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Posted by Yureg (US) on 04/01/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Here are my HBV test results:

HBV IU/mL: 13400
HBV Copies/mL: 78000

HBV IU/mL: 10,900
HBV Copies/mL: 63400

HBV IU/mL: 60,200
HBV Copies/mL: 350,000

HBV IU/mL: 836
HBV Copies/mL: 2.92

I was taking tenofovir but it was giving me the renal side effects and upon discovering this site, I notice Oscar BHT treatment. Thank you, Sir. It did worked. I started taking BHT along with chanca piedra and the supplements on November 23,2013 but my efgr was going down so I did stop the vitamins and then just vitamin D and B6 for every 2-3 weeks. Then gout flared up on January 2014 started taking opiates then viral load skyrocketed. I also stop taking the B-12. I started taking tart cherry extract along with my BP meds. I think it was the combo of 500 mg of chanca piedra at night and 250 mg of BHT every 2:00 or 3:00 am that did drop down the viral load. My liver enzyme was still elevated but it was decreasing. Thanks again Oscar.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Yureg from US, I wish to begin by thanking you for this informative posting. As a reminder, do NOT use vitamin B12 supplements with the BHT treatment. The metabolites of BHT can and will combine with B12 by way of peptide bonds. Vitamin B12 in effect acts as a BHT scavenger degrading the BHT treatment severely. Thank you for your informative posting Yureg. I only wish more people would use the updated treatment and post their results. These hepatitis infections are dangerous. The BHT treatment does work for most people if used properly. Keep it simple. The BHT treatment is BHT and NOTHING else. Also just keep taking the BHT as you have been even after NO VIRUS DETECTED is achieved. That means the treatment is working. It does NOT mean you are cured. That takes at least 2 years for most people if not more than 2 years. This is because even though no virus is detected in your blood, a very many liver cells are still infected with whatever viral hepatitis you are treating with BHT.

A true cure is when you test NEGATIVE repeatedly with the ANTIBODIES test. Very happy to hear this good news Yureg, ...Oscar

Replied by Yureg
5 out of 5 stars


I was a member on the BHT group and apparently it was taken down. I just want to share the benefits of BHT for hepatitis B. I did get a successful treatment of tenofovir (zero VL) prescribed by the VA but when I did stop them due to renal nephrotoxicity side effects it came back. So far it's the simple treatment of BHT on an empty stomach that did it. I also quit drinking and start eating healthy food. I mean non-GMOs or processed foods. For meats grass-fed or non-antibiotic stuff. Organic vegetables for cooking and most of all juicing every morning. I know a lot of succesful stories from the BHT group due to simplicity and healthy eating. Maybe NIH should do some studies on these. Wish Rachel and Cathy can revive the old BHT group. Thanks again Leatherneck for you laborious research. Doc Jorge BLT3/5.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Yureg from US, I very much appreciate your input or feedback about BHT as a treatment for viral hepatitis. As you pointed out in your last posting: Getting a NO VIRUS DETECTED with a blood test does NOT mean you are cured. It means the treatment you are using is working. Also, as you stated: The FDA approved treatments are often very hard on different organs or tissues. For you it was your kidneys. For many it is their bone marrow. The good thing about BHT is: If used in safe dosages their is NO tissue damage so you can keep taking BHT as long as necessary to achieve a true cure. A very many people relapse after a supposedly successful treatment with FDA approved drugs.

It amazes me that the medical establishment seems to NOT understand that a true cure is when a person tests NEGATIVE with the ANTIBODIES tests for the different viral hepatitis infections.

Anyway, I have thoughts of starting yet again another new BHT cures group. I have serious concerns about doing so. I was threatened by one of the former groups members with some sort of legal action by the FDA. I was very clear about BHT NOT being an FDA approved treatment for any disease or condition. This person was advised to lower his daily intake of BHT. He never once had any blood tests done. He seems to hate me for some reason and said he was determined to cause me legal problems. That is the reason I ended that group.

My thinking is that any possible future BHT cures group be a restricted group. And I have only vague ideas on how that could be done. I would only want members that believe in the treatment and are willing to have blood tests done. These blood tests are the only way of knowing if the treatment is working and or how well it is working.

I would appreciate any thoughts you have on starting a new BHT cures group.

Anyone out there can check in with their thoughts on this. If there are people interested in creating such a group say so....Oscar

Replied by Lana
(Raleigh, NC)

Hi Oscar; I stopped drinking coffee and went on the BHT alone without the R-lipoic Acid and started to feel ill after one month. I read about the b12, selenium, monolarin, and multi helping and I am taking all of that with the R-lipoic Acid and BHT and feel normal. I will get my numbers in January and let you know. Thanks, keeping the faith

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Lana from Raleigh, NC: I took vitamin B12 OFF my list of supplements that work well with BHT. I did so because people who had very good results without B12 had poor results with vitamin B12. B12 has 6 amino sites. Each one of those 6 amino sites has the potential to combine with BHT metabolites by way of peptide bonds. Yes you need some vitamin B12 but very little because B12 recycles itself. So in effect vitamin B12 acts as a BHT scavenger and vastly degrades the BHT treatment. I know I once recommended B12. The biggest mistake I made with this BHT treatment. Do NOT take vitamin B12 supplements with the BHT treatment. The small amount of B12 in standard multivitamin and mineral supplements seems to be OK. What more can I say. Stick with what works for you....Oscar

Replied by Lana
(Raleigh, US)

Hi Oscar;

Thank you for updating your protocol, I will stop the b12 and just take the multi. I am taking the selenium and the herb that was listed way back when. Hope they are still ok, I feel great at least. Thanks a ton! Lana

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Lana, I hope you have noticed that as time has gone by and the different people who have tried the BHT treatment have reported their results I am back to what I myself was doing or using when I successfully treated myself for hepatitis C. And that is BHT and nothing else. The occasional multivitamin and mineral supplement is optional and NOT part of the treatment.

I do think I identified the problem for those who have had poor results with the BHT treatment. It goes back to the way BHT is metabolized as discussed in the many WHO [ World Health Organization ] studies and reports about BHT.

