Natural Remedies for Pink Eye

Green Tea Bags
Posted by Danielle (Stockton, Ca Usa) on 11/02/2009
4 out of 5 stars

oh my goodness.i just literally used the green tea method on myself about 15 mins ago. i have to say right away green tea was dripped in my eye it felt 5 times better. so far i havent seen any improvement on the swelling but the redness is etter too (still slightly red). but better than it was before. i think im going to do it again in another few hours and see if there is anymore imporvements. i will update as it happens.

what i used was the organic green tea. i just waited tell the tea cooled a little then dripped the green tea into my eye then closed my eye and rested the warm tea bag on my eyes. i let it sit for 15 mins.thats about how long it took for the bag to turn cold. thank you guys so much for such a helpful tip.