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Natural Remedies for Pink Eye

Castor Oil

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Posted by Jennywren (Perth, Western Australia, Australia) on 02/23/2012
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NAY. Hi there! I've been playing around with castor oil for a couple of weeks to test it out - rubbing it on my face to try and reduce age spots, using it as a scalp treatment for my thin hair and wiping it on my eyelashes to see if they'll grow thicker and longer. For my face and eyes, I rub the castor oil (cold-pressed) over my face and eyes every evening and then go to bed.

Last night I woke up with my eyelashes gummed together and my eyes seeping and red raw. I was seeing my GP today anyway to check my thyroid, and he asked me what I'd done to my eyes. I told him (embarassing! ) and he said that castor oil should never be put in the eyes as it has a really high pH or some such and he checked my eyes for nerve damage. On doing some research, apparently castor oil contains a natural toxin called ricin that can cause conjunctivitis. Anyway, that's how castor oil has affected me so far..!

Replied by Francisca
(Zug, Switzerland)

Jennywren, I have the same problem with Castor Oil and won't be trying it again on my eyes. I rub it on my eyebrows though and I am going to try it on the bags under the eyes together with ACV like Bill suggested. Not on the eyes again though!

Replied by Samantha
(New York, Ny)

Jennywren, it's possible the castor oil actually drew out the symptoms from a virus or bacteria that was already in your eye, but luckily, there are many, other natural solutions here for you to try so that you don't have to use the castor oil again.

Castor Oil
Posted by Windndown (Kitty Ville, Ca) on 03/20/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Oh baking soda, and my beloved castor oil!! I swear by both of them, did you know castor oil cured my pink eye? I caught it early and saw online add a drop twice a day, it stopped the itch and pain with one drop!!! So anyway, I did add one drop to both eyes and it was GONE in one day but I did it again for one more day. I went to the Doctors for a diff reason and told him to check my eyes, I said I used a home remedy of castor oil to cure it, she just raised his eyebrows and shook his head yes, and when he looked in my eye, he says he sees NO INFECTION.. When you pull my eye lid down you see a tiny bit of yellow dr says that will rinse out on its own, could be from the oil.. Im so happy with that home cure I could have suffered big time, it was awful for me the first day but urgent care was closed. C. Oil rocks!

Castor Oil
Posted by Merk (Seattle, USA) on 01/26/2008
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I have used Castor Oil many times for treating Pink Eye, put 1-2 drops in each eye two times a day, eyes will get better with in one day but keep using for 4-5 days. Always treat both eyes. After putting in eyes they will blur some from oil but will not sting at all and will be very soothing, castor oil is antimicrobal and a very healing oil.


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Posted by April (Fort Myers, Florida) on 06/30/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I came down with pink eye this past Sunday. On monday I went to the doctor who gave me eye drops. By yesterday, Wednesday, my eye was only getting worse. It was practically swollen shut, though I had no goop or anything coming out of it; it was just swollen and bright red--stinging like hell. The doctor gave me different eye drops, an antibiotic, and Claritin D which all cost me $100 in prescriptions. It didn't help either.

Finally, a friend brought me chamomile tea and told me to put 2-3 drops in my eyes 3-4 times a day, as well as put the tea bag over my eye and rest with it on there. The tea bag is more effective while hot, but it can also soothe when it's cold too.

My pink eye hasn't cleared up completely but it has definitely improved a lot since I started using the tea. I later looked up "VIRAL" pink eye online to find that there are no antibiotics that can help it. When it's VIRAL it has to just take it's course. So I'm a pretty upset that although the tea has helped immensely, the doctor's allowed me to spend $400 by the end of the week for visits and prescriptions, without mentioning that none of it would help... From now on I will be coming to this web site before paying another dime to a doctor.

Posted by Carol (Dallas, Texas) on 09/05/2008
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Remedy: Chamomile
Cured: Viral Conjunctivitis

I bought teabags with chamomile flowers listed as the only ingredient.

I boiled around 1 cup of water, then floated the teabags in there for about 2 minutes and removed from heat.

Allowed the tea to cool until it was just warm to the inside of my wrist. Then I dipped cotton balls 1 time only per piece into the tea and used this to remove the "gunk". Next, I took the teabags while still warm and placed them over my eyes and covered them with a clean towel.

This seemed to soothe the swelling of my eyelids and dried up a lot of the discharge.

I had this condition for about 4 days and was using antibiotic drops until I went to an opthalmologist who diagnosed it as viral. That's the point where I stopped using drops and started using the teabags. I have been doing this for a day and a half and my eyes are pink instead of red with just a little discharge now, and no more swelling, pain, or itchiness. I feel like I will probably be completely over this by tomorrow.

Posted by Michelle (Lamora, Mexico) on 03/06/2008
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make some chamomile tea and wash the eyes out with it every so often with a cotton ball this helps very much

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Sandy (San Francisco) on 01/31/2018
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I use coconut oil on my skin and have heard virgin unrefined organic coconut oil is good in the eyes, a natural antiviral, antibiotic, antimicrobial. My problem is microbes, not pink eye, but this is the closest category here. My opthalmologist however said that the Ph level in the eye is naturally more acidic than elsewhere in the body and that coconut oil is a little too alkaline. I've heard enough success stories about using coconut oil short term that maybe it's no a big deal to most people. With my vulnerable corneas, I decided not to chance it. I do use it on the lids carefully and on my face, body and hair. Also, be careful if you wear any kind of contacts - oils degrade them.

Replied by Art
1851 posts

In reply to Sandy (San Francisco),

I tried coconut oil for dry eyes and for me it caused more irritation than the dry eye condition. I had better luck with oral black currant seed oil and borage oil.

