10 Natural Pink Eye Remedies for Fast Relief

Cautions and Tips
Posted by Mollie (Riverside, Ca.) on 12/31/2011

Please be very careful about conjuctivitis issues! My young daughter woke up with pink eye once and we thought it was only pink eye! Wrong! Her system was attacking her eyes! She could have went blind!

To save her eyesite the doctors used steroid shots in the whites of her eyes to save her sight! The doctors never knew what this problem was but it finally went into remission and my daughter is now an adult and works in courtrooms as a court Stenographer!

The ophthalmologists were from Loma Linda hospital in the United States and they couldn't pinpoint her problem. We now wonder if it was pesticides in the dirt of our property as our land was once an alfalfa field.

But we never officially found out what caused this problem.

Don't take pink eye lightly.