Natural Remedies for Pink Eye

Lemon Juice With Salt

Posted by Sanjay Mehta (Ahmedabad, India) on 12/07/2018
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Lemon juice with added salt is the surest way to beat conjunctivitis.

Often conjunctivitis flares up in humid weather and when you move outdoors, your eyes start getting sticky which is indication of infection trying to latch in. start rinsing eyes with a glassful of water with some lemon juice added. add more if infection is more. if eyes have started to pain, add salt to the water. you will find immediate relief. repeat it every few hours. absolutely no harm to the eyes. the infection is completely cured in a day or two.

I have been successful in keeping myself free from conjuntivitis for several years now, just by following the above method. it also makes sense to wash eyes, once in a while with lemon solution to keep them clean, even with no conjunctivitis.

Marigold, Calendula and Eyebright

Posted by Nicky (Edinburgh, Lothian, Uk) on 03/21/2010
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I have successfully treated conjunctivitis both for me and also my dogs by using a mixture of dried marigold/calendula and eyebright. You can get the dried herbs from a herbalist or health food store. Use 1 teaspoon of the dried herb mixture in 1 cup of boiling water and leave to infuse for 15mins. Strain, then use in a separate eye bath for each eye. For pets dab the eyes with cotton wool soaked in the infusion. Repeat this three times a day or as required until it clears. It is very soothing. In addition I would also recommend to take Echinacea or anything to boost the immune system.


Posted by Carolyn (Connecticut) on 11/05/2013
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Went to bed last night as fine as could be and woke up this morning at 5am with my right eye swollen and glued shut with puss. (Yum! ). Can't blame the kids for this one, as I am the only one infected.

Broke out the MMS and, as recommended by Jim Humble, I activated one drop with 50% citric acid and diluted it with one ounce of purified water in a shotglass. Poured this into a glass dropper bottle and put one drop in both eyes every 15 minutes for the first hour, and then put one drop in each eye every hour after that.

It isn't even noon yet and my eye is as good as new.

I am going to keep it up for the rest of the day, just to make sure it stays gone while I wash the pillows and such.

Works like a charm!

Multiple Remedies

Posted by Tim (Surprise, Az) on 10/13/2010
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I had really a bad case of conjunctivitis. I made up a mixture of 1 part baby shampoo and 1 parts water in an eye cup and wiped it over my eyelids with a cotton ball. Next, I applied the black tea bags and drizzled it in my eyes along with 2 capsules of eye-bright dissolved in the tea. I found it more effective to pour the warm tea in an eye cup and hold it for about 1 minute on each eye. After a couple applications that day, by evening it had cleared it up. I used Blink eye drops for moisture since my eyes still felt a little dry. Probably from the baby shampoo mixture. When I awoke the next day, for the first time in my life my eyes were clearer than they had ever been. Thanks so much for the tip!

Posted by Carla (Port St. Lucie, Florida) on 10/06/2009
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Eye Infection: Someone told me about the Lugol's Iodine and it can be used for the eye infection I have in my right eye, I've tried everything else, doctors, hospitals, eye washes, antibiotics, and can not get rid of this infection in the eye lid. Do you think the iodine will work? I"ve tried homeopathic remedies, Echinacom and Infectistat, Colidal Silver, and I just picked up some Oreganol. I'm wondering if the Lugol's Iodine will help.


Posted by Wendy D (Houston, Tx) on 05/06/2011
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The last two times I've had pink eye, I've used regular neosporin found at the drug store. I use a q-tip to apply it at the corners of my eye and on the lids like you would eyeliner. Do this once in the morning and before you go to bed. This has cleared it up very quickly.

Neosporin contains antibiotic ingredients that will take care of the bacterial pink eye.

Warning: Do be sure you aren't allergic to neoporin. Apply a small amount to your inner arm for a couple of hours. If no redness shows up, you should be good to go. My husband is allergic to it and it causes severe redness and swelling on his skin.