BHT is metabolized [ it`s molecular structure is altered or changed ] during digestion in such a way as to make BHT somewhat water soluble. This process creates molecules that have a carboxyl group or groups. These carboxyl groups readily combine with amino groups in what is called a peptide bond. And the rather large vitamin B12 molecule has 6 amino sites for example. And many other compounds do also have these amino [ NH2 ] groups. When the compound with the amino group is small such as the amino acid glycine everything is fine. The combined structure is still small enough to penetrate the bilayered lipid coatings of the different viruses BHT is effective against and is also still non-polar and a lipid seeker. To be an effective treatment these BHT metabolites have to seek out lipid coated viruses and penetrate the lipid coatings readily. That is how they destroy these viral lipid coatings. Not only do these BHT metabolites penetrate and embed themselves in these bi-layered lipid coating but they are compelled to move about rapidly once embedded in said lipid coatings. This very rapid movement is the result of so called hydrogen bonds. Whenever a hydrogen atom is combined with an oxygen atom a so called " partial electrical charge " occurs on the Hydrogen atoms it is a partial positive charge and on the oxygen it is a partial negative charge. Exactly the same as water molecules. When water is a liquid those molecules move about very rapidly. The same is true for the smaller BHT metabolites such as BHT+glycine. With glycine this same hydrogen bonding occurs because a hydrogen combined with a nitrogen has this same effect.

Anyway, I don`t want to confuse people. But I do want to discourage the use of large doses of compounds including vitamin B12 that will readily combine with BHT metabolites. The treatment works amazingly well for many people as long as they keep it simple. If you don`t screw the treatment up with the use of other supplements it can very often work very well. You can knock those viral loads down to UNDETECTABLE when the treatment is working the way it should in a month or two. Many people have done just that. But you still need to keep taking BHT because even when no intact viral particles are in your blood, there are a very many already infected liver cells. A true CURE takes years. Liver cells live on average about 200 days. But still it takes at least a couple years to clear your body of ALL infected cells....Oscar

Replied by Ana

Hi Oscar,

Is BHT safe to take while pregnant? If so, what is the recommended dosage and what other treatment or supplements should I take to cure hepatitis b while pregnant?...thanks

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Ana from Dubai, The question you asked me is impossible for me to answer. Is it safe to take BHT while pregnant ? There have NOT been any human studies done with people using theraputic doses of BHT. The mice studies done by WHO [ World Health Organization ] do not indicate any problems with small doses of BHT in pregnant mice. But people are not mice. How sick are you ? Can you wait until your baby is born before starting the BHT treatment ? I suggest waiting until you give birth before starting the BHT treatment....Oscar

Replied by Ana
(Dubai, UAE)

Dear Oscar,

Thank you so much for your quick response. I'm not sure how bad is my hepa b. The doctor just told me I have it. I am an expat working in Dubai and will be facing deportation because of this disease.

I have read that BHT in food amount is safe during pregnancy. Is a 250mg or half of it per day cannot be considered small amount? If you are not sure, then what other treatment can you recommend? Thanks. - Ana

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Ana, I woke up concerned about you. What disease do you have ? My concern is this: If you are sick that is not good a developing fetus. I am not positive about the effect of BHT on a fetus. I did look at one of the WHO reports and found this:

4. EVALUATION In view of the probable involvement of hepatic enzyme induction in the development of the hepatocellular damage associated with repeated doses of BHT, the Committee concluded that, in this case, enzyme induction was the most sensitive index of effects on the liver. A well-defined threshold was demonstrated at 100 mg/kg bw/day in the long-term study reviewed for the first time at this meeting, giving a NOEL of 25 mg/kg bw/day. Effects observed in the reproduction segments of the in utero/lifetime exposure studies were also taken into account in the derivation of this NOEL. The Committee used a safety factor of 100 to allocate an ADI of 0-0.3 mg/kg bw for BHT.

Here is a link to this report:


You could print up this report and show it to your doctor and find out what he or she thinks about whether or not you should take BHT while pregnant.

That report does refer to reproductive studies in the statement I posted. NOEL means No Observed Effects Level and ADI means Acceptable Daily Intake. A theraputic dose of 250mg of BHT per day is well below the NOEL but more than the ADI. The ADI is 1/100th of the NOEL and is defined as such. These acronyms are defined at the very end of that lengthy report. Past all the many references.

The best I can do for you is provide the information available. You have to decide what is best for yourself. You may wish to discuss this with your doctor....Oscar

Replied by Ana

Dear Oscar,

I couldn't thank you enough for taking the time to research on this and provide me with very useful information. My doctor said I have Hepatitis B but I don't show any symptoms. Maybe the levels are still low. I think it's best that I postpone treatment with BHT after I give birth. The safety of my baby should be my top priority. A healthy diet and lifestyle should do for now.

Thank you so much for being so helpful.

Best regards, Ana

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Ana, Your plan seems a good one. For most people infected with hepatitis B, they never have a serious problem ever. But there are still many that do. By the way, fully one of every three people alive today are infected with hepatitis B. So take good care of yourself and after you have your baby you can take on the hepatitis B with BHT. By the way " sexy mom from Nigeria " had extremely good results using BHT to treat hepatitis B. All symptoms were gone in about 9 days of BHT treatment. There are other equally impressive reports here at the EARTH CLINIC and elsewhere on the web. Her report is the latest one I am aware of. But like I explain to everyone who will listen: Being symptom free is NOT being cured. To get cured takes at least a few years of daily dosing with BHT....Oscar

Replied by Ocean
(Lagos, Nigeria)

Pls Oscar, I couldn't get the BHT in Nigeria can u pls tell Sexymom to give us the link. I was tested for HBV for d past 2years so please I need this BHT is important to me. Please and or if their is any way to buy Amazon dont send such thing to Nigeria according to their shipping political. Pls I need help on how I could get it. Thanks.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Ocean from Lagos, Nigeria: I am sincerely sorry I do NOT know how you or anyone else can obtain BHT in Nigeria. You may wish to contact a member of " Doctors Without Borders " in Lagos if they have a contact center there. Just tell them you want to buy or get BHT [ a USA approved food preservative ] through them or with their help. BHT is NOT a controlled substance. This obtaining BHT in Nigeria is an issue you Nigerians have to find an answer to. I do not live in Nigeria. I do NOT know what the problem is....Oscar

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 02/08/2014

There ARE important updates to the BHT treatment for hepatitis C and B. Importantly, the feedback indicates that vitamin B12 is NOT, I repeat is NOT a recommended supplement for this BHT treatment. Yes of course you need SOME vitamin B12. BUT, adults need LESS than 3mcg [ micrograms ] of B12 per day. The feedback DOES indicate that vitamin B12 used in excessive dosages severely degrades the BHT treatment for hepatitis C and B.

Here is the BHT treatment updated: 2-5-2014

  • The BHT treatment is BHT. The recommended dosages for the use of BHT to treat hepatitis C and B is: 100mg to 350mg of BHT taken with a gulp of water on an empty stomach once or twice a day. Most people in the 150 to 180 pound range do very well with one 250mg capsule of BHT taken twice a day = 500mg of BHT per day.
    The less you weigh the less you need. The more you weigh the more you need. Also the fat content of that weight is a factor. People who are thin and have relatively lower fat content tend to have a harder time tolerating BHT. They are more prone to adverse side effects. And as people get beyond the age of 50 years old they tend to have a harder time tolerating BHT.
    Additional information:

    Supplements that have been shown to work well with the BHT treatment are:

    1. A regular type multi-vitamin and mineral pill once a day.
    2. A regular type vitamin B complex pill.once a day.
    3. Vitamin C in a daily dosage of between 250mg and 1, 000mg per day.
    4. The lipid monolaurin. Unsure about dosage.

