it is not raised yet and not as easy to see. So I will let this heal up a bit more and wait for a good time and do it again, but on both eyes. I also notice that the bag under my eye is not as big. So maybe that spot was causing it to be puffy.

Before I do another treatment, I want to make sure I have at least a week that I don't have to go anywhere important. Hard to carv out a week, but it's worth it. I did go shopping with it swollen and red. I just wore sunglasses that covered my eye.

OK, so it is kinda magic! Even if I didn't do another thing with this, I feel like it is 90% better. Would have been 100% if I had done one more treatment before I stopped to heal. Works great. Considering the alternative, it's worth a shot for anyone who has this problem.

Good luck everyone! Lisa

Replied by Bon
(Manchester Uk)

First time I used garlic a made a horrible mess of both my eye lids. I'd made the fatal error of cutting the cloves too big. And I applied Vaseline to cool down the sting, well it just made it burn more ( you live and learn). I agree you need a week out of the public eye, I become so paranoid that I stunk of garlic. I am going to try it again this week and il keep you updated.

Replied by Anna
(Bonne Terre Missouri)

I have been trying the garlic 4 days now. As I sit here there are open areas under both eyes. So I guess by morning scabs will appear. I hope it doesn't scar.

Replied by Pooja

Hi Rani..Were you able to get rid of Xanths by Garlic treatment? Pls do respond..Do they reappear?

Replied by Lucy

I have two spots on my upper eyelids. I tried garlic method three times. The first time, it didn't work. I waited for one week after the scab fell off, I tried the second time. This time it worked. One of my spots were gone. I waited for a month, I tried the third time with the other one. Both of them are gone after my third try of this method. I thank you everyone here for your advices. I would "use a tiny bit of garlic on the spot" next time if I have to do it again. Because although the xanthes are gone, but I got hyperpigmentation.

Replied by Geeta

I tried it twice and now I have got a red burn mark. I have applied neosporin. Hope it cures. It looks ugly under my eye will swelling. I'll keep updating

Replied by Uma

I too have fat deposit on my eyelids for whatever reason and I have failed to get a cure. In an Indian situation, when you are a daughter in law who is not very liked, life can be very difficult when you start to get scars. Will somebody be kind enough to help me to get rid of them please. Thankyou.

Replied by Sp
(New Jersey, US)
32 posts

Hi Uma, when I went gluten-free one of the benefits was that my eyelids went from being big puffy things that touched my eyelashes to more normal and I could see the part that's over the eyeball and wear eye shadow again. The gluten was causing bloating in various parts of my body. Perhaps something in your diet is causing you bloating, like gluten or table salt. Just a thought.

Replied by Allie

I'm curious why people are going for the garlic over the castor oil? Is this because you tried castor oil and it didn't work? It seems like the easier of the two methods.

Replied by Shane

Just a heads up to people trying to get rid of this. The idea is to BURN it off! If you don't want to go through constant pain for days, do it all at once!

Garlic is a proven method BUT it requires numerous applications to get the skin to "scab".

I recommend a bottle of jack and leave the garlic on for a couple hours. If all goes well, most will be gone in a week or two when the scab peels.

I prefer TCA 50%! No dripping and its under $20. Leave it on for the WHOLE DAY! Wash off before bed. You wont have to reapply! Unless its really deep. Then a second app will get rid of the rest.

Castor is a MUST to keep them off! They can and will come back. Change of diet is also a MUST!

This oil opens pores and penetrates the skin to loosen em up "liquify". If you have oily eye lids, use alcohol daily and before any treatments! The oil will prevent any treatments from working properly!

Either way, NEVER put acid on by yourself! My wife uses a q-tip to apply the TCA. Just keep dabbing the spot for 5 minutes then leave on.No one really knows for sure what causes these spots, however, I have done EXTENSIVE research!

Smoking, stress, poor eating habits all contribute! These spots can form anywhere inside your body! The ones around the eyes are the ones anyone ever notices. Look into "detox" drinks/pills. Kidney/liver, ect. Much cheaper then surgery. Good luck! Stick with it!

Replied by Dorothy
(New Zealand)

Wow thank you so much for the advice. For 3 years, I had 2 yellowish line type bumps on my eyelids which were starting to droop my eyes as they were on the fold. Went to an Eye specialist and was going to cost a small fortune to remove with no guarantee of them returning so, after reading everyone's remedies tried crushed garlic. I used heavy duty plasters and placed the garlic on the pad so it would sit for a longer period .After the first 5 mins of the worst pain it eased I actually felt ill thats how sore it was but it did go away. I massaged the area with the plasters still on and removed after one hour as I had no burning at all on with the castor oil and I found the whole puffiness has gone on the first application I will be repeating tonight Yay!! Feeling so confident after the first application. Highly Recommend doing this as I have Great results already YAY

Replied by Kelly
(New Zealand)

I have had a cholesterol spot under my left eye for about 5 to 6 years. Over time it has gotten worse. It has gotten swollen and my doctor says there is nothing I can do to prevent this. After reading these comments I'll try the garlic method. It seems to be working for a number of people. Hopefully it will work for me as it is very embarrassing.

Replied by Anita

I have these nasty things on both upper and lower lids. What I've found REALLY interesting reading this post is that some people have noticed them appear after doing high protein diets - I'm another one!

I'm scared to use the garlic - but like some of you have said, it is crippling to your self esteem, so I'm giving it a go regardless! Buying garlic and castor oil tomorrow. Will post back.

