10 Natural Pink Eye Remedies for Fast Relief

Green Tea Bags
Posted by Scott (Wareham, Ma) on 02/24/2008

REMEDY GREEN TEA BAGS Ailment Pink eye,I had pink eye for about a week and I went to two different pharmacys and they didn't help one little bit nor did they seem like they wanted to.So I am was thinking to myself that there must be some type of remedy besides going to the doctor for something as minor as a eye infection.Well I discoverd this website and read about the green tea solution,and let me tell you I had A PRETTY BAD CASE OF THE PINK EYE AND it WAS getting worse.Well,so I went to the local super market and they had the green tea and I brought home and made a cup of tea just like one of the other people that I read about and put the tea bag on each I while it was still warm for about a minute or two and what a relief. I wouldn't have believed it but it really did work incredible well.I am thinking maybe any tea might work,WHO KNOW.I WILL HALF TO test it next time I have pink eye.-Scott

Castor Oil
Posted by Merk (Seattle, USA) on 01/26/2008

I have used Castor Oil many times for treating Pink Eye, put 1-2 drops in each eye two times a day, eyes will get better with in one day but keep using for 4-5 days. Always treat both eyes. After putting in eyes they will blur some from oil but will not sting at all and will be very soothing, castor oil is antimicrobal and a very healing oil.

Posted by Michelle (Lamora, Mexico) on 03/06/2008

make some chamomile tea and wash the eyes out with it every so often with a cotton ball this helps very much

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