Natural Remedies for Pink Eye

Colloidal Silver

Posted by Bill (Philly, Pa) on 05/05/2011
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I started to get pink eye many years ago. A few people at work had it. I was watching TV and rubbing my eye. It was starting to itch when all of a sudden I realized..... Oh crap. I looked in the mirror and sure enough it was all red and a little puffy. I put a few drops of collodial silver in. Immediate relief. About an hour later I put in some more before going to bed. In the morning there was no signs of it.

Posted by Sheila (San Diego, Ca, Usa) on 05/04/2011
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I've had pink eye 3 times in my life. What worked the best was colloidal silver. One drop in each eye every 4-6 hours; no touching or rubbing the eye(s); washing hands and washing anything that had touched my face (towels, pillow case, etc. ), and depending on the severity, the pink eye cleared up within 24 hours to 3-4 days. It's also important to be sure and sleep on your back. If you lie on the side that is not infected and a tear travels from the infected eye, over the bridge of your nose, and some how makes contact with your good eye, then you'll wake up with 2 pink eyes. I know, since it happened to me. : (

Now if I feel any discomfort in my eyes and suspect pink eye, I'll quickly use the silver. The Santa Ana winds in So California is the worst time for pink eye. Wear sunglasses if the winds are blowing.

Replied by Joni
Selma, Oregon

There seems to be several different natural cures for pink eye, but I would like to add what we use to the list. We raise dairy and meat goats. We have four bucklings kept together in an area just for them. One came down with pink eye this past winter, and one by one they all got it. Most people that have goats knows that just a 1/2 of a dropper full of fresh, raw milk will cure pink eye in just a couple days. After milking my does I would immediatley put some milk in a dropper and squeeze that into my bucklings eye. Twice a day is good, but even just once a day will cure it fast. I have read if you don't have fresh milk, you also can even used evaporated milk. So it doesn't have to be raw or fresh, although I think it would be better. This also works on humans. It's so easy and simple and almost everyone has some milk in the refrigerator. Hope this helps someone.

Replied by Sheila
San Diego, Ca
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Failed me this time! -- I've had pink eye for 13 days now, was becoming increasingly frustrated by the 10th day. C. Silver was not working like it did before, and I planned to just call the doctor for an Rx. I started to read more about pH and acid-alkaline in the body for my husband, and stumbled on a possible answer to my recurring ailments, e. G. pink eye, hair loss, etc.

On the night of the 10th day of pink eye, I decided to drink a green smoothie and I was feeling SO much better within 1/2 an hour. The itching and swelling began to reduce. I am possibly suffering from acidosis, so I will pursue more knowledge on that, and ask for a pH blood test from my doctor.

It's the 12th day, and I have almost no more itching, very little swelling and discharge, but I did suffer symptoms of a head cold/sinus infection the next day after the green smoothie. Like the infection traveled trying to get away -- I also started using a boric acid eyewash, which is slightly alkaline.

If c. silver isn't working for you, try drinking a green smoothie to see if it makes a difference, you may need some pH balancing.

Posted by Kate (Henderson, Nv,usa) on 12/15/2010
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I had a developing pink eye last Friday noticed by my manager, at the same time I was starting to not feel too well. When I got home, my husband had me put a soaked hot cloth on my eye for 15 minutes, later washed it with cloth with baby shampoo and water, then finally washed it with just plain water. I searched on the internet for added information and saw the silver colloidal mineral testimony so I did it also by using q-tip since we don't have available spray bottle as suggested. I did the washing one more time the next morning and kept using the silver colloidal mineral using qtip as an eye drop all throughout the day.

By Sunday , it was totally gone-except for my flu. Ever since Friday when I started to noticed I was having sypmtoms of flu I started drinking the Apple Cider Vinegar with water and eat tablespoons of honey which I liked. I love taste of vinegar coz in the Philippines I grew up using it in all my fruits and even drinking it. Anyway, the next day Saturday, on my day off I did it again like morning, afternoon and evening. I never felt weak, I felt strong but I know my body is fighting a flu. The next day Sunday, I kept it going and by the end of the night, it was gone-totally. So thank you earth clinic for your help.

Posted by Kira (Saratoga, NY) on 12/23/2008
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When my eyes get itchy and icky, colloidal silver (CS) works fast. I accidentally left the CS batch brewing for several hours and since the solution was bit yellow I don't ingest but works great topically.