Raw Milk And Honey

Posted by I am a nut for home remedies (Bloomington, Indiana) on 05/05/2013
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Recently I had an eye itching and swelling, it was a weekend and I hated to phone the doctor. I got onine and sorted through possible treatments. I stumbled upon one that called for using raw milk and honey upon the eye to stop itching and relieve redness of pink eye. Well I wasn't sure what it was but I was desperate to make it stop itching. I put about a teaspoon of honey in 4 oz water and stirred it up till blended. I put it on my eye gently with a soft tissue, the first day about 20 times, but after the first day the swelling started to go down, and it only required to be done about 10 times a day, ususlly only if it started itching. I was amazed. It worked. What ever it was that caused it is now gone. Just had to add this becasue lots of sinus is due to allergies and not only is the nose plugged the eyes itch and burn sometimes. I looked bad, my eyes itched just for them to tear up, and it burned. I wouldn't have thought milk and honey would help. I did check with a pharmacy first and he told me (some) not all old way are more effective than the new meds they have today. So thanks to those that posted on this site too for your help.

Raw Potato Juice

Posted by Selena (Chula, GA) on 04/28/2009
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Raw potato juice works very well for pink eye. Take a raw potato and blend it. Then take guaze and soak it in the mixture. Place on top of the eyes. Get a cloth to wipe any excess that may run down your face. Let it stay on the eyes for 10 mins or so. It should relieve the itchy burning immediately. Do it several times a day. The potato mix will not keep, make a small amount each time.

Reader Feedback

Posted by Adaj40 (Gilroy, Ca, Usa) on 01/07/2012

I work in a large office that was formerly a warehouse. In August, while on vacation, I had a flare up of red eye. First in both eyes, and after visiting an optometrist and using Topomax, now in my right eye only(still). He said I had an upper respirtory(sp) infection that settled in my eye. I saw my MD and he gave me antibiotics which didn't help and I also went to an opthamologist who didn't see a problem. Could something viral last this long? In the past week I've been taking two Benadryls a day, which seems to help somewhat(especially with the runny nose and gritty eye feeling) but I don't want to take them forever! I've also noticed that when I use the computer in a darkened room, my eye really burns.

I mention the building because four of my coworkers have also developed eye problems (suspected pinkeye, iritis, etc) and I'm wondering if there is something in the heat/air system that can be causing this! I thought that since I was up in the mountains when I contracted this, maybe I inhaled a spore or something(if that's even possible).

I would really appreciate some advice on this!

Replied by Sheila
San Diego, Ca

I've had pink eye 3 times in my adult life. I've successfully used colloidal silver to take care of the infection -- 1-2 drops each eye, twice or thrice a day.

Currently, I'm dealing with a chalazion that seemed healed, but now is back. I also have a concern about mold in our house under the flooring and/or in the foundation which I suspect has something to do with my susceptibility to the eye problems and our son's allergies--to dustmites. Your suspicion of contracting something from your environment may not be too far off.

We'll have the foundation checked out, but in the meantime, I am drinking lemon water, plus I've started to use castor oil every night. For the last 3 evenings, it has started to draw the infection out from the chalazion and I am getting a sound sleep each time I use the drops.

I had lasik surgery several years ago, so dry-eye has been a problem. The castor oil also seems to help with keeping them lubricated. They don't feel itchy at all. My hope is that the using the castor oil as maintenance will have a positive effect on not only the chalazion, any would-be infections, but also treat the floaters, bloodshot-ness and pinguecula I have in both eyes. If you live or work in a windy area, always wear sunglasses that would protect your eyes from anything blowing around. The wind would bring on pink eye in my eyes, the dry weather exaccerbates it too.

I was also considering doing the Master Cleanse to see if that would have an affect on my current health problems.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa
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Adaj40, it sounds very likely an heat/cool air unit issue. It could be something as typical and remedial as replacing an old, dirty filter with a new, clean one; or it could be mold in the duct work or anywhere throughout the building.

