Xanthoma Natural Remedies

| Modified on Jun 02, 2023
Xanthoma Natural Remedies

Xanthoma can be treated naturally using home remedies such as garlic and supplements like niacin. Castor oil is another effective natural remedy for xanthoma.

A xanthoma is a deposit of fat on the skin, commonly around the eyes, joints, hands or feet. Traditional solutions include surgery. Fortunately natural remedies are quite effective at removing xanthomas with out the significant expense of a medical procedure.

How to Get Rid of Xanthoma at Home

Castor Oil

Castor Oil is an excellent way to heal xanthoma. When using castor oil for medical purposes, especially near the eyes, always use hexane free castor oil. Use a cotton bud to apply castor oil to the xanthoma(s) twice each day.  Castor oil is safe for ophthalmologic use. In fact it is is commonly used on or in the eyes to promote good sleep, remove cataracts and lengthen eyelashes.


A fresh sliver of raw garlic can be applied directly to a xanthoma twice a day to remove it. Fresh garlic is potent and this remedy may cause temporary burning. Sometimes the xanthoma looks worse before it loos better. Avoid getting garlic on healthy skin. To relieve discomfort, follow up with a bit of castor oil or coconut oil. Garlic capsules can be used instead. The garlic oil in the gel caps can be applied to xanthomas. This method is a more gentle way to use garlic but it may take longer for the xanthoma to disappear.


If the xanthoma(s) are caused by elevated cholesterol, niacin supplements may be helpful. Niacin is taken internally to eliminate a xanthoma, not topically. Niacin causes the blood vessels to dilate. This can cause a harmless flushing of the skin. To avoid the "niacin flush" use a "flush free" niacin supplement.


Lecithin helps the body to break down fat. Lecithin is sold in granulated or powdered form and is easy to add to a smoothie or sprinkled on meals. It is also sold in supplement form. Including lecithin may help to break down the xanthomas.

Causes of Xanthomas

Xanthomas may be secondary to hypothyroidism or diabetes. High cholesterol is linked to xanthomas as well. The best way to treat xanthomas and prevent future xanthomas is to get other health problems under control, if at all possible.

Xanthoma Diet

If you have xanthomas, a good diet will be important to help the body heal and prevent future xanthomas. Avoid processed foods, sugar and fried foods. Consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, wild caught fish, whole grains and water or herbal tea.

Do you have a natural remedy for a xanthoma? Please send us some feedback!

Continue reading to find out how our readers have healed xanthomas naturally!

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Castor Oil

12 User Reviews
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Posted by Ruby (Derry, New Hampshire) on 02/16/2018

I actually made an appt with a plastic surgeon in March to remove a xanthoma on my left eyelid. However I started using castor oil twice a day with a q tip and massage it in. It has been two weeks and it actually is lighter and smaller. I can hide it with makeup now. So re thinking the plastic surgeon.

Castor Oil
Posted by Cindi (Canada) on 02/05/2018

I'm using castor oil right now and I have been for the last 3 days and today it has gotten alot better. The yellow colour has changed to pink and the lump is getting smaller. I am really happy because I tried garlic and it did nothing. I've been putting it on with a cotton ball and just leaving it overnight and during the day when I'm not going out. Even if it stops improving it doesn't stand out now and the colour is easy to conceal now at least. Try it!

Castor Oil
Posted by Bee (Australia) on 08/13/2016

Thank you all who posted their experiences with castor oil for treating Xanthoma. I had ugly Xanthoma on my left eye lid and the doctor suggested I get it operated upon. Not convinced with that option I started googling for alternative remedies when I came across this website. I applied castor oil (bought at the chemist for $6) on my eyelid every night and noticed a slight change after 3 days...I kept persisting and 3 weeks later it is totally gone! I'm so glad I found this post so thank you very much for sharing this remedy...

Replied by Mom Of Three

Did it really disappear with castor oil? Can't figure out why that would work. I'm trying it but am very skeptical. Thx.

Replied by Ste

I am starting this evening with Castor Oil after reading encouraging results. As a start, using Q-tips to apply and massage the oil into the xanthoma. Lets see how this goes and will share more.