Don't ever put 3% Hydrogen Peroxide in the eyes, I did that by accident. Contact lense used to have a cleaner called AOSEPT (you use with neutralizing disc) and I mistakened it for saline. Aosept was basically 3% H202. It burned so bad and turned eye so red and I kept flushing with water for like 1/2 an hour but no damage. Had it been 35% H202, it probably would have burned the corneal tissue!

But CS in eye is soothing provided you make it right, distilled water, pure silver (at least .999), no salt.

Posted by Alice (New Fairfield, Connecticut) on 12/22/2008
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I have several times, used a drop of colloidal silver in each eye for pink eye and it's worked every time...and very quickly.

Replied by Sandy
Dallas, TX
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I have used Colloidal Silver for Pink Eye and it does work. I was a little scared at first since it was my eye, but it did not hurt and cleared very quickly, just as reported.

Posted by Lilly (Brunswick, Maine) on 04/12/2007
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Hi. I recently had a bad case of conjunctivitis which was not going away and lasted about two weeks. I purchased colloidal silver, sprayed it into my eyes two to three times in one day and it was gone the next!!! Great stuff and so is your site----thank you so much

Colloidal Silver, Raw Honey and Yogurt

Posted by Kjerstin (California ) on 03/13/2016
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Pink eye cure!

I mix raw honey, Colloidal Silver (CS) & Greek organic plain yogurt in a dropper.

Put it in eye every 20 minutes or so for a few hours. It will burn just a bit at first. You have to put it I'm your eye at least twice an hour to be effective.

It will clear up In a few hours!

Colloidal Silver, Saline, Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Wendy (Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina) on 03/24/2013
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Miracle Cure! After using antibiotic eye drops and my infection getting worse, I came here and combined your top two remedies. I had some old 18 ppm collodial silver and I added a bit of isotonic saline solution to fill my bottle and just enough organic Apple Cider Vinegar to give the solution a slight burn when dropped in my eyes. I put the drops in hourly while awake. One day later, and no green gunk, the itching, reddness and pain is almost completely gone. I will continue for a few more days just to make sure the infection is gone.


Posted by Mesem (Ota, Corsica) on 06/17/2012
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Elderflower or Sambucus nigra.

Collect the flower in early summer (May and June flowering). Cover the freshly picked flower heads with boiling water and leave to cool. Take the solution and use a dropper or cotton bud to apply to your eyes. I used this 2 days ago, it works and is an old and I thought well known remedy. Also for cats and dogs with conjunctivitis. Putting vinegar in your eyes just sounds silly. Sambus flowers are very antiseptic. The same thing with a cooled solution of sugar and water poured over the flowers and left for 48 hours makes a wonderful cordial. This eventually will form a alchoholic drink if left to ferment as the flowers supply their own favourable yeasts.

Flax Seeds and Aloe Vera Juice

Posted by Howard (Satellite Beach, Florida) on 08/07/2008
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Flax Seeds and Aloe Vera Juice Cured My Eye Infection.

This remedy was given to me by the owner of a health food store who learned it from her grandmother: For any type of eye infection (mine was bloodshot and pinchy upon waking in the morning--possibly Pink Eye), she does the following:

Pull out the skin "pocket" below the eye and insert at least two flax seeds or as many as you can get in there. Then put a drop of aloe vera juice on the eye. Leave seeds in overnight or up to 24 hours, then remove them (they will be gummy after drawing the bacteria to them). If eye infection isn't cleared up, repeat for another 24 hours.

Notes: flax seeds can be purchased at a health food store and must be kept refrigerated. Aloe vera juice does not need to be refrigerated. Do not put contact lens in eye while flax seeds are there.

Green Tea Bags

Posted by Corry (Detroit, Mi) on 01/08/2012
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I had an eye infection over the course of a week. I put some antibiotic drops in my eye a couple times and it started to get better, so naturally I went out of town that weekend and didn't think about bringing more drops. When I woke up the next day with my entire eyelid swollen and red, I decided to try washing with green tea. I steeped the tea in a mug and then cooled the water til it didn't burn. I washed all around my eye (lid, corners, creases) and then turned my head slightly to the side to let the warm tea get inside my eye (this doesn't hurt, the heat actually takes away some of the soreness! ) I washed my eye out this way every two to three hours and before I went to bed. At first, I thought this was making it worse, but after a solid 24 hours, I started to see results. Now after a few days, my eye is pretty much back to normal, although I'm going to continue with the washing until I'm sure the infection is gone. This remedy was great, although it took a little time.