    Also, and importantly: Continue taking any doctor prescribed medicines or drugs. Very many of the people who have had dramatic improvement with this BHT treatment are taking a doctor prescribed medicine of one type or another.

    SUPPLEMENTS TO AVOID. Do not take:

    1. Milk Thistle and it`s extracts. Degrades the treatment to the point that it no longer works.
    2. Grapefruit juice. Degrades the treatment to the point it no longer works.
    3. Colloidal silver
    4. Hydrogen peroxide taken internally. Hydrogen peroxide is a REACTIVE OXYGEN SPECIES. It will make the BHT treatment NOT work.
    5. MMS [ Miracle Mineral Supplement ]. MMS is chlorine bleach, a very powerful oxidizer that will react with BHT in such a way as to make the treatment not work.
    6. Vitamin E supplements. Yes you NEED some vitamin E. But a normal diet provides plenty. Vitamin E supplements have been shown to enhance lipid coated viruses ability to replicate and should be avoided for that reason.
    7. Any and ALL herbs in theraputic dosages.
    For best result stick with those few supplements I listed that have been shown to work well with this treatment in the dosages suggested. Any and all supplements are at best optional....Oscar

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Replied by Hanna
(Florida, Usa)

Hi Oscar,

I'm Hanna from Florida. My 66-year old husband probably contracted hep. C in the early 70s. He was diagnosed Oct 2013 and it had become cirrhosis of the liver by then. HCV 1b.

Would he be a good candidate for BHT treatments? He weighs 150 lbs only (used to weigh 165) and his dr put him on 3 diff. meds: 2 diuretics: Spironolact 50 mg + Furosemide 20 mg (for ascites) and Nadolol 20 mg (beta blocker for esophageal varices). He is feeling good, other than being tired, probably caused by side effects of his meds. Occasional itching also.

Dr wants him to start SOVALDI (new med that costs $1000/pill by Gilead - we don't have any drug benefits, only Original Medicare, so we can't afford it... Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated! Hanna

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Hanna, The BHT treatment has worked very well for many infected with hepatitis C type 1b. It has also worked well for ALL hepatitis C variants for many people. For best results keep it simple. Do NOT use other supplements while using BHT to treat a viral infection. Do NOT take milk thistle, vitamin B12, or any other supplement.

You said your husband weighs 150 pounds. He should start out with no more than 250mg of BHT per day and stay with that dosage for one week. He can then try a second dosage of the same 250mg of BHT taken separately. If any adverse effects are experienced go back to one 250mg of BHT per day. 250mg of BHT per day works well for many people in your husband`s weight range. It is important to take BHT with water only on an empty stomach.

Many people get well in a month or two. BUT, it takes years to be truly cured. I have read reports from people who get and feel well. Then stop the treatment and relapse. To be truly cured is to test NEGATIVE with the hepatitis C ANTIBODIES test consistantly. Just get retested to make sure.

This mistaken notion that getting a no virus detected result in a blood test is nonsense. The hepatitis viruses exist and reproduce in the liver cells. Testing no virus detected in a blood test simply means the treatment is working. It takes years to clear the liver of ALL infected cells....Oscar

Posted by Tony (Tn, Usa) on 02/08/2014

Thanks Oscar for your updated protocol for viral hepatitis. I have a few questions for ya. I'm currently under the anti-candida protocol provided by Bill here at EC. Have been on & off the protocol for over 2 years running now. Just don't seem to make much progress.

I have multiple health areas of concern including HSV(Herpes Simplex Virus) for almost 20 years now. I've never tried to treat the herpes on a consistent basis. In other words, I've not taken anything regularly for this condition through the years. I've NEVER taken any prescription meds for it. The only things I've used to treat it have been L-Lysine and Oil of Oregano.

I know there has been viral replication through the years in my body. I now have Hashimito's Thyrioditis along with candida overgrowth and who knows what other conditions not diagnosed. I did go through an extensive treatment for a 2 month period to try and kill the herpes virus but didn't work because I still get outbreaks. I used Oil of Oregano in high doses and L-Lysine in low doses during this timeframe.

In your opinion, would BHT be an option in trying to get the herpes simplex virus under control? I figure that if BHT works for hepatitis then why wouldn't it work with HSV since it's also a virus. I also have fatty liver disease(non alcoholic type) as well. I'm taking most of the anti-candida remedies suggested by Bill. I'm not on the iodine and a few others but take several of the remedies.

What would you suggest as the best route to go here? Should I continue with the anti-candida protocol before trying to kill the HSV? That's even if BHT will work for HSV. I do notice that I couldn't take any other supplements(other than yours listed) per your recommendations if using the BHT. I would have to stop a lot of anti-candida remedies in order to do this. Please let me know! Thanks and God Bless!

Replied by Prioris

Tony, are you taking coconut oil?

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Tony, For sure BHT has proven to be an effective treatment for ALL the different herpes viruses. I find it somewhat ironic that you asked this question. Because BHT was first being promoted as a treatment for the different herpes viruses back in the 1980s. It was me who tried BHT as a treatment for both hepatitis C and B back in 1997 with amazing results. I also used to have a variant of oral herpes. Since I started using BHT back in 1997 these oral herpes outbreaks cleared up also. As time went by these herpes outbreaks gradually disappeared and I have not had one for well over 10 years now.

You will find different opinions on how best to use BHT to treat herpes viruses. The take the BHT with a gulp of water method on an empty stomach method worked very well for me in the relatively small dosages I discuss.

Here are some others who have had very good results using this method:

  • I know that it must be frustrating for those of you that post regularly to know there are many who read but who don't contribute. If you can find a way to keep my anonymous, feel free to post my experience. If you have questions that I can answer that may be helpful for others, I am happy to answer them.

    Thanks to you and Cathy and Oscar especially...it makes a difference even when you don't know it! Kara

Tony, I very much recommend keeping the treatment simple. By that I mean to NOT be mixing it with any other treatments including herbal treatments....Oscar

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

Hello Prioris from Fl:

I'm not taking Coconut Oil at this time. I have in the past per the anti-candida protocol from Bill. I used it for at least 3-4 months straight at different times over the past 2+ years. I can handle the EVCO pretty well in smaller doses(1tsp.-1tbsp. daily). When I go up to the 2 tbsp. dose then I do get pretty bad nausea.