Hope this helps and report changes, results.

Posted by Diane (Los Angeles, California Usa) on 06/30/2011

When my daughter was 12 years old she woke up with what I thought was pink eye in both eyes. The pink eye would not go away no matter what I tried and finally I took her to a local doctor that took a test and told me she only had pink eye and not to worry. HE WAS WRONG! Well the pink eye would not go away and she also began having problems with her leg muscles. One night we took her to an emergency room and the doctor there made an appointment for us about her pink eye.

Seems that her body was attacking itself and the pink eye was actually her body attacking her retinas!

Doctors at Loma Linda had a round table discussion and could not figure out what was causing her problem. To save her eyes the doctors used steroids in her eyes and eventually the problem stopped but not before eating away at her retinas! If you look at her eyes with a professionals equipment my daughter's retina's look square!

So be very careful about any member of your family having pink eye. If the pink eye refuses to go away see an ophthalmologist.

Thank God what my daughter had was pretty rare.

Rue Fennel

Posted by Bringeroflight (Los Angeles, Ca) on 10/21/2010
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Hi, I was born with "Pink Eye" conjunctivitis and was prone to it as a kid. My mom would always get me anti-biotic ointment from my doctor, which I hated because the ointment was so gooey. One day (I was in my late twenties) woke up with "Pink Eye", went into a Co-Op Health Food store, and walked over to where they had what would be equal to a Pharmacy anywhere else and the person on staff was a blessing because she introduced me to "Rue Fennel". Rue Fennel comes in liquid form (usually about $9-$11) and I also bought an glass eye wash cup for $4.

Instructions: You have to use "Distilled Water" pour into eyewash cup (do not fill to the rim; you will need room for your eye). Drop 10-15 drops (read the instructions on the bottle of Rue Fennel) into the wash cup and put your head down and bring it back up with the wash cup over your eye and move your eyes every which way you can for about 2-3 minutes. Wash the eyewash cup thoroughly and dry with a clean paper towel before you repeat with the other eye. -Repeat this at least three to four times a day and keep a hot hand-towel over your eyes as much as possible (make sure to wash the hot-towel every time before you put over your eyes). It may seem like a lot to do but it is not (Rue Fennel, Distilled Water, Eye Wash Cup). It works!! The moment I begin to feel the sensation of my eyes start to itch, I do this and nothing ever develops. I even do this if my eyes are just tired from starring at the computer screen all day and my eyes feel refreshed.

This will bless you as it continues to bless me! Many Blessings to you and your health! :-)

Saline Solution

Posted by Lady (Missouri, USA) on 03/25/2007
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I work with children and have spent a small fortune over the years on those tiny tubes of prescription cream. Then a co-worker from England told me he never heard of anyone using a prescription for eye infection. He said everyone in England just washes with salt water at the first sign of infection. Sure enough, I've staved off a couple of eye infections by rinsing my eye liberally with my normal saline solution. (Do it in the shower, it's messy.) The first sign, for me, is the runny eye. It runs clear the first day or so and then gets thicker and whitish. Before it gets any further, use the saline to wash away the infection!


Posted by Namrata (Sanquelim, Goa) on 10/25/2013

Does saliva works for conjuctivitis

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Namrata, try it!! I do know someone who did that successfully.

Posted by Truthseeker (Woonsocket, Ri) on 04/04/2010
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I just read somewhere in cyberspace about a gentlemen who when a Polish grandmother spit in the eye of his brother, his family got real mad. He was 7 years old and his brother was only 5 years old. But his pink-eye was cured by the end of that day. And the lady across the street apologized profusely but identified saliva as a natural cure for pink-eye (conjunctivitis). He says that since then he just swishes water around in his mouth when a doctor diagnosed him as having pink-eye. He says that the doctor told him that there is no known cure for pink-eye (conjunctivitis) other than an anti-biotic placed in the eye and that it takes a week for the anti-biotic to work. However, he says he has found that his own saliva kills pink-eye (conjunctivitis) within a day and it only needs to be done once.