Posted by Brad (San Rafael, Ca) on 04/26/2010
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True enough, green tea bags do work if you've got watery, pussy, red, swollen eyes. Yea!

Here's what I did, and it worked exceptionally: brew a nice cup of hot green tea using TWO bags.........let it cool some but keep it hot, but not scalding.......go into the bathroom or use the kitchen sink when ready.

Now, take a bag in each hand and start to slowly rub the bag full of the hot brew on your closed eyes. Obviously a key part of this is that the water not be too hot BUT it should be fairly hot. When you feel it, it's going to give comfort to your bleary eyes, believe me. You are going to love the effect of the heat, and I believe that's part of the cure too - the heat. When the bags cool off some keep dipping into the hot tea again and again. Touch them to your eyes, hold them on your eyes, let them seep into your eyes.

Occasionally tilt your head to the side and run some of the liquid smack INTO your eyes. Roll your eyeball around.

That's it. It will take 24-48 hours to get rid of the pink eye, but you'll get almost instant relief. Keep doing the procedure every 2-4 hours if possible. Enjoy. This cure might be a little less humiliating than the one where you urinate into your own eye....if you're going to try that one don't let mama catch you.

Replied by Lovenlight
Levittown, Pa
5 out of 5 stars

While traveling in europe I woke up this morning with swollen eyes filled with pus and oozing!! And very painful! I could not believe it!! Felt like a kid with the worst snooty nose ever only it was oozing from eyes.. I went to my PC to look for a natural cure... And found this site.. After reading about the green tea... I ran to the kitchen found some green tea bags that also had orange and ginger in it and thought wth.. What do I have to lose.. Steeped for 2 min 2 tea bags placed them on my eyes and squeezed to let the tea into my eyes and re dipped them every 10 min to keep them warm after 30 min.. Amazing my eyes were clear, stopped oozing and no more pain or swelling..!! BEST cure EVER!

Posted by Jeff (Irvine, Ca) on 01/12/2010
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Green Tea Cured Pink Eye

I awakened on Wednesday of last week with a crusty, gooey, left eye that was very red and felt as though my pupil was dilated. I boiled water and steeped a bag of green tea in a 1/2 cup of water for 20 minutes. Once the tea bag was at a comfortable temperature, I put on my eyelid and allowed some tea to drizzle into the eye. I kept the tea bag there for approximately 10 minutes and then repeated the procedure several more times throughout the day. Within 24 hours my eye was completely back to normal. Thanks Earth Clinic for the remedy!

Posted by Brittney (Acworth, GA) on 06/03/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I just wanted everyone to know that #1 this site is great! i first found this site looking for a pink eye cure for my two daughters (ages 2 and 3) well i tried the green tea remedy on each of them and within a few days (i think it was 3days) their pink eye was gone! never had to go to the doctor or anything. I did however change up the process a little.(they had a pretty severe case of pink eye)

So what i did was i put about 3 drops of colloidal silver in each eye then i placed a warm tea bag over each eye and left it on for about 15-20 minutes (i steeped the tea just as if i were making a cup of tea)and at first when i removed the tea bag i could see the green mucousy stuff floating around in the eyes like it was being pulled out of the crevices or something. it was nasty. but by the 2nd day it had pretty much cleared up. i followed that same procedure-silver then warm green tea bag-about 2-3x a day for 3days and it has not come back! that was almost a month ago. p.s. the secret to getting the tea bags on the eyes of people so young is to wait until nap time or bed time (in case anyone was wondering how i managed to do that). so anyway-thanks for the help! God bless.

Posted by Molly (Bard, CA) on 05/01/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I tried soaking my eye in green tea to cure my pink eye several hours after I realized I had it. It worked great! Within 24 hours my eye was no longer ichy and a lot less red! I used two tea bags in cup hot water, let it cool down, spooned some up and held the full spoon up to my eye for a minute several times throughout the day. The next morning it was notably better and I didn't have to spend any extra money or see a doctor. Thanks!