I always take it with food just after meals. It's been a few months now since I was taken EVCO regularly. To be honest, I've tried so many things in the past 2+ years to try and get better but seem to have very limited results. I'm still holding onto faith that God will lead me to the right cure or treatment plan to finally get my life back. Thanks & God Bless!

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

Thanks for you quick reply back to me Oscar. I wonder why I missed BHT as a possible treatment for HSV? I got my 2 month intensive treatment protocol for HSV right here at EC like I always do for health issues. I don't remember reading anything about BHT for treating HSV. I guess I just missed it because I have sooooooooooo many health issues I just overlooked it.

I do have further questions for ya. I have multiple health issues involved here like I stated in the previous reply. Bill is helping me with the candida issues from his protocol. I'm having trouble trying to figure out how I should proceed with treatment options. I don't have just 1 area of concern like HSV. I have way more than that to deal with.

Here are the questions I'm asking myself:

Do I stop the candida protocol and go strictly to this BHT treatment plan for HSV and whatever other unknown viruses I might have?

Or, do I just continue with the candida protocol from Bill and wait in treating the HSV?

Bill has stated to me many times if I can get rid of the candida all of my other health issues will probably go away. This happened for him but doesn't mean it will happen for me. I just make small steps in progress from candida protocol. I can't take the iodine because I have such a bad reaction to it. I've come to the conclusion this is because I also have very bad adrenal issues. If we have adrenal fatigue, insufficiency, etc. then iodine can cause more problems.

The candida protocol calls for the use of herbs and quite a few other supplements not needed in your BHT treatment plan. I'm just torn as what to do now. I know I have viral overload in my body but I also know that I have candida overgrowth as well. Do you have any suggestions in how to proceed? Thanks again for your time & God Bless!

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Tony, This candida infection is a fungal infection. So yes that does present a serious complication. Have you been tested for HIV/AIDS or not ? The reason I ask is because candida is often associated with an HIV infection. Also, have you tried the conventional antibiotics for candida or not ? Is this candida localized or in your blood ? I need some answers to these questions. BHT is effective as a treatment for many lipid coated viruses. I doubt it will help with candida. You can give the BHT a try but if this candida infection worsens you may be better off with what you are now doing. Of course you can try the BHT treatment along with the candida treatment and hope for some improvement with the herpes infection. It may just work and work well this other treatment. I really do NOT know....Oscar

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Tony, In my opinion you have to make a choice: Go with these other treatments you discuss. If they are working stay with them. If they are NOT working there is the BHT treatment. The BHT treatment does NOT work well with most other treatments.

If you wish to give the BHT treatment a try use it as described. If it works you should see positive results in few months. For many the results are a dramatic improvement in 3 months or less. For some as little as one month.

So, if you choose to try the BHT use it as recommended. If it works you will know within said 3 months....Oscar

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

Thanks Oscar for another quick response. I have been tested for HIV/AIDS multiple times. At least twice in the past 2+ years. They came back non-reactive.

My doctors tell me that there's not a thing wrong with me other than depression/anxiety. Yeah right! I've had to diagnose myself basically Oscar. I know that I have a systemic candida infection. I've had a white coated tongue for years now. It's gotten some better but still a light coated tongue. All the doctors tell me it's normal to have a white coated tongue at my age! It's ridiculous!

I had kidney failure back in 2012. The doctors still say they have no clue as to why my kidneys failed. I think I know why more than they do. I have multiple organs/body systems affected. I've been given multiple courses of anti-biotics and anti-fungals which done nothing. That was almost 2 years ago.

They tell me that HSV doesn't have a single thing to do with my health issues. That's another yeah right! They say that I don't have fungal issues. Then, why was I prescribed anti-fungals? I've stopped going to the doctors. I did see a local homeopathic doctor for 4 months back last year. That didn't help me either. Only left us $3, 000 short in savings.

I still continue my pursuit of finding that answer. God has a plan and my faith will keep me going. God will lead me to the right thing. I love this site and I expect some sort of breakthrough coming from this site.

You say to try the BHT treatment alongside the candida protocol but you also say not to take herbs with BHT which are a part of the candida protocol. I take milk thistle, ALA, & other rotating herbs for candida, etc. Let me know what you think! God Bless!

Replied by January Jefferson

I have heard of using a product called "virux all viral" caps. All viruses killed including herpes. You can get the caps online or a health food store, or herbal store. They were developed by a Master Herbalist.

Replied by Mike62

Tony: You don't have to suffer anymore. All you have to do is get over the swishy swish. This is the swishy swish. Candida eats sugar. Therefor do not eat sugar when sugar is a necessary part of the cure. Please let me explain what is happening in the blood. Mitochondrial proteins are not unfolding and not revealing their insulin receptor sites. Carbs are being coated with excess oil. The insulin is not able to carry the carbs into the cell and attach them to the insulin receptor sites. This causes chronic fatigue. The carbs accumulate in the plasma causing high blood sugar. Candida performs the necessary function of eating excess blood sugar causing candida overgrowth. Raw organic fruit and low fat solve the problem. Low fat does not coat the carbs with oil and raw organic fruit unfolds mitochondrial proteins revealing their insulin receptor sites. Candida does not eat sugar in the presence of insulin when fat is below 10% per calorie. Thank you.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Hi Tony, Thank you for your informative response. Thank goodness we can rule out HIV/AIDS. And they have already tried the anti-biotics with no improvement. And you suspect a systemic candida infection as opposed to a localized one. Those where my questions and you did answer them.

Tony, since the other treatment has not worked as well as hoped for why not give the BHT treatment at least a short trial. If your condition gets worse go back to this other treatment. Try the BHT as I recommend without those other supplements. Now BHT is a very effective treatment for herpes virus in all it`s variants. BHT can also enhance a person`s immune system by readily deactivating free radicals and reactive oxygen species. It may just be enough to get this candida infection under control.

Evidently I am also a candida carrier and did not even know it. I saw a picture of a person`s tongue with that white coating and was struck by how much it looked like my tongue when I was very sick with hepatitis C. I also developed an active case of TB while sick with hepatitis C. So who knows: It is possible the BHT treatment may turn the corner for you with this candida infection as well. It should surely help a lot with the herpes virus.

A short trial period seems worth a try. I recommend starting out with no more than 250mg of BHT per day with water on an empty stomach. From there ramp up to two doses of 250mg of BHT per day=500mg of BHT per day. That is the treatment. A daily standard multivitamin and mineral supplement is OK. Same for 250mg to 500mg of vitamin C. A standard vitamin B-complex is OK to use. The vitamins are optional and NOT required as part of the BHT treatment.