I am sure fellow xantoma suffers would love to know if this simple remedy works. Looking forward...

Castor Oil
Posted by Darla (Dallas, Tx) on 08/16/2015

I've been putting castor oil on my xanthomas for a week now and there's no change at all. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Replied by Omnivore
(Naples, Fl)

Same here. Applied castor oil diligently for three weeks with a Q-tip to the xanthoma, and nothing changed at all.

Castor Oil
Posted by Julie (Mt) on 06/03/2015

I've been using Castor oil on mine for about 8 wks and it has really helped! I put it on heavily on the bumps and massage it in.

A few times one of them has really swollen up from it and looks terrible. Ice has helped that.

What happens is the gunk seems to come up to the surface of the skin and I scrap it with my nails and it pops out. It has been scabbing up where it pops out. It looked terrible for weeks but now it is healed up and looking 90% better.

I had a large one, probably and inch long under my left eye and a large one above and then small ones above and under my right eye. They aren't all gone yet, but I am sticking to it until I can get them gone!

So, just massage a generous amount on them 2x a day.

Replied by Michael

Did all of them finally disappear?

Castor Oil
Posted by Atiya (Jammu and Kashmir) on 04/14/2015

I am using castor oil..but I didn't see any change.. will you please tell me which castor oil r u people using. I am asking u in terms of brand.

Castor Oil
Posted by Mimi (London, Uk) on 10/14/2014

Hi, I too have had these yellow spots (one under each eye) for about 8 years. I posted 2 natural tricks under the heading "Xanthelasma".

One is the castor oil that I have been trying for the last 3 weeks. Although slow acting, this has made a difference. First the awful matte white yellowish colour (resembling uncooked chicken fat) started changing and looking more like the colour of my skin. This made the spots less obvious and easier to camouflage with make up (previously this was impossible, in fact, I felt make up made them more obvious). The spots also seem to have regressed slowly in size. Because there is slow but progressive change, I am persisting and will be posting news as time goes by.

Another suggestion I had read about was using lemon rind, and this seems similar but less drastic than the garlic treatment. Soak small pieces of lemon skin in vinegar 3 days and nights. Then put small piece (white side of the lemon on skin) to cover the spot with tape for 3-4 consecutive nights. The outer area of the spot should change to deeper yellow which indicates that it has matured and ready to be pressed out with finger tips.

I have no idea if this works, but thought that if the castor oil did not work and have them completely disappear after a few months, I would try the lemon rind technique.

If anybody tries this, please post your results.

Replied by Lilly

Hi. Are you ladies using hexane free castor oil or regular castor oil? I am using the hexane free castor oil for months, massaging it in and no results... Any help appreciated.

Replied by Michael

Did the castor oil get rid of them all together over time? I didn't see your update.

Castor Oil
Posted by Maryann (Florida, US) on 08/02/2014

To all with Xanthoma bumps. I was told many years ago when it first started never let anyone cut them out as you will get more in that spot and so I forgot the warning and went to a dermatologist who cut one out under my right eye as he said he must send it out for biopsy. It was benign as all of them are. I have tried everything since then and now 44 years later am trying the castor oil. It is working. I have only been using it in the evening before bed and sometimes after I wash my face in the morning. So far it has been 3 weeks and I do see an improvement. Thank you so much.

Replied by Dawn
(Lasalle, Illinois)

Do you just rub (castor oil) on your eyelids (xanthe) like lotion? Or do you put the oil on cotton balls n let it set over nite?

Castor Oil
Posted by Karen (Whitehorse, Yukon) on 07/09/2014


I have had these ugly yellow things for years (not from high cholesterol) and the only option where I live is to have them surgically removed. I thought I would try the castor oil first and if it didn't work, then I would try the garlic. I am so excited to tell you that the castor oil is working it's magic. I've been generously applying it twice a day for 5 days and at the rate that they are disappearing, I think it will be gone within 10 days.

The best part - there is no burning or any pain involved and it's good for your skin. WIN WIN!!!

Replied by Susan

Hi Karen! I'm so happy to hear the castor oil is working for you!!! I have tried garlic and thnot did not really help me. I'm starting the castor oil. Any specific type or brand?