Replied by Lina

I also have xanthoma on both of my lids, I have fatty liver condition, and my diet is full more protein than carb. So I think it is related. Since few months I had also noticed another growth on my ear inside the fold and I noticed that few days ago it was broken, and since last few days I was taking raw garlic in empty stomach, the bulge on my eyelids are also shrinking and hope it breaks all together like the one on my ear. Fingers crossed.

Replied by Valrose
(Southern California)

I tried the Castor Oil it didn't work at ALL for me. Emu oil helps me a little. Makes sense because it reduces inflammation and absorbs deeper than most topicals.

I've been seeking desparately for a cure for last year or so. The garlic seems to work for a lot of people, not for others; doesn't sound like a pleasant process of course. I haven't tried it for a couple of reasons. 1) it can cause scarring 2) ANY invasive treatment of xanthalasmas tend to make them spread 3) I'm trying to figure out how to reverse the whole process or at least get them to stop growing before I bother removing any.

I got my first ones above my eyes about 5-7 years ago around age 50. But it wasn't until 2 years ago I got them UNDER my eyes-horrible so ugly and getting worse and lumpy. Obviously I already had the problem-but it wasn't until after I did filler and botox under my eyes that I got em there! My holistic dr was mad at me and said made sense--because cholesterol lays down were there's injury or irritation.

But hope!! I've just started a radical dietary change that's the First thing I'm so hopeful about--I've seen a noticeable reduction in xantha's in just a week!! But I'm doing so much I'm not sure "WHICH" thing is helping!

Here's the possibilities: Allicin/garlic, lecithin, bromelain, MSM, JUICING (with Champion juicer) and generally eating well (cut out sugar and processed foods) trying to "alkalize" my body with fruits and veggies--which cut inflammation. I KNOW I've had a general inflammatory system (from bad diet and also irritating my gut with certain fiber and maybe konjac root). So ALL this is bringing down inflammation in my body. I didn't do it for the xanthas--I did it in desparation for frozen shoulder! But I'm freaking out because I'm seeing my xanthas flattening and reducing in size noticeably!!

Note: I'm doing LARGE amount of MSM, and I think this is possibly the main thing effecting, but I don't really know (I'm taking 10,000 Mg/day).

K that's all I can think to share for the moment...

Replied by Mary
(North California)

Hi. Thanks for sharing your story and what you take. I think mine came from rubbing the bridge of my nose too much due to sinus pain. Is MSM like sulphur? Is it for inflammation? I think that's why I got them and too much stress...

Garlic and Castor Oil

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Posted by Holly G. (Portland, Me) on 02/20/2018

I just finished treating a xanthoma with garlic (followed by castor oil) and I can't believe the results! I have never written an online review for something like this but had to share this with others suffering with xanthelasma. There is hope of improvement!

My history: two yellow spots appeared under my eyes in the corners after I had my children, when I was about 29. I asked a dermatologist friend, and he thought it was related to cholesterol ( I do have a heriditary high LDL). One eventually went away, and one hung around, and through the years became more yellow and more raised. Friends started pointing it out. I hadn't done any research on it- my mistake- and I let a dermatologist cauterize the xanthoma- WHICH WAS A BIG MISTAKE. It went away for a couple weeks, but came back and within two months and it was TWICE AS LARGE and now had an ugly white scar in the middle where she had treated it and it had scarred over- Ugh! It wasn't "huge"- maybe a cm across- but was very yellow and I have an olive complexion so it really stood out. A year later I was referred to a plastic surgeon who specialized in removing things in the eye area. She did NOT RECOMMEND SURGERY as she said it would most likely come back and maybe bigger, there would be scarring, she did not think it would be an improvement. I appreciated her honesty greatly, but left feeling very discouraged.

A few more months went by, and another xanthoma started showing on the other eye! I panicked and started googling: I had kind of gotten zen about the first, but the thought of it spreading made me extremely self conscious and paranoid almost. I worked hard at reminding myself daily that I was in good health and so many people are suffering with illness and in the grand scheme of the Universe this wasn't a big deal, but it was bothering me more and more. So glad I came across this website, and to the others who shared their stories!

I used fresh garlic applied directly to the spot for 5-10 minutes a day. It burned more and more as the days went on (the whole process took about 10-12 days), and the skin around it turned purple. At one point it was open and weeping and I panicked if I was really doing some damage- I WASN'T- PRESS ON if you are at this point! It will look really bad and maybe swollen, etc for a few days, but it will go away! I treated the area with castor oil overnight too at this stage, and am still doing that every night.

The Results: The xanthoma is still there, but it is about half the size, not raised, and it is NOT YELLOW which is the huge thing in terms of how much it stands out. I am thrilled! It had been there for 10 years, and I can't believe it has changed this much! I feel like if I had been more aggressive with treating it a little longer, it could have completely disappeared. I may go for round two, but want to take a break of the scabbing and stuff and just want to enjoy the fact my face looks better for a while. I am going to keep using the castor oil and hope it continues to fade, and that no new growth pops up, fingers crossed.


Wart Remover, Castor Oil

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Posted by Carole (Maryland) on 10/25/2015

Here goes. I had xanthelasmas on both eyelids and below eyes. They are all gone. First I bought wart remover 19% salicylic acid content and applied to xanthelasmas once a day until a fluid came out. It does sting for a few minutes and it took 3 to 4 days. It will swell up a little. I then pressed gently on the sac until there wasn't any fluid coming out. Scabbed over and then every evening I apply castor oil. I will continue the castor oil forever.

Replied by Julie

Do u have pics before and after? Thank u

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