Also eat an adequate diet. Drink plenty of distilled water. Cook any and all foods adequately to prevent the dangerous new strains of E.Coli that have become a serious problem few people are aware of. Just this month there were two huge recalls of contaminated meat. I do mean in the last 10 days. Eat NO ground meat of any type. That does include beef, poultry. pork, and fish. Cook all meats and vegetables. I cured myself of what I thought was a chronic case of diarhea by doing as I just instructed in the last week. Lets give this a try and see how you do. I am also available at THE BHT CURES CHAT GROUP here:


Let`s give the BHT a try and see what happens. You can buy BHT in 250mg capsules here:


Wish you well and to get and stay well, ...Oscar

Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

Thanks Oscar for that very detailed response back to me. I don't doubt one bit that I have a systemic candida infection. The homeopath I was seeing said she was very confident I also had a systemic fungal issue. However, her treatment options didn't help me. The anti-candida protocol by Bill just seems to provide only small improvements.

How do you come to the conclusion that BHT would help get the candida infection under control? The white coating on my tongue has gradually gotten better. I've used both tea tree oil and turpentine to get that stuff of from my tongue. However, it doesn't do any good if I have fungal issues from the digestive system. The tongue provides good evidence about your digestive health.

I'll just start out low in BHT dosage as you suggested. I'll take 250 mg daily on empty stomach and then increase to 500 mg daily thereafter. I'll probably just avoid a multi-vitamin for now. I'm getting plenty of vitamins and nutrients from food including a green drink every single day.

You say to stay away from meats but after that you say to be sure and cook all meats and veggies. I've been eating only raw salads. I wash all of my veggies and fruits in an organic wash liquid. Also, I normally only buy organic produce anyhow. I only eat organic meats as well.

I eat them in small amounts though because Bill lists this from the candida protocol. His protocol calls for only small amounts of meat and only white meat. Can I have any meats or not? I do like my organic turkey and chicken along with wild caught fish. I do have an occasional serving of organic grass-fed beef.

I get all of my supplements online from 1 source only. They do have a product called "Life Enhancement Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw's BHT Plus". It's the only BHT supplement they have available though. Seems to have good reviews from the site. It contains 180 mg BHT plus 80 mg vitamin C in the form of ascorbyl palmitate for fat solubility. Would this be OK?

Thanks again for your time and have a great day! God Bless you as well!

Replied by Bill
(San Fenando, Philippines)

Hi Tony...Life Extension sell the 350 mg BHT supplements on their site at a very reasonable price. LE also recommends nutrients based on the research. Their magazine and research articles are also quite interesting.


Replied by Tony
(Tn, Usa)

Thanks for the reply Bill. Can ALWAYS depend on you replying back in a helpful way and not sound arrogate or aggravated like some others on here. It means a lot to me knowing I can trust you in really helping me and not making things harder on me. I think I'll take your suggestion with the Life Extension brand and start out at 350 mg daily for a couple weeks and increase to 700 mg(2X daily) thereafter.

Hopefully, after a few weeks I can see some improvements with the viral part of my disease/sickness. I'm also going to purchase a Terminator zapper and see what that device can do. I'm still searching and with faith I will get through this awful health crisis.

I'm really tired of taking soooooooooo many supplements. Been doing this for over 2 years now. They just don't seem to work for me no matter what brand/type but I know they're better and safer than drugs for sure. I'm putting a lot of confidence in the zapper I'll be purchasing. Timh on these boards says they've helped him tremendously. Anyhow, thanks for the link to the BHT. I'll get one bottle and see what happens when using it with the zapper. Thanks again Bill and God Bless!

Replied by Lana
(Raleigh Nc)

Hi Oscar;

This is my 2nd year taking BHT and last year the results were lower. This week my blood work was as follows:

AST: 54 last year 32

ALT: 69 last 54

Viral Load 22 million last year 7 million

I am genotype 3 and have been taking 2 350 miligram capsules, the last 2 days I doubled the amount, last night I couldn't get to sleep so today I am taking 3 350 miligram capsules. Also, I have taken R-lipoic acid 2 times a day 350 mil each cap, also fish oil capsule. I drink a large coffee with 5 creams each morning half is decaffinated and was told coffee increases viral load. Any comments or suggestions welcomed and thanks for the hope. Lana

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Lana from Raleigh, NC, Well, if I am interpreting your report correctly: You are saying your viral load went from 7 million to 22 million. You are not clear about this. Did your viral load go up or down ? Also. we or I NO longer recommend taking vitamin B12 supplements with the BHT treatment. Do NOT take vitamin B12 supplements with the BHT treatment.

In fact at this point because of the feedback available: I, we are suggesting using ONLY BHT with an occasional multivitamin and mineral supplement. I never recommended fish oil or the other supplements you mentioned. Are you taking the BHT with water only on an empty stomach or not? If you are taking BHT at the same time as you are the fish oil or anything else you will make the treatment NOT work.

Also, IF your viral load has gone up to 22 million it is time you look into the NEW hepatitis C treatments becoming available this year [ 2014 ]. Please be clear about what you are saying. I try very hard to be very clear about what I am saying. If your viral load count actually went down I see some hope for the BHT working. But you need to keep this treatment simple and NOT mix it with other supplements.

And, you are taking TOO much BHT. 700mg of BHT per day is the upper limit as to what I consider safe. Here is a link to our group:


Look, The BHT treatment does NOT work well with many supplements. Join the above group if you wish to. That way I can stay in close contact with you. If your viral load count went down instead of up: With some supervision we can get this treatment to work. If your numbers went up to 22 million it is time to look into the new treatments becoming available this year....Oscar

Replied by Lana

Hi Oscar;

Yes my viral load went up from 7 million to 22 million, it was 7 million last year.

I read steven fowkes book about herpes and bht and the amounts he recommended were higher 1000mg for persons weighing 110. and I weigh 140.00 and am 5 ' 3 " the treatment also had a lot to do with persons that were in menopause?

I always took the bht by itself, and did take R-lipoic Acid 700 mgs a day, with fish oil and an occasional bcomplex. You were saying not to take b12, I never said I did.

What is the new treatment and what do you know about it, where might I find out about it. Thank you, Lana

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Lana from Raleigh, Let me start by saying that a woman who tried the BHT along with the R-Lipoic acid also had poor results when she tried the BHT treatment. I remember because she went on about what a good quality R-Lipoic acid she was taking. So stop taking the R-Lipioc acid and the fish oil. BHT is a reactive compound. It will combine with many compounds in unpredictable ways. You mentioned you have HCV type 3. We had one member with the type HCV type 3. For him it was drinking lots of grapefruit juice that screwed up his treatment. Once he stopped drinking grapefruit juice he quickly reached VIRUS UNDETECTABLE and stayed there. Grapefruit juice is well known to interact with MANY drugs or medications. My point is for the BHT treatment to work it is important NOT to take other supplements. So that you can do right now. The good news I have is that the conventional treatments work MUCH better for HCV type 2 an 3 than they do for the HCV type 1s.