Studies confirm that Hyaluronic Acid in the form of drops is also effective for dry eyes.

Castor oil is helpful also, but it tended to blur my vision a little when first applied, as did coconut oil.

As far as microbes, colloidal silver is frequently mentioned on EC and the web as being useful for that, but I have never tried it for that purpose. I would think if I was going to go for a moisturizer effect with an antimicrobial effect, I might consider colloidal silver with hyaluronic acid for myself, but I like to experiment!


Coconut Oil
Posted by Brenda (Riverside, California) on 03/03/2017
5 out of 5 stars


I contacted pink eye/conjunctivitis in both eyes. I bought pure organic coconut oil and used my finger to put as much as I could from end to end in both my eyes, every 3-4 hours. The coconut oil takes away any itch and discomfort and soothes the eyes. The infection drained quickly. Every time I felt itching, I added more coconut oil to my eyes. Within 48 hours the infection completely cleared in both eyes, and my eyes returned to their normal size. I kept adding coconut oil every 8 hours the third day to make sure all is gone. Works well with dogs too. Wishing the best of health to everyone.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Julia (San Francisco, California) on 05/12/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I had been suffering from a very red, irritated, itchy, morning goo-shut eye. I had been putting drops of diluted apple cider vinegar all day and although it seemed to work alleviating the itch and the redness, it would all come back in no less than a half hour.

I searched the earthclinic site again and Ted had recommended 5-10% magnesium chloride in water use as drops and the results would be seen immediately. I planned to do that the next day but meanwhile I tried one more thing that people reported had worked for them-- drops Virgin Coconut oil.

Once the coconut oil was melted I put some drops on my eye. It felt so soothing!! No itch!!

I woke up the next day with no redness! I still feel a little bit of itching near my tear duct so I am continuing to put the oil drops until I feel no more itching!

Thank you Earthclinic!!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Laurie (Chicago, Il) on 09/27/2014
5 out of 5 stars

My eye was blood red when I woke up. It didn't itch, burn, or have any gunk in it. It was just bright blood red taking up every white part of my eye. I tried putting ACV in it for half the day, but it just irritated my eye even more, made it burn horribly, and some how made it even more red. So I researched and found coconut oil as a remedy. I figured if it worked it would be much more soothing than the ACV. I scooped out a spoonful and warmed it in the microwave for 10-20seconds so it was a clear liquid. Then used a spoon to pour it directly into my eye. After about an hour I noticed it was less red. So I put more in every 30 min to an hour. I put some in before bed and woke up with my eye being 85% better!!!! My eye is just a slight pink like I had been rubbing it. My roommate said it was hardly noticeable. I'm going to keep putting more in every 30 min to an hour. I'm sure by tomorrow it will be back to normal. I highly recommend coconut oil for pink eye!!! It's very soothing and fast!!!! Good luck!!!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Kristyp2005 (New Iberia, Louisiana) on 10/13/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Conjunctivitis: I put a little coconut oil in a glass baby jar and warmed jar with water to melt the oil. Used med dropper and put 2-4 drops. Also used it to clean eye. Have had conjunctivitis for over 7 days and it spread to my other eye (prescription drops did nothing but irritate my eyes). The coconut oil made my eyes feel so good! I can feel it working as weird as that sounds. I gave my 3 yr old coconut oil drops too and he stopped fighting me (like he did with prescription drops) and started to smile. I could tell he felt the same relief I was feeling. This has been the best remedy I've tried thus far!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Soula (Berkeley, Ca Usa) on 01/06/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Cocnut Oil worked, to our surprise. Baby shampoo, tea, etc did not work but in a couple days improvement was clear and in a few everything was fine. One drop twice a day, doesn't hurt either.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Mr Thompson (Springfield, Ill) on 10/10/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Coconut Oil works pretty good! I had pink eye on and off for several weeks now. Don't know really the cause but it got a hold on me. Green Tea Bags are a immediate relief but it is much work to cook the tea and do the procedure because you have to hurry as the water cools down.

I put clean coconut oil into a clean syringe (without the needle :D) and let it melt in it while holding it at my body. When it got fluid I put two drops into my eyes before sleeping.

My eyes feel a lot better in the morning after the first treatment. No more dry or too wet feeling and much more calmed. It seems that the special fatty acids repair tissue and kill bacteria. First I was scared to drop it into my eyes but there is no burning or anything. But just make sure everything is as clean as possible.

This one treatment was much more effective than weeks of green tea.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Sheri (Newark, California) on 09/02/2008
5 out of 5 stars

We've had great results with using virgin coconut oil directly in the eye to combat pink-eye. It only takes a few treatments and about 24 hrs to do the trick. Just wash your hands thoroughly, dry them, then put a dab onto your finger and wipe it into your eye. Wash hands again and wait for the magic to happen. We've even used it on the infected feet of our hamster. Virgin coconut oil is amazing stuff!


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Posted by Prof J (Cebu, Philippines) on 10/02/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have what I now think is pink eye. For the past 4 months my eyes have been gritty, itchy and full of white, greenish and yellowish gunk. Sometimes in the morning my eyes are stuck shut. At times the gunk is so thick it blurs my vision. Every hour or so I have to wipe it out and it strings onto the tissue. Not pleasant or pretty.

I read about your use of coffee so tried it. I made a strong cup then while it was still very warm held a wad of tissue (no cotton balls available) soaked in coffee against each closed eye. I then rinsed each eye separately with warm coffee while rolling my eyes. The coffee made the gunk turn brown and I was surprised at the amount of it that came out because my eyes were fairly clean.

Long story short is my eyes feel great now, no burning or itching, there is no gunk visible, and the whites are clear. I'll repeat this in a few hours and do so for the next few days.

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