Replied by Karen
(Whitehorse, Yukon)

Hi Susan,

I'm pretty sure it is all 100% castor oil. I just picked up the Life brand from Shopper's Drugmart.

It is continuing to work for me. People are really noticing it. The thicker areas will obviously take a little longer but I am so happy. I have 3 siblings with the same problem so it will be interesting to see if it works on them as well as it has for me.

Good Luck Susan!

Replied by Angela

Hi Karen .How did you apply this castor oil for xanthomas? How long did you leave it on between applications? ..hope I am as lucky as you..right now it is kind of dripping in my eyes!

Replied by Heather

Hi Karen, Glad it's working for you! I have the same question: how did u apply it on your eyes and how long do u leave it on? What made you think to use it?

Replied by Maricel

The doctor said that the small pimples in my eyes is cholestesterol deposits, before it is only few but later on it all covered my eyes lid and sometimes it so itchy. Can you help me find a natural remedy for this?

Castor Oil
Posted by Suzy (Fort Wayne In) on 01/19/2014

I read on EC that applying castor oil on my closed eyes at the lash line would regrow my eyelashes and it did. The unexpected side effect was that those little bumps around my eyes went away. I still put the castor oil on every night. My lashes are long and no ugly bumps.

Replied by Denise
(Georgia, US)

Suzy, You stated that the Xanthoma disappeared with the use of castor oil. this worked without all of the pain and scarring the garlic seems to do? Please let me know and also how long did it take to get rid of? So tired of these ugly things.

Replied by Suzy
(Fort Wayne, US)

Denise, I started applying castor oil to my eye lashes after reading that it grew them back thick and long. I applied it just along the lashes at first then quit because I wasn't getting any results. I started again after looking at how short and stubby they were. Only this time I smeared the castor oil on my lower lash line and my eyelid on up to, and including, my eyebrows. Doing this, I was covering the lumps without really intending too. I did this every night and after about a month I noticed while applying mascara that my lashes were full and thick. But the added surprise was that the white lumps were gone. I had tried everything at one time or another with no success. From a needle prick to a blackhead remover, nothing would get the lump out and the results would be a big infected looking red lump that eventually returned to an ugly white lump. I still apply the castor oil every night. It really works and is cheap. Just stick with it and don't be stingy with the oil. I sure didn't expect the results I got but am very pleased. I hope this helps.

Replied by Denise

Thanks SO much for your reply! Thinking this would be a non evasive method as opposed to the garlic others are praising! Certainly worth a shot and I have some serious Xanthoma under my eyes. God Bless

Replied by Ty

Any follow up with this? I have a couple smallish xanthelasma spots under my eye and am thinking about trying this.

Replied by Karen
(Whitehorse, Yukon)

THANK YOU SUZY!!!!! I have had these ugly yellow things for years (not from high cholesterol) and the only option where I live is to have them surgically removed. I thought I would try the castor oil first and if it didn't work, then I would try the garlic. I am so excited to tell you that the castor oil is working it's magic. I've been generously applying it twice a day for 5 days and at the rate that they are disappearing, I think it will be gone within 10 days.

Georgia and Indiana - Try this before surgery for sure. I've had surgery several times and am left with scarring but at least I can cover that with make-up.

Replied by Laura

I am just wondering: all the people who say have applied castor oil, is this for xanthelasmas? Some of the people talk about spots or bumps. Are you referring to xanthelamas or something else? This is important as it may lead to confusion. It is not the same talking about a spot with some fat than talking about xanthelasmas.

So basically, my question is: those people who say that castor oil worked for them, do you mean castor oil removed the xanthelasmas? Thanks

Cholesterol-Lowering Medication

1 User Review
3 star (1) 

Posted by Mandy (Wollongong Nsw) on 06/03/2014


I am successfully reversing Xanthoma's over my eye lids. Previously I had them surgically removed. When they returned, with the help of my GP- I started taking Crestor-cholesterol lowering medication--I took 10 tablets per week-5mg-as slow as they grew-they are now shrinking. I am documenting the progress as I go. Due to the medication causing some pain problems as side effects-I found taking them in the morning best.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Mandy: Good to hear positive results from such toxic pharmaceuticals. The pain you are experiencing is probably due to the fact that statin drugs are notorious for depleting the bodies natural CoQ10 levels. It is very much advised to supplement Selenium/Vit-E (natural tocopherols and/or tocotrienols)/CoQ10 or Ubiquinol.