It is time for you to get on a treatment that really works. If the BHT without R-lipoic acid and or fish oil works that would be great. But you need to find out. And those viral load tests are the only way to find out. I did mention some new treatments were due to become available this year [ 2014 ].

Here are some websites that discuss these new treatments:


Short extract from above link:

"This has made me change the way I'm talking with patients. These regimens are essentially going to cure everybody, " said Muir, who has conducted related research but did not participate in these studies. "I had a patient in my office this morning who said, 'If I get cured, ' and I said to him, 'When you get cured, '" Muir added.

"I think the great thing about these new direct-acting antivirals is that with the right combinations of drugs, all patients appear to be cured, " said Muir.

Here is another link:


I would think you would be a prime candidate for said treatments because even though your viral load is high your liver function test results are NOT that bad. You are close to normal in that regard. But it is time for you to get on a treatment that works for you Lana. In the meantime STOP taking LIPOIC ACID and lower your dosage of BHT to NO more than 700mg of BHT per day. More is NOT better. Fowkes` book is mostly about treating herpes viruses.

Who knows, you may get lucky with the BHT WITHOUT R-Lipoic acid. They will test you before starting these treatments so if you do not show a dramatic decrease in that viral load it is time to get on a treatment that works for you. I want to see you get well....Oscar

Replied by Lana

Hi Oscar;

Thanks again, I stopped the r-lipoic acid and the other vitamins and will see what happens. Also the ast was 36 this year not 54 my mistake. I will check out the treatment site but hope the bht will work by itself. Thanks and I will keep you posted. Lana

Replied by Femi
(Lagos, Nigeria)
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Oscar

It's really crazy here in Nigeria and sometimes you are not properly taken care of when it get to medical issues, am actually on Liv.52 and I bought immance myself trying to be on a more safer side BUT my question is (is liv.52 killing Hep b virus) . I have read so many things about BHT and am interested in getting it as soon as possible. I haven't gone for my viral load test yet but I will like to know if I can take both liv.52 and BHT together. I would love to get rid of this, reading about other people improvement I will like to give it a try... Please advice. Thanks

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Femi [ Lagos, Nigeria ], Let me start by saying: Fully one of every three people alive today are infected with hepatitis B. The good news is: Most of those people will never suffer serious health issues because of this infection. But some will.

Of course you wish to NOT be infected with hepatitis B. There is the BHT treatment that seems to work for some people infected with hepatitis B. You asked about " liv 52 ". I can NOT find a link that gives anything other than a very vague or unclear description of what " liv 52 " is. For that reason I have NO opinion on how well it works or if it will work well with the BHT treatment.

Also, because I have NO idea what liv 52 is: I do suggest NOT taking it when or if you ever start the BHT treatment.

The BHT treatment is NO more than 250mg of BHT per day with water on an empty stomach as a starting dosage. It could be less. You have to try it and find out if you can tolerate the BHT or not. If you weigh less than 125 pounds it very well could be a smaller dosage of BHT. This dosage issue is something only you can determine. I can not do it for you. I can only provide the rough guidelines I have. For people who weigh between 150 pounds and 200 pounds the two doses of 250mg of BHT with water on an empty stomach is what seems to work best = 500mg of BHT per day as a treatment for hepatitis B and C. If any adverse effects occur ALWAYS lower the dosage used or stop using BHT.

I do NOT know of a totally safe treatment for hepatitis B. If you are not suffering any sign of liver failure you might be better off just living with it. There is also the " monolaurin treatment" that is reported to be effective against many viruses. Monolaurin is a component of human mother milk and for that reason might be safer.

In conclusion: The BHT works well for some people. Seems to actually cure the infection with some people if used with care....Oscar

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 12/28/2013
5 out of 5 stars

New BHT success story for HCV. Here it is as reported from Gene:

"My blood test came in and I'm very excited.

January 2013 my Load counts were very high.

AST= 160

ALT= 155

Viral Load Count = 10 million

I have had HCV for 50 years and never really took it serious until I started feeling pain in my liver earlier this year. That's when I started getting worried and Found Oscars BHT protocol . I started the BHT about 3 weeks before getting a blood test done and I knew right away it was helping me because the pain I had went away about 3 days after starting. I had my blood drawn Dec 20 2013 and here is the results.

AST= 84

ALT= 120

Viral Load Count = 1 million

Wow!!! I was floored and excited. pretty dramatic for only doing BHT for 3 weeks.

But my Platelet count is low =78 but it's been low for at least a year that I know of. It should be 140 - 415. I will get my next test done in a few months and will post results. Thanks for finding this BHT Oscar.


Important: Keep it simple: NO milk thistle, NO grapefruit juice. Just the few vitamins I have discussed.

Here is the BHT cures chat group for those interested: http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/THE_BHT_CURES_CHAT_GROUP/conversations/messages/3921

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 12/23/2013
5 out of 5 stars

NEW BHT success story from HCV type 1b person

Rosa from Brazil achieved NO VIRUS DETECTABLE in about 3 months of BHT treatment with NO other supplements and has stayed NO VIRUS DETECTED for about 4 months now.

Rosa takes one 250mg of BHT twice a day = 500mg of BHT per day. She had or has a HCV type 1b infection. She takes NO other supplements. I asked for and received Rosa`s permission to post her test results. Here they are:

RosaToday at 08:49 AM

Hello all.. My virus load test is out!!! On April2013 I Had 109.357 Ul/MlI started taking BHT at the end of JuneOn Sep2013 I was counted as INFERIOR to 12 ul/mlLets mention all my liver panels are normal now. If you need Oscar I'll repeat all my numbers here for reference. 3 months of BHT only! I owe it all to you. I will continue to take BHT for looonnnggg because it makes me look younger, fresher and gives me a boost of energy.

Rosa 1b

Update here:

Today Dec 23rd, 2013 as a Christmas gift I got my new results

ALT 17

AST 20

Gama 17

Alcaline Fosfat 49

Virus load undetected as you can see on the picture attached for the ones that have a difficulty in believing on BHT.

Although in Sep we know it also meant undetected, I keep taking my BHT twice a day and I feel very energetic. I want to mention that also my Cholesterol nbrs went down and I havent made any substancial changes on my diet, on the opositte, I think I was more concearned with what I was intaking before Sep scared to overload my liver.

I have only one word to say here. For the ones that are starting now, YOU CAN DO A CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE YES. and it only takes some months!

My friend that used Interferon and suffered a whole year, is not cleansing his body of the effects but he still suffers all teh changes that it did to his life. I almost feel ashamed that I got rid in such a easier way...