Now, I'm not sure if saliva only works for viral conjunctivitis or bacterial as well...So.... having had pink eye for 2 days now (and I'm almost 100% sure it is bacterial conjunctivitis due to the massive discharge I'm having, mostly in the morning, but also periodically throughout the day)... I just tried it. No swishing, no water, just a teaspoon and a tissue. I spit in the spoon, tilted my head back and poured the spit in my left eye while holding the tissue against my temple. Then I did the same for my right eye. The slimyness of my spit made my lashes hold together for a minute. I just kept blinking to try and be sure the saliva was spreed into all areas of my eyeball. Then I wipped the excess off of my lashes. 10 MINUTES LATER AND I AM AMAZED !!!! The burning and discomfort I have been experiencing for 2 days was gone in minutes. My vision is clearer, and yes in only 10 minutes I can for sure see that the veins and dark red lines that were throughout my eyeballs is VERY diminished. My eyes feel SO MUCH better ! I will report back tomorrow to update my progress.

Replied by Truthseeker
Woonsocket, Ri

Ok, so here we are day 2. So my eyes are FOR SURE getting better. But to be honest by about 9pm last night I didn't feel that my eyes had KEPT progressing like they did for the first 30 minutes of applying the saliva. So I put more saliva in my eyes at 9pm last night... only, I used my hubby's (disgusting!) I did so because I know full well that different people have different levels of good bacteria and health. And he has a very stong constatution. So I woke up this morning with almost no discharge (just a little) and haven't had any discharge all day. My eye is not 100% cured but it is MUCH better. Still, I want to move this along ASAP. So I figured I'd do some raw milk in my eye.... you see I know that breastmilk is the #1 natural cure for pink eye, but a friend of mine (who is big on natural cures) said that breastmilk needs to be applied right away for it to be effective, I don't so much buy that... breastmilk has loads of good things (like beneficial bacteria) in it AT ALL times and I think that should help when used at any point. Alas I have no breastmilk. What I do have however is some pasture fed, organic, raw milk. I put 2-3 drops of the raw milk in my eyes 4 times day. I did a bit more research and here is what I found:

Mother's milk is abundant in natural substances called lysosomes, which can also be found in saliva and tears.

Amazing! I think that the saliva would have cleared up my pink eye faster and better if it were viral. And just for the record, with other members of my family who have caught pink eye, we have used manuka honey with a 3 day cure rate. That being said we have only had pink eye (in our family) a total of 3 times.

I am going to add mega doses of vit. C to my regimen tonight. I'll report back tomorrow. For now, this is day 2 using natural methods and I am about 40%-50% better.

Replied by Truthseeker
Woonsocket, Ri

I forgot to add to this posting that I found out what they do in China:

In china, human saliva is used to prevent or cure conjunctiva. The mother licks the newborn eyes (since it only attacks the eyes, it is safe to lick it away).

Replied by Rebeccamichelle
San Anselmo, Ca, Usa
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I used a small amount of my own saliva. It worked great, within a few minutes the itching and redness was gone. I used this in conjunction with sea salt water.

Replied by Gingermegs
Sydney, Australia
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Saliva in my eyes would be the kiss of death as I have Sjogren's or dry eye. Must always use sterile things as eyes too dry to fight any bacteria especially that found in a dry mouth.

Replied by Brooke
Montgomery, Tx, Usa

If you scrape a white potato with a small hand peeler, and put the scrapings on your eyes with a bandage over it this might help. I do it and leave them overnight and it has cleared up conjunctivitis, made me see better also! I would try it for your dry eye syndrome also!

Sea Salt

Posted by Rebeccamichelle (San Anselmo, Ca, Usa) on 07/02/2010
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3rd day using sea salt solution for pink eye. Irritation swelling and itching completely gone today.