36 User Reviews
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4 star (2) 
3 star (6) 
1 star (3) 

Posted by Kchaos (Louisana) on 08/25/2016

Garlic for Xanthoma Works!

I am in total shock this actually worked! I HAD a small cholesterol lump in the corner of my eye. I picked up fresh garlic yesterday afternoon and cut a small long piece with a pointed end so it wouldn't get into my actual eye ball. First day I did it twice. 10 minutes each. By the next morning I noticed it was smaller. This stuff really does sting though, so you can't be afraid of pain. Then just now, day 2 I just applied it again for another 10 minutes and I pressed down hard enough that I could stand and it just fell off!! Literally just fell off....I've had this thing for over a year.. I'm on cloud nine.. now I don't have to worry about people constantly thinking I have something in my eye..

It didn't swell or anything for me like it did most people.. just red and tender.. like a sunburn. It's worth it. I promise. Just do it. Don't go to the doctor.

Replied by Rebecca
(New Jersey)

Hi I Started using garlic cloves on mine and it really works the first 10 min. I could feel it workings felt like it was on fire but the next day the scabs came offso I put aloe on for a hour and did the garlic again twice that day its day 2 and like their gone after 4 days of 2 times a day with the garlic and I all so put vitamin e oil after the garlic and at night I put a piece of aloe overnight so it won't scar and hope it's helping take it away to😃 so far I love the results after having them on my eyes for over 5 years and the eye doctor said she's giving me a discount 300$ for each eye and I did it myself for 1dollar use the garlic cloves it really work..

Posted by Sara (Bangalore) on 07/16/2016


I applied garlic capsules oil and also raw garlic for 4 days. my xan became very small but to remove completely I pressed thin slice of garlic over my eyelid and now there is red burn mark and also my eyelid is swollen. Please help me, what should I do to subside swelling . Thanks

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Sara, read up on Castor Oil for your eye.

Posted by Jk (California) on 02/18/2016

Garlic for Xanthomas:

Here is what I did. I crushed up a garlic tablet (the hard kind) with just a very tiny amount of water, enough to make a paste. Then I put some of this paste on the xanthomas (ugly things that they are) and after the first day they were more than half gone. With two more days, they were completely gone. I left the paste on for about half a day to let it be absorbed as much as possible.

I think this works better than straight garlic because it doesn't burn like the garlic bulb oil does. I was thinking about using soft gel tablet garlic and that might work also. It just so happened that I had the hard garlic tablets so that was my choice.

I'm simply astounded that this has worked so well. I hope it will work for you also. By the way, I had these above my eyes and below my eyes so there were four of them. The ones above my eyes were like multiple bumps strung together and the ones below my eyes were more "wormy."

Replied by Anna

Hi what brand of garlic tablet did u use and were your xanthoma on the elbows? If so how did you keep the paste on without it spilled?

Replied by Lilly

hi Anna. Thanks for such great directions! Did the crushed garlic cause pain and redness too? I'm afraid of scaring as I make ugly scars.

Posted by Chaku (Nh) on 12/08/2015


I need an Urgent help...I was using crushed garlic on my eyelid due to Xanthoma and it burnt like a hell, I got into a deep sleep for whole night with garlic paste on it. In the morning when I woke up and I saw on the eyelid, the big bump is gone, but the garlic had left burnt mark really bad, like my skin got burned very bad.

What should I do to heal fast? it does not burn anymore but looks so bad. Need help. Is anyone has this problem? I really need help..Please

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Chaku,

I would try castor oil or extra virgin coconut oil. Maybe a mixture of both. Applied several times a day.

If you could find a salve with comfrey in it, that would be ideal.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Jacqueline
(Mumbai, Maharashtra)

Use Aloe Vera to heal the burn.

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