He will start with BHT now just to make sure it never comes back again,

I wish you all a Great holliday season, full of love and hope and many successfull stories in 2014.

Rachel im crossing my fingers for you and you are in my mind all day today!


There have been many other BHT success stories. But I am increasingly convinced the simpler you keep the BHT treatment the better. Some moderate use of vitamins might be helpful. With the exception of vitamin E. Do NOT take vitamin E supplements because said supplements have been shown to enhance lipid coated viruses` ability to replicate. Yes you need some vitamin E but most people get plenty in the food they eat.

There is the BHT CURES CHAT GROUP here for those interested:


BUT, please post your results here at the EARTH CLINIC where it does the most good. Merry Christmas, ...Oscar

Replied by Marcus
(Los Angeles)

What about surface anti-gen? HBsAG?

BHT Contraindications

Posted by Concerned (Roseville, Ca) on 07/21/2016

I have a 24 yr. old acquaintance in Ethiopia who has chronic Hepatitis B, and has been prescribed Viread, which he really can't even afford (very poor); he also has/had polio and is only able to walk with a leg brace. His symptoms from the Hep B are so debilitating that he cannot even work, which is an added stressor. What BHT protocol do you recommend for him? Thank you very much for your time.

BHT Contraindications
Posted by Katie (Winn, Maine) on 10/04/2014

Dear Oscar,

When taking BHT for Hepatitis C are there any foods that I should avoid or that will make it not work? Is it ok to take a multi vitamin with it? Is coffee ok to drink? and what are the side effects of it? Finally, I weigh about 120 pounds, how much bht should I be taking daily? Thank you.

How to Buy BHT in Bangladesh

Posted by Shahed (Bangladesh) on 08/04/2015

Dear Mr. Oscar, I'm very glad to know about your BHT treatment for Hep-B treatment. I'm from Bangladesh and would like to know availability of this medicine in Bangladesh. Or how easily get it and how much is cost? My age is 38 and did blood test in Sept 2014. I never did viral count as doctor has said no treatment yes discovered. I'm leading normal life. Only feeling tiredness sometimes. Rest others is ok.

Can you please suggest me to be cure from this dosages.


Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Hello Shahed, I do NOT know where or how to buy BHT in Bangladesh. BHT is available on the internet at different websites. LifeLinks is a good one and there are other places also.

You can contact " LifeLink " here:


Now YOU have to work out how to pay them and provide a mailing address and such. And if they do not sell to Bangladesh you will have to find someone who does. I hope that helps....Oscar

How to Buy BHT in Ghana

Posted by Natin (Ghana) on 05/10/2015

Hello Oscar, I have recently been diagnosed of hep b when I went for a blood donation exercise. Till then I have never fell sick before. I went for further lab test and the doctor said I was inactive carrier and that I just have to live healthy life that it might go away. I had lost hope when I learnt that there was no cure. But now thanks to this site I believe I can be cured. But my problem is I don't have access to the bht. The only thing I take now is green tea because I learnt it could help. I am also trying to see if i can get chanca piedra here in Ghana.

Another thing is that I have been experiencing some right abdominal pain which I believe is the virus cause. Please can you help me get access to the bht I dont want to die from this virus.

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

Dear Natin [ Ghana ], You can try this link:

If that link does NOT work: do a search for: Wholesale Nutrition + BHT.

Also: Try NOT to get overly concerned about a hepatitis B infection. One of every three people alive today are infected with hepatitis B. A large majority of these people will never suffer from this infection. But some will get sick.

Have you had any liver function tests done? Is there any indication of liver failure? Poor liver function tests results?

Also: In it's initial phase: malaria can produce temporary liver malfunction. This usually clears up.

Now: BHT is sold as a " food preservative ". So if anyone asks why you want to buy BHT: Tell them you wish to buy it to help keep your food fresh.

There are many other companies that sell BHT. You are going to have to find one you can buy from in Ghana....Oscar

How to Buy BHT in Nigeria

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 08/13/2014

Hello Nigerians, I found a company that sells BHT to Nigerians. Here is a direct link to buy BHT from them:


Now this is " The Life Extension Foundation ". I spoke with a staff member of LEF. She told me she knows of NO reason why you can not purchase BHT from them. The price for non-members is $ 16.50 US dollars for one hundred 350mg capsules of BHT. Now you will need a credit card to buy it or have a friend who will let you use their credit card.

If you join LEF and become a member you can buy the BHT for $12.38 for the same one hundred 350mg capsules.

Here is some more information about LEF along with a phone number if you have any problems:

Nigeria is not listed on the countries with restrictions http://www.lef.org/Vitamins-Supplements/Shipping/Shipping-Information.htm Do recall there sometimes being problems with credit cards from that country. If you were informed that they couldn't buy the product from us, you are welcome to contact Customer Service 1 800 678 8989 to find out.

So I very much hope this resolves this problem for Nigerians. I do recommend you start out with 1/2 of a capsule for at least a few days to make sure you have no problem with using BHT. The capsules are easy to pull apart. Then just fold the remainder in a piece of paper for the next dose. Also: I very much advise taking BHT with water only on an empty stomach for best results.

Also: Please report back to the EARTH CLINIC and let me know if this works out for you people. Also: You people need to boil any water you drink to ensure it is safe to drink. The same is true for everyone because so much of the entire world`s water is no loner safe to drink unless it is boiled first....Oscar

Quick follow up to Nigerians: There may be other payment options for buying BHT from Life Extension Foundation. Such as a BANK CHECK or MONEY ORDER if you do not have a valid credit card. You can speak with a customer service representative at: 1-800-678-8989. This is a good company. If you don`t screw them around they will sell the BHT at a good price. I have purchased BHT from them for many years. It is a good product based on my experience with them. So this should solve this problem. I still do not know what the problem was to begin with. There are NO trade restrictions regarding Nigerians buying BHT according to the woman I spoke with. She does state there were problems with Nigerians and credit cards. So if you try and scam or cheat them with invalid credit cards don`t blame me or them. I do know most Nigerians are good people but I have learned there are some Nigerians who try and scam people. The same is true of some Americans so I am NOT judging Nigerians per se. As far as I know there is NO reason you can not buy BHT from LEF. If you want this BHT do NOT try and screw them around with invalid credit card numbers. It is up to you to establish trust with these people by being honest and using valid funds. I went to the trouble to find a retailer for you. Don`t make me live to regret doing so....Oscar

Replied by Oscar
(Syracuse, New York)

So LEF [ Life Extension Foundation ] does NOT sell BHT or anything else to Nigeria. Too many problems with credit cards.

Sexymom, how did you get your BHT ? ...Oscar

How to Buy BHT in Nigeria
Posted by Tuoyo (Delta State Nigeria) on 01/10/2014

how can I get this medication in Nigeria?

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2073 posts

Tuoyo: BHT is available for online purchase from top venders like Amazon, Ebay, and ShopWiki. The next hurdle is shipping. Look for yes on "international shipping" or any restriction as to local laws. BHT isn't classified as a "drug" but more like a chemical antioxidant so you should not have any problem of legality.

Notes From Oscar

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 08/05/2015

Because I am in so much pain as a result of that old gunshot wound I can not think straight.

I have done my very best to provide helpful answers to the very many questions asked about the BHT treatment for viral infections.

But as the years have gone by I find myself in never ending pain as a result of very severe injuries sustained as a US Marine in the Vietnam war. It has become increasingly hard for me to think clearly about anything.

Because of this increase in pain from these old injuries, I am unable to maintain a reliable ability to answer questions people ask me.

And for that reason: I wish to bow out of this discussion of the BHT treatment NOW.

I have described in detail exactly how and why the BHT treatment works as well as it does for SOME people. Keeping the BHT treatment simple works as well as it does for the reasons discussed by me in my many postings about all this.

I do hope people will continue to post the results they have with the BHT treatment good or bad.

My very best to all, ...Oscar

Replied by Jay
(London, England)


I consider myself to be very fortunate to have been one of the many beneficiaries of your invaluable advice. I am sorry that you are in such pain. I hope that in time you are able to live a pain free life. Even though I am in the early stages of my BHT treatment I know that it is helping me. I have my first Gastro specialist appointment next week. I expect it to go well, due in no small part to your selfless help. I hope that others will carry the BHT Hep C treatment torch on from you. I will do my best to offer others my own experience and advice. You have very big shoes to fill!

My very best wishes,


Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

To Oscar and all who have benefited from Oscar's expertise...

This is certainly a sad day for so many who have learned from the great work Oscar has contributed out of his deep heart. His is a heart that loves and cares and asks for nothing in return.

He is one of my heroes.

Oscar I pray that that old injury will be healed and that you once again will join in with your always insightful and precise discussions.

I am in grief over losing you and hope it is only for a time. We all love you dear friend. I do feel that you are a friend. You have the "Earth Clinic Heart" and we love you deeply.

Your student,

Dave from Fountain Inn

Replied by Timh
2073 posts


In my severe condition especially in the past 4-5 yrs, I have had considerable pain in my bones & joints and have been near needing prescription pain meds but fortunately found relief with magnet therapy. I got my hands on the strongest magnet I could find and have experienced very positive results which allowed normalcy and sufficient sleep. Magnet bed pads are also very good for pain as they work so well while your sleeping, that's when healing and repair occurs.

Also, have you tried the Epsom Salts baths? They are very good for both pain and nerves.

You must come back here and update us on your condition and don't worry about posting for others for now. You have many friends here and we want you to get better.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)


Thank you for articulating exactly what I, and probably many others, have been thinking concerning Oscar. What a gift he has been to all of us, and hopefully he will chime in and let us know how he is doing. Our prayers go up for his healing and strength, and thankfulness for all the altruistic, caring, smart and absolute "out of the box" thinking he has shared while always trying to help Anyone who asks. God bless you, Oscar. Take care, heal, strengthen, and know we will be thinking and praying for you. May the love and goodness you have sent out come back to comfort and surround you now. Best wishes always.

Replied by Liz
(Boston, Ma)

Take good care, Oscar.

Though the contents of your threads didn't apply to me, seeing familiar names leave the board are like having friends leave.

Like you, I have frequented EC for many, many years and I will miss seeing your name here.

I hope that you will find relief for your pain. You have helped so many, it hurts me that you're suffering. Life just 'aint' fair.

Thank you, too, for your unselfish, intrepid service to our country. I am only sorry that serving it left you in such physical pain.

Wishing you all the best. You will be missed.

Replied by Lisa

Hello Oscar,

I am praying for you in your pain. May the Lord bring healing and relief. I know your many posts have helped so much. Blessings ...

Replied by Art
1509 posts


Here is a mix you can make yourself and try to help reduce your pain level with minimal side effects. It isn't natural, but seems to be effective for some people. Check with your doctor first to make sure it is okay for you to do.

Take 15 of the cheap aspirin that has no coating and dissolves quickly in water, 15 cheap generic ibuprofen standard 200mg tablets and 15 generic naproxen tablets and toss them all in a blender. Pour in one 16 ounce bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol or the higher strength EverClear that is around 180 or 190 proof and is found in liquor stores. The Everclear is preferable to the isopropyl alcohol. Add 1/2 ounce of sweet orange essential oil and blend this in the blender at highest speed until all ingredients are liquefied. Pour this mix back into the alcohol bottle and relabel the bottle clearly and accurately for safety and to make sure that nobody ever drinks this mix. Get a small clean glass spray bottle and fill it with the mix. Spray this mix on painful areas as needed. This method helps protect your stomach from damage typically caused by these three NSAIDS but allows you some of the pain relief benefits afforded by these three.

The reason for using three different nsaids is because some people are more responsive to one over the other and they do have different activities so there is potential for more benefit from all three combined. The aspirin also has an antiviral action. For me personally, naproxen is the most effective of these three for pain, but I am allergic to it so I can't use it .

You can use other nsaids and certain prescription pain relievers with this method also, but that would have to be prescribed by your doctor and made at a compounding pharmacy. Voltaren Gel would kind of be in that category but even topically, that one can have severe side effects or adverse reactions.

There are other natural herbs and supplements like MSM that you can substitute in a topical mix like this, but this can be a good starting point to see what is most helpful for you and it is very easy and cheap to make. A bottle of this should last quite awhile.

If all it can do for you is "take the edge off" sometimes that is a good thing. Be sure your doctor approves this before trying it and good luck! .


Replied by Sarah

Dear Oscar,

I was very sorry to read that you are in pain and I wish you and hope you feel better soon.

You are a dear and loved by many people here. I have no words to describe your contribution to the health of people like me, without asking for anything in return.

You are a model to me and I'm going to go your way and help others like you helped me. As I told you, my doctor is very interested in BHT treatment.

I have a long way to go in my dealings with the disease, and I'll miss your guidance and your support very much.

But now the most important thing is that you'll take care of yourself and concentrate on improving your physical condition.

You will be in my thoughts and I hope you will return to us soon.

Get Well Soon

estisarah (at) yahoo.com

Replied by Pelumi It Is Well
(New York)

Oscar, I do wish and pray for you for a speedy and miraculous recovery. Thank you so much for your help. I pray your pain will ease and will actually disappear. Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to respond to everyone and explaining just how helpful BHT is.


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